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CLIMATECHANGEgate: Hidden Agenda Behind the Huge Hoax and Global Criminal Conspiracy

Climate Change Hoax Exposed
as Massive Money-Making Scam
and Global Control Scheme

State of the Nation

The whole world has been suffering tremendously from a highly premeditated and complex hoax initially known as Global Warming.

When this carefully packaged fraud did not pan out, the New World Order globalist cabal repackaged the unparalleled scam as Climate Change.

What is critical to understand is that the globalist perps have been stealthily geoegineering climate change for decades so that it will appear to be taking place in a much worse way.  Clearly, there is unprecedented atmospheric flux occurring planet-wide, but the geoengineers are manufacturing it on a regular basis.

A daily look at the sky presents the most obvious evidence as to how they are conducting solar radiation management and water vapor production (H2O is the most abundant greenhouse gas) via chemical engineering techniques.  These ongoing chemtrail operations have been proven with various video and photo-documentaries such as this overwhelming presentation: CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering

KEY POINT: The planet has been experiencing wild and wacky weather for decades now; however, it’s the geoengineers who are primarily responsible for the unprecedented meteorological chaos.  Hence, it can be stated with absolute certainty that: Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2.

There are other valid reasons for both the unpredictable weather and climate chaos tormenting planet Earth.  Most of these scientifically proven factors are well explained in the following extended essay.

Global Climate Change: A Definitive Essay On The Primary Causes Of Global Warming soon to shift to Global Cooling

Global Warming

The Global Warming narrative actually began quite naturally, but was then quite purposefully hijacked and manipulated by malevolent forces determined to dominate the entire planetary civilization.[1]   As follows:

The Back Story:
This is what TPTB did.  They saw that the planet had entered a period of natural and very gradual global warming.  This occurred during World War II when they had to track the weather very closely for wartime purposes.  The steady warming of the planet paralleled the same period when the Oil & Gas Industry really began to take off and the global population explosion first began.  At the time when the data really started to pour in, the warming was just a “small campfire” … this was early on, right after World War II.  Soon after they first made those observations about the slow warming of the planet, the decision was made to turn the little campfire into a raging wildfire.  They experimented with HAARP and used chemtrails and other advanced geoengineering technologies to ramp up the heat worldwide.  Eventually the wildfire of global warming was stoked sufficiently so that full-blown forest fires, brush fires and grass fires were jumping off anywhere and everywhere. In this way, the synthetic component of Global Warming was fabricated on top of a very real phase of planetary heating.  The next part of their plan was to fabricate the patently false narrative known as the human activity CO2-driven climate change scam.
(Source: New World Order: Where Geoengineering Via HAARP and Chemtrails Meets The Global Carbon Control Matrix)

Only with this correct understanding can the true depth and breadth of the furtive NWO plot to take over the world be properly comprehended and responded to.

But, first, it’s important to be aware of the financial and economic, fiscal and commercial drivers of this massive out-of-control Climate Change juggernaut rolling across the 7 continents.  For it is the secret society of banksters known as the International Banking Cartel and their “Global Money-Making Scam”, that is continuously co-opting Fortune 1000 corporations and national governments, which is at the heart of this “Huge Hoax”. See: CLIMATECHANGEgate: The Global Criminal Conspiracy Hatched by the International Banking Cartel to Rule the World

Weather Warfare

There is another major component to this geoengineered Climate Change fraud.

Extreme weather events are now routinely geoengineered and weaponized into what are essentially false flag weather attacks.  This highly destructive and deadly type of weather warfare is being used for several reasons.

First and foremost among them is the NWO manufactured need to advertise Climate Change as a real threat to humanity.  What better way to do this than to let loose a plague of violent superstorms, debilitating drought and deluges, as well as other devastating weather events around the globe.

This is how Mother Earth is being blamed for the “meteorological mayhem via false flags” that are really manufactured by the globalist-directed geoengineers.  In this way, nations everywhere are being misled in the camp of Climate Change whose fanatics are desperate to stop weather flux, some of which are totally natural, but most of which are manmade.

The following irrefutable and highly perceptive statement was made by Catholic nun and PhD scientist Rosalie Bertell in her ground-breaking book titled “Planet Earth, the Latest Weapon of War”.


It should also be noted that much of the weather warfare is being aimed at locations that have been targeted by the NWO cabal for specific reasons—political and governmental, economic and financial.

For example, two of the most destructive superstorms on to hit North America on record have occurred within the past couple of years.  Behind each of these calamitous weather attacks were hidden agendas that are explained in detail in the exposés posted below:

HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why!

OPERATION SUPERSTORM DORIAN: A Geoengineered Hurricane Weaponized and Targeting Florida—Why?

In point of fact, the geoengineers are now systematically taking control of natural storms, or fabricating them from scratch and amping them up into megastorms, just before slamming them into a targeted city, state or region of a country.

In this manner, nations are either compelled to stay on the NWO reservation, or coerced to comply with a cabal dictate that significantly advances their NWO agenda.

1960 C.I.A. Memorandum

There is perhaps nothing more damning in the official record that proves the existence of this immense conspiracy to defraud humanity than the CIA’s memo titled “The Need For A Climate Control Study Program”.

This “sanitized version” of an official memorandum published by the C.I.A. clearly establishes the intent, strategy and tactics of their illicit scheme.  As follows:

1960 Memorandum for Climate Control by CIA Proves Global Warming Hoax 

The preceding CIA document from 1960 outlines the plan and ‘need’ for large-scale climate control initiatives with both civil and military applications.

Knowing that weather changes in the last few decades have been planned and then
actualized confirms that CO2 itself is not to blame for the now pervasive weather upheavals.

In their own words, we now know that the profound weather disorder was effectuated according to a master plan.  The key element of that NWO conspiracy was to create a new global bogeyman — Climate Change — that would sufficiently unite the world community of nations so that every country would eventually demand a One World Government.

Report from Iron Mountain

There is also the Report from Iron Mountain that clearly spells out How War Will Be Replaced By Environmental Destruction To Traumatize Humanity.

It is surely no coincidence that this top-secret and highly consequential government report first began to take shape in 1963, not long as the aforementioned CIA document was produced.

Clearly, this exceedingly elaborate and far-reaching conspiracy to deceive the American people was designed by the World Shadow Government as a means of coming out of their closet.  For their ultimate goal is to rule the world via a totalitarian and tyrannical government not too unlike the European Union, where citizens still think they have a voice but in reality they do not.

Toward that end, the primary purpose of a One World Government will be to act as the enforcement arm of the International Banking Cartel that greedily covets all of the natural resources on the planet. See: NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

The NWO globalists know that they must also completely control the weather worldwide because of its enormous impacts on the land, sea and air.  Hence, numerous geoengineering experiments are now being covertly conducted on the land masses, in the oceans and throughout the atmosphere as a prelude to their future world domination.

The Carbon Control Matrix, which was fastidiously developed as a reaction to the fake Global Warming narrative, is just one glaring example of how the One World Government will react to these contrived crises.  The clandestine standing armies now supported by the U.N. will be used to police the panoply of new laws and statutes, rules and regulations, taxes and surcharges that are coming down the pike.

This is also why the various “agendas” were deceptively inaugurated by the United Nations.  For instance, Agenda 21, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Vision 2050 were each implemented as a means to prepare (and especially program) governments and citizenries alike for this rapidly unfolding NWO paradigm.


The current trend of Climate Change hysteria will only get worse.  The globalists have never been so desperate to foist their warped vision on all of humankind.

2019 saw an extraordinary uptick in meticulously staged events, each designed to over-dramatize the utterly bogus yet thoroughly captivating Global Warming fiction.

Here’s just one example of how far the globalists will go to pull of this “Con of the Millennium”.

GRETAgate: Crisis Actor Greta Thunberg Takes Climate Change Fear-mongering to a Whole New Level

What the patriots can do in order to thwart this juvenile attempt to corral every inhabitant of the planet into the Climate Change pen of compliance is to disseminate information like this.  The more aware folks are everywhere of this demonic connivance, the more difficult for the perps at the top of the food chain to succeed.

In other words, shining the light of awareness on their exceedingly misguided project is the best way to terminate it.  The Truth Movement ought to come together in such numbers so that the raw people power poses a massive and monolithic countervailing force to their unending insanity.

We can all start by disseminating peer-reviewed scientific research papers such this one that provide hard evidence of the imminent dangers associated with weather modification and climate engineering technologies: Global Chemical Geoengineering Operations Now Pose the Very Real Prospect of an Extinction Level Event.

“The climate change hoax is the most complex and convoluted criminal conspiracy in world history.  The global warming scam is — BY FAR — the biggest boondoggle ever.  There’s not even a close second. What the globalists did, early on, was to entice everyone into some aspect of this fraudulent business venture.  The International Banking Crime Syndicate made sure everyone thought they could get a piece of the action.  Once they did, and it’s still going on, it was just a matter of executing the climate ruse.  Then, anyone without a conscience eagerly joined the climate change club.  

—  Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer

State of the Nation
December 29, 2019


[1] STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

IMPEACHMENTgate: The Deep State Coup Conspiracy and Democrat Scandal That Will Forever Destroy Their Treasonous Party

A Deep State Hoax Carried Out to Distract
from the Countless Democrat Scandals,
Criminal Conspiracies and Coup Attempts

The primary criminal conspiracy is the ongoing Deep State-directed coup d’état that continually morphs from one massive Democrat crime spree into another.

State of the Nation

Impeachment Fiasco

Now that the Democrats have done the dirty deed, every American is compelled to ask:

What in the world is really going on?! 

While it appears to be very complicated, and it is, it’s really all very simple.

The short answer is found in the subtitle of this post: “IMPEACHMENTgate is a transparent Deep State Hoax Carried Out to Distract from the Countless Democrat Scandals, Criminal Conspiracies and Naked Betrayals”

The longer answer is that the Democrat Party has become so corrupt and criminal in their collective and individual conduct that they have no choice but to majorly distract the body politic from their many scandals.  There are now so many Democrat scandals, and so much criminality perpetrated by the Left, that it boggles the mind.  Therefore, they truly feel they have no other option but to blow the whole place up … as in orchestrate an obviously false impeachment of an innocent POTUS.

What better way to start a second civil war — right during the holidays — than to unjustly impeach a President whose only ‘crime’ was to LAWFULLY investigate Democrat transgressions of federal law.

Really, exactly who is it that is intentionally ruining the Christmas season with an utterly reckless and politically grotesque impeachment proceeding? See The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

KEY POINT: Remember the Democrats have always been extremely proficient at accusing the opposition of the very crimes and scandals and wrongdoings that they have themselves committed.  President Trump has repeatedly been a victim of this ploy.  And, it works like a charm … … … but only up to a certain point.

What outrageous scandals?  What vast criminal conspiracies? What brazen cover-ups? What lawlessness and corruption?  What institutional malfeasance?

How about these:





























UKRAINEgate 1 & 2













KEY POINT: Even the original Watergate scandal was really about Pedogate.  Now how many folks know about that?! See DEEP STATE BOMBSHELL: Watergate was really about Pedogate.  That’s why the Democrats took down Richard Nixon so hard and so fast; they were fearful about his acquiring Pedogate evidence on prominent and/or powerful liberals inside the Beltway.

Of all the “‘Gate scandals”, the two that are by far the most radioactive and dangerous to the Left, are EPSTEINgate and Pedogate.

However, the scandal that will take down the Democrat Party forever is likely to be IMPEACHMENTgate.  This particular Democrat crime wave, which was necessary for the Left to successfully bring impeachment charges, is so large and complex that practically everyone in the DNC and Democrat Congressional leadership is somehow involved. Which is a very good thing as it will assist in permanent dissolution the Democrat Party in the not-too-distant future.


What makes IMPEACHMENTgate so HUGE and deadly to the DEMs is that they have succeeded in pissing off the entire Right.  More significantly, the Democrats have exposed their corrupt and criminal MO as no political party has ever done in history.

The whole electorate has easily seen through the impeachment charade.  Half of those people see the flagrant injustice of it all; the other half has no conscience. See: The Most Rabidly Partisan and Unjustifiable POTUS Impeachment in American History

Hence, the impeachment process itself has driven a stake deep into the heart of the American body politic.  This was done with highly purposeful design which will soon manifest well beyond the new year.

The New World Order globalist cabal planned for such a fraudulent impeachment inquiry to anger and enrage the Right like there’s no tomorrow.  The desperate power elite knows that when the Right finally gets mad, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

The various goals of this NWO scheme to divide and conquer the American people are many and diverse.  Ultimately, the globalists plan is to transform this nation into a totalitarian USSA where “A” stands for Amerika.  This clandestine plot has been occurring under the radar for decades as a precursor to the formation of the North American Union superstate modeled after the imploding European Union.  At that point, the American Republic will no longer exist.

