How America Was Being SYSTEMATICALLY Overthrown In 12 Steps…Until Trump

Overthrowing America in Twelve Steps

By the Anonymous Patriot
The Millennium Report Exclusive

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time,
with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”   

— Thomas Jefferson                                                                     

For the last one hundred years, transnational interests have attempted to overthrow America for economic gain and political control. Starting in 1913 and continuing until today, there have been a series of steps taken to continually undermine American freedoms and fleece the wealth of our nation. The largest corporations in history have been fighting this battle for American wealth and resources through banking wars, political wars, and outright war. Many banking families and warlord corporations have vied for the prize of America, and it seemed that the Bush/Clinton/Obama criminal family had sold out American freedoms and consolidated power in the White House and its CIA operatives both inside and outside of the government. Electing Hillary Clinton (and husband Bill) would have created a modern “economic monarchy” in America that would quickly sell every asset and resource in a fire sale that would have burnt down America and consumed the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights in flames.

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You Gotta Know History to Understand Today

Ever since Pope Alexander VI declared that all lands west and south of any of the islands of the Azores should belong to Spain, a fierce battle began. America has been in a commerce war waged between Portuguese sailors working for German banking families, the Fuggers, Welsers and Warburgs, and their rivals in the British and Dutch East India Companies. These imperialistic corporations were created by the richest banking families in Hamburg, Amsterdam, and London to strip the East of its spices through any means necessary.

Eventually, these corporations became more powerful than any nation at the time and had navies and armies that waged war in the name of mercantilism. The explorations of America were focused on finding spices, gold, silk, and an easier passage to the Indies.  These bankers, shareholders and imperialistic corporations came to participate in what was called, commerce with a sword.

The American Revolution was fought over the issue of which trading company would own the largest share of American commerce. British taxes levied over British East India Company tea was a breaking point for the Boston colonists who threw the tea in the Boston harbor. Britain, Spain, Germany, and France were vying for the spoils of the new continent and became deeply embroiled in the commerce of taxes, cotton, textiles, tobacco, sugar, and slaves. The British East India Company handled the trading of goods with the northern colonies while the Dutch East India Company provided goods and slaves to southern colonies. European nations fought for economic control of America also and were used as political tools by corporate interests.

Transnational banking families and corporations, who we can call “warlord bankers and corporate imperialists,” were in a war against American nationalism and self-rule. Britain and the warlord bankers offered to found banks in the colonies that would issue paper money, fiat currency, instead of using gold and silver coins. The many attempts to “loan” the American Continental Congress money for the impending war were spurned because of the entanglements that come with repaying interest on the original “war-loan.” In the end, the American Revolution was won, in part, because the colonists accepted a huge war-loan from Spain. 

Benjamin Franklin and many others were against accepting any loans and instead offered to create a land bank that would issue paper currency and handled the war-debt.  Franklin’s ideas were rejected and the beginning of American “national” banks took on the Spanish war-debt. Thus, the stage was set for the first step in the overthrow of America.

Step One – Creating the U.S. Federal Reserve

Eventually, after creating numerous U.S. national banks, the need for monetary stabilization led America to create the Federal Reserve System in 1913 with its twelve central banks that theoretically control U.S. economic policy. Unfortunately, the same warlord bankers and corporate imperialists were the initial investors in the Federal Reserve assuring that the U.S. Treasury debt would be held by the same people who hold the debt of most other nations through a central banking system. The same German and British bankers were deeply involved in the planning and funding of the Federal Reserve: the Rothschild banking family (originally a German family named Bauer), the Warburg banking family, Rothschild’s prior employee J. P. Morgan, the Rockefeller family (close associates of the Rothschild family). and a few other European banking families. 

From the beginning, these families knew that the Federal Reserve System, a private corporation, would own the debt from the initial infusion of investment capital and that the interest on those funds would continually grow and never be able to be fully repaid, thus compounding the debt and increasing its amount continually and creating economic slavery of the entire nation. This type of central bank capital investment is behind all 189 countries that use a central banking system in the world. This explains why America has a $20 trillion war-debt to a private corporation of warlord bankers who have no intention of letting American’s be economically free.

Translation:  Foreign control of the American economic system keeps Americans enslaved to the policies of warlord bankers and corporate imperialists.

