Cosmic Consciousness, “Good Germans” & The New World Order

Cosmic Consciousness, “Good Germans” & The New World Order


CCRG Editor’s Note:

The CCRG editor was compelled to introduce the following thought-provoking essay with a very personal note.  As an Army ROTC scholarship recipient in the mid 1970s, I was eventually given the opportunity to select my overseas tour of duty assignment.  I knew exactly where I wanted to go — WEST GERMANY.

You see, I had sat across from my uncle (also my godfather), who fought in the European Theatre of World War II, for most of my childhood listening to his telling and retelling of the WW2 epic saga.  He was also an extremely avid reader, especially of all things having anything to do with the great war. Hence, he was, and is, a walking encyclopedia on the subject of World War II.  He knows it all, as in a real know-it-all!

Quite unfortunately for him, his godson wasn’t buying it.  Any of it.  You can imagine how much agita I gave him … a 7, and then 10, and then 16-year-old kid.  That’s all I ever heard at the end of all our discussions about his WW2 narrative.  A G I T A !

Agita: Heartburn, acid indigestion, an upset stomach or, by extension, a general feeling of upset. The word is Italian-American slang derived from the Italian “agitare” meaning “to agitate.”

However, all those conversations and debates, Q&As and arguments resulted in a very precocious awareness.  I knew — intuitively — that if I could understand the true reasons behind WW2, and especially the inside story of the Holocaust (which always seemed implausible to me) then I would know all that I needed to know about life on Earth.

Let me qualify that a bit.  I also grew up in a household that was crazy, as in REALLY crazy. The incessant insanity forced me to analyze what it was precisely that was producing all the unseen and irrational pressures, and causing all the needless stress.  There seemed to be a force forever operating in the background that kept everyone in a state of high anxiety.  If I could only understand the real forces and hidden powers that caused WW2, then I would understand what so profoundly afflicted my parents and their peers.  More importantly, I would then sufficiently comprehend the true workings of this plane of existence.  Because the mundane order was laid bare, so I thought, life’s challenges could be more easily and successfully negotiated.

So, I went to Germany as a quite enthusiastic and curious officer in 1980 to learn about the untold back story of the 2nd World War.  I was also on a very serious mission to get to the bottom of the “Jewish Solution”.  Needless to say, my many academic pursuits and conversations in the gasthaus over fine German wines and beer got me into BIG trouble. U.S. Army officers simply don’t pursue that line of inquiry–EVER!  It seems that I was particularly proficient at asking the wrong people the wrong questions at the wrong times and in the wrong places.  But, boy, did I learn a lot.  The Germans were very open and honest about the whole World War II experience.  The best history lesson I ever had.  My Uncle Joe would have been proud of me.

Nevertheless, the more I learned the more I knew that John Toland’s rendition of “The Last 100 Days” and William Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” were classic examples of the victors writing their own history, regardless of the facts.  I also came to respect and appreciate the German people’s point of view.  I came to empathize with their multi-decade plight knowing that they were the product of mass manipulation just as Americans are today.  These were obviously not the ‘monsters’ of Nazi Germany that our history books taught us all about.  They treated me like royalty the day I arrived, and only offered love and respect every day of my fabulous tour of duty in Deutschland.

Now, let’s fast forward to September 11th, 2001.  During those earth-shattering events in New York City I knew instantly that America was experiencing its own Reichstag moment.  As I watched the Twin Towers come down in real time, a series of intuitions flashed across my internal radar screen.  Each one revealed that that day’s unparalleled destruction was the product of a meticulously planned false flag operation, perpetrated for reasons that would become very clear in the following weeks, and months, and years.  And so they did … as the true reasons and the actual perpetrators exposed themselves with each passing day.

This time we all — each and every living American — experienced a truly defining moment of modern history.  Each of us saw and heard the events of 9/11 from our various perspectives.  We needed no history book or Hollywood movie to tell us what really happened on that cataclysmic day.  And, yet, where did we go, both individually and collectively, with that profoundly apocalyptic event?  Where have we allowed those patently false flag attacks to take us?