BORDERgate: Soros-Funded Border Crashing All About Covert Formation of North American Union


As previously written, the most radioactive of all of those Democrat scandals shown above is the very last one listed—EPSTENgate.  Not only are Hillary and Bill Clinton implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein RICO crime spree, so are many other Democrat VIPs and NWO globalists whose names have yet to be revealed. See: Jeffrey Epstein’s “Little Black Book”: LOTs of VIPs, Powerbrokers and Illuminati Families

When folks come to the correct understanding that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself, and that Epstein was not murdered in a jail cell, and that eyewitnesses testified that he was secretly smuggled out of the facility, you know this is the BIGGEST scandal of all just waiting to explode across the nation. See: Prison Eye-witness Says Epstein Was Released Alive in a Wheelchair at 4:15 AM on Day of Alleged Suicide

This is why the global meme: “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” is so critical to exposing the true depth and breadth of EPSTEINgate.  And, why This Lynchpin MEME Will Take Down the Shadow Government.

There are even those political analysts and commentators (such as SOTN) who have surmised that IMPEACHMENTgate was quite deliberately staged by the Democrats as a means of distracting from EPSTEINgate, as well as from numerous other scandals.  As follows:

Was This Impeachment Really Started To Distract Us From Jeffrey Epstein’s Murder

The bottom line here is that Deep State operatives are using the Democrat communists to distract, divert and misdirect from so many crimes and scandals.  They really thought Hillary was going to win … and when she lost, they were faced with implementing the biggest cover-ups in U.S. history.

How the Deep State Democrats will possibly continue to cover up so many real criminal conspiracies remains to be seen.  After all, there does come a point when the task of conducting multitudinous cover-ups becomes virtually impossible to carry out in any meaningful way.

The upshot of the foregoing compendium of Democrat serial criminality and corruption is that they can never again be permitted to hold power, especially within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government.  And, that it’s now imperative the Democrat Party be dissolved and outlawed for the good of the Republic.

SPECIAL NOTE: There has been a palpable display today — the day after the official impeachment of Donald Trump — of incredulity and shock, apprehension and dismay because of this gross miscarriage of injustice.  Whether one likes or dislikes the President is quite irrelevant in this case.  What the demented Democrats did was greatly undermine the “checks and balances” well intended by the framers of the U.S. Constitution.  In so doing, the U.S. Congress has set an exceedingly dangerous precedent whereby the House can threaten any future POTUS with impeachment should the opposition party take umbrage with any presidential action or statement.  Truly, this nation has been mortally wounded by barbarians who are not only inside the gate, they have ascended to seats of power and now pose grave threats to the continuity of this Republic. See: Pelosi’s Impeachment Charade Does Profound Damage to the Republic—IRREPARABLE DAMAGE!

State of the Nation
December 19, 2019

Editor’s Note

Please, loyal readers, distribute this important post far and wide.  Everyone needs to have a comprehensive reference list of Democrat scandals and crimes that’s easily accessible for the full-scale cyber-war that’s about to commence in earnest.  Thank you!

Update 1

It’s now clear that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would hold the articles of impeachment until Election Day if she could get away with it.  The last thing the Democrats want is for the Republican Senate majority to quickly dismiss the fraudulent charges against Trump during the home stretch of the campaign season.   In this way, Pelosi not only holds the POTUS over a barrel, so to speak, she can also continue to use the patently false impeachment allegations to distract the electorate from the many real scandals delineated above. See Despicable Democrat Refusal to Submit Articles of Impeachment Exposes Their Criminal Hoax

SCHIFFgate Blown Wide Open, Schiff’s True Masters Outed and Global Conspiracy Exposed

Schiff’s Unprecedented Abuse of Power Proves the Ongoing NWO Conspiracy to…

…Collapse the American Republic and Subjugate the U.S. Citizenry to the Globalist Cabal

State of the Nation

Really, how does a thoroughly corrupt California Congressman rise to the level of House Intel Chairman, who then goes on a crime spree — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — since the very day the Democrats took over the House, who then leads a transparently fraudulent Impeachment hoax that is on the verge of seeing a Senate trial?!

There are several checks and balances in the American governmental process that were supposed to prevent this dangerous type of flagrant abuse and misuse of power.

Therefore, there can be only one explanation for a career criminal like Adam Schiff being given the power to throw the entire U.S. Federal Government into political chaos and institutional pandemonium.

That Shifty Schiff has been able to carry out such an obvious criminal conspiracy to overthrow the POTUS — during prime time — is so inconceivable and beyond the pall that there can be only one reason.

That Schiff continues to lead an utterly fake impeachment process while both Democrats crow and Republican scowl has never happened before.  Hence, the real power and money behind Schiff’s unparalleled seditious plot to overthrow Trump must be massive.  And it is!

The New World Order globalist cabal that Schiff works for not only controls all of Deep State, it’s also directed by the notorious and all-powerful International Banking Cartel.

Schiff & Russophobia

It’s of paramount importance to understand that all of Schiff’s congressional crime sprees are being executed in order to fan the flames of Russophobia.  Truly, the impeachment sham is much more about taking down President Putin and conquering Russia than it is about removing Trump. See: Deep State’s Impeachment Coup Much More Than Overthrowing Trump

Trump’s stated intentions to make peace with Russia and work with the Kremlin were diametrically opposed to the NWO scheme to re-start the Cold War as a prelude to triggering the hot phase of World War III.  This is precisely why Rep. Schiff has been thrust into the MSM limelight.*

*MSM = Mainstream Media

However, there are specific reasons why Schiff continually demonstrates an extreme hatred toward Russia.  The following critical exposé reveals that highly concealed Adam Schiff back story.

The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff

Only with the vital historical background imparted by the preceding link can IMPEACHMENTgate make any sense.

There’s another crucial piece to the Adam Schiff criminal history puzzle that also deserves attention by law enforcement investigators.  As follows:

ADAM SCHIFF: Deep State Agent, Serial Leaker and Traitor to the Republic

The upshot of this analysis is that Adam Schiff was chosen as the point-man in the Congress to lead a soft coup against the president, just as he has long been an easily manipulated puppet loyal to foreign powers whose only interest is the total destruction of the United States of America.

By the way, that little factoid makes Adam Schiff a stone-cold

T R A I T O R ! ! !

Not only has Schiff proven himself to be a loyal Deep State operative and undercover CIA agent, he has also exposed himself as a puppet of the New World Order globalist cabal.  Most significantly is that Schiff’s financial support indicates that he’s a very willing pawn of the George Soros money machine, who is really a bagman for the Rothschild Crime Syndicate which is a HUGE backer of the Clinton Crime Family.

Schiff’s California district includes Hollywood which is the capital of the Pedogate control mechanism by which so many American politicians and VIPs are blackmailed and bribed to stealthily advance the treasonous NWO agenda.  This is why the Intel Chair has shown an inordinate willingness to commit any crime — no matter how reckless — as well as engage any corruption necessary to carry out their nefarious schemes.

KEY POINT: There is now a HUGE Congressional scandal known as SCHIFFgate: A Deep State Op & CIA-directed Coup Goes Prime Time Led by a Clown.  It behooves every patriot to comprehend the true depth and breadth of this Deep State deception.

But why Russia?

There’s a long and complicated history here that goes all the way back to the great Schism of 1054 between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches, especially those based in Russia.  Once that highly divisive East–West Schism took place, which has lasted right up to present day, the true owners of the Vatican (Hint: they are NOT Catholic or even Christian and it’s why the Pontiff wears a Yarmulke) planned for the long war. (The primary purpose of that war was to steal whatever was not nailed down throughout the vast Russian Motherland.)

That war was not only a fierce religious one, it was also political and military, financial and economic, social and technological in nature.  The latest version of this epic feud between the East and the West (see how China and India are also deeply involved fighting the Zio-Anglo-American Axis) saw the aggressive launching of the Great Game by the British Empire in 1830.  The Brits had already established an incomparable worldwide empire but the City of London banksters wanted more.

For the uninitiated, the Great Game is anything but a game.  As a matter of historical fact, it represents an ongoing stealth war by the Western powers against Russia for the explicit purpose of stealing her natural resources, industrial base, state assets and vast landmass.  Enslaving the Russian people, as the Western banksters did via the formation of the communist Soviet Union, is also very high on their clandestine agenda.

It’s essential to grasp the central plot and how the forgotten Jewish empire of Khazaria was used to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe.  The primary descendants of Khazars are the Ashkenazi Jewry who populated what’s known as the Intermarium, a buffer zone that includes Ukraine, Poland, all the Baltic states and other countries that was created by Rome to isolate Russia after the Great Schism.

KEY POINTS: SOTN readers know well the formula utilized by the Global Control Matrix.

“Religious and diplomatic authority trump financial and
economic prowess. 
Financial and economic prowess trump
political power. 
Political power trumps military force.”

With this correct understanding, it ought to be obvious that Rome rules London, and London rules Washington, D.C.— the three independent city-states owned and operated by the Black Nobility of Northern Italy.

The Black Nobility first began to organize after the Eight Crusades as well as with the opening up of the East-West trade routes by Marco Polo in the later part of the 13th century.  As a Venetian explorer and businessman, Marco Polo was surrounded by Jewish merchants and bankers in his hometown who were responsible for setting up the world’s first corporations.  As such, many of  these predatory corporate entities naturally coveted any country that possessed great wealth.  Russia, China and India were the top 3 targets of Roman Catholic Church and her Black Nobility banksters throughout Venice, Genoa, Milan, Florence and Turin.

Once London became the new financial capital for the various Black Nobility power families, Great Britain was used to launch the Opium Wars against China, as well as the subjugation of the Indian subcontinent.  However, it was the Great Game waged against Russia that represented the real goal of the predatory capitalists in the Financial District in the City of London.

In point of fact, conquering Russia and subjugating the Russian people by any means necessary has once again become the primary goal of the New World Order cabal.  Even more significantly, keeping the United States and Russia apart at all cost is a hidden globalist goal that Schiff et al. are very busy trying to ensure.  Were the USA to form a peaceful alliance with Russia, the extremely consequential meme of Russophobia would immediately lose its power over the collective Western psyche.

Europe’s Illuminati families know how tremendously profitable war between nations can be as even the prospect of armed conflict can be.  The enormous Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) is a glaring testament to this stark reality of the Third Millennium.  Which is why “Liddle Adam Schiff”, a flamethrower from the same Khazarian tribe, is being used to further stoke the flames of the intensifying conflagration between the United States and Russia.

It is also the modern-day Illuminati-directed secret organizations, such as the Committee of 300, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Royal Institute of International Affairs and many others, by which the covertly engineered wars between East and West are started.

There are literally hundreds of secret societies funded and financed by the International Banking Cartel that are employed to sustain the international environment to maintain Cold War 2.0.  Their inflammatory rhetoric, as evidenced by Adam Schiff’s shrill war cry against Russia, is now unmistakable; he’s nothing but a warmonger and war profiteer.  In other words, the Khazarian Mafia basically works overtime to first trigger the wars so that they MIC can then profit from the armed conflict, and then profit again from the ensuing opportunities of disaster capitalism.

There’s a very detailed history on Western Russophobia that was published by this Alt Media platform as a 14-part series at the following link.  This series provides a stand-alone narrative and valuable background info on the ongoing Great Game (that’s really the fiercest and largest resource war on Earth).

This is why the Zio-Anglo-American Axis is so determined to wage war against Russia.

KEY POINT: There is an end game that the NWO globalists have been planning for centuries where it concerns Russia.  This exposé explains the strategy and tactics in glaring details, and was actually made possible by one of the key Khazarian hitmen working for the International Banking Cartel: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

Coup d’état CIA-style

What the body politic has been witnessing since Trump’s inauguration is a non-stop coup d’état.  This soft coup is being run by rogue elements within the C.I.A., FBI, DoJ, DIA and other major organs within the U.S. Intelligence Community as well as by the Democrats.  The CIA’s Mockingbird Media is providing both propaganda and cover for every single crime perpetrated in the conduct of this naked subversion of the White House by Deep State. See: SUPER-PSYOP! The whole thing was set up as a CIA-directed presidential entrapment scheme.

Let’s be very clear: this Democrat-led communist revolution is rapidly unfolding to the point where everything will change between now and Election Day 2020—EVERYTHING!

There is simply too much at stake for both sides of this epic war the outcome of which will surely determine the future of the Republic and fate of the American people.

“Only a massive and continuous demonstration
of patriotic people power can stop this naked
communist rebellion inside the Beltway. However,
Trump must first arrest the CIA coup plotters before
his window of opportunity closes forever. If a
violent civil war is to be avoided, the POTUS
must remove the Congressional leaders who
are mounting this coup d’état which can go
violent at anytime. Otherwise, many good folks
will die needlessly and/or suffer greatly.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

(Source: OVERTHROW IMMINENT! American Republic Under Withering Assault by Communist Coup Plotters)

The easiest way for the globalists to determine the 2020 election outcome is to destroy those candidates who refuse to promote their Climate Change ruse.  Trump is first on that list and is, therefore, Public Enemy #1 as well as the object of a persecution and prosecution campaign the likes of which this world has NEVER seen before.

What very few patriots understand is that Trump is but one man serving as the spearhead for a nationalist movement under massive and unrelenting assault.