Step Two – Creation of the Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921, is a United States nonprofit organization, publisher, and think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. It is headquartered in New York City, and hosted by the Roman Catholic Church. Its membership has included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of stateCIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors, and senior media figures.

The CFR promotes globalizationfree trade, reducing financial regulations on transnational corporations, and economic consolidation into regional blocs such as NAFTA or the European Union, and develops policy recommendations that reflect these goals. The CFR meetings convene government officials, global business leaders and prominent members of the intelligence and foreign-policy community to discuss international issues. The CFR publishes the bi-monthly journal Foreign Affairs, and runs the David Rockefeller Studies Program, which influences foreign policy by making recommendations to the presidential administration and diplomatic community, testifying before Congress, interacting with the media, and publishing on foreign policy issues.

The CFR was modeled after the Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly known as Chatham House. It is a non-profitnon-governmental organization based in London whose mission is to analyze and promote the understanding of major international issues and current affairs. It is a pseudo-secret organization but is still ranked the second most influential think tank in the world.

Translation: British imperialists and international interests control US Foreign policy which always drives towards the clash of civilizations, war economies, and the destabilization of America.

Step Three – Creating the Exchange Stabilization Fund

The U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) was established at the Treasury Department by a provision in the Gold Reserve Act as a response to Britain’s Exchange Equalization Account. The fund began operations in 1934, financed by the $2 billion in paper profit the government realized from raising the price of gold to $35 an ounce from $20. The act authorized the ESF to use its capital to deal in gold and foreign exchange to stabilize the exchange value of the dollar. The ESF, as originally designed, was part of the executive branch not subject to legislative oversight.

Over time, the ESF became the sole director of U.S. economic policy from offices in the U.S. Treasury. The ESF eventually came to control the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. The ESF started printing paper money for the Treasury and giving it to the Fed to “do with as it pleased” and this created our $20 trillion debt. The Federal Reserve and its twelve central banks have never been audited. The shareholders of the Fed still make huge profits each year while the U.S. debt rises and U.S. taxpayers line the pockets of foreign warlord bankers.

Translation:  The U.S. currency, stock markets, commodity markets, gold and silver prices, and interest rates are all completely rigged by the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

Step Four – Joining the United Nations

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation. A replacement for the League of Nations, the organization was established on October 24, 1945 after World War II in order to prevent another global conflict. At its founding, the UN had 51 member states; there are now 193. The headquarters of the United Nations is in ManhattanNew York City, and has extraterritoriality. Other main offices are situated in GenevaNairobi, and Vienna. The organization is financed by assessed and voluntary contributions from its member states. Its objectives include maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict.

The International Monetary Fund is a United Nation international organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. The IMF was formed in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference primarily by the ideas of Harry Dexter White who was later found to be a Russian spy. It came into formal existence in 1945 with 29 member countries and the goal of reconstructing the international payment system. Countries contribute funds to a pool through a quota system from which countries experiencing balance of payments problems can borrow money. As of 2016, the IMF had about $668 billion in the fund.

The Bretton Woods Conference, formally known as the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, was the gathering of 730 delegates from all 44 Allied nations in Bretton WoodsNew Hampshire to regulate the international monetary and financial order after the conclusion of World War II.

The IMF is an international gambling casino for nations. It is a tool of the UN to channel world economics through one source that makes sure that the largest donor nations remain in control. The IMF became a new mechanism for making “war loans” that could keep armed conflicts and economic war-games raging around the planet. The IMF is the tool of “economic development” that actually represents international corporation’s interests in developing countries. Loans are made to countries so that money is available to hire U.S. corporations to move in and fleece resources and assets leaving the country with more debt than they had to begin with.

The IMF does not look out for the interests of Americas, just American corporations and their international associates. It is highly likely that IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) will become an international currency and that the IMF itself will become the basis for a global economic system in contradistinction to US currency. The IMF serves multi-national corporations and banks instead of America, even though America pays more money into the IMF than any other country. Americans get absolutely nothing from the IMF except continued erosion of the U.S. dollar and the U.S. economy.

Translation:  Americans surrendered political and economic national sovereignty when we joined the United Nations. 

