Putin’s Russia Lays Bare Obama’s USA

Putin’s Russia Lays Bare Obama’s USA


Putin Checkmates the USA: It’s in the Planets

by Kit Walker

Vladimir Putin has come center stage lately. For several years I have been looking at his astrology, and how it relates to the astrology of the USA, and have seen this moment coming for quite some time.

As many of us know by now, in the past five years we have been passing through the square of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, which is a slow and grinding transformation of humanity and planet earth. Seven times the two planets made exact squares to each other as they have slowly moved ahead, with retrograde motion included.

This configuration represents the revolution in consciousness that has been happening, they are the planets of revolution, and every time they contact one another there is some kind of revolutionary activity in the world. When they were conjunct last, they were in Virgo, in the late 60s, which was a time of deep turmoil as they began a new cycle with each other.

So now, as they are in 90 degree aspect, we are revisiting themes from the late 60s, and we are finding that it is time to act on what was begun there.

Now this square of Pluto and Uranus has completed, in the sense that the planets are separating from exact aspect, but the energies are still very strong, and there is a forward motion to them as well, which is fairly recent.

Pluto is right now at 13 degrees Capricorn, and Uranus is at 18 degrees Aries, retrograde, moving back to 16 degrees Aries as Uranus is retrograde at the moment.

So these two planets are affecting very strongly all those who have planets in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) from around 10 to 20 degrees of those signs.

Let’s first take a look at the chart of the USA.

The first thing we notice immediately is that the Sun in the chart of the USA is at 13 degrees Cancer. Pluto now is directly opposite that position and makes an exact opposition, for the third and last time, on November 1st. And Uranus squared that position in Aries on February 2, 2015.

Let’s also notice that the USA has Saturn in Libra at 14 degrees Libra, so the USA has Sun in Cancer square Saturn in Libra. Soon after Pluto opposes the Sun of the US, it will square its Saturn, on Christmas Day, 2015.

The USA has been being affected VERY strongly by this Pluto Uranus square, as it has been activating the Sun Saturn square in the US natal chart. And now, as Pluto passes through 13 degrees Capricorn, directly opposite the Sun of the US, things are definitely coming to a head. Uranus has already passed through those degrees in Aries, which, to me, means that the insight into the truth (Uranus) about the US is now spreading like wildfire. The unveiling (which is what the apocalypse is) is now in full swing. And now that Pluto is coming into exact opposition, this is the moment when the rubber meets the road.

We see the US being put through the transformational wringer (Pluto and Uranus), and we see a deluge of information coming out about the hidden history of violence (Pluto) that the US has engaged in, and has been built upon, really pretty much since its inception, including the genocide of the original American people, the Native American Indians.


The nature of the Pluto Uranus square is such that lies and secrets cannot stand in the face of it. This is a primal power (Pluto) of truth (Uranus) that is rising like a tidal wave, and it is going to break directly over the head of the USA Inc., the corporate government of the United States.  And what’s more, it is happening NOW. As the Sun and Mercury move through Libra over the next couple of weeks, they are going to touch off this transit even more heavily. EVERYTHING is changing, and the truth can no longer be concealed.
Now let’s take a look at the chart of Vladimir Putin:


The first thing that jumps out at us straightaway is that Putin’s Sun, in Libra, is, lo and behold, at 13 degrees Libra ! Exactly square (90 degrees) the Sun of the USA, and furthermore his Sun is conjunct the Saturn of the USA.

What this tells me is that Putin is an agent of change for the US, and for the world, and a bringer of a great lesson (Saturn is the teacher) for the US. Furthermore, Putin has Saturn in Libra as well, just like the US, and his Saturn is only 2 degrees later than the Saturn of the US.

So Putin is being affected by the Pluto Uranus square just as heavily as is the US. Uranus has recently opposed his Sun, also in February of this year. So he has come even more strongly into the public awareness this year, as he has been getting his ducks in a row.

I am going to speculate that perhaps even he knows about astrology, because his timing is so spot on. He has been working behind the scenes for a long time, and biding his time, and now is his moment to act. But i am also going to speculate that this is really just the beginning of a process for him that will take some years yet. Because these planets are just beginning to aspect his Libra planets, which are all in later Libra, and also his Uranus in Cancer, at 18 degrees. This transformational process of Pluto / Uranus is slow, and the presence of Uranus, both in the transits, and in his chart, makes the situation extremely unpredictable.

We know that there is an overall plan, in fact interlocking layers of a grand plan, and there is a very real possibility that Putin is just a part of this plan. By some, he is feared and hated. It’s too early to know exactly, what his role is, but it is undeniable that he is a major player right now, and it appears that he is beginning to take on the multi headed hydra of the Empire of the City, i.e. the Rothschild banking empire that is strangling humanity and destroying the planet. And let’s not forget that the USA is the military arm of the Empire of the City.

But I am also going to speculate that this global awakening that is being brought about by the Pluto Uranus square is strongly affecting Putin as well, and will be for quite some time. In fact, it could very well be, that Putin is going through some kind of spiritual awakening, which is very unusual indeed in world leaders. Please bear in mind this is only speculation on my part, but the planets bear out the evidence of a major and prolonged period of change for him. His pivotal position puts him in the role of a catalyst for change.

Why do i feel this awakening of Putin could be possible? Well, one can’t help but compare how Putin responds to world events with how Obama responds. One of the the most obvious things about Putin is that he never reads a scripted speech, he simply speaks what is on his mind, with clarity and balance, being the Libran that he is.