“Folks don’t understand the true state of affairs.
Trump is one man.  He really has very little support
in the Executive Branch.  Deep State has used the
mainstream media to gaslight and intimidate 

his entire administration.  Few will make the bold
moves necessary to drain the swamp.  Most will
ally with Deep State because they see only Trump
supporters getting arrested and prosecuted.  This
dire situation is only getting worse by the day.
And it will continue to worsen until Election Day…
if Trump even lasts that long.  This is why the people
must show some fang—and fast!  Once Trump has 
been toppled, the communist takeover will be
accomplished in short order.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer



The single most compelling aspect of SCHIFFgate is: How in the world is Adam Schiff still in the 116th US. Congress in view of his serial criminality and career-long corruption?

Particularly in light of hijacking the House to run his own “Spanish Inquisition”, just how powerful the Shadow Government must be that totally supports his absurdly illicit impeachment process.

Clearly, Schiff has gotten away with so much serious lawbreaking and so many rule violations because his globalist masters coerce him in this way: Adam Schiff Directly Involved in Ed Buck’s Sodomite Drug Den.

Similarly, Deep State handlers threaten the vulnerable federal law enforcement chiefs with similar blackmail and/or bribery in order to stifle any real prosecution of corruptocrats like Schiff.

Truly, the only reasonable explanation for how Schiff was able to both acquire (without a warrant) and publish (an unprecedented congressional violation of privacy) the personal phone records of House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes is that his C.I.A. co-conspirators and FBI controllers got the job done.

This single act of official misconduct by Schiff has already had a chilling effect on the entire U.S. Congress.  Every Congressman now operates under the regime of every phone call and digital correspondence being closely monitor ed by Intel Chair Schiff.

And this is only one small piece of the SCHIFFgate puzzle.  No one has really taken the time to investigate the crime spree that he and his fellow traitors have carried out since Trump won in November of 2016.  The following exposé only scratches the surface of his documented corruption and criminality:

ADAM SCHIFF: Dangerous Traitor, Reckless Warmonger and Criminal Politician


It doesn’t get more dangerous for the American people than when the barbarians are inside the gate.

In the brazen traitor of Adam Schiff, the barbarians are not only inside the gate, they are leading many of the most powerful committees in the U.S. Congress.

How does that possibly happen except by the purposeful design of a much higher earthly power?! See: The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

There is, of course, another pivotal co-conspirator in this seditious plot to topple Trump.

That would be the Speaker — Nancy “the Knife” Pelosi — without whose necessary support Schiff could have never gotten off first base with impeachment.

Now Pelosi’s well-hidden back story has a different twist to it.  However, only by apprehending the key linkages between her and Schiff will this global conspiracy to establish a One World Government make any sense.  As follows:

COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility

Lastly, once the body politic becomes aware of this furtive communist plot to depose a lawfully elected POTUS, the patriots can arm up and get busy.  The most important thing regarding the patriot response to this Purple Revolution is to prevent it from morphing into a full-scale bolshevik revolution.

Which is exactly why Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned to Prevent Civil War.

State of the Nation
December 14, 2019

Special Note

There is another method to the utter madness of Adam Schiff.  The Democrats and their Deep State handlers know full well that CROWDSTRIKEgate is percolating right below the surface, ready to blow up at any time.  Once that happens, and it will, the Democrat Party will likely be dissolved.  Many now know that the DNC has become a steering committee for what is basically a communist organization set on USA disintegration.  And CROWDSTRIKEgate proves there is no limit to their treachery and treason. See CROWDSTRIKEgate: A Massive Deep State Scandal that Will Collapse the Democrat Party

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

The Khazarian Mafia Takes Complete
Control of the United States of America

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace

The truth is now out there like never before:

Jewish Banking Houses and Mercantile Families (which comprise the International Banking Cartel) were directly responsible for the unlawful passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and, therefore, accountable for the stealthily engineered booms and busts that have repeatedly shocked the US economy and financially ruined the American people.  The Federal Reserve Bank is the most powerful of all the central banks tasked with artificially inflating the world’s premier reserve currency and fake fiat money—the US Dollar.  The petrodollar, in particular, is destined for an epic collapse.  Because the Global Economic & Financial System is hardwired to the US dollar, the banksters know that when it drops like a rock, the reign of the once Almighty Dollar is finally over.  This is why they are concocting the largest and longest sucker’s rally of all time at this very moment.

• The official debt of the United States government is $23.1 trillion as of December 2, 2019, which is owed to primarily foreign banking interests that are owned and/or controlled by Jewish banking families such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.  In this manner is the U.S. Corporation saddled with ever-increasing debt service payments which go right into the pockets of the member banks of the International Banking Cartel (IBC).  Chief among the controlling banks is the Bank for International Settlements headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.  However, the most predatory and usurious IBC banking institutions are located in the Financial District in the City of London as well as on Wall Street in New York City.  Paris, Frankfort, Brussels, Luxembourg, Rome, Madrid, Milan and other Black Nobility financial strongholds are also home to the IBC crime syndicates.

KEY POINT: The Italian Mafia and the Khazarian Mafia have always been joined at the hip. The Italian bankers of the Black Nobility were primarily Jewish; however, there was a lot of intermarriage with the indigenous Catholic noblemen. These purely political marriages of convenience took place regularly to establish a covert culture whereby the court Jews could thrive under the radar, which they did particularly in Rome and in the wealthy northern Italian enclaves.
(Source: COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility)

The Israeli Government, working in tandem with the Chicago Jewish Mafia and Zionist-controlled Military-Industrial Complex, ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy which was actually carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency.  There were several reasons why the Khazarian Mafia killed Kennedy, each of which represented a direct threat by JFK to the global power structure bankrolled by the International Banking Cartel.  As a matter of historical fact, the Zionist perps went so far as to circulate “Wanted for Treason” leaflets all over Dallas during the week of Kennedy’s assassination.  Furthermore, Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, a crypto-Jewish politico, was the point-man in the White House overseeing the assassination plot and especially the cover-up. See CHICAGO SUPERMOB: The Jewish Mafia That Killed Kennedy

The false flag terrorist attacks carried out on September 11, 2001 were ordered by the International Banking Cartel, overseen by the Khazarian Mafia headquartered in Tel Aviv, and coordinated with Neocon Zionists in Washington, D.C.  This well-planned terror operation was carried out to (i) declare the bogus War on Terror, (ii) establish the Stasi-like Department of Homeland Security and (iii) pass the unconstitutional Patriot Act.  Each of these events was designed to further strip Americans of their rights and liberties, as well as to lay the groundwork for a future war against the Patriot Movement.  There are no other treasonous acts of terrorism which have so prepped the US government to wage a war on its own citizenry.  The many Jewish traitors know they have nowhere to run but Israel when these truths are generally known, so they have locked the whole place down until their next big move. See: INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”

Not only the state-sponsored 9/11 black operation, but also the Oklahoma City bombing, Virginia Tech massacre, Las Vegas mass shooting, Sandy Hook hoax, Parkland Florida staged shooting and many other mass casualty events were ordered by the International Banking Cartel.  In point of fact, all of the Operation Gladio-style mass shootings were meticulously planned to achieve certain goals such as draconian gun control measures legislated either statewide and/or nationwide.  The reality is that Terrorism, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Banking Cartel inasmuch as it takes a LOT of money to pay for these highly consequential black ops and never-ending psyops.

The massive and ever-growing Military-Industrial Complex is fundamentally a Jewish bankster creation headquartered in Chicago which systematically starts forever wars in order to maintain and/or increase the enormous revenues streams taken (read: stolen) from the U.S. Treasury.  The MIC, in collusion with the National Security State, represents the most powerful force and multi-corporate entity in the world today.  The Military-Industrial Complex is truly the 800-pound gorilla that sits wherever it wants to throughout the world community of nations.  Wherever it throws its weight around is left with a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland.  The forever wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, etc. are just a few egregious examples of transparent MIC warmongering,

This particular tribe of moneychangers and merchants learned long ago that whoever controls the media controls the society, the nation and the world. Toward that end, the entire mainstream media (MSM) in the USA is completely controlled by Jewish money and investment. So are all the top positions of the MSM occupied by Jewish CEOs, CFOs and COOs as well as Presidents and Board Directors. Because their Khazarian Mafia masters and handlers are essentially in charge of the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, they all realize that any serious transgressions against The Company (aka the C.I.A.) will occur on pain of death, or worse.

*Please click HERE to enlarge.

Even more significantly, all the Big Tech and Big Social Media corporations are run by members of the Jewish Tribe. Almost all of the Big Social Media start-ups are commandeered by Jewish college kids who have been given stolen intellectual property, proprietary information and/or patents by attorneys or other covert agents of DARPA, the C.I.A. or DIA. The IPOs are then managed in such a way so as to guarantee immediate billionaire status to these mind-controlled puppets who are then easily kept on the CIA reservation under threat of losing everything.  The notorious Mark Zuckerberg, just like Bill Gates, is just one of many Jewish fake whiz kids who was set up from the start with stolen technology to autocratically lead a major media company for his C.I.A. masters.  Ditto that for Google’s Jewish founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin among several other tech founders.

What needs to be said about the ironclad control that Jews have always exerted over Hollywood from the very beginning? Every major studio in Tinseltown was founded by Jewish entrepreneurs who originally hailed from Eastern or Central Europe if not Russia. Even a cursory examination of all the most successful CEOs and presidents, directors and producers, screenwriters and film editors, actors and actresses, cinematographers and directors of photography, as well as talent agents and scouts, will prove that Hollyweird is a fundamentally Jewish industry from the top down and bottom up.  By the way, there’s a very good reason why the Jews established and continue to run Hollywood as follows: “Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream”.

Big Pharma is almost entirely owned and operated by Jewish families, stockholders, investors, hedge funds, etc. The Pharmaceutical Industry is dominated by various Jewish Crime Families such as the Sacklers, who were just forced into bankruptcy because of their obscene profiting from the nationwide opioid epidemic. It is primarily Jewish physicians, scientists, lawyers, lobbyists and politicos who are also at the forefront of the deadly and destructive Super-Vaccination Agenda.  The deplorable state of the National Healthcare System, and particularly the Obamacare con job, are both the handiwork of the International Banking Cartel.  The ever-increasing exorbitant healthcare costs represent a staggering 10% of the nation’s GDP as well as an immense revenue stream into the IBC coffers.  Not only that, but the unconstitutional imposition of Obamacare permitted the globalists to implement a HUGELY subversive piece of their NWO agenda.  See Obamacare: The Hidden Agenda

Whenever “trillions” go missing from the Pentagon, DoD or any other organ of the U.S. Federal Government, it’s always announced by Jewish comptrollers, accountants or other administrators who have no explanation for the unparalleled grand larcenies. Even those directly responsible for these grand thefts somehow completely escape prosecution or avoid scrutiny from even the IG. In this way, the Jewish banksters have conditioned the American people to accept “missing trillions” as business as usual whenever it concerns US government bookkeeping. See: $21 Trillion of US Government Undocumented Transactions  This particular type of peacetime plundering and pillaging of the American people represents the largest ongoing heist in world history.

The vast and complex web of interlocking directorships that predominate throughout Corporate America are populated with business magnates and VIPs who work directly for hidden Jewish banking interests. Serial corporate criminals such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Monsanto, BP, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all run by mostly Jewish (or crypto-Jewish) CEOs and Boards of Directors. Likewise, these corporate entities are effectively owned by Jewish institutional investors which possess the majority ownership in the form of both equities and debt instruments.  Of course, the Jewish bankster-aligned Boards of Director are always interlocking and marching in lockstep according to the New World Order globalist agenda.

The many “ISMs” that plague American society today, which are purposefully used to contrive wedge issues that are driven deeply into the heart of the body politic, have been manufactured by Jewish intellectuals, academics, writers, philosophers, thought leaders, social scientists and political reformers. For example, the most societally destructive of these ISMs is Cultural Marxism, a highly divisive and devastating social theory and critical philosophy painstakingly developed by the Frankfurt School which was associated with the Institute for Social Research at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. This extremely deceptive and perfidious movement was populated exclusively by Jewish intellectuals whose primary purpose was to construct a blueprint for the complete takeover of Western civilization, which they have practically done. Other repugnant philosophies, movements and ISMs originated by similar groups of Jewish intellectuals and thinkers include Communism, Fascism, Bolshevism, Socialism, Capitalism, Feminism, Trangenderism, as well as the prevailing worldwide regime of Political Correctness that’s currently destroying societies everywhere.  The same groups are also the most aggressive in strategically hurling slurs and slanders of racism, sexism, homophobicism, ageism and, of course, their favorite calculated aspersion—anti-Semitism.

KEY POINT: There is no greater threat to the American Republic than the slowly rising tide of bolshevism.  The following excerpt provides vitally important history and relatively unknown present context for the dire state of affairs shaping up throughout these once United States of America.

