Michael Bloomberg & Bloomberg.com: A Long Overdue Exposé

Michael Bloomberg & Bloomberg.com: A Long Overdue Exposé


Why Did ZeroHedge.com Really Show Up In Bloomberg’s Crosshairs?

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Bloomberg operates at the very nexus of the NWO ruling elites.
Bloomberg operates at the very nexus of the NWO ruling elites.

How did Michael Bloomberg become a Media Mogul, Mayor and Business Magnate?  Who really set Bloomberg up as the point person for national gun control?

What is truly surprising is that this type of exposé on Bloomberg.com and its Chairman was not written many years ago.  Michael Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg.com and former mayor of New York, has played a critical role in the implementation of the New World Order agenda that is relentlessly foisted on the world-at-large.  In that role he was prominently configured in the highly complex cover-up of the 9/11 false flag terror attacks on September 11, 2001 utilizing his media company to seed the false 9/11 narrative throughout the mainsteam media (MSM).

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Ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg has also been assigned as the point person to coordinate the national gun control initiative which has been vigorously promoted by the Obama Administration.  He has been the key national figure around whom all the mayors of the country’s major cities have rallied as he advocates for the effective repeal of the Second Amendment.  It can even be asserted that Michael Rubens Bloomberg is arguably the most vociferous anti-gun public figure in America today.

Given only the aforementioned information, it ought to be clear that the Bloomberg.com media platform has played an extremely significant role in the advancement of his personal and public agendas.  He has especially used his multimedia empire to greatly advance the interests of the New York investment banking community kowtowing to their every request and prompting.  Only by looking closely at Bloomberg’s employment history will his incestuous relationship with the banksters reveal itself.  His Wikipedia profile as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 7.30.05 AM

This profile is chock full of information and data about the real Michael Bloomberg. Clearly his career developed from his strong loyalties to the securities brokerage industry. It appears from the rapid development of his first media group, which was founded in 1981, that he was established as a major cheerleader for the U.S. securities industry quite early on.  Not only did he personally benefit tremendously from this relationship by becoming “the 6th-wealthiest person in the United States, and the 8th-wealthiest in the world” he also positioned himself (or was positioned by TPTB), to become a three-time mayor of the largest city in America.  New York City (NYC) is, after all, the de facto capital of the “Empire State” as it functions as the premier international financial center and economic engine of the USA.  NYC is also home to the largest stock exchange on the planet known as the New York Stock Exchange.

What’s the point?

Bloomberg is a central figure in the what has always been the most predatory of all the industries within the sprawling complex of Corporate America.  The investment banking community of the USA is by far the most powerful on Earth; it can make or break the largest of corporations or smallest of companies in a New York minute—literally.  All the genuine economic hitmen take their orders from the kingpins in NYC.  All the world’s financial terrorists like George Soros have their real home in NYC.  New York City is truly where all the action is, especially where it concerns the running of the Anglo-American Empire.  Yes, the original orders are issued from the City of London but they are duly executed in NYC.

Enter one Michael Bloomberg during the very start of the 1980s also known as the “Decade of Greed”.  That’s not to say that Wall Street has not been robbing Main Street since the very first equities were sold in that financial district; rather, the ’80’s saw the outright legalization of theft and systematic institutionalization of grand larceny on an unprecedented scale.  Since the Decade of Greed began, the ongoing redistribution of wealth from the 99% to the 1% has taken place at a dizzying pace.  And Michael Bloomberg played a HUGE role in that “Heist of the Millennium”.

How so?

For the uninitiated the only way that the rampant and institutional criminal activity of the securities industry was able to proceed unimpeded for so many years is because of the thoroughly incestuous relationship between the MSM and the banking (and securities) industry.   “Thicker than thieves” is the only way to adequately describe this longstanding relationship.  Michael Bloomberg has always operated at its very nexus coordinating with the most powerful investment companies and banking corporations in the world.  As the following Wikipedia screenshot indicates, Bloomberg L.P. was established with a massive 30% investment from Merrill Lynch (ML), the largest brokerage firm in the USA at that time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 7.26.48 AM

The preceding facts about Bloomberg L.P. is more telling about Bloomberg and his business ventures than any other which can be found in the public domain.  There is a law of business that essentially says that whoever pays for the startup basically owns the business venture. If they don’t directly dictate the running of the concern itself, they will always exert great influence over the direction and workings of the enterprise.  In this particular regard, it is impossible to dispute that Merrill Lynch (actually the true powers behind ML) still runs the Bloomberg show from behind the curtain.  In other words Michael Bloomberg is nothing but a puppet for the true masters who really run the show at Bloomberg, L.P.