Step Five – The Birth of the Bush Criminal Family

In 1926, Prescott Bush became vice president of W.A. Harriman and Company, an investment firm, later known as Brown Brothers, Harriman. While Prescott Bush was a director of Union Banking Corp., a New York investment bank owned by a bank controlled by the Thyssen family, it was seized by the federal government because it helped bankroll Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Fritz Thyssen was an early financial supporter of Hitler, whose National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi) Mr. Thyssen believed was preferable to communism. Union Banking was owned by a Dutch bank, Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaardt N.V., which was “closely affiliated” with the German conglomerate, United Steel Works. The Dutch bank and the steel firm were part of the business and financial empire of Thyssen.

Union Banking was seized by the government in October 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act.  Bush’s position with Union Banking didn’t stop him from later being elected to the Senate from Connecticut in 1952.

George H. W. Bush Leads CIA

John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza in DallasTexas. Many believe that George H. W. Bush was in charge of the CIA that day and that the CIA was responsible for President Kennedy’s death. Below we see a picture of George H. W. Bush standing on the steps of the Book Depository Building on the day of the assassination. 

The October Surprise

The October Surprise refers to a plot to influence the outcome of the 1980 United States presidential election, contested between incumbent president Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. One of the leading national issues during that year was the release of 52 Americans being held hostage in Iran. Reagan won the election. On the day of his inauguration—in fact, 20 minutes after he concluded his inaugural address—Iran announced the release of the hostages. The timing gave rise to an allegation that representatives of Reagan’s presidential campaign had conspired with Iran to delay the release until after the election to thwart President Carter from pulling off an “October surprise.”  The Reagan Administration rewarded Iran for its participation in the plot by supplying Iran with weapons via Israel and by unblocking Iranian government monetary assets in U.S. banks. It is easy to smell the foul works of George Bush behind these machinations.

On March 30, 1981, a shooting occurred at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C., which targeted Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. While leaving a speaking engagement at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., President Reagan and three others were shot and wounded by John Hinckley, Jr., a close personal friend of the Bush family. After Reagan was shot, an Executive Order was signed putting Vice President George H. W. Bush in charge of U.S. foreign policy, which is the domain of the CIA.

Bush was also appointed foreign affairs “crisis manager” by executive order. After that, Bush could act without worry of detection or blame for his continued CIA dominance of international affairs. This began the Bush CIA White House that continues even today.  Below we see a list of the handiwork of Bush while he was Vice President.

The Iran Contra Scandal

 “If the American people ever find out what we have done,
they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.”

—  George H. W. Bush to White House correspondent Sarah McClendon

The Iran–Contra scandal occurred during the second term of the Reagan Administration. Senior administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, which was the subject of an arms embargo. They hoped, thereby, to fund the Contras in Nicaragua while at the same time negotiating the release of several U.S. hostages. Under the Boland Amendment, further funding of the Contras by the government had been prohibited by Congress.

The scandal began as an operation to free the seven American hostages being held in Lebanon by Hezbollah, a paramilitary group with Iranian ties. It was planned that Israel would ship weapons to Iran, and then the United States would resupply Israel and receive the Israeli payment. The Iranian recipients promised to do everything in their power to achieve the release of the U.S. hostages. Large modifications to the plan were devised by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council in late 1985, in which a portion of the proceeds from the weapon sales was diverted to fund anti-Sandinista, or Contras, in Nicaragua. George H. W. Bush was vice-president at the time of the affair and in charge of foreign affairs.

On March 4, 1987, Reagan said that “what began as a strategic opening to Iran deteriorated, in its implementation, into trading arms for hostages.”

Iran Contra Scandal Indictments

Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense, was indicted on two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. Weinberger received a pardon from George H. W. Bush

Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Adviser, convicted of withholding evidence, but after a plea bargain was given two years probation. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush.

Elliott Abrams, Assistant Secretary of State, convicted of withholding evidence, but after a plea bargain was given two years’ probation. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush.

Alan D. Fiers, Chief of the CIA’s Central American Task Force, convicted of withholding evidence and sentenced to one year probation. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush.

Clair George, Chief of Covert Ops-CIA, convicted on two charges of perjury, but pardoned by President George H. W. Bush before sentencing.