“The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia also saw years of increasing violence and engineered chaos prior to March of 1917.  Just like the Democrat Party has perpetrated since 2016, the Bolsheviks manufactured more and more political mayhem and violent events before the hot phase of the incorrectly named ‘Russian Revolution’.  It was, as a matter of historical fact, not a Russian civil war; rather, it was a Bolshevik Revolution initiated and funded by the International Banking Cartel headquartered in London, New York City and Frankfurt.  The foreign-controlled leadership of that staged revolution was comprised of Ashkenazi Jewish banksters whose only interest was conquering the Russian Motherland in order to exploit its natural resources and enslave the citizens, which they did for well over 70 years.  There is a similar communist plot now afoot in the USA where Deep State is creating an environment of national pandemonium by using Gladio false flag mass shootings, CIA-directed coup attempts and society-destroying Cultural Marxism.  These and several other means are being deliberately utilized to divide and conquer the American people into two camps who are now fighting a cold civil war.  Once the hot phase of this intensifying Purple Revolution begins, the Left will release their hidden bolsheviks in every city across the 50 states.  This major move will not be made until the level of societal disorder and governmental anarchy is so great that the populace is unable to muster up a meaningful response.  It’s of paramount importance to understand that the relentless acts of state-sponsored terrorism, to include the devastating geo-terrorism, are really stealth attacks on the U.S. citizenry and their property.  In other words, the hot civil war has already begun in earnest yet very few are even aware they are under withering assault.  This is exactly how the bolsheviks did it in Russia during the lead-up to war in 1917 and beyond.” (Source: THE “CASSANDRA PROPHECY”: Everything Changes After Election Day 2020)

RUSSIA & THE JEWS: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Exposes The Christian Holocaust

Perhaps the greatest infiltration of the American Republic by these ultra-liberal, treacherous traitors concerns the total takeover of the nation’s educational system. In so doing, these cultural marxists have exerted truly terrible influences on the young, impressionable minds that attend Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary Schools and High Schools across the country. Of course, these same radical Leftists and educational anarchists have already taken over the public university systems in all 50 states, as well as many private colleges and universities. These academic usurpations are accomplished via various financial controls and measures, especially through the shrewd manipulation of federal funding criteria, the federal school loan program and charitable contributions to university endowments. They know that whoever makes the biggest donations decides what will, and what will not be, taught in the institutions of higher learning.

All of the arts, both performing arts and fine arts, have in fact long been taken over by the Jewish banksters for the very same reasons that all media was captured.  This crafty process of co-option and exerting control began in earnest with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System since whoever holds the purse strings dictates the artistic content.  Just ask any pop musical artist or painter or sculptor or dancer or opera singer or photographer who controls their destiny and they will tell you it’s either their Jewish agent or Jewish talent agency. In this way, they exert absolute control over content so that it never offends their own Jewish sensibilities as it always advances their clandestine cultural marxist agenda. This is why nearly all TV programming has rapidly deteriorated to unprecedented levels of sexual depravity and social degradation, moral turpitude and spiritual debasement, political corruption and artistic degeneracy.

Even the Global Warming hoax and Climate Change scam have been carefully coordinated across the planet by the same Ashkenazi banksters.  For it is only by the financial means provided by the International Banking Cartel that such an immense scheme of mass deception could have ever been initiated in the first place.  That IBC-controlled project is by far the largest commercial venture of all time, dwarfing even World War II which was another extraordinary boon to the Zionist war profiteers.  The preceding Great Depression was also the pet project of the biggest banking crime syndicates located in both IBC headquarters of London and New York City.  Now these same banksters are looking to collapse the entire planetary civilization via climate fear-mongering prior to enforcing their New World Order in the interest of making more money than ever.  Conducting such a controlled demolition of the GE&FS will also allow them to eliminate hard money in favor of a digital or crypto-currency.  The banksters enormous debt loads will also be erased.  See: CLIMATECHANGEgate: The Global Criminal Conspiracy Hatched by the International Banking Cartel to Rule the World

Drug trafficking, arms trafficking and human trafficking are three of the most profitable of the preferred businesses overseen by the International Banking Cartel.  Each of these illicit enterprises is run out of their national headquarters located in Israel.  It could even be said that the apartheid state of Israel was set up as a rogue criminal nation where all sorts of criminal enterprises could be run without fear of exposure since everyone is in on the take.  For example, the only reason why Israel’s military muscle — the U.S. Armed Forces — still occupies Afghanistan is to protect the poppy fields for their lucrative drug-trafficking businesses run out of Tel Aviv.  Likewise, the forever wars are perpetuated by the IBC in order to conduct arms trafficking for the warring nations and their armaments suppliers.  As for the burgeoning trade in human slaves, and especially child sex slaves, this major money-maker also provides HUGE and quick profits because of the rich and powerful who can’t get enough.  Lastly, the pornography industry is similarly controlled by the same tribe and it is the most watched content on the Internet today.  Porn addiction is now the greatest addiction in the world by purposeful design as it will likely be in the years ahead.

Of particular concern, presently, is the mammoth global gambling casino that wraps around the world like a money-sucking octopus.  It’s no wonder that all of the casino resorts in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and other gambling centers are owned and operated by agents (such as the zealous Zionist Sheldon Adelson) of the International Banking Cartel.  These gambling operations also provide countless opportunities to develop other illicit businesses such as prostitution, extortion, weapons and drug dealing, as well as some legitimate enterprises looking to evade taxes.  Perhaps the most important function of the gambling industry worldwide is to provide critical money-laundering services for so much illegal cash generated from the IBC’s outlawed business activities.

Even the IMPEACHMENTgate scandal is being overseen by the International Banking Cartel and its many treasonous agents within the U.S. Congress.  There are so many Jewish congressional leaders and false witnesses, such as Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Chuck Schumer, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Gordon Sondland and Maria Yovanovitch, colluding with each other in the dubious impeachment process that some have stated IT’S A JEW COUP!   The irrational drive to wrongfully impeach President Trump reflects the sheer blackmail and bribery power of the IBC explained here: PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.

KEY POINT: There are highly concealed reasons why Adam Schiff was installed as the chief impeachment inquisitioner.  Not only does his Hollywood district expose him to all sorts of Pedogate blackmail, his bloodline predisposes him to an extreme bias against Russia and, therefore, against Trump. See: The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff

The truth of the matter is that virtually the entire US government, especially the U.S. Congress, is inordinately beholden to Israel.  Both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives demonstrate more loyalty to an apartheid state in the Middle East than to upholding the U.S. Constitution.  Not only are many Congressmen dual US-Israeli citizens, numerous elected representatives are voted into office solely because of their zeal in sustaining their Pro-Israel Loyalty Oath.  Truly, virtually every organization inside the Beltway is controlled directly or indirectly by the rich and powerful Jewish Lobby and/or numerous Israeli pressure groups.  The vastly disproportionate influence in the affairs of the United States exerted by International Jewry is the single greatest reason for the U.S. Military starting so many unprovoked wars of naked aggression.  Which is also why the USA is so hated worldwide by nations large and small.  That so much American blood and treasure is sacrificed and wasted, respectively, for a recklessly rogue nation and terrorist state is simply beyond comprehension … … … unless you follow the money!

KEY POINT: For serious Internet researchers and historical investigators What follows is a ‘The Motherlode of Jewish Lists’ –– Everything you ever wanted to know about Jewish control of American society.

The best way to “follow the money” is to start with those central banks that comprise the International Banking Crime Syndicate which are the front institutions for the much more surreptitious International Banking Cartel.  As follows:


Of all the ISMs created by International Jewry, clearly the most dangerous is communism, which eventually transmogrifies into bolshevism wherever it’s set loose.  However, it is the International Banking Cartel that funds all the operations that create so much chaos through regime changes and color revolutions, civil wars and warmongering worldwide.  The enforcement arm of the IBC has always been the exceedingly violent Khazarian Mafia. The KHAZARIAN MAFIA: You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know!

The whole world watched last century as Russia was morphed into the communist Soviet Union for over 70 years where the nation was transformed into the largest concentration camp in the world as described in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago.  That national catastrophe was then followed by the transformation of China into the communist state of the People’s Republic of China.  How could such a rapid takeover of a country the size of China — from within — take place except by way of a highly organized communist plot.[1]

Two of the largest nations on Earth were conquered so easily by bolshevik movements only because they were funded and financed, armed and supplied, recognized and legitimized by the International Banking Cartel.

Because the attention of the American people has been so dramatically directed to the Soviet threat over many decades and up to this very day, much energy and many resources have been generated to sustain that false narrative.  There really is no Russian bear waiting to gobble US up.  Nonetheless, because of the forever-repeated Red Scare by America’s political class, this country may fall prey to the notion that “you become what you focus on”.  That’s where the communist Democrats come in with their seditious Purple Revolution.

Rather than a Russian threat, what there really is, however, is a very powerful and wealthy group of political fanatics and religious fundamentalists known as Jewish and Christian Zionists who have always wanted to vanquish the Russian Motherland in order to steal all of its natural resources, hijack its industrial base, control its state assets and enslave its citizens.

The International Banking Cartel perpetrated a similar overthrow scheme in Cuba with similar success just as they plan for the American Republic.[1]  Hence, the formation of the USSR, PRC and Communist Cuba through bolshevik violence ought to serve as a cautionary tale for what the International Banking Cartel has in store for their future USSA.

The whole world now watches and waits to see if the American Republic will become a victim of a full-blown bolshevik revolution.  Certainly, there are now many armed bolsheviks within the nation’s borders whose presence was only made possible by the same Jewish and crypto-Jewish Democrat cadre of coup plotters who have treasonously kept the borders open and unlawfully welcomed countless illegal aliens with open arms.  This ongoing criminal conspiracy is undoubtedly the greatest act of treason in U.S. history by the same closeted-communist politicians who are hellbent on impeaching Trump.  Here’s that subversive plot in all of its stark details:

OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

Bottom Line: “The Hidden Hand Behind Every Global Criminal Conspiracy and Majorly Distracting Scandal” is the International Banking Cartel.  However, there is an over-arching goal for each and every one of these disruptive events designed to cultivate a conducive environment for Ordo ab chao.  The ultimate objective, of course, is nothing short of total dominion over the Earth. See: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Secret Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

Revisionist Historians for World Peace
December 6, 2019


[1] Communist China was created by Jewish infiltrators working for the International Banking Cartel


Who is the International Banking Crime Syndicate that controls the world?

Jewish Power, Zionist Control, Ashkenazi Domination, Khazarian Terror and Hebrew Influence Throughout History: Key Book References & Video Sources

Recommended Viewing

Graphic Display of Democrat Corruptocrats Using Government Resources to Outright Lie to and Deceive the American People (Video)

THE “CASSANDRA PROPHECY”: Everything Changes After Election Day 2020

Trojan horse relief and Cassandra at Troy gate

Window of Opportunity to Restore the
American Republic is Rapidly Closing

The Trojan horse stratagem that Cassandra warned Troy about poses an existential threat to America today.

State of the Nation

“Just as Cassandra’s prophecy about the
Trojan horse came true as Troy was
destroyed by a ruinous deceit,
so, too, are the
barbarians inside the gate today ready to
strike at any time.  The open borders and
illegal immigration have enabled count-
less terrorist cells and armed mercenaries
to gain unlawful entry to the USA. But it’s
the treasonous politicians in D.C. today who
have enabled this ‘Trojan horse’ scheme.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

*First, every patriot is encouraged to read the following article which is perhaps the most important ever posted on this website: OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA 

No matter what the election outcome in 2020, the communist Democrat Party is hellbent on transforming these once United States into a totalitarian banana republic run by ultra-liberal corporate despots such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

The tyrannical technocracy has already been established and is strengthening its grip daily on every sphere of life. See: “Silicon Six” Tyrannically Rule the Global Digital Technocracy (Video)

The information superhighways that crisscross the Internet are totally controlled by AI censorship entities and filtering algorithms which have been meticulously programmed by agents of the New World Order globalist cabal whose primary motto is:

“Our way or the highway!”

That’s where things truly are right now … and yet very few really get it.  And, those who do are not aware of just how advanced this swiftly intensifying national plight is.

Sodom and Gomorrah

The Right, although much more cognizant of these dire threats, has thus far failed to grasp the accelerated timing of the pre-planned collapse of the United States.

Although unspoken and unwritten, the Left advances their every endeavor so as to ensure that each and every “Sodom and Gomorrah” across the nation remains unscathed.

As never before, their multiple hidden agendas driven by Cultural Marxism are being implemented with all deliberate speed throughout all 50 states.

CULTURAL MARXISM: The Most Dangerous ISM Hellbent on Destroying the USA

Just as their “Sodom and Gomorrah” on the Left Coast — San Fran and LA — only sink deeper into political chaos and social mayhem, so has every other Democrat-controlled city in America.

Just look at the condition of Portland and Seattle, Detroit and Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Charlotte, Miami and Tampa, etc.

One by one, America’s major cities are falling to the highly destructive schemes being stealthily executed to intentionally transform them into dystopian, post-apocalyptic wastelands.  WOW ! ! !

Once the major cities are completely taken over by the progressive anarchists, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of their respective states are conquered by their covert cultural marxist strategy.

Just look at how quickly Virginia recently fell to the wiles of the Left. Once these traditionally red states are turned turn blue, they will never go back to red. That’s the strategy: to take over the whole country — state by state — so that it really won’t matter who sits in the Oval Office.