Perhaps the following poignant contemplation will help facilitate your own personal journey with these and similar questions and quandaries.  We sincerely thank Dick Croy for providing us the perfect context to finally tell our own story… about WW2, the alleged Holocaust, and the awesome omen of 9/11.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group


by Dick Croy

      Well over half a century ago, sometime during adolescence in an idyllic small town environment without a political thought in my head, I became aware of what historians and pundits had to say about what led up to World War II, in which my uncle, fresh out of high school, fought as an infantryman in the Battle of the Bulge under Gen. Patton. I couldn’t get my mind around the idea of the “good Germans” who had allowed Hitler to commandeer their country and then followed him more or less blindly into national immolation. The more I learned over the years, the more newsreel footage I was exposed to of der Führer  leading his massive rallies, the harder it was to comprehend what had become of a supposedly civilized European nation beneath the upraised right arm of a psychopath.

Long before I became particularly interested in learning much about world history and began to read to give myself the rudiments of an education, this conundrum bothered the hell out of me. Hitler and the Holocaust and World War II in general flew in the face of what I’d been led to believe in my sheltered little corner of the American Midwest was mankind’s gradual but inexorable evolution as a moral creature. I was late coming to this realization of course; among tens of millions of others on the planet. Sartre, for example, had already beat me to it with his popularization of existentialism. Hell yes, God was dead! Or else it was all his fault. How could you have faith in a supreme being who could let such horrible things happen?

Is that why, with all the other atrocities that have occurred throughout history, this was the one I seemed fixated on? Or was it simply because this one had occurred during my lifetime, although well before I could experience anything but its aftermath? I pondered this, even vaguely wondering whether I could possibly be a reincarnated German who had died during the war. I knew little more about reincarnation than its definition, maybe something I might have read in Readers Digest, which my parents subscribed to for a while, and didn’t take the thought seriously. Now that I’ve come to disbelieve much of what we’ve been taught through our cultural upbringing, I have re-entertained the notion though only as a possibility.

What’s far more striking to me upon recognizing 9/11 for the state crime against humanity that it was and is, is the parallel between the German nation of the ‘30s and ‘40s and our own now. Let me quote at length from 9/11 & the New World Order, one of the better books on the subject among the many I’ve read:

“The [world] Elite destroyed the Germans, the finest nation at that time, during and after the two wars. Listen to the lament of General Patton, who was murdered in what was made to look like an accident, because he understood that U.S. policy during and after the war was designed to build the Communists:

Actually the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. It’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans….What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.”

Wait a minute, what’s the author talking about? “U.S. policy…designed to build the Communists? He elaborates but I’ll quote just a few sentences of his book to clarify: “Through their enormous wealth, control of media and the academia, and through their control of leading  governments, the Elite sets up false paradigms to divide mankind and keep it in a state of perpetual conflict and bloodshed. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia illustrates this point with great force. Such is the ability of these families to deceive and divide mankind that it takes a person of my generation a long time to accept, or even entertain the fact that the Communists were funded and supported by these families and that Communist or Socialist systems were erected to serve their interest. Karl Marx, Trotsky and Lenin were on the payroll of these families, these so-called international bankers….

“If the American citizens do not rise quickly and with full force to meet the Elite intrigue in time, the Elite will destroy the U.S. It will almost certainly do so before there is such an awakening among the people that they are able to organize a sustained and successful movement against the hijacking of their country by a cabal of families, some of whom do not even reside in the U.S. and yet own it. The advice of Professor Peter Dale Scott [a Canadian poet, former diplomat and English professor widely recognized for his conceptualization of deep politics] is highly instructive:

U.S. citizens should study Germany in the 1930s, to see how a civilized nation, under stress, momentarily lost track of its inherent moral virtues and lapsed into a disastrous course of repression, xenophobia, and ultimately war. Most of us in America, including myself, have experienced the same powerlessness that “good Germans” did under Hitler. They too were vaguely aware that members of another ethnic group were being rounded up and illegally detained, yet they too felt unable to do anything about it.”

