Stanley ‘Kubrick’s Odyssey’: Truth Revealed

Stanley ‘Kubrick’s Odyssey’: Truth Revealed


CCRG Editor’s Note:
The Cosmic Convergence Research Group has not been able to post as much original content lately because of an important time-sensitive eBook which has been in the making for some time.  Therefore, we have been posting more articles which we ourselves have not written or thoroughly researched.

The previous post titled: Kubrick’s Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick is one such post.  Even though we don’t agree with everything that author Jay Weidner has presented, we felt it contained enough eye-opening information as to be useful to the average internet truth-seeker.

Some of what is missing from Weidner’s exposé conveniently showed up on another excellent blog — Dublinsmick — which we have reposted in its entirety below.  Because of our long-term and deep research into Vedic spirituality, Hindu cosmology, Siddha Science, as well as the mystical side of the Hebrew Kabbalah and esoterica of Zoroastrianism, we can say that Dublinsmick has captured many essential points quite well.

He has also inspired us to move Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond in the direction back our roots — the mysticism of Kundalini Yoga and most sacred scriptures Kashmir Shaivism.  Our next piece will concern itself with both of these, particularly in the context of the many secret societies of the dark side. The very premise of this line of research and inquiry revolves around one central thesis.  As follows:

Every human being is in pursuit of the Truth … to varying degrees.  Some of us get deluded along the way and embrace falsehood.  We may find ourselves walking down a false path that is shown by a well-intentioned but false guru.  Others get tricked by the dark side to join their devious causes and misguided organizations.  Many of the secret societies of old have lured many a truth-seeker into their midst with promises of spiritual enlightenment and/or some great personal attainment.

Most of those secret societies and religious brotherhoods began with good intentions by evolutionary thought leaders who were truly advanced if not fully perfected souls.  However, at some point either their successors became corrupted or the subsequent organizations were taken over outright.  At that very point of development they both became tools for the dark side whose very intention was to lead seekers away from the greatest spiritual truth also known as Paramashiva — the Ultimate Reality or Supreme Consciousness.

Our upcoming eBook will take up this subject matter in depth and detail not found anywhere else on the internet.  The title and subtitles are shown between the lines below.



THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages

The New Atlantis rises … and then falls,
after being halted by the epochal conflict of the Kali Yuga

Illuminism, Freemasonry
and the Great White Brotherhood


There are always those among us who have taken the truly straight and narrow spiritual path. In so doing they have arrived at the pinnacle of Self-realization. Because they are permanently situated in the state of perfect God-realization, they are sometimes chosen as “Master” teachers to lead others down their respective spiritual paths.  The great siddhas and saints, prophets and teachers of every spiritual tradition began in this manner.  Unfortunately, even they were not able to prevent the dark side from taking over the manmade religions which grew after their passings.

The following excerpt, which is a didactic retelling of an old story from the soon-to-be published eBook, well dramatizes what happens during the Kali Yuga whenever truth attempts to gain a foothold in society.

Once their were two barstool philosopher buddies who loved to visit the same corner bar. In moments of inebriation they sometimes became open enough to see the truth of things. Sometimes they would experience a glimpse of the highest TRUTH or have flashes of divine insights. On rare occasions they were gifted with pithy sutras of sublime spiritual wisdom that could liberate the soul. These they would always be sure to write down.

Little did they know that the Devil himself was well aware of their philosophizing ways. One night, as the Devil lay in wait with his sidekick, something very unusual happened. Both men left the bar together as usual, but this time they seemed different … perhaps transformed … maybe even transfigured. Now the Devil knew that his time to strike was near.

All of a sudden a tattered piece of paper fell from the hand of one of the philosopher friends. It had written on it words of supreme TRUTH as though uttered by the Almighty God.

The Devil’s sidekick immediately prodded him to go quickly and abscond with the paper with the sacred TRUTH written on it before one of the two friends realized it had been dropped on the cobblestone street.

“No, no, we mustn’t do that, my friend.” said the devil. We must wait for them to find the paper with the TRUTH and clasp it close to their breasts” he said with utmost confidence. “In this way, we will wait … we will wait for them to organize. Yes, we always wait for them to organize around the TRUTH. After they have done all the hard work, we have only to take over what they have so idealistically organized.