KEY POINT: The GOP is doing very little to stop this takeover of the Republic.  Most RINOs are planted in their elective offices (and paid) to do nothing but watch the destruction take place.  By irreparably tearing the fabric of American society, terminating what is essentially a communist plot becomes more difficult by the day.

There are not many conservatives who really understand the driving force behind this progressive blueprint to collapse the American Republic.

Simply put: the Left will never give up their “Sodom and Gomorrah”.  The cultural marxists knew this when they launched their devastating strategy well over 100 years ago.

Whenever and wherever a new “Sodom and Gomorrah” is established, these cultural marxists-turned-bolsheviks will NEVER surrender their turf. They have become rendered so insane and mentally incapacitated by the indulgence of their moral degeneracy and sexual depravities that they cannot see the abyss they are pushing themselves and the country into.

It is this steely determination to preserve and expand the wretched Obamanation that poses the single greatest threat to the Republic. This is exactly how the United States is being overthrown from within, one broken family and disunited community at a time.

This exceedingly dire state of affairs is the direct result of a deliberately-induced collective madness the likes of which this nation (or any other nation) has never seen. This mass madness (e.g. Trump derangement syndrome is just one psychosis) has been fastidiously engineered with highly purposeful design over decades via countless clandestine schemes such as mass mind-control programming via the Tavistock Institute.

“The barbarians are inside the gate”

When the barbarians are not at the gate but, rather, have been inside the gate for several decades, what can be done to reverse the course?  What can be done right now to counter the insidious outworking of the communist Left’s nefarious plans?  Exactly what “nefarious plan”?

• Operation Gladio uses the open borders to sneak across terrorists cells who will carry out false flag terrorist attacks upon being triggered wherever they are stationed in the USA

Gladio is also stealthily building a secret army – nationwide – of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other-soldier-of-fortune wannabes who will form the battalions of bolsheviks ready to carry out the violent phase of the Purple Revolution
(Source: “THE OPEN BORDER”A Highly Organized Conspiracy to Undermine the Territorial Integrity and National Sovereignty of the American Republic)

*The primary reason why the Democrats refuse to close the borders and continue to welcome all illegal aliens with open arms is because they know the U.S. military and law enforcement will not fire upon the citizenry.  On the other hand, illegals with an attitude toward the US of A and hardened criminals and Al-Qaeda terrorists and trained foreign mercenaries will all gladly wage war on the American people when the communists start the hot phase of this bolshevik revolution.

This fundamentally communist conspiracy was always about infiltrating each and every institution of American society, especially every organ of the U.S. Federal Government.

The closeted communist perpetrators have accomplished this objective with extraordinary success since the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

See how the Left practically owns and operates almost every non-profit organization, think tank, brain trust and other NGOs inside the Beltway.

Look at how the entire Mainstream Media acts as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

Consider how the liberals run the university systems in every state. Even private religious colleges are moving leftward in an effort to not close their doors.

Then there is Corporate America whose top officer positions and boards of directors are populated with either LGBT mafia and/or closet homosexuals. Big Tech and Big Social Media have been specifically taken over by the Left as the autocratic Sultans of Silicon Valley clearly illustrate. Of course, Hollywood was always a haven for extreme left-wing propagandists and proponents of Cultural Marxism.[1]

SILICON VALLEY: Cyberspace Headquarters for the Tyrannical Technocracy

Most significantly, the entire U.S. Intelligence Community has been virtually held captive by the hyper-liberal intelligentsia domiciled in the liberal bastions of the Northeast and Left Coast. In point of fact, the pervasive Deep State is dominated by stone-cold traitors to the Republic at every level of leadership.

In light of this stark reality, there can only be one response to this surreptitious takeover of the American Republic.

Patriot Movement

The Patriot Movement must be prepared to present an overwhelming countervailing force to the institutional powers vastly arrayed against them.

Whereas the liberals have locked down their sanctuary cities, the conservatives control most of rural America. The Right also owns most of the firearms and ammunition that are in the hands of private citizens. Were this not the case, this country would have already been locked down and governed by cadres of apparatchiks as the USSA where “A” stands for Amerika.

Hence, the very first initiative the Right must take to save the Republic is to take over the corporate media. For as long as the utterly treasonous Mockingbird Media is permitted to function as lawlessly as it has, there will only be destructive lies and propaganda disseminated by those CIA-directed media platforms.

To repeat: the MSM must be first shut down and then taken over by We the People so that the entire Media Industry can be re-established as the public service it was meant to be. Until this critical endeavor takes place, the USA will continue its downward spiral toward civil war.

Secondly, the Patriot Movement needs to purge the U.S. Congress. Both chambers — House and Senate — must be emptied as though they are chamber pots. Even the great majority of Republican U.S. Representatives and Senators are perfectly controlled opposition. Those RINOs were selected by their hidden masters to religiously follow the dictates of Deep State, as they always do. See The Hub of World Evil: The British Deep State

As long as these stone-cold traitors are allowed to conduct the people’s business in the United States Capitol, the American people will be further enslaved and disempowered, bankrupted and ruined.

How We the People take back our government must be carried out with pluperfect precision. And, who precisely will replace the turncoats will be of utmost importance.  The last thing we want to do is jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Thirdly, the corporate titans of the technocracy, as well as the international banksters, must be arrested post-haste and replaced with new leadership who serve We the People, not enemy foreign powers and/or subversive stakeholders.

The process of apprehending the countless corporate co-conspirators can begin with the arrest of international criminal George Soros. His immediate imprisonment will send a loud message to every seditious corporate leader that their ongoing insurrection will no longer be tolerated.

Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned to Prevent Civil War

Once that crucial arrest has occurred, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt and Sundar Pichai, Susan Wojcicki and Jan Koum, et al. should likewise be taken off the street pronto.

With equal immediacy, the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Podestas Pelosis, Schiffs, Schumers must also be shipped in cuffs to Guantanamo.  So must Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, Lynch, Rice, Yates, Ohr, Strzok etc. be arrested for treason.

Cassandra Prophecy

This Alt Media platform — SOTN — has issued one warning after another about the true dangers facing the American Republic.  Quite unfortunately, very few folks have heeded these caveats and predictions.

Now we find ourselves literally moments to midnight.

What’s become self-evident is that the Democrats will do everything in their power to steal every election in sight throughout the 2020 election cycle. They have no choice in view of so many serious scandals and real conspiracies they’ve undertaken to overthrow President Trump and collapse the Republic.  Their shocking acts of treason have been continuously conducted in broad daylight for all to see, so everyone knows they’re guilty of sin.

There is presently a prodigious amount of hard evidence available in the public domain which the perps must dispose of if the Democrat Party is to avoid being dissolved, as it should be.

The prophetess Cassandra tried to warn her fellow countrymen about the deceptive Trojan Horse. She knew that Greek soldiers had hidden inside the huge wooden horse in order to carry out a sneak attack on Troy in the dead of night, which they eventually did with stunning success.

We’ll, guess what, the United States finds itself in nearly the same predicament in 2019 and going forward.

The communist infiltrators are virtually everywhere as pointed out above. The worst of them are carefully disguised as friends of the Republic when in fact they are extremely dangerous and bitter enemies of the American people

Given this grim reality, patriots are called to arm up, be ready to organize on a moment’s notice, and defend this great nation as it will surely soon be necessary to do so.

KEY POINTS: If the Democrats steal their way to winning the POTUS, Senate and House on November 3, 2020, it’s all over for the American Republic.  On the other hand, if The Powers That Be allow Trump to win, there will be a perfidious plan set in motion by the NWO globalists to use the POTUS to disarm his base in every way that further disempowers the Right.  Abolishing the Second Amendment will be first on that list.  Effectively nullifying the First Amendment will be number two.  Eventually, the American foundational documents will be trashed in favor of a new ‘communist manifesto’.  Which is why “Everything Changes After Election Day 2020”. See: It all comes down to 2020.


Some will say this warning is still far from the actual Soros-sponsored bolshevik revolution being furtively planned. However, there’s one pivotal factor that’s being seriously underestimated by many patriots.

As the Alt Media digs up so much radioactive evidence that confirms our worst fears about the ongoing Pedogate control mechanism that strictly rules over American society, the Deep State gets more apprehensive about their future.  That dirty little secret is out there like never before in human history, and the looming consequences will be quite HUGE for the Pedogate perps!

PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.

If every parent was aware of the real dangers lurking around their precious children due to the power elite, they would converge on the Capitol in a D.C. flash and kick them all out … before hanging them on the Internet.

Not only that, when the Global Economic and Financial System undergoes yet another controlled demolition, the U.S. citizenry will hold the wealthy elites directly responsible… and in a manner never seen before.  Yes, it’s gonna get ugly for the elites—REAL UGLY!

Who doesn’t know by now that all the markets are completely rigged by the biggest players in that global gambling casino where the house always wins?  These bad actors have fleeced the American people and will continue to until even their shrinking retirements are stolen.

For these and several other reasons, The Powers That Be know their time is up unless they do something very big to permanently change the national conversation. Staging a hot civil war after the present cold civil war is just one way out for them.

Engineering a stock market crash together with the slow-motion real estate collapse is another way to so preoccupy the populace they can no longer fight back.  However, this tactic has its limitations as explained above.

Of course, continually stoking the flames of the raging culture wars is yet another way to distract, divert and misdirect the citizenry from the real source of America’s downfall and most intractable problems.

Bottom Line: The liberal Left will NEVER give up their Obamanation.  They will fiercely defend the many “Sodoms and Gomorrahs” they painstakingly constructed across the land.  And, they will likely sacrifice hearth and home, life and limb to protect their cultural marxist paradise. Therefore, these cesspools of social degradation and political disintegration, LGBTQ debauchery and spiritual debasement must be purged of the most corrupt and criminal elements (that’s code for martial law).  Otherwise, every sanctuary city can be easily Hong Konged and paralyzed in a day and a night when the hot phase of the Purple Revolution goes live.   In order to permanently thwart these seditious plots and intrigues, the POTUS must make a pre-emptive strike that will surely shock and awe the guilty.  What this really means is that the current communist leadership of the Democrat Party must be outed as the traitors that they are, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as follows:

MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why They Are Absolutely Necessary

State of the Nation
November 28. 2019


[1] Cultural Marxism and Its Conspirators


The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia also saw years of increasing violence and engineered chaos prior to March of 1917.  Just like the Democrat Party has perpetrated since 2016, the Bolsheviks manufactured more and more political mayhem and violent events before the hot phase of the incorrectly named ‘Russian Revolution’.  It was, as a matter of historical fact, not a Russian civil war; rather, it was a Bolshevik Revolution initiated and funded by the International Banking Cartel headquartered in London, New York City and Frankfurt.  The foreign-controlled leadership of that staged revolution was comprised of Ashkenazi Jewish banksters whose only interest was conquering the Russian Motherland in order to exploit its natural resources and enslave the citizens, which they did for well over 70 years.  There is a similar communist plot now afoot in the USA where Deep State is creating an environment of national pandemonium by using Gladio false flag mass shootings, CIA-directed coup attempts and society-destroying Cultural Marxism.  These and several other means are being deliberately utilized to divide and conquer the American people into two camps who are now fighting a cold civil war.  Once the hot phase of this intensifying Purple Revolution begins, the Left will release their hidden bolsheviks in every city across the 50 states.  This major move will not be made until the level of societal disorder and governmental anarchy is so great that the populace is unable to muster up a meaningful response.  It’s of paramount importance to understand that the relentless acts of state-sponsored terrorism, to include the devastating geo-terrorism, are really stealth attacks on the U.S. citizenry and their property.  In other words, the hot civil war has already begun in earnest yet very few are even aware they are under withering assault.  This is exactly how the bolsheviks did it in Russia during the lead-up to war in 1917 and beyond.

Trump Carries Out Sting Operation Against Coup Plotters Via UKRAINEgate — Part 2


“Trump knew he risked impeachment by exposing multiple
Democrat scandals in the Ukraine. However, he had no
choice. Trump knows his vindication lies with revealing the
Deep State corruption perpetrated  in Kiev by the Obama
administration. The Biden Crime Family set up a full-blown
criminal enterprise with Burisma warranting a RICO
prosecution. Plus, the CrowdStrike server proving the DNC
hacked their own servers is housed in the Ukraine. More
importantly, if there was a highly organized foreign
conspiracy to steal the 2106 election, it was executed
by the Democrats in Ukraine.  Then there was the Clinton
scheme to start WW3 against Russia by using Kiev to
attack Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

Trump tricks the Democrats into blowing UKRAINEgate wide open

State of the Nation

Truly, it all comes down to the Ukraine. Or, rather, UKRAINEgate.

President Trump has known this all along, but he’s been biding his time before blowing it all wide open … which he has now done—BIG TIME!

In order to properly understand what’s really going on with UKRAINEgate, the following exposé provides critical background info and relevant history.

Trump Carries Out Sting Operation Against Coup Plotters Via UKRAINEgate — Part 1

The preceding link spells it all out. Trump had to make himself vulnerable in order to expose his enemies and especially the enemies of the American Republic.

Having done so, it’s now just a matter of execution, both figuratively and literally. The various unparalleled scandals associated with the Ukraine will each be revealed in graphic detail forthwith.