How does the Banking-Investment-Media Complex really work?

The true back story as to how this whole game really works is quite simple.  The scheme of running the game, which is actually a global gambling casino, on the community of nations began with the chartering of the very first stock exchange.  Eventually the New York Stock Exchange became the most dominant in the industry.  It also became the most corrupt, rapacious and predatory.  This is where the likes of the Michael Bloombergs of the world come into the picture.

The 1980s represent a critical period of the total corruption of Wall Street.  This was the time when brokers became journalists (just like Michael Bloomberg did), and media companies were run by investment banks—both literally and figuratively.  Capital financing has always been an integral part of keeping a newspaper solvent just as no TV station ever started without its seed capital or business loan.  Bloomberg L.P. is a perfect example of these common funding methods whereby the same investors both control the securities firm as well as the media that reports on the business of the securities firm.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand where all this will eventually go.  It’s called Quid Pro Quo.  Yes, both the banksters and the presstitutes are always scratching each other’s back.  In the process of doing so, inevitably and by design facts are consistently fudged, and truth is routinely distorted. The resulting incestuous relationship between the banks and media ensured that this society-destructive dynamic would only intensify.  And so it has, to the great detriment of the entire planetary civilization.

This day-to-day media dynamic which undergirds the financial markets can be summed up as follows.  The banksters first write whatever narrative they want disseminated around the world on any given day.  Regardless of what the factual financial data and economic indicators reflect, the financial/economic MSM platforms are ‘duty-bound’ to their true masters to spin the news as they are directed.  Even if the price of gold should be skyrocketing because of overwhelming individual and institutional demand as gold bullion stocks are being depleted, the gold price can be seen tanking according to the MSM reports.

The smashing (e.g. gold smash) success of this recurring smoke and mirrors routine can only occur by way of an extremely deep conspiracy (as in real conspiracy) between the banks and the media.  The foolish dog and pony show that is put on daily by the banksters and the talking heads has been so compelling that one would think the script is being written in Hollywood studios parked on Wall Street.  Yes, they’re that good … but only for those who are clueless.  ZeroHedge is making sure that fewer and fewer are clueless.

This is the primary strategy that has allowed the 1% to perennially fleece the investors — rich and poor, large and small — across the planet.  Because the politicians now rely so heavily on the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chases of the world for their indispensable campaign financing, they are held captive by the banksters.  Not only are the politicians bribed and blackmailed outright, they are given massive campaign contributions via super-PACs and through myriad corporate employee donations.  Many other means are also used to back-channel money and gifts, favors and junkets to the most powerful political leaders.

The New York Stock Exchange is the largest Gambling Casino in the world.
The New York Stock Exchange is the largest Gambling Casino in the world.

Media and financial kingpins such as Michael Bloomberg operate at the very hub of this worldwide betting parlor in the heart of New York City’s financial district.  As much as any other individual, he is in the position to profit from insider information which accrues from being in the catbird seat.  How else does one become the 6th richest man in the USA except by being on the side of the House?  The House never loses in any type of gambling operation or else the concern would cease to exist.  Many of the long-term brokers and agents have expressed that there is not even a hairsbreadth of difference between the games played on Wall Street and tables worked in Vegas.  Likewise, what goes on in the Crown Temple in the City of London is not too unlike what occurs in the palatial gambling halls that once bustled in Atlantic City.

Which bring this exposé back to the question: “Why did ZeroHedge.com Really Show Up In Bloomberg’s Crosshairs?”

