Prophecy Is Uttered To Avert Catastrophe, NOT Predict It

Prophecy Is Uttered To Avert Catastrophe, NOT Predict It


Harbingers of Change Mushroom
Throughout the Earth Realm


Cosmic Convergence Research Group

If the human race was clear about the true status of things throughout the Earth realm, so many would be living their lives much differently.  Their priorities would be rearranged; rather than spending their time “rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic”, they would be living in a more conscious and attentive manner.  In this way they would be intimately aware of the “Harbingers of Change Mushrooming Throughout the Earth Realm”.

In the olden days there were those who were appointed as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth who functioned as societal change agents.  They were called prophets and oracles, augers and seers.  These often reluctant messengers bore messages which were as bitter to utter as they were unsavory to receive.  For this reason they were reviled and mocked, and sometimes run out of town.  However, such outcomes often proved to be quite fortunate for the town prophet, since he or she was then spared the pain and suffering which accompanied the more ominous prognostications.

What most fail to realize throughout post-modern civilization is that such gifted psychics and mediums are still very much with us today.  Just because they are not wearing sackcloth or carrying a staff does not mean that the modern prophets are not speaking searing truth to us every time they utter a phrase or post a blog.  The big difference between then and now is that most of us fail to recognize the truth, there is such a preponderance of falsehood.

Some reading this essay may be called to be a prophet in their own world. 

Perhaps it’s time to step back from the hustle and bustle and simply relax for a moment. The best way to do that is to first breathe … deeply … both on the inbreath and the outbreath.  Only by living in the present moment will this essay make any sense.  The only way to live in the present moment (also known as the eternal now) is to breathe fully and consciously.  With each breath, comes life.

The very awareness of this simple understanding will transform your perception of the world around you.  With regular practice, you will eventually perceive that everything is derived from the very same Consciousness.  You will also come to understand that anything can be communicated through and by that Consciousness anywhere, anytime, and in any way that it wants to.

“Nothing Exists That Is Not Consciousness”

Consciousness, you see, is the stuff that makes up the entire Universe.  Therefore, all matter and energy are nothing but different manifestations of Consciousness.  Matter, being a more dense form of Consciousness, has simply concretized into more complex life forms in which the Creator experiences existence throughout His Creation.  Energy — or the Shakti — the more subtle type of Consciousness, provides the power that vitalizes and animates, mobilizes and galvanizes, motivates and invigorates.

Since trees and flowers, rocks and mountains, human beings and animals are but different forms of Consciousness, any of these can be used by the Universe to deliver a message. The more one’s consciousness is cleared of unnecessary mentation, the more it resonates with the countless manifestations of Concioussness throughout Creation.  Then, when the Universe decides to impart an urgent message to humanity, those few souls who are truly present, centered and grounded will get it — LOUD and CLEAR!

PROPHECY is being uttered by Consciousness itself every moment of every day.

Now, let’s use our clear and calm mind to continue reading.  After all, the mind is nothing but Consciousness that has contracted from its pure state.  Everything originally emerged from the same Ocean of Consciousness*.  Therefore, when the thought waves of the mind are stilled, clarity returns.  As the mind is regularly quietened over time, it eventually descends into the Heart — the Cave of the Heart — where it receives much greater powers of perception … and intuition … and prophecy.  

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.57.32 PM

*The sky is blue because it exists in the blue Ocean of Consciousness.  The color of Consciousness is blue — a deep, scintillating blue that is more brilliant than any blue seen on Earth.  Similarly, the oceans are blue because they reflect the same hues of blue as the Ocean of Consciousness. All of Creation is forever bathing and basking in the sacred blue light of Consciousness.

Dual Screen Wallpaper 08

A mind that has merged with the Heart in this way will always be privy to a virtual fountain of intuitive insights, which flow continually from the Cave of the Heart.  It is with this awareness that one ought to read the “Greatest Prophecies of our Time”. However, before you go there, let’s take closer look at the current state of affairs within the field of prophecy and prediction, prognostication and presaging.

Prophecy uttered today is much more relevant that the scriptural prophecies of yesteryear.

There are numerous prophets among us at this critical point of human history.  These special folks (very few prophets, if any, wanted the gift that brings so much trial and tribulation) know that their inner voices were meant to articulate needed announcements for a particular group of people in a particular place and time. As interlocutors between Heaven and Earth, they understand the great import of their spoken and written words. Whether they are ready or not, they are often pushed onto the stage of prognostication and prodded to be emissaries of the Divine.

The modern-day prophet especially recognizes that a paralyzing, prophetic vision can be as important as a flock of birds that flies overhead in their breath-taking flight and astonishing numbers.  Likewise, that a babe in the crib can relay a celestial communiqué as impressively as a total lunar eclipse.  The true seers and soothsayers are cognizant of the fact that anything in Creation can be utilized to send a message from ON HIGH.