Oliver North, member of the National Security Council convicted of accepting an illegal gratuity, obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and destruction of documents, but the ruling was overturned since he had been granted immunity.

John Poindexter, National Security Advisor, was convicted of five counts of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury, defrauding the government, and the alteration and destruction of evidence. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush.

Duane Clarridge, ex-CIA senior official, he was indicted in November 1991 on seven counts of perjury and false statements relating to a 1985 arms shipment to Iran. Pardoned before trial by President George H. W. Bush.

Richard V. Secord, former Air Force major general, was involved in arms transfers to Iran and diversion of funds to Contras and making false statements to Congress. Sentenced to two years’ probation. As part of his plea bargain, Secord agreed to provide further truthful testimony in exchange for the dismissal of remaining criminal charges against him.

Translation: The birth of the Bush Criminal Family comes from illegal war-mongering.  The Bush Criminal Family has no regard for the rule of law and will use government authority to enrich their personal lust for power and money.

Step Six – Bush’s 911 False Flag

The 911 Commission Investigation was a complete farce run by Robert Mueller, the same person who ran the investigation on the BCCI scandal (CIA bank), the Iran-Contra criminal investigation, and the Noriega-CIA drug investigation. The Commissioners of the Investigation of 911 followed no leads, investigated no banks or brokers and the case was closed without looking at any evidence, with 28 pages of sealed testimony by Bush and Cheney remaining secret. In the wake of the total destruction of five buildings in the World Trade Center complex by the supposed collision of two airplanes, over 15 investigations into a variety of economic terrorism came to a halt. The culprits of 911 have not been caught and the real motives have been displaced on to patsy characters and groups, to name a few, Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Linden, radical Islamic terrorism, Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

These 15 pending investigations included: the theft of national treasuries of Russia and the Philippines; the use of heroin sales proceeds to fund covert intelligence operations in Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc.; illegal bribes to various Central Asian oligarchs from major corporate financial contributors to the Bush campaigns, illegal gold and money laundering operations; and $280 billion in fraudulent Brady Bonds issued to Russian criminal oligarchs. After 911, the FBI, ONI, SEC, and all other government agencies now grouped under Homeland Security focused much of their efforts on “terrorism” and dropped all 15 investigations.

Conveniently for the culprits being investigated, the two WTC airplane strikes were direct hits on the largest traders of U.S. Securities, which were the only trades that were made on the morning of 911. The FBI center holding the records of the investigations exploded before the first plane struck. Rescue teams had already reached the FBI offices before the first plane struck. Towers 7, 4, and 6 all exploded and the records in those towers were also destroyed. The Pentagon’s missing $2.3 trillion that Rumsfeld announced the day before can be traced to some of these investigations. There was much to be lost by many bankers, brokers, and CIA politicians and operatives in those investigations.

See our extensive research on 911 at  Treason: Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 911?

It appears that contrary to what the U.S. Government, under the guidance of George W. Bush, Jr., has convinced the public, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, but not for the purpose of jihad. These unknown terrorists most likely were contract operatives working under the guidance of the Mossad and rogue U.S. intelligence operatives. Their objective was to bring to an end numerous U.S. investigations into secret Swiss bank accounts and Deutsche Bank transactions which would have exposed numerous criminal activities by the Russian mafia and the George Bush Sr.’s intelligence operations going back as far as 1991.

Like the Iran Contra scandal of the 1980’s, George Bush Sr. used a wide array of illegal activities to fund intelligence operations for a foreign policy he deemed appropriate, and decided to pursue, without Congressional confirmation, and in violation of the law. His administration’s foreign policies were nothing more than illegal activities developed to take over the Central Asian and Russian oil and gas fields of the former Soviet Union through use of privately funded armies and financial fraud – just as he had illegally funded covert activities to promote foreign policy in Iran and Nicaragua. Illegal activities also included Bush’s payoffs to Russian oligarchs with ten-year Brady Bonds to ensure the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

The Bush Criminal Family has been propelled into history by “dark ops” across the globe, funded by the initial theft of the World War II Asian treasuries recovered by Ferdinand Marcos, and subsidized by criminal profits from weapons for drugs for cash. The involvement of the Bush apparatus in facilitating this trade between crime organizations, terrorist organizations, and mainstream political parties is seen in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Albania, Columbia, Nicaragua, to mention the obvious examples. Using these funds, they have destabilized these same areas for the sake of controlling oil, while their Russian/Israeli mafia partners reap the gold and diamond mineral wealth. This type of illegal activity became standard operating procedure for Bush Sr. and subsequently Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama.