Scott then quotes from Defying Hitler: A Memoir, written in 1939 by Sebastian Haffner, which Scott says “has a chilling relevance to the situation ‘good Americans’ find themselves in.” Haffner writes:

 It was just the automatic continuation of ordinary life that hindered any lively,forceful reaction against the horror. I have described how the treachery and cowardice of the leaders of the opposition prevented their organizations being used against the Nazis and offering any resistance. That still leaves the question why no individual ever spontaneously opposed some particular injustice or iniquity they experienced, even if they did not act against the whole….It was hindered by the mechanical continuation of daily life.”

The author concludes this section of his book with a warning: “The Americans havestood up in large numbers but the ‘mechanical continuation of daily life’ and a mindset created from school days, reinforced 24/7 by the corporate media, a media which is nothing but a propaganda arm of the banking cabal, has, thus far, prevented the great mass from joining them. Amid widespread discontent, America’s descent into dictatorship and eventual bloodshed continues. This will also lead to the eventual subjugation of U.S. sovereignty by outside forces such as NATO, headquartered in Belgium and controlled by the Rothschilds.”

In a decade of reading and mostly online research in attempting to learn the truth of 9/11 and what’s really going on in the world, I’ve often come across the following poem by German pastor Martin Niemoeller on his choice not to act during World War II:

In Germany they came first for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me,
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

One of my best friends during a 19-year tenure in Los Angeles is now a “freeway flyer,” a non-tenured professor with a doctorate who commutes among three of L.A.’s institutions of higher learning to teach film studies. Married, he is multilingual, cultured, well-read and obviously well-educated. His father, a judge in pre-war Germany, emigrated with his family as part of the diaspora of prescient German Jews who got out before Hitler came to power. In America he became a gardener.

Though he was a very good one, with a predominantly German emigré clientele wealthy enough to provide him eventually with a home in one of L.A.’s most desirable neighborhoods, you have to wonder how he felt about the change of occupations. I assumed that when I shared an earlier screenplay version of my novella False Flag with his son, my friend would be most receptive, given his family’s experience. Instead he replied simply, “That’s not my conspiracy.”

By the way, the author I’ve been quoting, and have intentionally left unnamed until now, is Mujahid Kamran, a Pakistani long associated with Punjab University as professor, chairman of the Physics Dept., and finally Dean, Faculty of Science. A Fulbright Fellow at the University of Georgia in the U.S., he was given the International Einstein Award for Scientific Achievement in 2010.

What does he say about those responsible for the murderous, unholy mess in the Middle East today? “The people in the U.S. represent the finest part of mankind and the international bankers know it. The Americans are blessed with wonderful qualities of the head and heart – this is unacceptable for those who want to set up the New World Order.”

Mr. Kamran has a higher regard for the American people than do I. He is obviously less judgmental. I tend to divide my compatriots largely into those involved in the execution or cover-up of the mass murders of 9/11, and those only too willing to accept the government’s ludicrous version of how it happened and who the perps were. Words I put into my character Frank’s mouth in False Flag“It took me years even to begin to grasp the depth of our government’s involvement. We can’t expect the average person to be up with us on this. Of course they’re in denial about it. I sure as hell was at first.” – no longer apply. If Thomas Jefferson is correct in declaring that “eternal vigilance is the price we pay for liberty,” then we Americans have been bankrupt for a long time.

What prevents my complete slide into misanthropy is in part my refusal to believe that the selfish, warring way of life in the world today is the best that we human beings can do. It’s not. I am confident that evolution, consciousness, will get it right. Through us or without us.

In my decade of 9/11 research, I’ve come across almost as much information relating to

what, for the sake of convenience, I’ll call “spirituality” as I have the profusion of conspiracy theories that the mainstream media make it a point to ridicule at every opportunity. The current state of the world is a lot easier to accept when not experienced as the be-all and end-all of human experience, and I’m open to this perspective for several reasons.

