What happens if the Shemitah predictions don’t occur in September?

What happens if the Shemitah predictions don’t occur in September?


America has not respected the spirit of the Shemitah
and will not avoid the effects of the Super Shemitah

State of the Nation


Timing of Shemitah ‘Prophecy’:
Those who control its execution
can change the schedule at any time

∞                                    ∞                                    ∞                                    ∞                                    ∞

Prediction and Prophecy are Never Carved in Stone,
Future Outcomes are Changing by the Moment

The $64,000 question during this month of September 2015 has been:
What if none of the Shemitah predictions occur as predicted;
are we then out of the woods?

It’s a very good question that requires a deeply contemplated answer.

First, the Shemitah phenomenon is not really a prophecy in the biblical sense.  Does it align with the Hebrew calendar and Jewish scriptures?  Most certainly.  However, this alignment reflects a very human manipulation of both calendar and scripture.  In short it represents a conspiratorial plot whereby “sacred scripture was quite purposefully morphed into profane script”.

The following excerpt describes the essential back story of the “Mystery of the Shemitah”.

The key point here is that some of the more tribal and controlling religious organizations, which grew out of this ever-polarizing context, utilized both prophecy and prediction in a less than honorable way. In certain places and times prophecy was actually uttered and/or written down so that they could then be fulfilled. In those instances the chosen ‘prophets’ of the ruling cabal, who fabricated the prophecy, were also in the position to guarantee their manifestation … on a given day and in a specific location. Likewise, many a court astrologer has been known to use their ‘powers’ in a similar way. In this highly scripted manner kings and queens became gods and goddesses; priests and prophets became deities.[1]

In light of this vital understanding it is much easier to see the workings of a Wizard of Oz-type entity operating behind a curtain — 24/7 — over centuries.  In so doing this highly clandestine coterie has been able to engineer financial crashes and economic collapses with perfect timing and awesome effect.  However, their machinations could only proceed as long as they adhered to the designs of a much greater plan than their mundane agenda (See “Author’s Note” below).


Hence, the ever-repeating 7-year cycle Shemitah phenomenon has now come to represent the methodical implementation of this multi-century scheme.  As such, those men of worldly power, who push the buttons and pull the levers of these recurrent controlled demolitions, can alter their plans at any time.  Now that they have been found out, the real $64,000 question is:  How will they proceed in September and October of 2015?  More significantly, what do they have in store for the Super Shemitah?

State of the Nation, and the many other alternative news websites in our network, have quite purposely flooded cyberspace with essays and articles which accurately delineate various aspects of the Shemitah.  There is an old adage that can be paraphrased thusly: When the light of awareness shines on the darkness, the dark can be transmuted into light.  Toward that end this piece represents yet another article which has been written in order that more will awaken to the true ways of the world.  When a critical mass of people become sufficiently aware of these highly consequential and recurring manipulations of time and space, their newly expanded consciousness makes it much more difficult for such a fear-based control matrix to be sustained.

Shemitah Predictions For September Can Occur Anytime During The Jubilee

Alas, the periodic outworking of the Shemitah phenomenon has finally been revealed.  An exceedingly effective and covert control mechanism has been outed for all of humanity to see.  The controllers are well aware of this.   Perhaps they have even been the true source of these world-altering disclosures.  Nevertheless, the whole game has been irreversibly changed.  Therefore, what remains to be seen is their (ruling cabal) reaction to the response of the growing mass of humanity that is now well aware of the coming Super Shemitah.

Will they cancel the Shemitah finale regularly scheduled for September (Elul 29) so as to avoid incrimination?  Or will they postpone it until October; or even until some other significant date next year.  One thing is for certain and that is that they cannot indefinitely delay what is now inevitable.  The entire Global Economic & Financial System is now functioning under great stress.  The many and diverse pressures only continue to increase daily.  The root causes are never addressed as the superficial symptoms are routinely treated with financial band aids and economic bandages.


The Super Shemitah was scheduled long before the existence of the Hebrew calendar 

Every planetary civilization is born on a specific day, and in a specific location, according to the dictates of collective destiny and individual karma.  Each race of humanity comes and goes with the blink of the eye of Brahma.  Likewise, the life cycle of empires and kingdoms, nations and societies are predetermined within a highly dynamic and flexible cosmological context.

For instance, the current civilization has been given one reprieve after another.  Many who have eyes to see and ears to listen comprehend the enormity and gravity of humankind’s predicament.  Many marvel that it still only holds together by the sheer grace of God … or Yahweh … or Allah … or Brahman … or the Great Spirit … or the Almighty … or Supreme Consciousness.

What’s the point?

If the human race is to continue in the present context of Planet Earth 2015, it cannot continue down the same path(s).  The signs and omens are numerous; some very subtle, most quite conspicuous.  Because the dominant societies on the planet are in dire need of corrective measures, the Super Shemitah was apparently hardwired into the foundational blueprint of Western civilization, which was then exported to the East.