Translation:  The false flag attacks of 911 were orchestrated by Bush Sr. through Dick Chaney to cover their tracks.

Step Seven – Enacting of the USA Patriot Act

The US Patriot Act is an Act of Congress that was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001 in response to the attacks of 911. The full title is “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.”

The Patriot Act was established after the 911 and its main point was to protect people from terrorism. It allows FBI agents to search personal information of people, to read their emails, and listen to their private phone calls.

It breaches the First Amendment, which declares our rights to freedom expression, speech and information.

The Patriot Act allows the federal government to take away the property of a “supposed” terrorist without notice or the agreement of the judge. The FBI can search private records within financial institutions and look into personal records such as medical, phone, internet, student or library records. Federal agents do not need to have or show any reasons that a person is engaged in “supposed” criminal or political activity to search the person. The FBI does not need to prove any criminal charges against her/him to deny U.S. Civil Liberties protected by the U.S. Constitution. Many of the provisions of the Bill of Rights were supplanted by the Patriot Act. 

President Carter has denounced the Patriot Act for authorizing federal agents “to search people’s homes and businesses secretly, to confiscate property without any deadline or without giving notice that the intrusion had taken place, and to collect without notice personal information on American citizens including their medical histories, books checked out of libraries, and goods they purchase.” 

“What the American People are witnessing now with this new legislation (USA Freedom Act – the newly edited Patriot Act) is the further development of an American Police State into a Military Dictatorship, a process that was started by the so-called USA Patriot Act in 2001,” says Professor Francis Boyle, the constitutional law authority at the University of Illinois, Champaign.  “If it is enacted into law, America will lose all pretense of having our military subjected to the control of democratically elected civilian leaders as originally envisioned and required by the Constitution.”

Translation:  The Patriot Act (USA Freedom Act) abolished the rights and protections to citizens by undermining the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Step Eight – Financial Legislation for Warlord Bankers

The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, is an act of the 106th United States Congress (1999–2001). It repealed part of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933, removing barriers in the market among banking companies, securities companies and insurance companies that prohibited any one institution from acting as any combination of an investment bank, a commercial bank, and an insurance company. With the bipartisan passage of the GrammLeachBliley Act, commercial banks, investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies were allowed to consolidate. Furthermore, it failed to give to the SEC or any other financial regulatory agency the authority to regulate large investment bank holding companies. The legislation was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, commonly referred to as a bailout of the U.S. financial system, was a law enacted in response to the subprime mortgage crisis authorizing the United States Secretary of the Treasury to spend up to $700 billion to purchase distressed assets, especially mortgage-backed securities, and supply cash directly to banks. The funds for purchase of distressed assets were mostly redirected to inject capital into banks and other financial institutions while the Treasury continued to examine the usefulness of targeted asset purchases. Both foreign and domestic banks are included in the program. The Act was proposed by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson during the global financial crisis of 2008 and signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 3, 2008.

Translation: These actions and laws amounted to a total sell-out of American “free markets” to warlord bankers and corporate imperialists who then became “too big to fail.”

Step Nine – Broadening the National Defense Authorization Act

“The 2012 NDAA is a bold and dangerous attempt to establish martial law in America.”  Rand Paul

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a United States federal law specifying the budget, expenditures, and other provisions of the United States Department of Defense. The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 makes it legal to broadcast propaganda within America that usually is used against our “enemies.”  US citizens are now treated like enemy combatants whose “perception” must be managed to come in line with presidential “National Security” policies.  The Department of Defense may now broadcast propaganda with the approval and authority of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) both internationally and domestically.  (See our article on Legal Propaganda for more details.)

Any presidential policy may be accompanied by broadcasts that use subliminal programming as a form of brain-washing. These mechanisms that squelch dissent have been used since the Reagan administration to shape public opinion to support administrative policies. Wars require domestic support and these “black ops” programs started to use the “psy-ops” tools of the military. DARPA, the research and development arm of the military, has created many tools to control the enemy through media that shapes public perception. It is called “perception management” and has been used legally in advertising since the late seventies and also in electronic warfare throughout the world to brain-wash our enemies and shape their perception and opinion of America.