With the gory details of each CIA-coordinated criminal conspiracy to commit high crimes and misdemeanors by Obama’s lawless administration, the noose will surely tighten around the necks of so many Democrat corruptocrats, Deep State traitors, Intelligence Community coup plotters, Big Tech corporate criminals and Mockingbird Media cover-up artists.


If the following bombshell news report foreshadows just a fraction of the rampant crime and corruption carried out by the Biden Crime Family, Joe and Hunter are in big, BIG trouble.

Ukraine’s Upcoming Criminal Referral Cites Hunter Biden for “money raised through criminal means and money laundering” and “money stolen from citizens”

The sheer depth and breadth of the Biden crime spree committed over two Obama terms in the Ukraine is as stunning as it is inconceivable. That the Vice President of the United States — JOE BIDEN — would state so brazenly state that he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was ready to investigate his own son for committing crimes against the state and its citizens is quite incomprehensible. Nevertheless, there you have it: Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired (Video).

Of course, there are very good reasons why point man Rudy Giuliani is taking so much heat. Not only is Rudy Trump’s personal counselor, he’s also his PI for ferreting out the numerous criminal conspirators who attempted to steal so many Ukrainian assets and citizen wealth. Hence, compared to the previous bombshell report, the one below is like the “Mother of all Neutron Bombs” where all the career crooks are taken out while the buildings are left standing.

BOMBSHELL REPORT: U.S. diplomats were working for George Soros running massive “massive pay-for-play” schemes in Ukraine (Video)

Now that BIDENgate has been blown wide open, surely SOROSgate and CROWDSTRIKEgate will quickly follow.

KEP POINT: What Soros did to the Ukraine he does in collusion with the U.S. State Department around the globe.  When the U.S. gives a $400 million aid package to the Ukraine, most of that money is taken in the form of outright graft, kickbacks, bribes, inflated contracts with the Military-Industrial Complex and other types of financial malfeasance.  One thing is certain: that kind of money ends up right back in the pockets of the hopelessly corrupt American politicians, lobbyists, lawyers and banksters who are anywhere near the scene of the crime spree.


It doesn’t get any bigger than SOROSgate.

How George Soros has avoided scrutiny (and prosecution) when so much corrupted U.S. foreign policy comes down to his malevolent influence is a case study in the ponerization of American government. See PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths

No other nation in Eurasia has been so abused and misused by the Soros Crime Syndicate as the Ukraine.  Soros has in fact taken advantage of the endemic and paralyzing corruption that Ukraine has experienced over several decades.

The long-time Soros MO is first to take over the U.S. State Department personnel where it concerns each and every nation-state that the Soros Crime Syndicate aims to first exploit and then take over. See: Soros Controls Large Swaths of the U.S. Department of State — Former U.S. Attorney

There’s no department within the U.S. Federal Government that is as powerful and influential throughout the planetary civilization as the State Department.  The power elite know this quite well and have, therefore, strategically stationed consummate manipulators like Soros.  Soros is a flaming front-man for the International Banking Cartel; in fact, there are many other bagmen who have likewise taken over different parts of the U.S. State Department.

The U.S. State Department has its own Very Deep State


As far as the President is concerned, CROWDSTRIKEgate is the real megillah. Once that Democrat criminal conspiracy and immense fraud perpetrated against the American people is fully disclosed, everything changes in a day and a night.

As for the back story, the following link presents many of the most pertinent details and criminal elements.

CROWDSTRIKEgate: A Massive Deep State Scandal that Will Collapse the Democrat Party

After the mainstream media is compelled to publish the many inconvenient truths and hard evidence associated with CROWDSTRIKEgate (under threat of being prosecuted as a co-conspirator), Trump will be able to show the whole world that the RUSSIAgate hoax was itself an enormous criminal conspiracy fabricated by the highest echelons of the Obama administration and U.S. Intelligence Community.

Once that happens, President John F. Kennedy’s greatest vow will come to pass through the deliberate and justifiable executive actions of President Donald J. Trump. What timing that these extraordinary revelations have occurring around November 22, 2019, the 56th anniversary of JKF’s assassination by his own Central Intelligence Agency.

How fitting it is that the C.I.A. will be the first institution within the U.S. Federal Government to be dissolved in this presidential undertaking to drain the swamp. After all, it’s now been proven that the entire impeachment scam is nothing but a SUPER-PSYOP! The whole thing was set up as a CIA-directed presidential entrapment scheme.

KEY POINTS: The pure genius of Trump in triggering the Democrats to blow wide open their own scandal will go down in the history books as the greatest sting operation—EVER!  It’s entirely true, however, that the Deep State had no choice but to go after Trump.  After all, when CROWDSTRIKEgate is exposed, they know that the communist Democrat Party will effectively cease to exist.  Moreover, the secret plan to start the hot phase of World War III with Russia will also be outed.  This is why hardcore Russophobe Adam Schiff was put in charge of the impeachment inquiry. See: The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff


Very few folks are aware, but there is much more at stake here than fending off the ongoing soft coup, or even averting a full-scale violent coup d’état. As follows:

Deep State’s Impeachment Coup Much More Than Overthrowing Trump….

Not only is Trump determined to take back the country from those who have stolen it, he’s also thwarting the premeditated collapse of the American Republic.

However, there are HUGE obstacles to be overcome if the POTUS is to be successful. These challenges can only be met with the full support of the Patriot Movement as the time will certainly come when the Democrat traitors and Deep State co-conspirators will find themselves cornered. That’s where the rubber meets the road, and every patriot needs to be locked and loaded—FOR REAL.


KEY POINT: Just how serious is the Biden crime wave (really a tsunami) that washed over the Ukraine during the Obama years? See: HUGE Biden Ukraine Crime Spree Download, State Dept. Releases Radioactive Details

State of the Nation
November 21, 2019

FIELD MCCONNELL Arrested: PICAZIOgate Blown Wide Open!

No one exposes PICAZIOgate
and gets away with it…
until now!

Field McConnell’s Stunning Arrest
The Most Radioactive Scandal in the USA Today

Submitted by the Florida Pedogate Investigation Team
SOTN Exclusive

“Here’s both the short story and the big picture: the Pedogate perps in Broward County, Florida had Field McConnell arrested in Pierce County, Wisconsin yesterday.  Why?  Because exploding an atomic bomb in the Alt
Media was preferable to detonating a hydrogen bomb in the mainstream media.  That’s why!”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

Even very few Pedogate investigators and researchers know, but the world capital for the global child exploitation syndicate is Broward County, Florida.

There are several reasons for this fact of life in 2019.  One of main reasons is the same explanation for why Jeffrey Epstein set up shop just north of Broward in Palm Beach County, Florida—that’s where the BIG MONEY is!  That’s also where the aging Illuminati families are who want to stay young forever.  The way they stay young is to pay BIG MONEY for the organs, tissues, blood and adrenochrome that are harvested from illicit child exploitation operations.

KEY POINT: It’s been stated by knowledgeable researchers that the Gold Coast of Florida — from Stuart to Miami — is home to the greatest concentration of Illuminati families on the planet.  These families represent the really old money of the Black Nobility, unlike the nouveau riche of California.  Those banking families of Northern Italy dating back to the end of the 13th century have their roots not only in the spoils of the Roman Empire, but also the plunder brought back from the Nine Crusades as well as the riches generated from the East-West trade routes opened up by Marco Polo’s journeys to China via the Silk Road.  Now that’s OLD MONEY.

There are specific reasons why the richest families in the world chose the southeast Florida coast to live on which are beyond the scope of this article.  Suffice to say, that the Gold Coast was chosen because of how prominently configured it is within The New Atlantis.

Now, back to Field McConnell’s shocking arrest.

The perps who ordered it knew that Field was striking at the root.

Anyone who gets too close to the real source of Pedogate is putting themselves in grave danger.

PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.

Not even those folks initiated into the secret workings Pedogate know that Broward County is the global headquarters for that child exploitation operation.  Nor do they know that BROWARD COUNTY is the Operational Headquarters for Israeli Intelligence-Directed False Flag Operations and Mass Casualty Events in America.

Jeffrey Epstein

The biggest story in the United States today is the one that IMPEACHMENTgate knocked off the front pages—EPSTEINgate.

That’s because the Jeffrey Epstein scandal is truly the “Mother of all Scandals”.  When that multi-decade criminal conspiracy is exposed, all the others will likewise be revealed.  Then the Global Control Matrix will collapse in a day and a night.  The New World Order agenda and One World Government implementation plan will likewise come to a screeching halt.

That’s why Field was arrested.

He was exposing the “legal muscle” behind the Florida Pedogate operation, which is just one franchise of the global Pedogate syndicate.

One wonders if Field even knew just how his BIG research project really is.

Timothy Holmseth

With Jeffrey Epstein out of the picture (he’s not dead), and his worldwide crime syndicate exposed like never before, the whole operation was put into disarray and left vulnerable to crackerjack investigative reporters such as Timothy Holmseth.  As a matter of documented fact, Holmseth has been exposing the FL Pedogate scandal like no other journalist in U.S. history.  Which is why everyone in the reigning BEAST system wants him gone—as in yesterday! See: Judge Threw Out Illegal Restraining Order Against Timothy Holmseth—How was it ever issued in the first place?

It appears that Field McConnell housed Timothy Holmseth at this home in Wisconsin.  That living arrangement resulted from the reality that Holmseth was ruined by forces who were determined to shut down his exhaustive investigation into Florida’s institutional culture of child trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation.

This was Field’s fatal mistake. Not because he broke the law; rather, because he provided a safe haven for the highly courageous journalist—Timothy C. Holmseth.  Field also issued some threats and promises that every Alt Media journalist has quietly made since Pizzagate was blown wide open in October of 2016

Not only was Holmseth onto the Epstein deep back story where it concerned high-profile Florida child kidnappings and killings Pedogate-style, such as the Caylee Anthony murder (Orlando, FL) and Haleigh Cummings kidnapping (Putnam County, FL), he was also onto the highly organized Broward County-run child exploitation ring.

Why was Timothy Holmseth charged in criminal court for publishing audios he obtained regarding an international baby sales operation he uncovered connected to JEFFREY EPSTEIN?

Field must have taken on this major Pedogate crime syndicate in Florida because he knew it was the BIG one, as well as the lynch pin.  That if the Florida pedo-crime spree was exposed, it could bring down similar crime waves in the other 49 states.

Back to Epstein and the Pedogate cabal.

Surely Field knew that once Jeffrey Epstein’s operation was shut down, others would try to fill the void.

What Field also knew was that the Florida franchise was connected directly to the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, the Podestas, and many other Democrat VIPs as well as to Epstein and Company.  State Senator Lauren Book is a key player in this Broward County operation, especially where it concerns passing critical legislation in Tallahassee. (See chart below–click on to enlarge.)

Sen. Lauren Book is all over the place from access to ammunition, funds for homelessness, Medicaid access to breast milk, cat claws, definition of child abuse, school safety, abortion access, reproductive rights, access to hygiene products in schools, access to emergency contraceptives for victims, vaccine exemptions and making coconut patties the Fl state candy. The theme is to paint herself as a protector of children when she’s actually a dangerous predator.

Kim Picazio, PA

First, see the screenshot that follows of Kim Picazio’s own website offering her services as a registered attorney in the state of Florida.  Why is her photo missing from her own professional site, which even shows a male profile?  Isn’t that odd?

Now, here’s a photo of Ms. Picazio:
Here’s her own Instagram photo:

Just who is Kim Picazio?  And, how does she conduct her law practice?

The following YouTube videos provide just a glimpse into the legal affairs of lawyer Kim Picazio:

What follows is a screenshot taken from one of the preceding videos that offers an important insight into Ms. Picazio’s professional MO.

SOURCE: Lawyer Kim L. Picazio’s Husband Bragged of Russian Mob Connections & Corrupt Cops and Judges in his Pocket (Video)

The true story of Ms. Picazio is still being investigated by some of the same PIs and researchers who produced the following unparalleled exposés on the FLVAXgate scandal just a few weeks ago.  Parts I and II of that ongoing vaccine investigative report follow.

Highly Organized Controlled Opposition in Florida Deceives and Betrays Anti-Vax Advocacy Groups

FLVAXgate: Controlled Opposition Vaccine Groups in Florida Carry Out Sophisticated COINTELPRO-Type Operation

The extremely nuclear content of the previous two links provided the impetus for this investigative report on FLPedogate.  The proven conspiratorial details in each post unveiled a much deeper plot about Epstein’s Florida Pedogate operation that could not be ignored.

What happened during the FL vaccine investigation is that many theretofore unknown connections and key relationships were made and observed, respectively, which compelled us to look much deeper into the exceedingly corrupt Broward County pedo-crime network.

The bottom line here for the newcomers is that there is a deep connection between the recent legislative initiatives to strip both religious and medical exemptions from all Florida residents via Senator Lauren Book’s SB 64 and the Florida pedo-crime spree that’s been ongoing for many years.  That perilous connection will be elaborated in Part III of the series.