Hence, the world now witnesses the Chinese stock market implosion since summer began, along with a series of apocalyptic chemical plant explosions. Of course, the world has also watched the European Union’s leadership breakdown with the bankruptcy of Greece and continent-wide immigration crisis.  The USA, too, has an unprecedented illegal alien calamity to contend with, as well as an $18.4 trillion national debt.  What especially looms on the American horizon is a culture war which just may be punctuated by yet another government shutdown.

The point is that all of these HUGE happenings in 2015 are the product of the Shemitah. The bigger they get, the more they will become associated with the outworking of the one and only Super Shemitah (aka the 70th Biblical Shemitah Jubilee).  There are, in fact, some major geopolitical developments which have reflected the fury and ferocity of the coming Jubilee.


The Super Shemitah makes itself known in Israel and the Middle East

Nowhere on Earth is the Super Shemitah more manifest than in Israel and throughout the entire Middle East.  One only has to review what has taken place in virtually every Mideast country over the past few years to comprehend this terrible reality.  No matter where you look there, it appears that Armageddon has met up with the Apocalypse.

There’s an old saying:

“As the Middle East goes, so goes the whole world”[2]

There is another wise prophecy that goes like this:

“Only when there is peace in the Middle East,
can there be peace throughout the world.”

The critical point here is that, unless the rest of the world steps up to the plate in a truly constructive, mutually respectful and positive manner, the Mideast will remain an exceedingly combustible tinderbox.  And, whenever it blows up, as it often does, the community of nations will have to deal with the resulting chaos and confusion. Meanwhile, the world watches the never-ending death and destruction on a scale that certainly qualifies the Mideast catastrophe as an ongoing Super Shemitah event.

For those who are uninitiated, the spirit of the Shemitah must be properly observed during the Shemitah year or else there will be inevitable consequences.  Ergo, the state of the Middle East portrays a global future that ought to compel every human being stand up and take immediate notice … before it’s too late.  All the while it would be very prudent to take to heart the knowledge that Prophecy Is Uttered To Avert Catastrophe, NOT Predict It.

“As above, so below”

What occurs in the heavens always reflects that state of affairs throughout the earthly realm.  Because there have been many celestial “signs and omens”  throughout the past couple of years, the September/October time frame is shaping up to be an eventful period indeed.  September not only sees the last blood moon of a tetrad on September 28th, there will also be a solar eclipse on Elul 29 which falls on September 13th.  The full lunar eclipse, in particular, portends a fateful month of Tishri which includes the first two weeks of October.

This tetrad of blood moons does end with a supermoon right after the start of the Jubilee. However, it is the four lunar eclipses which have caught the attention of many astrologers and astronomers, skywatchers and stargazers alike.  There is an extraordinary mathematical symmetry in their appearance over a one and a half-year period that is rarely, if ever, seen.  So rare is the symmetrical scheduling of these 4 lunar eclipses, relative to other lunar events, that they are thought by some to be a preconceived message from the firmament itself.  As follows:

In some spiritual traditions, September is the month of celebrating Dharma.  Dharma is a Sanskrit word with various meanings which include universal law, cosmic order, right action, and the performance of one’s duty.  Righteousness, virtuous conduct and moral behavior are additional traits that distinguish a dharmic person.  The universe has been created according to a natural order as well as divine law.  These are to be strictly observed and steadfastly protected by all nations lest they suffer the fates that occur when they are not.

In light of this annual and divinely ordained celebration of dharma, some pundits feel that this September has been set up by the Universe itself to mark the focal point of an unparalleled re-ordering, as in back to the original divine order.  Particularly when dharma has been so profoundly violated over the past 2 to 3 years does there exist the likelihood of a sea change, both literally and figuratively.  American society, especially, has been rent asunder by the rapidly developing culture wars which show no signs of letting up.  In fact, they are just getting started.

So, while Saturn thrashes through Scorpio, and Pluto crashes through Capricorn, these astrological transits are reflecting the corresponding societal chaos, as well as the intensifying clash of civilizations, here on Earth.  Virtually every resident of the global village is now sharing very similar experience as never before in human history.   Whether it is global climate change or the global immigration crisis, everyone is either experiencing directly or feeling sympathetically the pervasive pain and suffering associated with these and other global challenges.

Which brings this urgent discussion back to the Super Shemitah.  This momentous 70th Jubilee is occurring when there is a tremendous confluence of circumstances both mundane and spiritual, geopolitical and astrological.  In short this religiously inspired powerhouse can’t help but be the ultimate game-changer … for everyone, everywhere. Yes, regardless of whether September turns out to be BIG or not, many a prediction and prophecy will likely be fulfilled during the upcoming Super Shemitah.