From Amendment 114 of the NDAA 2012: “The Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors are authorized to use funds appropriated or otherwise made available for public diplomacy information programs to provide for the preparation, dissemination, and use of information intended for foreign audiences abroad about the United States, its people, and its policies, through press, publications, radio, motion pictures, the Internet, and other information media, including social media, and through information centers, instructors, and other direct or indirect means of communication. It is time to liberate the authority of the US government to broadcast American produced foreign propaganda in the U.S.”

The amendment empowers the State Department and Pentagon to utilize all forms of media against the American public for the sake of coercing US citizens to believe whatever version of the truth the US government wants them to believe. All oversight is removed with Amendment 114 regardless of whether the information disseminated is truthful, partially truthful or completely false.

Four billion dollars per year is spent by the Pentagon on propaganda aimed at the American public. The Pentagon uses fake accounts on social media sites to purvey false information, harass users and enact perception management to influence Americans. Sophisticated software allows the military to engage in online conversations with coordinated answers, blog comments and instant messaging remarks that are solely meant to spread pro-American propaganda.

In 2012, Obama signed an order called National Defense Resources Preparedness giving himself explicit control over the nation and declaring a permanent state of Martial Law in the U.S. due to terrorism. It gives the U.S. Government the right to detain anyone for anything indefinitelyObama renewed that order every year since then. 

The Broadcasting Board of Governors allows a new perception management system called Information Operations (IO), which is defined as “the integrated employment of electronic warfare (EW), computer network operations (CNO), psychological operations (PSYOP), military deception (MILDEC), and operations security (OPSEC), in concert with specified supporting and related capabilities, to influence, disrupt, corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decision making while protecting our own.”

Information Operations activities are undertaken to shape the essential narrative of a conflict or situation and thus affect the attitudes and behaviors of the targeted audience and equates descriptions of combat operations with standard marketing strategies. With the NDAA 2012 in its current form, the State Department and Pentagon can go beyond manipulating mainstream media outlets and directly disseminate campaigns of misinformation to the American public. Major parts of the legislation are based on the assumption that key legal protections for individuals are incompatible with the requirements of “national security.”

The 2013 NDAA overturned a 64-year ban on the domestic dissemination of propaganda which is described as public diplomacy information. It preaches freedom of the press abroad while practicing censorship at home. The resources and personnel who focus on talking about America overseas are diverted in favor of domestic perception management. There are no checks and balances. No one knows if the information is accurate, partially accurate, or entirely false.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, NDAA 2014 authorizes presidents “to order the military to pick up and imprison people, including U.S. citizens, without charging them or putting them on trial.  The ACLU charges the provisions of NDAA “were negotiated by a small group of members of Congress, in secret, and without proper congressional review and, are inconsistent with fundamental American values embodied in the Constitution. Our fundamental freedoms are on the line.”

In the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016, Obama skirts around the Constitution by having Sections 1021 and 1022, authorize “indefinite military detention, without charge or without trial, any person, including an American citizen”, and applies the “Laws of War,” to U.S. soil, making the United States legally a battlefield. Obama claimed he would develop “an appropriate legal regime” to permanently detain people prior to having committed any crime. The idea of these detentions would be to prevent any individual from committing a “possible future crime.” Obama says that he might detain someone up to ten years before they might commit a crime. The NDAA removes all of the rights guaranteed under the US Bill of Rights.

The Countering Foreign Disinformation and Propaganda Act of 2016, initially entitled the Countering Information Warfare Act, essentially created another level on top of the Broadcasting Board of Governors that has complete control of every type of broadcast in America.  Some call this new governmental mechanism of scrubbing all American broadcasts, the “Ministry of Truth.”  In a post-truth age, we call it Main Stream Media.

Translation: Obama has declared all Americans to be enemies until proven otherwise and thus subject to military attacks without recourse to US laws. 