KEY POINT: Infants and school children who have been exposed to the highly toxic childhood vaccination schedules are much more vulnerable to pedo-crime than those who have not.  These mandated vaccines contain minute chips that can be used to profoundly affect the individual both physically and psychologically.  For this and other reasons, FLVAXgate is directly related to FLPedogate.

Field McConnell

As many now know, Field McConnell was arrested yesterday in Pierce County, Wisconsin due to the execution of 3 felony warrants in Broward County, Florida.  He is being held without bond pending trial as he awaits extradition to Florida.  Which means Field could be in jail for a long time, even before his trial starts. See the “Extradition-Arrest Prior to Requisition“.

Such an arrest, given the flakiness of the charges in the context of today’s utterly lawless cyber-space, must have been executed to some extent to have highly impactful effect(s) on the Alt Media space.  Clearly, the attorney who triggered these warrants — Kim Picazio — has a reputation for using the law to strong-arm anyone who crosses her.  Such blatant abuse of the legal system occurs regularly in dark blue Broward County.

There are other purposeful black ops that take place in Broward, such as the staged Parkland FL false flag mass shooting.  That transparent psyop was so successful that new gun control laws were passed by the Florida legislature not long after that fake mass casualty event took place.  As follows:

Operation Hogg Wash Blown Wide Open in Broward County

Because Field McConnell is quite well known throughout the Alt Media, the severity of this arrest and detainment without bond will reverberate loudly among the many truth writers and speakers.  The NWO perps who are pushing this malicious prosecution aim to intimidate every alternative news website on the Net.  The truth will not be tolerated where it concerns such radioactive topics as Pedogate.

What follows is a screenshot of Field’s Twitter page.  Please take a close look at the top entry.

No other person on the planet did more to expose the Airline Industry for their corruption in the technical realm than Field McConnell.  After a distinguished career as a Navy pilot, Field became a captain for various commercial airlines.  His uncovering of the “Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot” was the first major setback for that aerospace company, as in devastating. See: How many passenger jets went down after Field McConnell warned everyone about the “Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot”?!

Field’s other investigations regarding deficient airline equipment and easily manipulated safety devices surely set up Boeing to be exposed as a serial corporate criminal.  Their latest and worst scandal ever has seen the grounding of all Boeing 737 Max jets worldwide.  Anyone who bumps up against the Military-Industrial Complex triggering such dramatic consequences will certainly feel their wrath in one way or another.  Hence, this malicious prosecution in Broward County is quite likely related to Field’s very real whistleblowing.

Even more disruptive to the global power structure, Field McConnell completely exposed the insidious and malevolent Senior Executive Service (SES) of the US government.  His own sister — Kristine Marcy — helped start the SES in 1978 during the Carter Administration.  Because of how central the treasonous SES truly is to the functioning of the U.S. Federal Government, Field was the man who essentially laid bare the inner workings of CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY.

Let’s face it: No one ever does such a great and noble service to the American Republic without suffering extraordinary “trials and tribulations”. See REMEMBER: Field McConnell was the first to expose the nefarious Senior Executive Service

KEY POINT: It should be noted that Field McConnell — wittingly or unwittingly — has sacrificed himself in the conduct of his advocacy for the children.  Little did he know he would ever be jailed under these circumstances; however, because of the sheer desperation of the dark side they have blown PICAZIOgate wide open.  Now the pedo-crime perps really kicked a hornet’s nest.


What makes PICAZIOgate so HUGE is that its uncovering will trigger all sorts of citizen investigations into the Broward County Sheriff Department, Child Protective Services, Judiciary, DA’s Office, Court System, as well as the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Much more significantly, PICAZIOgate will break open major pieces of the EPSTEINgate puzzle.  That will, in turn, expose the CLINTON FOUNDATIONgate scandal where it concerns child trafficking from various Caribbean and Central America countries to South Florida.  The world will ultimately be made aware of the carefully hidden child trafficking networks associated with UKRAINEgate.

It’s of paramount importance to understand that lawyer Kim Picazio is apparently just a low-level pawn in the Florida-wide pedo-operation.  That so many videos are available on the Internet which prove her various wrongdoings is quite shocking by any standard.  They also reflect the actions of a real amateur who appears to be clueless about how she has been set up to take the fall by the hierarchy above her.

For instance, why would an attorney ever be taped making these types of claims to a subordinate PI? See PICAZIOgate: Sex, Lies & Audiotape (Video)

The deeper any researcher digs into PICAZIOgate, the more obvious it becomes that there is something VERY wrong in Broward County.  What becomes evident is that there is a well established network of cops and lawyers, judges and prosecutors who are hooked into a county-wide child trafficking operation. See PICAZIOgate: Judge who unlawfully slapped Holmseth with injunction removed from office

However, this particular pedo-crime enterprise in Broward is only one of several throughout the state of Florida.  But, it is the premier Pedogate crime syndicate in the USA because of the endemic lawlessness and corruption of Broward, as well as Fort Lauderdale having been established as the LGBTQ capital of the world decades ago.  Consequently, the LGBTQ mafia essentially runs Broward from Lauderdale, particularly all the law enforcement departments.

KEY POINTS: Florida has seen a dramatic uptick in the number of ‘missing children’, child kidnappings, inexplicable child murders, child sexual abuse and child trafficking over the past decade.  So alarming is this disturbing trend that there is now a network of likeminded advocacy groups forming to combat it.  Parents who are deathly afraid that their children could be snatched right off the front yard by a drive-by kidnapper, or seized on their way home from school, or sexually abused by a school teacher or sports coach are banding together informally.  Florida has become ground zero for this pedo-crime wave because the weather is quite conducive for kids to spend a lot more time outside, especially during the winter months.  Likewise, many runaways go to Florida for the warm weather and these young souls are especially susceptible to all sorts of schemes and con men.

SOTN Editor’s Note: This report is a very much a work-in-progress.  There are new developments every day now.  Much is being uncovered by the various investigative journalists and Florida-based investigators and Internet researchers as they learn more about Field’s arrest and Picazio’s hidden work history, all of which will be added to this post in the days that follow. (These additions will be added as “Updates” at the end of this post.)

Florida Pedogate Investigation Team
Submitted to State of the Nation
November 5, 2019

Special Note: SOTN has published more original exposés and reposted articles on Pedogate than any other website on the Internet today.  As soon as SOTN coined the phrase —  “Pizzagate is Local, Pedogate is Global” — in the definitive exposé here, we knew this was the BIG one we’ve all been waiting for.  The FPIT has informed us that their preceding report only scratches the surface of this never-ending pedophilia/pederasty scandal.  And, that Part II promises to delineate the fine details of their in-depth investigation into PICAZIOgate as well as the many related criminal conspiracies that are much larger in scope and effect.  While this post only represents a tiny tip of the massive Pedogate iceberg, it is nonetheless a pivotal piece of the plot.

Recommended Reading

Kim Picazio has HUGE evidence-based legal problems to contend with

Why did celebrity Florida Attorney Kim Picazio really file false police reports against an Alt Media journalist?

Legal Reference

Kim Picazio’s Original Petition for Injunction (4) 9.9.11

Video Reference

Every investigator is encouraged to send any material on Agent19, the producer of the following video.  The FPIT wants to know who Agent19, Montagraph, Speak Project and other characters are who have been working in the background for Kim Picazio.  By studying the first Google page after conducting a search for the phrase “field mcconnell arrested”, it was immediately obvious that those bad actors and other like posters knew about Field’s arrest before the cops did.  How, pray tell, did that happen?!

Update 1

There’s a HUGE back story to this arrest that involves a competitor of Field McConnell’s organization known as The Children’s Crusade.  Some investigators have suggested that a competitor, even though there ought not to be any competitors in the business of saving the lives of precious children, colluded with Broward County in the takedown of Field.  His name is Craig Sawyer of Veterans for Child Rescue, and patriots sincerely hope that he had no part in this taking down of a dyed-in-the-wool patriot. See Is this the Craig Sawyer who just helped take down patriot Field McConnell?

Update 2

It has been suggested by various political analysts and Pedogate commentators that Field McConnell knowingly set himself up for this arrest.  In this way he is willingly offering himself as bait to the Pedogate perpetrators.  Of course, this shrewd tactic, if true, opens up vast opportunities during any discovery process to really expose Pedogate and get the never seen info and explosive data into the public record—FOREVER!  If this is what Field is really doing, our hat’s off to him.  However, if this is not the plan, everyone reading this post better put their hands together and, pray like there’s no tomorrow, for the protection Field McConnell.

Update 3

One of the darkest secrets of the legal profession is that many law firms are set up to do pro bono work with purposeful, yet stealthy, design.  In this way these firms, both large and small, take on sensitive cases that must be perfectly controlled in order to secure the best outcome desired by the CIVIL & CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS.  In other words, the pro bono lawyer is by no means working for the defendant; rather, they are slyly working for the prosecution.  Is this why Haileigh Cummings mother — Crystal Sheffield — really fired Kim Picazio … and then went on to file a formal bar complaint against her? See: Why does Kim Picazio pose as a pro bono lawyer for cases involving highly suspicious crimes involving children?

Update 4

The real upshot of this exposé concerns the aforementioned term “legal muscle”.  Also known as lawfare, this type of legal warfare is often used to destroy a person, family, business, non-profit or other entity that represents a serious threat to the status quo or the establishment.  In the present case, Timoth Holmseth (especially working together with Field McConnell) does pose a very real danger to the Pedogate status quo.  Whereas the Jeffrey Epstein story is quite HUGE, that’s a macro event.  Holmseth, on the other hand, goes down the smaller Pedogate rabbit holes and exposes all the deep dark secrets that allow these odious conspiracies to do their awesome damage undetected over decades—that’s a micro approach.  In order to correctly understand how lawfare has systematically taken place over centuries to keep the good guys in check, please read: How Lawyers Wrecked America and Ruined the World.

Update 5

What makes PICAZIOgate so instructive as to how Pedogate is still even going on across America is the extent to which it exposes all the key players.  By and large, they are all lawyers.  The judges, prosecutors, pro bono attorneys, as well as the legislators who write all the bad laws, are all lawyers.  Taken together, they represent a formidable force vastly arrayed against the American people.  The liars lawyer have also turned the USA into the most litigious society on Earth.  The Founding Fathers anticipated this eventuality and much more; however, their efforts were surreptitiously undermined in this regard. See: The Missing 13th Amendment: *No Lawyers Allowed In Public Office*

Update 6

Thanks to our super sleuths for sending this little piece on Agent19 and Montagraph.
Just who are Agent19 and Montagraph? Why do they work for Picazio? (Videos)

Update 7

Much has been made of different videos of Field McConnell wherein he is allegedly making death threats.  The deceitful posters portray Field’s typically candid comments as threats against certain individuals or other parties.  However, a careful listening to his exact wording in those videos reveals comments relating to the “inexorable jaws of justice” that will eventually bite their asses—the Pedogaters, of course.  How many patriots have not uttered the very same comments to their fellow patriots, family, friends and business associates after hearing about the inconceivable horrors associated with the Pedogate crime wave that has washed over the planet for centuries.  What horrors? Here’s just one of myriad horrors committed against our precious children: KILL ROOM FOUND! Pegasus Museum owned by James Alefantis.  What follows is an inside shot of the “Kill Room” located in Washington, D.C. that was recklessly posted by Comet Ping Pong Pizza owner James Alefantis himself.

Update 8

There are a number of retired and practicing attorneys within our ranks here at the FPIT.  All of them have repeated the world-famous quote by the former Chief Justice of the New York State Supreme Court—Sol Wachtler.  The truth-talking jurist made this hard-hitting statement shortly after his appointment as Chief Judge: That district attorneys could get grand juries to “indict a ham sandwich.”

Well, guess what? Field McConnell is now that “ham sandwich”.

By the way, when Justice Wachtler weighed in on a politically charged case before the high court in similar fashion, he effectively signed his own pink slip.  Not only that, the good judge was eventually set up by a honeytrap, forced to resign, convicted of blackmail, spent 13 months in prison, and was then forced to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Update 9

Why are women so often operating at the hub of these Pedogate scandals?  Because they’re usually not suspected of such egregious behavior toward powerless children?
See PEDOGATE: Women Operatives In Very High Places

Update 10

Speaking of extremely corrupt and powerful political women, some of whom literally get away with fixing primaries in broad daylight, Broward County is also home to the notorious Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS).  The fired DNC Chairwoman is not only one of Hillary Clinton’s handlers, she’s also connected to many suspects in the South Florida Pedogate network.  Given the extraordinary crime spree that surrounds DWS which always avoids prosecution, it’s no wonder that Broward County is her home base of operation. See AWANGATE: A CIA Black Operation That Used Pakistan’s ISI To Do The Dirty Work While MOSSAD’s Inside Woman Directs From Broward County

Update 11

What’s really driving the ongoing Florida Pedogate scandal?  Even in the face of unprecedented exposure, this highly complex criminal conspiracy continues unabated!  First, it’s critical to understand that money is no object to these Pedogaters.  They have billions and can essentially buy anything they want.  This worsening predicament — for all of humanity — is really a perfect example of where “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  These multi-multi-billionaires can have anything they desire, and what many of them crave the most is human immortality.  Until they can transform their bodies into deathless bio-organisms via several transhumanistic technologies and techniques, the best they can do is utilize the various longevity approaches that the  exploitation of very young and pure children offers.  The stark endpoint of this destined-to-fail experiment is described in all of its astonishing detail here: Technological Singularity: Humanity Stands at the Edge of the AI Abyss

Update 12

Just how determined are the Pedogate perps to continue their fundamentally satanic enterprise and to thwart the forces of light who are opposed to them? See: ‘The Firm’ Is Going To Cut Off Timothy Holmseth’s Head – Erase His Brain

What’s not reflected in those threatening messages to Holmseth is the way they were generated through AI cyber-brains working 24/7 in the background to ascertain what Holmseth fears the most, so that he can be stealthily triggered and then manipulated to leave this case forever.  Not only is Holmseth’s every single digital move monitored and evaluated via countless algorithms, his unaware exposure to extremely advanced AI platforms while using a smartphone or tablet subjects him to powerful mind-reading technologies.  The most effective of these Autonomous Superintelligence entities can then send him daunting messages like those posted in the preceding link.