There is no alternative media platform in existence today that has revealed more truth about how the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) really works — from behind the scenes — like ZeroHedge.com.  ZeroHedge (ZH) nails it on so many financial matters and economic topics that one leaves their site dazed by the sheer volume of accurate financial analysis and economic data.  This fact of life drives platforms like Bloomberg.com absolutely crazy.  While Bloomberg outputs so much pap and piffle spoon fed right from the banksters, ZeroHedge zeros right in on the many inconvenient financial truths and economic facts which appear in plain sight.

There is no other reason for Bloomberg to go after a competitor like ZH unless they are looking bad … very bad … and worse by the day.  The current condition of the GE&FS is such that it is only being held together by Elmer’s glue and masking tape, metal staples and polyester thread.  Yes, it’s that tenuous and getting shakier by the day.  Every article that ZH posts only serves to lay bare the utter sham that the System has become.  Truly the GE&FS has always been about the enrichment of the 1% at the expense of the 99%, but very few ever knew how completely rigged the game has ALWAYS been.

With the entry of media/financial titans like Michael Bloomberg, who functions as an interface between the banks and the press, he has served not only as a pivotal gatekeeper but also as a master propagandist which is his real claim to fame.  This is why the no-nonsense journalism of ZeroHedge poses such a thorn in his side.  Bloomberg has never been confronted with truthful reporting before.  Up until recently it was always just about his brand of false reporting, which then reverberated throughout the MSM echo chamber.

With the exception of a few breaking stories on various patsies who were deliberately set up to take the fall for this securities-related scam or that financial wrongdoing, Bloomberg.com both originates and repeats the bankster party line with great discipline. Any divergence from this editorial policy would doom the platform.  Bloomberg himself would never think of leaving the reservation that he helped create, so he feels compelled to tear down any opposing platform that is acquiring an audience, especially a large audience.

There is a rule of thumb in the MSM industry that whenever a media platform exceeds a specific critical threshold in terms of reach, they will be taken down a peg or two if not altogether should their news be too radioactive.  For instance, should ZH decide to post this exposé, that would be deemed way too radioactive.  However, Bloomberg started this fight and it will undoubtedly end up getting much uglier before it concludes.


Michael Bloomberg made a huge mistake when he permitted his news company to target ZeroHedge.com with a transparent hit piece.  A serious insider and power-broker who is the de facto NWO point man for eviscerating the 2nd Amendment should never throw stones at anyone while living in a fancy Manhattan glass house, especially not at the truth-seekers at ZH.  That was a big, BIG mistake.  Not only did such a shortsighted and wrong-headed move bring the wrath of ZeroHedge on him, it has also motivated many throughout  the alternative news media to dig much deeper into the back story of Bloomberg L.P.  Hence, this is only the first exposé in a series of three which will be published during the month of May on The BLOOMBERG Conspiracy.

Michael Bloomberg with 9/11 co-conspirator Michael Chertoff
Michael Bloomberg with 9/11 co-conspirator Michael Chertoff

They took a primary 9/11 plotter (Michael Chertoff) and put him in charge of the Department of Homeland Security where all investigations could be quashed immediately. All of the criminal cases tied to 9/11 went to a US Attorney who was involved in 9/11 planning. The most powerful lobbying groups in Washington and think tanks were all involved in planning 9/11.
(Source: 9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress

Michael Bloomberg has longstanding relationships with many of the movers and shakers who are closely associated with the U.S.-government sponsored false flag terror attacks on 9/11.  The photo-documentary linked below has recorded those inter-relationships for everyone to evaluate.  There are numerous fastidiously hidden truths about the Bloomberg Empire which have direct connections to the events of 9/11 which must come to light. They will also explain why he was so determined to be a three-time mayor and would have run for a fourth term if legally permitted to.

Photo-documentary of Michael Bloomberg’s Ties to Neocon and 9/11 Heavyweights

Heretofore unknown 9/11 Truth will be discussed in the next installment of this 3-part series on Michael R. Bloomberg & Company.  In the meantime all readers are highly encouraged to visit ZeroHedge.com to read some real news about the true state of affairs throughout the Global Economic & Financial System. You’ll be very glad you did!

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April 30, 2016