Step Ten – George Soros Conducts CIA Economic Terrorism

“It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”   George Soros, The Independent, 1993

George Soros has been behind destabilizing national currencies and markets in England, China, Thailand, Burma, Hungary, France, Russia, USSR, and many other countries.  No country in the world is safe from Soros who is a wanted criminal in numerous countries and yet he is allowed to give $6 billion to the Democratic National Committee and be the largest donor to the Clinton and Sanders campaigns. Soros owns the DNC and the DNC leaks demonstrate that Hillary and the Democratic Party take their orders from Soros.

Soros uses the old trick of the Jesuits to first buy his way into the hearts of his enemies while establishing “influence” organizations that preach the Socialist philosophy of Soros’s “Open Society.” Infiltrate, educate and control are the Jesuit steps, also called covert penetration, brainwashing, and propagandizing. Soros has a vast network of financial and social intelligence that is similar to the CIA’s but even more insidious because the espionage and subversion drives his “economic terrorism” that has vampirized nations and driven millions into poverty.

It seems that Soros is only content when he is attacking markets for his own personal gain, or fomenting decent in one of the 187 political activist organizations he backs in America. He has given over $4 billion world-wide since 2002 to these one-sided groups that work to destabilize nations. Soros removes politicians who stand in the way of him fleecing the assets of a country. He has removed numerous duly elected national leaders through the political actions of these organizations. 

Under the guise of Democracy, Soros infiltrates and destabilizes politicians he opposes and rakes in the assets during the chaos and economic confusion. He finds a weakness in the economic system of a country, and then leverages it until the country’s economy crashes. 

Even though Soros does not pay a single penny in taxes in America, he is considered one of the wealthiest people in the world. All of his operations run from off-shore accounts – even though he has an office in NYC. He was the original hedge fund manager who taught others the rules of gambling with markets for personal greed. Soros loves regime changes, as he and the CIA call it, especially if he personally takes the regime and its leader down. During the election of George Bush Jr. Soros said: “Removing President George W. Bush from office was the central focus of my life.” He gave $23.58 million to various groups dedicated to defeating Bush. 

Soros has donated a great deal of money to numerous “Open Society” organizations that are taking action to impeach Trump. Soros recently criticized Trump at the economic meetings in Davos. 

“He [Trump] stands for that other form of government, which is the opposite of an open society,” said Soros.

To have Soros hate you and say that you are the opposite of his “Open Society” means that you are not a globalist and might have the economic health of America at heart.  Soros wants chaotic socialism and Trump wants Democracy based upon the Constitution and rule of U.S. laws. Soros believes his greed and delusions of grandeur are more important than America or any other country and its laws. Soros wants Trump deposed.

The real story is that Soros told the press many times that he had “taken care” of the election and Trump would lose. Trump’s unexpected win in November hurt Soros beyond money or ideology. Soros lost more than $1 billion in trades he made that would have benefited if the market went down. Instead, a month-long rally after the election cost Soros big-time and his attempt at crashing the U.S. markets failed.

Soros’s Seven Steps to Bring Down a Government

Let’s look at Soros’s own words from his books and articles that describe his tried and true system for taking down a country – or “regime change” as he calls it. (See our article on Soros’ Seven Steps for more information.)

Step One: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover.

Step Two: Control the airwaves. Fund existing radio and TV outlets and take control over them or start your own outlets.

Step Three: Destabilize the state, weaken the government and build an anti-government kind of feeling in the country. You exploit an economic crisis or take advantage of an existing crisis — pressure from the top and the bottom. This will allow you to weaken the government and build anti-government public sentiment.

Step Four: Sow unrest.

Step Five: Provoke an election crisis. You wait for an election and during the election, you cry voter fraud.

Step Six: Take power. You stage massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins, general strikes and you encourage activism. You promote voter fraud and tell followers what to do through your radio and television stations. Incitement and violence are conducted at this stage.

Step Seven: Outlast your opponent.

As you can see, we are on Step Six with the recent “Women’s March” on Washington.  Soros controlled the march because the organizations who took part were principally funded by Soros and his Open Society Foundation.  It truly was a Soros March against Trump as the enacting of Step Six in his plan to oust Trump.