The Shemitah has already begun in earnest.  The precipitous price plunge in China’s equity markets and the Greek bankruptcy provide graphic testimony to this.   The U.S. stock market crash of August also stands as a stark testament to the beginning of the American version of the Shemitah finale. The following article well explains how the Shemitah has already affected Wall Street, the Dow and the New York Stock Exchange.

SUPER SHEMITAH Begins In Earnest With August Stock Market Crash

Because the spirit of the Shemitah has NOT been properly observed in the USA during the past year, it is highly unlikely that its effects will be avoided much less alleviated.  It is also doubtful that the considerably ramped up energies of the Super Shemitah will be mitigated during the second half of September through October.  Nonetheless, it’s always possible that the month will unfold without a major incident, only to be followed by what the financial and economic gurus have been warning for years.

Given what has already transpired this summer, and especially in view of the true state of the GE&FS, it appears that the next year will evolve in a manner that fully reflects the power and profundity of the 70th Biblical Shemitah Jubilee.  The many other big events which are scheduled for this September (see Addendum below) only add to its Super Shemitah potential.  However, at the end of the day, it will always be the actual conditions on the ground — everywhere on planet earth — which will determine the degree of its manifestation.

The bottom line here is that the Shemitah ain’t over until the fat lady sings; or, in this case, until the trumpets blast and blare, and the cantor sings his praises for a Shemitah year well lived, or not.  Whether 2016 will be a year of joy and jubilation or trial and tribulation has already been determined.  Therefore, the very best that anyone can do from this late date forward is to align with the spirit of the Shemitah.  Getting right with the Lord, your higher Self, and your chosen deity is a great place to start.

State of the Nation
September 8, 2015

Author’s Note

Many are having trouble with the Shemitah and how it fit in with God’s plan.  They wonder how an ultra-secret group of financial and economic demolition experts are carrying out God’s Will.  They also question how so many stock market crashes and economic depressions serve the highest good, especially when they’re sometimes followed by world wars.

As the sages and saints have eloquently expressed, God writes straight with crooked lines. Sometimes the more crooked the lines, the straighter He writes, yes?!   After all, he is the screenplay writer, the director and the producer of this truly epic Super Shemitah.  In that divine capacity He also functions as the casting director having to fill all the roles of both the good guys and the bad guys.

Let’s face it, He’s done a GREAT job picking the right people for all of the those keys parts which will guarantee a smashing 70th Jubilee.  It does take a whole bunch of bad actors to pull off a 9/11 in broad daylight … … … and get away with it, as they did during the 2001 Shemitah year.  Likewise, perpetrating “The PRE-PLANNED Financial and Economic 9/11 of 2008” in living color was also quite the production.  Got away with that one, too!

However, there does come a time when the curtain finally falls — for good — on this Shemitah show.  Perhaps this first  Super Shemitah will also be the last one, as well as the final Shemitah of the 3rd Millennium.


[1] The 2015/2016 Shemitah Jubilee And The End Of The Modern Era

[2] The Chosen People: Israel, ‘Christian’ Zionism and the Middle East Crisis


September 2015 — A Month To Remember

9.10 — International Day of Prayer
9.11 — 14th anniversary of September 11, 2001
9.12 — Israel Orthodox Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky states the Messiah will return
9.12 — Madonna starts U.S. leg of Rebel Heart Tour in Washington D.C.
9.13 — Shemitah Year Ends on Elul 29
9.13 — Full Solar Eclipse
9.13 — Feast of Trumpets & Rosh Hashanah
9.14 — Hebrew Year 5776 begins, 1st day of Wall Street trading after end of Shemitah year
9.15 — UN Resolution for Palestine Statehood
9.15 — JADE HELM 15 ends
9.17 — Constitution Day
9.21 — UN International Day of Peace
9.21 — Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca)
9.22 — Day of Arafat
9.23 — Yom Kippur
9.23 — Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha aka Feast of the Sacrifice
9.23 — Declared “International Year of Light” by UN General Assembly
9.24 — Pope addresses U.S. Congress, first time ever
9.23 — 70th Biblical Shemitah Jubilee begins, Super Shemitah commences
9.25 — Pope addresses UN General Assembly of World Leaders
9.25 — Pope holds Mass at Madison Square Garden
9.25 — French Foreign minister predicting 500 days to avoid climate chaos comes due
9.25 — United Nations launches the “2030 Agenda”
9.26 — Pope visits Church of Philadelphia for the 2015 World Meeting of Families
9.27 — Feast of Tabernacles & Jewish Holiday of Sukot
9.28 — Lunar Eclipse & 4th Blood Moon of 2-year Tetrad
9.?? — Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit US in September


Pivotal Time Window For September’s Super Shemitah: 9/13/15 thru 9/23/15

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