SOS: Major False Flag Ship Attack on U.S. Navy in Mediterranean Planned...

SOS: Major False Flag Ship Attack on U.S. Navy in Mediterranean Planned as Pretext for World War III



ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR: View from Pier 1010 with USS Shaw and USS Nevada burning

TMR Editor’s Note:

Everything now points to a major false flag ship attack being staged by the Zio-Franco-Anglo-American Axis and NATO on the U.S. Navy in the eastern Mediterranean.

Nothing galvanizes the American public to war like a surprise attack on a ship.

History offers several glaring examples of where false flag and outright attacks on ships were set up by the Western powers to provide a provocative pretext to wage war. As follows:

“Remember the Maine” was used a pretext to start the Spanish–American War.  American yellow journalism began in earnest with the sinking of the USS Maine–an American naval ship that was sunk in Havana Harbor during the Cuban revolt against Spain.

The sinking of the RMS Lusitania in 1915 by a German U-boat was actually set up by Great Britain as a way of inflaming sentiments against Germany, which it did.  False information was deceptively back-channeled by British agents to the German navy about weapons being transported in order to draw the outrageous attack.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor (authentic US Gov’t documents have proved his foreknowledge) to guarantee U.S. military involvement in World War II.  While this was not a false flag attack, Roosevelt’s failure to prevent it worked like a charm.

• The fake Gulf of Tonkin incident was used by President Lyndon Johnson to greatly intensify the Vietnam War.  US Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara admitted that the August 4 Gulf of Tonkin attack never happened.

There are other stealth attacks on prominent ships which have served to trigger specific outcomes, not necessarily armed conflict, throughout modern history. One of the most shocking demonstrations of the power of false flag ship attacks was the intentional sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Sinking of the Titanic: A False Flag Operation to Establish the Federal Reserve

Three Strikes

Quite unfortunately, President Donald Trump already has 2 strikes against him. He has shown a great willingness to go along with the transparent false flags in Syria. On two occasions (both conducted in the month of April) the whole world knew that the false flag chemical attacks in Syria were staged by the American coalition. Nevertheless, the POTUS trumpeted an entirely false narrative to the world, and then followed up with an unlawful missile attack on a sovereign nation in both instances.

KEY POINT: Trump also ‘bought’ into the patently false narrative surrounding the nerve agent poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury, England. He then grossly overreacted — before any conclusive evidence was presented — by expelling 60 Russian diplomats and officers based on what has turned out to be a naked and quite deliberate lie. The world community of nations knew that the poisoning was carried out by the British intel community; why didn’t President Trump?

Where it concerns Syria, however, we can see Trump’s Achilles’ heel. He has shown no inclination to even ascertain the truth of the matter BEFORE LAUNCHING A MILITARY ATTACK. This illicit presidential behavior is not only unprecedented, it’s setting him up to have the same knee-jerk reaction when a U.S. naval vessel is sunk via a CIA-NATO coordinated black operation in the eastern Mediterranean. Such a cynical false flag attack by the Western powers could have the practical effect of starting the hot phase of World War III.

In all likelihood, this is exactly how the clandestine perpetrators will goad the United States and her allies into a full-scale conflict in Syria. They know that nothing assaults the American psyche like a U.S. warship going down in flames. They’re also aware that once this particular false flag trigger is pulled, there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle.

False Flag Chemical Attack In Douma Staged So Neocons Can Justify Invasion Of Syria

Nonetheless, both a wider war in the Northern Levant and/or a WW3 scenario can be averted altogether when a sufficient number of Alt Media outlets are collectively disseminating this critical information. The single best way to prevent these Operation Gladio attacks is to expose them in advance. Were the “global village” (i.e. planet made small because of the Internet) to have known about the 9/11 false flag operation well before September 11, 2001, the perps would not have conducted those US government-sponsored acts of terrorism.

Special Note:

It’s absolutely necessary to understand the highly deceptive strategy being employed by the Neocon Zionists.  They are implementing a joint CIA, MI6, DGSE, GID and MOSSAD black operation throughout Syria.  By utilizing the well-established Operation Gladio terrorist infrastructure throughout the Northern Levant,  these NWO globalists are planning a series of shocking false flags in order to advance their ill-fated Greater Israel project.  The major NATO military powers (U.S., U.K. & France) in collusion with various offshoots of the Al-Qaeda terror network (ISIS, Al-Nusra Front, & Syrian rebels) are setting up the Syrian battlefield to eventually “shock and awe” Damascus.  The reason why Saudi Arabia and Israel are have recently become allies in this Greater Israel enterprise is because both nations are run by the same crypto-Jewish Zionist cabal.  They are both deeply committed to Ersatz Israel and integral to expanding Israel’s borders throughout the Levant.  Because Putin’s Kremlin poses the single greatest impediment to the Greater Israel project, staging a false flag attack on a US Navy ship is the easiest way to blame a fake ‘act of war’ on Russia and/or Iran. This would in turn embolden the Christian and Jewish Zionists in positions of power throughout the USA and Israel to trigger their long-awaited Armageddon.

