Donald Trump in the Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey

Donald Trump in the Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey


Why would a truth seeker ever vote for Donald Trump?

An Open Letter to Truth Seekers Everywhere

Dear Truth Seeker,

We sincerely hope this let this open letter finds you doing well during this ‘exciting’ presidential election cycle.  Who has ever seen a campaign season fraught with so much drama and surprise?

The purpose of this letter is to address a phenomenon that has emerged in spiritual communities across America.  Just like the 2008 and 2012 U.S. presidential elections, the many spiritual groups voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama.  The New Age movement was in fact quite surreptitiously infiltrated by all sorts of propagandists who presented Obama as a savior of sorts.  Some even believed him to be the Second Coming and/or a Messiah-like figure.

We all now know exactly where his Hope & Change sloganeering got the country, don’t we?!

Now here we face what is perhaps the most important election in American history.  Again, the New Age groups have been infiltrated so that many are being pushed — via various political correctness tactics — into voting for the first woman president ever.

What is totally amazing is that many spiritual aspirants have been cowed into voting for a career criminal.  There is now a massive body of authoritative evidence on the Internet which clearly documents the criminal enterprise that the Democratic Party has become. And yet, many good and pure souls still gravitate to such a corrupt political machine.


It appears that most voters are completely unaware that they will take on the karma of those elected officials to whom they give their consent (through their vote).  In other words those who voted for President Obama receive the proportionate amount of karma that is dispensed when an individual is known as, and acts like, the Drone Ranger.  You see, killing thousands of innocents at funerals and wedding parties and markets and calling it collateral damage does not make it “right” in any way.

Which brings us to Candidate Clinton.  As Secretary of State she was directly responsible for the terrible disasters that are now occurring in both Libya and Syria.  Each of these nations now resembles a dystopian, post apocalyptic wasteland due to her actions as the nation’s chief  D I P L O M A T.

All the while the Wikileaks email revelations make it quite clear that the Clinton Foundation was basically running an unparalleled “pay-to-play” scheme.  No one has ever seen so much naked criminality and blatant corruption at this level of government.  And the emails lay bare the entire crime spree leaving very little room for doubt who has betrayed the American people.

The key point here is this: Why would anyone want to take on such negative karma … for somebody else’s action?

If you know someone is a nefarious public official in advance of the ballot, you are much more complicit in the death and destruction that they wreak across the planet.

Addicted to Deception

We do live in the end days of Kali Yuga.  This is a time when falsehood has been much stronger than truth.  The campaign season has shown just how powerful falsehood can be.

When so many Baby Boomers and old souls from the Beat Generation can be convinced that it is better to vote for a stone-cold warmonger than any other candidate, something is very wrong.  Yes, the power of Maya is that strong; the illusion can overtake even the most discriminating at times.

The current predicament quite similar to many peace activists voting for Duryodhana or Ravana rather than for Krishna or Rama, respectively.  So many good, yet extremely naive folks, are literally giving their power over to a demonic group of globalists who only seek the further enslavement of humankind.

And who is the point person chosen to implement that New World Order agenda?

The World Wars Are Always Set Up And Prosecuted By Democratic Administration

Only those who are so addicted to deception cannot grasp that Obama was installed to set up World War III, just as he restarted the Cold War with Russia and instigated the Ukraine Civil War.  His Secretary of State proved her mettle in the Mideast theater of war by surreptitiously coordinating the entire CIA-directed Arab Spring, as per Presidential Study Directive 11.  If the recipient of this letter has not heard of PSD11, this is a very good time to read about it.  As follows:

Arab Spring: A Series of CIA-Coordinated Color Revolutions Delineated By Obama’s Presidential Study Directive 11

Self Interest Has Blinded Seekers

Few spiritual aspirants will like what they are about to read, but the truth must be written and disseminated at this critical time.

There are very specific reasons why a voter will give their consent to such a reprehensible character and untrustworthy politician.  It is usually because that leader represents something that really attracts the voter.  They embody the promise to support such odious practices as late-term abortion, gay marriage, transgendering and other similar social wedge issues.

Through decades of deliberate social engineering, the seeker is persuaded to believe that late-term abortion is a good thing.  And that the mother’s choice to kill her unborn baby is much more important than the fetus’ right to life.  Do you see how they manipulated this extremely controversial issue so as to hook so many folks who actually believe it is their right to kill the unborn?

Take this dynamic and multiply it many times for all the other hot-button social issues that the most immoral candidate in U.S. history now represents.  The Democratic Party has become quite expert at identifying all the forbidden fruits and then making them available over decades, culminating in the presidency of a man who does not even posses a birth certificate.

Special Message to the Baby Boomers and Beatniks

This is how crafty the Left has been during the 2016 campaign season.  The Democratic candidate has gone out of her way to provoke Russia.  In fact her saber-rattling is completely without precedent in American election history.  Much more importantly, however, as explained in the article lined above, she has been selected by her globalist masters and corporate sponsors to initiate the hot phase of WW3.

How, then, do the many fierce and courageous peacemakers from the 1960s and 70s justify voting for a dyed-in-the-wool war-maker?  This particular anti-Vietnam War group has many among them who will vote for the first woman president. And yet this very same group is responsible for growing the first popular movement in history that terminated a major war.

Very few are really aware but shutting down the Vietnam War was an unparalleled success. It never happened before.  It has not happened since.  Nevertheless, these same brave protesters have gone over to the other side.  They have joined with the globalists and corporatists whose worldwide agenda desperately depends on unending war.  As a matter of historical fact, the perpetual war economy, which is predominant throughout the Western powers, simply cannot exist without their incessant unprovoked wars of aggression.

Really, how will so many great Baby Boomer and Beatniks justify their vote for an unabashed warmonger in order to preserve their access to a late-term abortion?!  Or their perceived right to a transgendering operation.  Or the misguided law that permits gay marriage.

Now the recipient knows: “Why would a truth seeker ever vote for Donald Trump?”

Very sincerely,

A Group of Very Concerned Baby Boomers and Beatniks

P.S. Many of you know that the 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey.  It is well known throughout the Orient that one never wants to be on the wrong the side of the invincible Fire Monkey, especially during this particular year.  Conversely, it’s very good to support the righteous Fire Monkey in all of his various endeavors.  Everyone gains by doing so.

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