This is actually the story of each and every initially benevolent secret society that has since been taken over throughout the past 6000 years.  It is the very nature of the Kali Yuga to hide the truth and disseminate falsehood.  Not only do the ages — each of the four major yugas — devolve in this way, it is in keeping with the divine blueprint for the evolution of Consciousness.  In this way the jiva, or bound soul, will eventually become so dissatisfied with Maya — the cosmic illusion — that they will seek with all their heart and mind, body and soul to be freed from its clutches.   They wholeheartedly want to be forever liberated from the cycle of birth and death, and permanently freed from the transmigration of souls.

Secret societies like Freemasonry take full advantage of this ardent and primordial desire. The desire to know — and experience — the esoteric truths of spiritual immortality, and to become free from human bondage, is hard-wired in the heart and soul of every human being. Inevitably, everyone reaches a point where they wish to transcend the pain and suffering of worldly existence in this fashion.

Those 33 degree freemasons and above know that the central organizing principle of Freemasonry was once oriented around the most sublime pursuits of life on Earth.  However, once they went dark their own access to the higher realms and sacred truths was immediately terminated.  While they are fully cognizant of their hapless plight, they continue to use the carrot of spiritual enlightenment to manipulate the lower levels of their purely mundane organizations made up of countless initiates who populate myriad lodges and affiliated groups.

For those who are simply unaware of or new to this type of exposé, we are now entering an unprecedented period of shocking disclosure and stunning revelation.  With the coming 70th and final Shemitah Jubilee, which begins in September of 2015, the entire planetary civilization will begin to undergo a profound and fundamental transformation.  2016, being imprinted with the very same astrological energies as 1776, will manifest as a year of unparalleled revolutionary fervor on every continent and in every sphere of life.  The USA, in particular, will experience the Year of the Fire Monkey, not too unlike the last Fire Monkey year that occurred while Pluto was crashing through Capricorn in 1776.

In the meantime for those who really want to know the truth, here are a couple of high integrity references which will turn the mind inward.

It is said that only the black bee seeks out the most nectarean of all the flower blossoms in Northern India.  Unlike all the other bee populations, the black bee ignores all the other blooms in favor of the sweetest and most heavenly available in this earthly realm.

For those who are only interested in the most sublime and highest truths, you may want to consult the following two books:

Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography

The Splendor of Recognition: An Exploration of the Pratyabhijna-hrdayam, a Text on the Ancient Science of the Soul

Dashavatara: (from left) Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Kalki.  Lord Kalki is the 10th and final avatar of the 10 major incarnations of Lord Vishnu during the current cycle  of the 4 yugas.

Also, a previous  post on “Lord Kalki” by the CCRG (linked below) will better acquaint the reader with exactly where we are within the current twilight period of the Kali Yuga.

LORD KALKI: The Purnahuti of the MahaVishnu Avatara
His Appearance Marks The End Of Kali Yuga
When Heaven Came Down To Earth

What follows is the perceptive and revealing blog below written by Dublinsmick, which can also be found at the original link:


I am a big fan of Cosmic Convergence and they seem to have a virtual plethora of researchers, however this one caught my eye. It concerns Stanley Kubrick. Now he was a good film producer and his film Eyes Wide Shut was interesting. It does seem to expose what we would all imagine goes on at satanic parties of the elite.

Mr. Kubrick does seem to know a lot about this and there are rumors on the net he may have been killed as he had filmed some smut movies and allegedly filmed the moon landing which took place in the California desert.

The cusp of the article is 2001 A Space Odyssey. The first script written in conjunction with Arthur C. Clarke. (“I only did it with boys after puberty and they liked it”.) I am not sure I am seeing here that “Kubrick reveals his deep inner profound knowledge of alchemy, gnosticism and the ancient view of the spirit domain”. It was an entertaining movie but it seems to me that Jay Weidner is certainly seeing more here than I am.

“Zarathustra is the great god of the Zoroastrians, who are the early holders of the alchemical tradition” says Mr. Weidner.