Neocon Zionists

The Neocons Zionists have completely taken over the Trump administration. These inveterate warmongers are determined to conquer Syria no matter what it takes.

The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus

It doesn’t get worse than the likes of Bolton (NSA), Pompeo (State), Haley (UN), and Haspel (CIA). A full-blown war cabinet was shoe-horned into place. The entire Trump administration is being furtively re-engineered in order to prosecute the planned wars.

President Trump will be used to sell the coming false flag attack(s) as justification for the U.S. Armed Forces to fully enter the Syrian theatre of war. He has been surreptitiously playing a game with the American people that he can no longer hide.  Either he is for peace, or he is for war. It’s now evident that Deep State has cornered him — inescapably — into a war posture.  Here’s how the Israeli Zionists are also backing him into a warmongering corner: Israeli Media Outright Lies About Iranian Admiral’s Alleged Threat To Sink US Ships.

With each passing day, U.S. military involvement is being stealthily intensified with more boots on the ground, airmen in the skies and arms transfers to the so-called Syrian rebels.  However, it’s the raging proxy wars via the Kurds and Wahhabi terrorists that guarantee a protracted armed conflict in Syria. Even Turkish President Recep Erdoğan recently exposed the massive military buildup being carried out by NATO and the United States.

The Syrian War is the last one of the era.  It’s the BIG one…the real big one!  There are very good reasons why forces are stacking up on both sides of this epochal conflict.  The great powers of both the East and the West have been purposefully manipulated into their respective positions on the global, and especially on the Middle Eastern, geopolitical chessboard.  See: The Levant and Armageddon, Syria and World War III

KEY POINT: All of the recent cabinet appointments made by President Trump have been dictated to him by his masters in the Very Deep State.  He no longer has any control whatsoever over American foreign policy, if he ever did.  He especially takes orders from the same Neocon Zionist handlers regarding any political move or military maneuver made anywhere in the Middle East. Here’s why Trump was ordered to launch the Syrian missile attack

USS Liberty

There is no other cautionary tale as relevant to the current predicament in the eastern Mediterranean as the USS Liberty.  That false flag attack conducted by Israel on a U.S. warship during the Six Day War was the low point of the war presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson.

The Israeli Air Force is notorious for disguising its warplanes to appear as either (i) those of other nations or (ii) with no identifying markings at all.  They have used this deception on numerous occasions since they first acquired fighter jets.  The bombing of the USS Liberty is one time Israel got caught in the act of attacking its American ally in broad daylight. See: Why Israel Attacked the USS Liberty and President Johnson Covered Up the False Flag

Because of Israel’s close proximity to the present theater of war in Syria, it’s quite easy for them to send combat aircraft within firing distance of the U.S. naval fleet parked in the Mediterranean.  It’s also very convenient for the shell-shocked Israeli government to let loose a cruise missile or two at the same fleet.  The Likud Party is in very desperate shape right now with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu facing multiple indictments.

The exceedingly brazen USS Liberty false flag operation, which involved both the US and Israeli governments, demonstrates just how far Israel will go to advance the Greater Israel project.  Simply put, there is nothing that the warmongers in Tel Aviv will not do in the interest of taking over the Levant.  The trademark treachery and viciousness of the Jewish Zionists has no limits as their savage attack on the USS Liberty clearly revealed (See preceding photo).


The recent spate of Operation Gladio false flag attacks executed by the Western powers is by purposeful design.  The world community of nations has been insidiously conditioned to reflexively believe the false accusations leveled at Syria, Russia and Iran.  Unlawful military responses by the Zio-Franco-Anglo-American Axis have likewise become normalized.

By routinely committing these naked war crimes against innocent countries, the NWO criminal co-conspirators have set a new and extremely dangerous standard for resolving international conflicts.  Hence, an Armageddon-type conflagration in the Northern Levant and/or hot phase of World War III now appears inevitable. See: The Neocon Zionist Plan for an Apocalyptic War in the Mideast

There are ways to short-circuit this inexorable push to war.  Nevertheless, the warmongering cabal needs to be taught a hard lesson, once and for all.  The apartheid state of Israel, in particular, is in great need of a serious smackdown.  Perhaps the only way this can play out — for the sake of world peace and global order — is through an armed conflict scenario which places Tel Aviv in serious jeopardy.

The Millennium Report
April 23, 2018

N.B. The hypothetical analysis below fleshes out the skeleton of this high probability scenario.

SITREP: A false flag attack on a USN ship next?

by Nick for the Saker blog

The USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group left the east coast Naval Station Norfolk, VA on 11th April.