It reminds me of the saying: “The best thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember anything”. Why does Obama always read pre-written scripts? The first thing that comes to mind is that they were written by someone else. It always smells like an agenda to me, a secret plan that has to be carefully crafted and communicated, because it is so full of deception, secrets, and lies. It has become a clusterf88k of lies, contradictions, mistakes, that is just getting worse and worse. And somehow, Obama is the spokesperson for all of that, or at least a certain faction of it. He is a Leo, which is the sign of the actor. He is an actor ! And with his Mercury in Leo as well, he reads a script very well, very eloquently. He has been very convincing to a lot of people.

So how do you tell if these characters are lying, or telling the truth? Well, for starters, if they are saying what you want to hear, then look a little deeper. They are well trained to tell you exactly what you want to hear, even if it is not true, and it usually isn’t. Second, see if the actions match with the words. Most of the time these characters do the exact opposite of what they promise to do.

This interview is an excellent example of his level-headedness, and willingness to cooperate with everyone:


When the Libra/Aries opposition is resolved, we have the art (Libra) of war (Aries). In the famous classic, the Art of War by Sun Tzu, as well as in all martial (Aries) arts (Libra), we see that to actually engage in battle is the very last resort. I would say that Putin has been showing this kind of restraint, putting up with all kinds of attacks on his character (as well as attempts to draw Russia into conflicts, sanctions, etc.) from most of the “leaders” of the west, without being reactive about it, but not caving in in the slightest either. He has clearly explained his position over and over, in lengthy news conferences with no written script.


But now, with this massive influx of Syrian refugees going into Europe, and the wanton destruction of Syria by Western backed terrorists (we all recognize that is the case by now, right?), Putin is responding to a request by Syria for Russia’s help. And within days, he has exposed the whole game, to anyone who is at all paying attention. And we have seen more than once, the word “checkmate” used. And at this moment it appears that already ISIS has been shattered, after less than a week.

And who knows what else he knows, about everything really. This could be just the beginning of what he brings to light in the months ahead. Some are even wondering if he has had ET contact recently, which leads one to question even more about what’s really going on behind the curtain.

Where it is going to go next is not clear, but to me, this is a case of “fighting for justice” which is a very positive attribute of the Aries/Libra opposition, and a lesson that the US could certainly take to heart at this point. It is clear from the astrology that Vladimir Putin is a game changer. Whether he is part of some greater plan to consolidate a world government or not remains to be seen. But i am going to speculate that in the whole process, even if that is the overall plan, he, and others, may actually be awakening in a way that changes even that plan, sort of like a wild card. Anything can happen. Uranus will see to that.

As to his relationship with Obama, the main thing i have noticed is that they both have Gemini moons, one degree apart, in the very beginning of Gemini. I find this interesting, especially since the beginning of Gemini is the “fourth leg” of the T square that is now happening with Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and Mars and Jupiter in Virgo. Saturn will be going opposite both of their moons in the next month. This is going to put a great pressure on them both. And with Neptune in the mix there, the pressure will be to be compassionate, in action. Either that or to attempt to ramp up the illusion and deception (Neptune) even more.

But I just don’t see the compassion in the western leaders. They are all compromised to the extreme by the archontic forces of division, destruction, deception, and suffering. They are all too happy to profit from the suffering of others. This is obvious, and for this reason, i feel that none of them are to be trusted. We are SO used to hearing nothing but lies, that we have lost the ability to tell a liar from an honest man (or woman). But perhaps what all those liars fear about Putin is his honesty.

Even the Nobel Prize officials are having regrets about Obama’s Peace Prize.


Yes, Putin is a politician as well, and he makes it very clear that he protecting Russia’s national interests, but to me he seems to have a lot more concern for innocent ordinary people, who are just trying to live their lives in peace, than any of the NATO leaders do.

And, apparently, he enjoys very high approval ratings, as much as 90%, among Russians.


And Russia’s latest stance on Monsanto also is worth noting:


None of the “Western” leaders seem to be at all worried that millions of people are displaced, their cities, homes and lives ruined, year after year after year, because of their constant war mongering and profiteering. If they were, they wouldn’t be frothing at the mouth over the latest oil and gas deals, and the overall project of complete domination of the middle east. The plight of the people involved is never a concern for them. They may say so, but that is obviously a lie. To them, people are just cattle.

Other than this aspect, though, I do not see the pressure of the Pluto Uranus awakening affecting Obama. it is definitely affecting the USA very strongly, but Obama’s planets do not line up with the Pluto Uranus square in a way that would transform him. To me it looks more like he is being given just enough rope to hang himself, so to speak. He just doesn’t see the brick wall right up ahead. Well, maybe now he does.
He has been enjoying a Uranus trine to his Sun for quite some time, which has added to his sheen, but now, as Pluto moves into an inconjunct (150 degree) aspect with his sun, in the very practical sign of Capricorn, we could very well say, the party is over, it is time to pay the bill and clean up the mess.

For the USA this is shaping up to be a moment of truth. And really it is up to the people. Nothing short of a total transformation will work. The US really has been instrumental in holding back the whole inevitable evolutionary leap here on planet Earth, but now the transformation will stop for no one.

Gemini is the twins. When I saw this configuration with their twin Gemini moons, I immediately thought of this picture:

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is checkmate moment, let’s face it.

According to the Gnostic scholar John Lash, we are in the beginning of what he calls “Sophia’s Correction”, which is when the Earth (Gaia Sophia), a living being of incredible beauty and power, is beginning to awaken, and beginning to correct the mistake that is going on here.

We can think of the last part of the Avatar movie as an example. Lash also points out that her correction is totally dependent on our participation, as we all share in her creative power.

The Uranus Pluto square is triggering this awakening in many of us. It is a spiritual awakening to our Infinite Self and an unveiling (apocalypse) of the truth about all of it.

Perhaps even politicians can be a part of this awakening. That very well could be the case with Vladimir Putin. Time will tell.

Kit Walker Oct 7, 2015  Happy Birthday Mr. Putin