“Also of a great alchemical significance is the number of ‘threes’ that are in the film. In alchemy the process for the unfoldment of the soul, that is so necessary to completing the Great Work, is a three-fold process. These processes are filled with deep mystery. The best description of this process is that it is like a caduesus with its two writhing snakes on each side of a central rod (spine). This is also represented by the Kabbala, or the Tree of Life. The Tree of life has three main pillars. In order to pass from one realm, or aspect, of the Kabbala one must use one of these three central pillars, or processes.”

Mr. Weidner some how finds it necessary to point out that Stanley Kubrick just happens to be a jewish boy. Maybe I am just getting tired of everything being discussed in terms of Israel and sexual identity with the customary back slapping. The Kabbalah also is front and center these days with Madonna and her coterie of Hollywood elitists.

I don’t want to turn this into a long running dialogue so I will say this. You can find almost every explanation of exactly what Zoroastrianism was all about. Tracing it back we can be fairly secure that it lead to certain aspects being incorporated into the Talmud which many will agree has been revised many times over the centuries. If we go far enough back, most everything is an extension of the Vedic world.

This includes Constantine murdering the Vedic priest in the Vatika or Vatican and introducing his version of Christianity to the masses by the sword. The original teachings of the Essene Jesus were turned backwards. Constantine studied in India before he and his consorts wrote the bible. OM, the vibration of the universe became Amen with a Hebrew version of Shalom. Constantine did not tell you that. He also left out the part about Jesus actually living in India for a time and being connected with many monasteries there. In fact St. Peter’s Cathedral is built on top of a Shiva Temple. Vedantic civilization was world wide at one point and it was brought here by the Annunaki.

So we see Brahma became Abraham and Saraswati became Sara. Aristotle wrote that jews came from Kalani in India. Socrates and Plato studied in Kerala India. Krishna was the first of 5 Gods from other planets who floated down the river in a basket. So we can surmise the Kalani Hebrews found their way to Palestine, converted to Islam and Christianity and were later met by Khazars coming south who had converted to Judaism.

If we turn back to the ancient teachings of the Rishis who give us in my opinion the greatest amount of clarity as far as ancient civilization goes, we find something similar.

But getting back to the kabbala, Indian scriptures indicate two types of people, the Godly and the demons. When Zoroaster went up on the mountain and received his divine revelation (sound familiar)? He formed a new religion and suddenly everything was turned backwards ala Constantine. The demons became Gods and the Godly became demons. His God became Asur Mazda and later was known as Ahur Mazda. In JapanJapan a car is manufactured called the Mazda.

To make this story simple, the kabbala or tree of life is lifted from the Vedas. The six pointed star is a Hindu tantric symbol depicting sexual intercourse. It appears among Celts, Druids and the Norse as Yggdrasil. The tree of life was known to the Rishis at least 7000 years ago and the symbol of the cadeus or two snakes being woven together crawling up the spine to reach the brain or pineal gland, is the three pillars discussed by Mr. Jay Weidner. It is an ancient process and it stems from Vedic civilization. It is a symbol still featured prominently in western medicine.

So interpreting symbolism is not something one learns such as building a car or house, it takes a certain mindset, knowledge and acquired imagination. It was only 7000 years ago that Vedic symbolism changed from the oral or mouth to mouth interpretations to a written language.

The black stone in the movie however does appear going by the description to be similar to the black stone of Mecca. There is also said to be a Shiva Lingam black stone under the old Temple of Solomon. “This black stone (Shiva Lingam) of Jerusalem was more powerful than the broken up black stone inset at the SE corner of the Kaaba Mecca. A piece of it is still in the Dome of the rock at Jerusalem , concealed—to prevent theft.” This was originally a Shiva temple holding a powerful black meteorite stone constructed during the reign of Indian Aryan Vedic Emperor Vikramaditya in 7000 BC.”

I do find it interesting the ancients poured water on the Shiva Lingam with a copper vessel. We know water holds memory and copper helps in the retaining of memory among a myriad of other uses.


So yes I am a bit skeptical that Stanley Kubrick had such a deep understanding of kabbala and it is certainly not evident to me watching this film, although it was entertaining.

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