First of all, as Frank spoke for me in False Flag, the massive cover-up of 9/11 has been successful because much of the upper echelons of American society are complicit in it. The rest of us are living either a lie or a fantasy, take your pick. That being the case, I’m skeptical about not only what our culture claims to be true but what it ignores or denies. My early drug experiences had already revealed how limited our consensual view of reality is.

Another basis for my openness toward the spiritual and discussion of “higher consciousness” stems from my good fortune to have been involved in a TV series on paranormal phenomena. I arrived in L.A. in the mid-‘60s with the relative close-mindedness of your average Midwestern 20-something, amused by my California friends’ confident conversations about astral-tripping and such, and thanks to the gates of perception that swung open with the three-plus years we spent interviewing and filming hundreds of those blessed or at least familiar with apparent paranormal abilities, my narrow mind expanded somewhat. Not just from the experiences themselves but even more from the extensive reading they led me to. For example, the quarterly journals of the Society for Scientific Exploration, a professional organization of scientists and scholars, many of them tenured Ph.D. physicists, committed to studying unexplained phenomena that cross or lie outside traditional scientific boundaries.

As it became increasingly obvious that the World Trade Center towers had been destroyed in a controlled demolition of some kind, it didn’t surprise me that few scientists were willing to risk their positions and reputations to confirm this. It doesn’t take an event of such world-shaking magnitude to separate those truly committed to science from the drones who merely teach their particular specialty, whose true commitment is to serve as gatekeepers for the prevailing scientific paradigm, on which their careers are built.

This became clearer to me when I spent a summer organizing the voluminous files of the late Christopher Bird for his widow Shabari. The author of The Divining Hand: the 500 Year-old Mystery of Dowsing, generally considered the book on the subject, Chris had supplied a generous blurb for my own book on dowsing, and Shabari asked me to put in order his years of correspondence with many of those practicing on the frontiers of science. It was a labor both fascinating and discouraging as I learned how most of them had been turned away, kept at bay by the scientific community, their years of work ignored or actually destroyed upon orders of one governmental body or another. (Chris, by the way, was co-author of the very successful The Secret Life of Plants, among numerous other works.)

There is yet another significant reason for my willingness to keep an open mind on matters spiritual or relating to consciousness as an energy more cosmic than merely human. The first of the 60-minute films in the TV series I’ve referred to was Man of Miracles about Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian holy man (now deceased) with millions of followers around the world, yet little known in this country then or now, probably because he lived simply in the small town in southern India where he was born. His life never became much of a magnet for the scandal-seeking mainstream media.

Yet those who traveled halfway around the world to sit for hours on the grounds of his ashram for at least a glimpse of him were mesmerized; many became lifelong devotees. One of them is Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, a retired San Diego psychiatrist and assistant clinical professor at the University of California San Diego, who has made 80 trips to India and with his wife Sharon founded a Sai Baba center in San Diego. Because he and his group were pleased by our handling of a potentially volatile subject, having feared some kind of Hollywood hatchet job, he asked me to edit his book Sai Baba: The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist. This was almost 40 years ago and we’ve been good friends ever since.

Sam, who is Jewish, believes as do most of his followers that Sai Baba is an incarnation of the divine and, for that matter, that all of us are an embodiment of God, however we choose to name the eternal creative source of the cosmos. Extraordinary sessions that Sam videotaped years ago exemplify the many miracles attributed by his followers to Sai Baba. Sam’s patient, a young American high school dropout (who later obtained an LVN license), fluently recited and translated mystical concepts in four archaic Sanskrit-related languages which she said Sai Baba had spoken to her while she was in a dream state. A baffled Sanskrit scholar confirmed not only that her translations were accurate but that the obscure passages were from entirely different ancient traditions and time periods.