And, that when the Universe determines it is necessary to speak directly to those whose hearts are hardened, someone may just get busted upside the head with a four by four. By the looks of the daily karma report (also known as the daily news), it’s clear that this precise divine MO is at work 24/7 everywhere on Planet Earth, yes?!  Well, the time is nigh (that’s prophet talk) that things are soon to be shaken up a bit … maybe even a LOT. Have you noticed the earthquake swarms and volcanic eruptions lately across the planet? That’s Mother Earth serving in her usual role as “The Perennial Prophetess“.


                                   Signs and Omens,  

                            Portents and Warnings,  

                        Are Occurring Everywhere,

                                      All the Time.  

           Who is really listening?  Who is watching?

The obvious answer is that we are all listening and watching.  There is no one under the sun who is incapable of receiving the messages which are now being transmitted by the Universe at this very moment, and in so many ways.  The challenge is to avail oneself to those cosmic telegrams in such a manner that the signals are not distorted.  Since so much interference is being run throughout this earth plane of existence, by simply living authentically one can remain an open channel with clear reception.

While this is much easier said than done, assuming such an earthly stance is quite worthy of aspiring to.  In this way anyone can become their own prophet … their own messiah … their own savior … their spiritual warrior.  That is, after all, one of the goals of human life.  One of the reasons for the proliferation of end time prophecy is to compel those, who are genuine truthseekers, to get on a true spiritual path that will sharpen their discrimination.

Discerning between those who speak the truth from those who deceive has never been more difficult.  Hence, each of us is being challenged like never before to properly discriminate between so much BS and the few kernels of truth which can literally be life-saving.  As we learn to communicate with our Higher Self in this way, this process of discernment will eventually become second nature.

As this transformational process evolves, our powers of discernment do become refined. We are then able to connect the dots on the radar which are showing up with greater frequency, and brightness. As those dots are connected, we can perceive with greater clarity the writing on the wall. In so doing we are more able to respond to life’s obstacles with confidence and courage, faith and determination.

Modern Day Prophets Speak; Omens Confirm Their Utterances

Is there any questions that signs and omens abound everywhere one looks.  Because of the internet, anyone can look anywhere they want and see the awesome earth changes occurring 24/7.  Things are changing so fast that what takes place in a day’s time today, may have taken months or years in the past.  On top of this, the very perception of time is swiftly changing such that it appears that time is moving faster.  Because the digital age has interpenetrated every sphere of life, we are receiving massive and unprecedented amounts sensory stimulation, much of which portrays a planet in constant and sometimes meteoric flux.

Not only is Planet Earth undergoing an unparalleled metamorphosis, the manmade technosphere is advancing rapidly around the globe.  Even indigenous tribes, which had never even seen ‘civilized’  people before, are suddenly interacting with information technology, as well as their new neighbors.  All of this shrinking down of our blue orb is confronting much of the global population with some rather stark realities.  The signs and omens all telegraph the same message:

The world cannot carry on using the same fatally flawed paradigms that got us to this point.  Many of them born of the Industrial Revolution are slowing killing the planet.  Therefore, a civilization-wide correction is direly needed.  If the current trajectories indicating planetary destruction are to be altered in ways that will prevent much unnecessary hardship, the human race must respond with reason to the real prophecies. 

Many a modern-day prophet has preached this same basic message in so many different ways.  Some have even used the same doom and gloom language as the Old Testament prophets regarding repentance.  Nevertheless, at the national and institutional levels, these urgent messages have fallen on deaf ears.  Despite so many omens occurring in living color around the clock, the governmental and corporate tendency toward deception has been so overriding to the average person’s comprehension, that many a divine directive has gone unnoticed, ignored, misunderstood or worse.

God Will NOT Be Mocked[1]

Although the Cosmic Convergence Research Group is not affiliated with any particular religious tradition, there is an oft-repeated phrase within Christianity which resonates deeply where it concerns recent prophecy:

                           God Will NOT Be Mocked.

Christians paraphrase this biblical statement as follows: Unless humankind wants to suffer God’s judgement, which is nothing less than returning karma, they will change their ways (also known as repentance).  There is simply no stopping cause and effect; likewise, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Therefore, how can the planetary civilization possibly wiggle its way out of so much karmic payback.  Not only does the human race have it preordained destiny, the planet itself does as well.

Perhaps it is now time to look squarely into the eyes of the destiny that has been shaping up over the past many decades.  Whether one responds with a religious or spiritual, mundane or philosophical outlook, the bottom line is that the Creator, the Almighty, God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Shiva, the Supreme Being, etc. will not allow the natural laws of the Universe to be somehow suspended whilst humanity continues down its path toward self-destruction.