The aircraft carrier is accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy, the guided-missile destroyers USS Burke, Bulkeley, Forest Sherman and Farragut, and the destroyers USS Jason and The Sullivans. The strike group carries 6,500 sailors and Carrier Air Wing One.

Recent announcements about Russia’s hypersonic Kinzhal (‘Dagger’) missile system having made these vessels effectively obsolete, this means that the ships and their crews are essentially being sailed into a bloody scrapyard.

Even without the recent upgrading of the Kinzhal system, the experience of the British fleet in the Falklands conflict illustrates the vulnerability of warships to low-flying missiles. In addition to the sinking of the HMS Sheffield and Sir Galahad, virtually every British ship was hit by at least one of Argentinian’s French-made Exocet missiles – a weapons system which was already 20 years old at the time.

Exocet missile sinks HMS Sheffield during Falklands War:

Reportedly the only thing that saved the UK force from obliteration was that the Argentinians had got their missile altimeter settings wrong. The Russians will not make the same sort of error!

These facts are of course known to the US military planners and – one would assume and hope, for it is duty to know – by Donald Trump. And yet the US fleet is now nearing the coast of Syria, where it will met up with American and other NATO warships already in position. Together, they will make one big flock of sitting ducks.

If the people pushing Trump manage to get him launch a new strike on Syria (and we must expect a new false flag attack) and if the massive increase in NATO firepower means that enough missiles get through to enough targets to kill Russians, then Putin really has no choice but to sink the US fleet.

No choice because, whatever the danger of doing so, failure to respond would signal Russian defeat and retreat in Syria, which would of course lead to a rapid escalation of military pressure against Lebanon and Iran, and mean that when the Empire then rolls on to strike Russia, her most reliable allies will already have gone and her ‘soft underbelly’ will be seriously exposed.

So Putin orders the destruction of the US fleet, and an hour later all that is left is debris and mangled corpses in some oil slicks – and some ‘great’ photos and video clips to illustrate Trump’s declaration of war on account of “Russia’s deadly sneak attack on a US humanitarian force”.

Sounds familiar? It should do. Because we’re not just thinking here of the USS Maine, the Lusitania and the Gulf of Tonkin. The Washington habit of using sunken ships as the causus belli also of course included Pearl Harbor.

Just in case you need a reminder, here’s just one example of the many short videos out there on the truth about the Japanese attack on 7th December 1941 which explain how Roosevelt had advance intelligence of the planned attack, but decided not to pass it on to the anchored sitting duck fleet:

The more or less official excuse (the President’s guilt never having been formally acknowledged) is that to have alerted the fleet would also have tipped off the Japanese that their naval codes had already been broken. But the truth is of course that deliberately didn’t warn the fleet because he knew that the sacrifice would goad the American people into a war against Hitler to which he and those around and behind him were committed, but which the American people opposed.

The circumstances this time are of course somewhat different, not least that everyone with even a passing knowledge of the Russian missile capability already knows that 6,500 sailors are “on their way to Samara”.

Which makes Donald Trump either a criminally incompetent fool, a bad poker player or a wholly controlled puppet of the psychotic Anglo-Zionist elite. If he is one of the first two of these, then there is of course still a chance that he might respond to the disaster by blinking and retreating. In which case, the Beltway elite will use the human tragedy and his humiliation to remove him from office (not a bad consolation prize, from their point of view).

But if he is the third, then the ‘shock’ blitz on the US fleet will lead to the immediate declaration of World War Three.

Indeed, if things get that far (and we’re probably 48 hours and one White Helmets’ video away from it) then the only thing that realistically stands a chance of stopping the racist Anglo-Zionist psychopaths in their tracks is if the Russian attack and its result are such a devastating show of ‘shock and awe’ as to make it impossible for them to ignore a simultaneous public warning by Putin to Netanyahu that any further US hostile response will place Israel directly in the firing line as well.

That might JUST be enough to make the Neocons back off. If not, then World War Three it will be. It might not go nuclear straight away, but even while it is conventional EVERYTHING will change:

Dissident anti-war voices such as this will rapidly be silenced by blanket censorship and internment; your sons and daughters will be conscripted; your taxes will go through the roof – and you will have to live with the ever-present fear that, once China enters the war against Washington and its client states, the tide will run so fast against the ‘democratic allies’ that their ‘humanitarian missiles’ will end up with nuclear tips.

If that disturbs you (and it surely should) then all I ask is that you take the Pearl Harbor analogy and get busy spreading it on social media RIGHT NOW. Because once those young sailors and airmen have been sacrificed, the demand for a war of ‘revenge’ will be unstoppable. But if the warmongers realize that plenty of people have already understood the plan, it might just spook them into backing off.

In which case the fleet can do a few face-saving manoeuvres and then sail home again and we can look forward to a summer which may be warm, but not as uncomfortably hot as it could otherwise become!