The case was the subject of a scientific presentation which Dr. Sandweiss, the Sanskrit scholar, and a cognitive scientist made recently to the American Psychiatric Association. The focus of their presentation: the nature of consciousness. Is consciousness merely an outgrowth of the brain, as accepted scientific dogma currently maintains, or is it the primary substance of reality? Alternatively, is there a middle ground where energy, mind, and matter all exist in a continuum as parts of basic nature? Sam isn’t the first to ask such questions; the possibly cosmic nature of consciousness has become a hot topic in some branches of the scientific community. And, in a sense, I’ve been along for the ride for 40 years now.

For all of these reasons, then, despite my utter certainty that 9/11 was not just an inside job but one of many ongoing and deadly false flag operations, I hold out more than hope alone that the thrilling message the Internet has been humming with for some time now, like native drums in an earlier age, is bringing us truly good news. Ten-thousand years of patriarchal empire may be coming to an end. Not only that, but there are many claims – far too many to ignore – that our world is undergoing an expansion of consciousness unlike anything in recorded history, with many human beings elevated into a fourth or fifth dimension from the three dimensions we now experience. What does this mean? I have no idea. But it may be what the thousands of crop circles that have been appearing all over the globe for the last few decades are intended to communicate to us.

If these predictions are in any way a forecast of the near future, the current escalation of violence around the world may represent the last futile gasp of those who have plotted for generations through wars and ruthless depopulation schemes to achieve a New World Order, in which the many are to become virtual slaves to the very few.

For all those who find such speculation laughable, I’ll say only that the outcome is still unknown, while the fact that 9/11was an inside operation is undeniable. Three high-rise buildings collapse within seven hours of one another in virtually identical fashion, into their own footprints in near free fall? This should have been, at long last, our wake-up call! Those who cravenly cling to denial – who refuse to accept even the possibility that these were controlled demolitions of some kind, with all the terrible implications and consequences inherent in such a crime – have neither credibility nor moral authority. WAKE UP!

The worldwide phenomena of crop circles are ignored by the mainstream media for the same reasons we are misinformed about the spectacle of the World Trade Center towers turning to dust before our eyes. These unexplained, ineffable symbols appearing spontaneously

in fields of grain, in sand, on ice, even according to some reports in forest canopies, should also awaken us to the fact that something extraordinary is taking place in the world. (As for the possibility that crop circles are all hoaxes as we have been disinformed by the media when they are mentioned at all, when you have 90 minutes to educate and inspire yourself, check out this remarkable documentary on the subject:

I’ve been reading differing accounts for some time of how and why the events discussed above are about to take place. Some are vague or extremely far-fetched; others reinforce one another with the information they impart. One of the more recent is quite specific, claiming that it is “no accident of calendrical synchronicity” that the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar is converging with the final days of the Hindu Kali Yuga. In fact, according to the website, “The Hebrew calendar is another ancient system of timekeeping which aligns with both the Mayan and Hindu….Within the Judaic tradition there are cycles within cycles which signify different milestones and meaningful events. One of those cycles concerns the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee, which will be observed in September. This particular ‘Year of Jubilee’ is the 70th and therefore is known as the Super Shemitahwhich represents the closing of an era and unprecedented epochal transition. It will seem as though the entire planetary civilization is passing through the eye of the needle.”[1]

For fellow 9/11 Truthers, like my friend Jim, who’s not just a lapsed but more like a renegade Catholic and who has no truck with the mystical or paranormal – with a reality, in other words, beyond the one we’ve inherited, that we can perceive with our five senses and that falls comfortably within the parameters of our cultural consensus of what is and is not – perhaps that’s your own personal gatekeeper at work.

In any case we can’t just wait to be rescued and ushered into a new era in human history. It’s way past time to get busy. God, Allah, the Great Spirit aren’t dead and never have been or we wouldn’t be here. Their gift to us is consciousness, if these aren’t in fact names, perhaps embodiments, of pure consciousness itself. It’s time to accept the gift of life, our spiritual existence, with the reverent gratitude and sense of responsibility demanded of us if we are to co-create a world we wish to live in and to share with other inhabitants of the planet.


[1] The Super Shemitah, Mayan Calendar and Kali Yuga Converge in 2015/2016

© 2015 Dick Croy