US House Stenographer admonishes “God will not be mocked” while House was
in session.  She was then dragged off the floor while uttering more admonitions. 

Just in case this critical point has not been made clear: 

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 6.34.25 AM

When this fundamental admonition is not taken seriously, as it appears not to be during this defining moment of human history, things are bound to get very, very hairy.  Do you watch the evening news? Who watches just that news segment anymore?  So much is jumping off every second of every day that not to know what’s going on in the world could very well put you in the middle of one of those daily disaster events.  Yes, it is that wild and crazy in 2014 and beyond, and the prospects are that things will continue to get hotter in our neck of the woods.  Therefore, it behooves everyone to understand that:

                       2014 And Beyond: Always Darkest Before The Dawn

                                  The Twilight Of The Kali Yuga Is Upon Us

Western Civilization is generally unaware of the true cycles of time which govern the progression of the various ages.  Because the European mindset became predominant throughout the Americas since the coming of Christopher Columbus, the knowledge and wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples was not assimilated into the new culture.  The Mayans, in particular, who were known as the Lords of Time possessed a deep well of wisdom concerning the revolving of the grand epochs.

The following excerpt gives a glimpse into the sweeping synchronicities and ongoing coincidences which have been occurring all around us for decades and leading up to the “Shift of the Ages”:

In order to properly understand the macrocosmic context, there must be some acknowledgement about the relationship between different schools of cosmology, ancient calendars and spiritual traditions. The following set of equations illustrates the true relationship between some of the major pieces of the End Time puzzle”.[2]

End of the Mayan Calendar (Long Count) =
Closing of the Iron Age =
Twilight of the Kali Yuga =
Grand Finale of the Book of Revelation =
Age of Pisces ends; Age of Aquarius begins =
25,920 Year Precession of the Equinox Cycle Completes =
“A New Heaven and A New Earth” =

Very few have made these actual connections, which exist between various macrocosmic events and mundane happenings over the past century.  In truth there have been many highly consequential omens and prognostications, which have been offered by the heavens as well as by an assortment of divine emissaries.  Unfortunately, the prevailing conventional wisdom often dismissed them altogether or greatly discounted those prophetic messages.  The spiritually ordained sources were then either persecuted and/or prosecuted, and the crucial content of their prophecies ignorantly ridiculed.


NOAH: Truly A Story For Our Time

Whether one goes to movie theaters anymore does not deprive one of the cultural memes and prophetic ‘trailers’ which are being delivered 24/7 through the motion picture industry via the internet.  If there is one flick that is rather timely in 2014, it is the recently revised story of Noah. What with sea levels rising faster than you can say Global Climate Change, it is now clear that coastlines worldwide will be altered forever.  Of course the caveat is that you may either lose your beachfront property to the sea, or you may end up with beachfront that you never paid for.  That’s one of our predictions, by the way.

Could there be a more relevant and timely epic than that of Noah’s story for 2014.  Both the timing and the message are quite impeccable even if you disliked the movie.  There is a very good reason why Hollywood has been chosen repeatedly to act as the ‘celluloid prophet’.  It does enjoy a uniquely global reach now with DVDs, streaming and pay per view.  If you know how to watch the more enlightened and didactic content, even the kids can walk away with a lesson learned and/or prophecy received.  They are being transmitted like never before on the TV monitor.

Truly, the many sub-themes found within the Noah movie are as appropriate as they are urgent.  As the title of this essay says, however, the real purpose of this retold story is to avert the unnecessary catastrophe, not subliminally predict one.  Let’s see how many people on Planet Earth wake up in time to understand the true import of this time-honored drama.  Particularly in light of Antarctica melting at an alarming rate, islands vanishing in record numbers, and shorelines disappearing on all the continents, we may all get the opportunity to play NOAH in this lifetime.

True Prophecy Is Uttered To Avert Catastrophe, Not Predict It

Can there be any doubt about that?  A true prophet only comes into our midst to sufficiently compel us to change our ways; for only through a sincere conversion of the heart can the predicted consequences be averted.  How we all have come to blanch at the notion of converting the heart.  Of course, in this particular context, it is a worldwide conversion toward Mother Earth that needs to take place … like yesterday.

If one were to retrospectively telescope through time and space over the past few decades, it would become apparent that the current civilization has been given one grace period after another.  In light of the preponderant collective behavior of the human race, clearly reprieve after reprieve has been delivered ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD.  For those who do not believe in God, count your blessings however you so chose, but know that humanity has already been spared, as has the entire globe from much averted planetary destruction.  How do we know this?