Update 13

After Broward County, Hollywood is the second Pedogate capital in the USA.  What goes on in Tinstletown is quite shocking by any standard especially where it concerns outright child abuse and exploitation. See: Here’s how Hollywood shamelessly promotes child exploitation to an extreme degree!

BAGHDADIgate: CIA Psyop, MOSSAD Black Op, Deep State Gambit, Extrajudicial Assassination Hoax, or All Four?

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
is a CIA asset, MOSSAD agent,
MI6 operative, Al-Qaeda terrorist
and Saudi-paid IS overlord who iss
simply way too valuable to be offed.

Former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi addresses followers in an April 2019 video. Al-Furqan Media

State of the Nation

Everyone knows how a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, take a close look at the preceding photo of infamous ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Are we expected to believe that such a perfectly staged photograph — with an assault rifle nicely propped up for effect — is a current one of the most dangerous man in the world since Osama bin Laden?

What an utterly ridiculous joke … … … as well as purposeful deceit by you know who?

Even Baghdadi’s hasty (but fake) burial was performed just like OBL’s. See: Baghdadi’s burial at sea hoaxed just like Osama bin Laden’s was!

Baghdadi’s Been Dead for Years

It’s entirely true that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has died at least four times so far, in 4 different locations, and at 4 different times, according to various media reports.  What follows is just one of those media accounts.

Did Deep State forget that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died in an Israeli hospital in 2015?

Apparently, the folks at Langley who planned out the implementation plan for this extrajudicial assassination hoax totally forgot about all these previous deaths OF THE VERY SAME FABRICATED TERRORIST. See: BAGHDADIgate: All the evidence points to a fake ISIS leader killing & staged CIA-MOSSAD hoax

Even from looking at his various photos on the net, it’s clear that Baghdadi has received some very serious training as a Hollywood-trained crisis actor … just like “Lawrence of Arabia” received expert acting instruction in London.

The critical point here is that, just like Osama bin Laden, the C.I.A. creates these mythical terrorist overlords who miraculously come back to life — one death after another — until they are set up for the BIG ONE when they are finally killed for good by a valiant U.S. Military special ops team … … … who themselves are eventually murdered in order to keep the ultra-secret black non-operation an eternal secret.

Really, you can’t make this stuff up!  Not even Hollywood does this on the silver screen, and all they do is twist and malign true stories until they’re no longer recognizable.

What’s really going on with Baghdadi?

Actually, it’s complicated.  Real complicated!

However, it’s the curious timing of this Zio-Saudi-Anglo-American psychopathocracy-sponsored melodrama and specific sequence of events that tell the real story.  Here’s the hidden narrative that’s even supported by the MSM news reports.

First, Turkey is given the green light by Putin and Trump to invade the Syrian-Turkish border in order to scare the livin’ daylight out of the Kurds.

The Kurds were deceitfully used by the Obama administration to fight ISIS after being promised their own homeland that roughly approximates Kurdistan.  Such a deal represented an outright theft of land from Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran.  That harebrained CIA scheme was just another deliberate attempt to control the Northern Levant by their Kurdish proxies with an ax to grind (a legitimate one) who are really being remotely controlled by Israel.  Of course, all the terrorist groups in the region are also controlled by the same Zionist cabal in Tel Aviv. See: Is The Jewish Leader Of ISIS Really Dead?

Like we said: this is really complicated … and yet we haven’t even touched on the many more complex issues.

Now the Trump administration has a completely different take on the Kurds, and Syria, than the exceedingly corrupt Obamabots.  That’s why Trump removed the American troops who stood as a buffer on the border against a Turkish invasion.  Most significantly, this move prevented the Kurds from taking ownership of the Syrian oil reserves that they required to fund Kurdistan, oil and gas revenues they desperately needed to become independent from highly manipulative foreign influences.

Truly, virtually every Kurdish move has been made to meet these existential threats.  However, such desperation never provides the position of strength necessary to effectively negotiate with the likes of the US, Russia, Turkey, UK, Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc.  We’re talking about the Kurds being wedged between the proverbial rock and hard place … without a sliver of wiggle room.

With this crucial understanding, the Kurds were predictably thrust back under the protectorate of Assad’s government.  That the Kurds really do trust President Bashar al-Assad speaks volumes about the integrity of the highly respected Syrian leader.  See the following articles for the back story that will NEVER appear in the CIA’s Mockingbird Media.

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: Secret Back Story Reveals Why The West Cannot Topple His Government

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: The Well-Hidden Back Story

The Secret Power Behind Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Back to Baghdadi.

This CIA-schooled terrorist leader was set up as the unifying force for all of the disparate terrorist groups that were trained, funded, armed and transported (via brand new U.S.-made Toyota trucks) to their respected theaters of war throughout the Northern Levant by the covert CIA-MI6-MOSSAD-GID network that’s been operating in Syria practically forever.

In view of these realities, the precise timing of Baghdadi’s latest and final death is quite revealing.

The execution plan was carried out right after President Trump stated that the US military would be re-positioned to guard the Syrian gas and oil fields within the Kurd-controlled areas of northeastern Syria.

Hence, it’s clear that Trump is putting out a message — LOUD & CLEAR — that those Syrian oil and gas reserves are no longer in the possession of ISIS terror groups, or Kurds, or Turkey, or any other player (read: thief) in the region.

It’s of critical importance to understand that those energy reserves and conduits, as well as the related industrial plant capacity, were one of the primary reasons for the Syrian war being instigated by the Zionists Neocons in the first place.  The stark reality is that Israel needs oil bad, and Syria was the closest neighbor to steal it from.  Rothschild-controlled Genie Energy was incorporated by a Who’s Who of Neocon warmongers and Zionist VIPs who were determined to overthrow Assad to plunder all the oil they could, as well as steal Syrian territory such as the Golan Heights.

The Trump card

In light of the current moves on the Mideast regional geopolitical chessboard, the $64,000 question remains: What are Trump’s true intentions?

Are his ever-changing maneuvers being made on behalf of Israel?

Or, is he sincerely protecting the Syrian oil reserves from the ISIS networks now operating out of Iraq?

The extremely violent CIA-engineered protests throughout Iraq this month are, again, conveniently creating a conducive environment for the emergence of ISIS terror groups there that easily cross the border into Syria.  This has also served to justify Trump’s movement of US troops from Syria to Iraq, quite conveniently … and at a time when the Iraqi leadership in Baghdad wants them out of the country for good.

Pompeo at State and Haspel at the C.I.A. appear to be totally on board with the perfidious Neocon scenario whereby the Trump is given the justification to keep U.S. Armed Forces in the area to ‘defend’ against terrorist incursions.  This dubious conduct has defined an endless pattern of maintaining a strong military presence FOR THE SAKE OF ISRAEL.

Great Israel project

At the end of the day, it could be argued that every single move in the Northern Levant by the Trump administration is made in the interest of advancing the Greater Israel project.

Which means that American blood and treasure is systematically being expended for the continuous the protection of Israel, as well as for the stealthy theft of oil and gas (by Genie Energy) for Israel’s economic security.

It’s interesting to note, then, that this is the same clandestine project, which Putin totally blew up in the October of 2015, is at odds with the Russian peace plan.  But then it may not be if Trump and Putin are somehow working in secret.  See: Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’

Therefore, it would appear that Russia is not happy at all with the Trump administration’s gambit to take over the Syrian oil fields…unless they are faking out Deep State.  There’s no question, however, that the Kremlin seriously doubts Baghdadi was even killed this week.  Well, maybe even that doubt is being faked.

Russia says Baghdadi killing faked by U.S.

Parallels to Jeffrey Epstein’s disappearance

People, please be aware that it takes several decades to sufficiently brainwash and install all the necessary mind-control programs into a CIA-Mossad asset at the level of a “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi”.

There was no more pivotal black operation than the ISIS takeover of Syria and Iraq that began in 2011.  The establishment of the rogue Islamic State toward the establishment of the bogus ISIL caliphate was central to the success of the Greater Israel project.  Toward that end, Baghdadi (or at least his carefully cultivated terrorist image) was a principal player in the outworking of the whole psyop.

You gotta give it to the Brits: they are always the surreptitious Shakespearean producers of these horror flicks, working completely under the radar while everyone else does the dirty work.  Of course, the indispensable element of this Baghdadi melodrama was the mystery man himself who has never been seen or heard except when the CIA needed a cameo photo for the MSM news reports.

Now think Jeffrey Epstein: another mystery man who suddenly disappears in the night AFTER PULLING OFF THE LONGEST CHILD SEXUAL ASSAULT CRIME SPREE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT in US history.  Didn’t Baghdadi and his tribe of terrorists do the same thing all over the Northern Levant?!

Prison Eye-witness Says Epstein Was Released Alive in a Wheelchair at 4:15 AM on Day of Alleged Suicide

Just like the preceding exposé clearly indicates, it’s quite likely that Baghdadi was also secreted away to, where else, but Israel—a rogue, apartheid nation set up as a criminal state actor in order to provide the ‘color of law’ to carry out all sorts of illicit schemes and heinous atrocities.

Just as Israel has provided safe haven to every kind of international criminal who ever fleeced or attempted to swindle the Russian Federation of their wealth and land and other state assets, it’s quite likely that Baghdadi and Epstein are living in the same underground city used to host criminal characters who can never show their faces anywhere in the planetary civilization unless they do a complete face job.

It’s also quite likely that the previous Epstein photo could also reflect the same Israeli sponsors of Baghdadi; after all, PM Netanyahu is well known for visiting with Western-controlled terrorists who are being cared for in an Israeli hospital.

Source: Israel Supports ISIS

‘Baghdadi dog’ & ‘Whimpering Baghdadi’

You have to admit it: The CIA directors of this psyop really went above and beyond when they enlisted the top brass of the U.S. Armed Force to provide official statements about the so-called assassination.  They even got the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff speaking about the ‘Baghdadi dog’ to lend credibility to the transparent hoax!

Before that, the juvenile perps of this laughable fraud even had the chutzpah to portray the actual hit in this manner: What a sketch! Baghdadi was really ‘Whimpering, Crying and Screaming’?!

Just so we have this straight; the fearless leader of this mercenary army of terrorists organizations was “whimpering, crying and screaming” all the way to his 40 virgins? Couldn’t they come up with a better script than that?!

We all know that the Israeli-run U.S. Intelligence Community will do anything and everything possible to show Islamic militants under the most negative light.  In so doing, the same CIA “screenplay directors” portray even authentic Muslim freedom fighters in the same pejorative way.  After decades of this type of patently false reporting, the West is always ready to go to war with any Muslim country where most of these armed conflicts are actually started with unprovoked acts of naked aggression by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis.[1]


Like the several other Military-Industrial Complex-driven wars for land, resources and strategic locations, the Syrian War offers no signs of relenting.  The powerful forces at work there are too many and too entrenched to give up even an inch of land or iota of their gains.

While Trump talks of exiting that hapless theater of war, he is constantly thwarted by the Neocon Zionists infesting his administration.  This has proven to be an unmitigated tragedy for all parties involved, especially the good people of Syria.  And, the main beneficiary of all the strife and conflict is always Israel.

Whereas President Trump got rid of the treacherous warmonger John Bolton, he needs to fire all the rabid Neocons and Zionists infecting his peacemaking agenda.  Some commentators have opined that it was Bolton himself who was behind the various conspiracies that have profoundly plagued the US relationship with Syria, Iran and Iraq.  Hence, taking Baghdadi off the Middle Eastern stage for good may somehow be a sign of positive change but that remains to be seen.

Bottom Line: Not only does the fate of the planetary civilization depend upon Trump’s peacemaking efforts in Syria, the immediate future of humanity hangs in the balance.  For as the saying goes: “Only when there is peace in the Middle East can there be world peace.” 

State of the Nation
October 29, 2019

[1] Anglo-American Axis (AAA)

The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries. So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also owe their allegiance to the AAA but some of these may be changing. The World Shadow Government is an ultra-secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.
(Source: Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’)