Because of all the prophecy that has been recorded down through the ages, there have been many instances where the predictions were either significantly mitigated, or did not manifest at all.  This includes relatively recent Marian prophecy over the last 200 years. Several authoritative sources have also pointed to the obvious reprieve that the human race has been given by divine dispensation since the beginning of this new millennium. Some have gone so far to observe that the degree of relative order and calm, which currently exist, is astounding given the proverbial writing on the wall.

Obviously, this is a good thing.  In spite of the desperate conditions in which many now live, any amount of order is preferred to the chaos and anarchy which has become the status quo in many Middle Eastern nations due to outside intrusions and foreign interference.  Likewise, a collapse of civil society, especially in the wealthier, developed Western nations would create living conditions most of those populations have never experienced.  Mass homelessness, poverty, joblessness are not easily adapted to in technologically advanced countries like the USA, Canada, and others in Europe.

Nevertheless, there are national destinies which cannot be avoided, but can be alleviated. The challenge in this information age is the overwhelming amount of misinformation, disinformation and false information that spews forth from the mainstream media.  Even the alternative news media have fallen prey to much questionable reporting that is more sensational than it is factual.  Only an informed and aware populace can make wise decisions about its future.  The more truth that is disseminated throughout society, the greater the likelihood that informed choices will be made, and the best interest of everyone will be served.


Whoever controls the prophecy, controls the civilization.

Every faith tradition has its own unique scriptural prophecies.  Each of them have many centuries of interpretation that have introduced layer upon layer of different meanings and, therefore, much divergent understanding of those religious predictions has emerged. What most do not know is that many of the scriptural revelations concerning the End Times have been written as self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, the controllers wrote the ‘holy books’ in order that the prophecies would be fulfilled.  The Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, in particular, fits this contrived agenda in ways that have been conclusively deconstructed by some gifted (and guided) investigative researchers.

Many of the most apocalyptic predictions of the Book of Revelation, as well as some of those from the Old Testament doom prophets, have been cross-referenced quite purposely so as to lend credibility to some of the fabricated ‘prophecies’.  In so doing the real Prophets of Doom operating behind the scenes for millennia, are able to control the entire field of Eschatology.  There is no more consequential discipline than those concerned with the “final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity.” Theology, as it relates to end of the world prophecy, can be used to control entire nations and societies, cultures and civilizations, which has occurred since time immemorial.

Herein lies perhaps the greatest conspiracy ever perpetrated against mankind in the current epoch.  Of course those who have been empowered to engineer and execute such an elaborate implementation plan to deceive the masses over millennia are only doing the bidding the Highest Power.  How so?  As the Kali Yuga winds down, the masses must be protected from certain types of knowledge; otherwise, what would they do.  Were they to know about the possibility of an intruding planet-comet that could pass through our very solar system[3], would they still get up and go to work tomorrow morning?

From a practical standpoint, no matter what the reader believes, the world controllers do have good reason to prevent chaos and mayhem from breaking out worldwide.  Not only are their lives at great risk for generating so much deception, the entire world order would be put in great jeopardy were the hidden truths to be widely known by every resident of Planet Earth.  Simply put, the world would cease to work in the ways it always has.  Hence, one is compelled to give thanks for God’s compassion that only very few will ever truly apprehend the stark realities associated with the twilight of the Kali Yuga.


When more individuals pick up the mantle of becoming the town prophet or prophetess, the coming crucial messages, which are about to cascade, will get properly delivered and disseminated.  Whereas many folks are now naturally developing special faculties which have lain dormant for lifetimes, they will serve as the beacons of light that will shine on what is literally coming around the corner[4].  Because they will have the sublime and refined vision to see what lies ahead, they will operate in the capacity of alerting those who cannot see.  In this way everyone, who is open and receptive, will be able to respond to the inevitable changes and subsequent challenges with grace and mastery.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: May 23, 2014

Author’s Note:


Within one hundred years time, all 7 billion plus people living on the PLANET Earth today, with the exception of but a very few, will have passed on.

Virtually everyone one of us — here in 2014 — will be dead.

Until then, will we live our lives in such a way that successive generations will be left a planet that is clean and hospitable?  Or will the prevailing conditions render Planet Earth uninhabitable?   Given the additional billions who will be added to current 7 billion plus inhabitants, will the future human population be sustainable by the same paradigms that are collapsing all around us today?


If the planetary civilization does not systematically transition away from the existing defective energy paradigms, the biosphere will reach a point of no return, which will quite adversely affect all living organisms.  The global environment will only remain suitable for the human race to subsist and thrive when genuine respect exists between Mother Earth and the world community of nations.


[1] “God Will NOT Be Mocked.” Paraphrased from the following biblical source: Galatians 6:7; King James Version (KJV)

7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he   also reap.”

[2] Who determined that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012?

[3] NIBIRU: The Greatest Mystery Of Our Age

[4]  AWESOME Earth Changes Coming Around The Corner

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