Soros Leads the Impeachment Attempts on Trump

One need not look too deeply to discover the two groups behind the movement to impeach Donald Trump are tied to billionaire George Soros. The organization that just filed a lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of Trump’s presidency is financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a lawsuit claiming that Trump is in violation of a Constitutional clause banning government officials from accepting benefits from foreign nations. CREW, which does not publicize its donor list, has received financing from Soros’s Open Society Foundations. CREW has also been funded by the Soros-financed Tides Foundation. In August 2014, long-time Hillary Clinton ally David Brock, founder of the Soros-financed Media Matters for America progressive group, was elected chairman of CREW’s board. Brock departed the organization last December, but Politico reported that CREW is part of a network of groups for which the activist is attempting to raise $40 million to oust Trump. The campaign to impeach Trump is being led by two liberal advocacy groups – Free Speech for People and RootsAction, both of which are Soros-funded.

Step Eleven – The US Intelligence Community Dismantles America

Since the reign of Bush Sr., military intelligence has been “sold out,” quite literally, to corporate intelligence agencies. Before the restructuring of the U.S. Intelligence Community, the National Security Council (NSC), working with the National Security Agency (NSA), was the lead intelligence group that was only trumped by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in matters of “international security.”  The Bush/ Clinton/ Obama CIA White House continued to broaden international control of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Eventually, 850,000 corporate contractors would be granted Top Secret security clearance per year, even if they were also working for foreign nations that were our enemies. The U.S. Intelligence Community counted on contractors whose allegiance was to transnational corporatism, not U.S. interests.

There has been an erosion of American sovereignty by international intelligence corporations that is tantamount to an overthrow of our government by our very own U.S. Intelligence Community. Eventually, the Council on Foreign Relations came to direct both domestic and foreign policy and usurped the authority of the U.S. military’s prior control through the National Security Council (NSA).

The NSA is responsible for global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data for foreign and domestic intelligence and counterintelligence purposes. The NSA is concurrently charged with protection of U.S. government communications and information systems against penetration and network warfare. Although many of NSA’s programs rely on “passive” electronic collection, the agency is authorized to accomplish its mission through active clandestine means, among which are physically bugging electronic systems and engaging in sabotage through subversive software and cyberwarfare. The NSA has a co-located organization called the Central Security Service (CSS), which was created to facilitate cooperation between NSA and other US military cryptanalysis components. Additionally, the NSA Director simultaneously serves as the Commander of the United States Cyber Command and as Chief of the Central Security Service.

Originating as a unit to decipher coded communications in World War II, it was officially formed as the NSA by President Harry S. Truman in 1952. Since then, it has become one of the largest U.S. intelligence organizations in terms of personnel and budget, operating as part of the Department of Defense and now structured to report to the newly created Office of Director of National Intelligence, who coordinates all 17 US Intelligence agencies.

On May 26, 2009, President Barack Obama merged the White House staff supporting the Homeland Security Council (HSC) and the National Security Council into one National Security Staff (NSS). The HSC and NSC each continue to exist by statute as bodies supporting the President. The name of the staff organization was changed back to National Security Council Staff in 2014.

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is the United States government cabinet-level official – subject to the authority, direction, and control of the President – required by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 to: serve as head of the sixteen-member United States Intelligence Community, direct and oversee the

National Intelligence Program; and serve as an advisor, upon invitation, to the President and his executive offices of the National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council about intelligence matters related to national security.

Obama placed control of all U.S. Intelligence agencies under one person who was a political appointment. James Clapper, who lied before the U.S. Congress on multiple occasions about NSA surveillance of Americans, is a good example of the integrity of the people who have been appointed to run this “shadow intelligence agency” for the Obama White House called the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The Strategies of the U.S. Intelligence Community

The U.S. Intelligence Community shares its plans, which are principally created by the Council on Foreign Relations, with the world through public dissemination so that America’s future strategies are shared with the entire world including U.S. enemies.  The document below is the current “predictions and strategies” of U.S. Intelligence Community for the next five years. It is a document that any citizen can retrieve right now by opening the hyperlink.

This gross disregard for secrecy or “putting America first” is demonstrated by the existence of this report on Wikipedia. There are no secrets in the U.S. Intelligence Community; it has been dismantled and replaced by international corporate intelligence agencies.  The Bush/Clinton/ Obama strategies were almost complete and then Trump’s victory spoiled those plans.

Let’s look at the disturbing intelligence strategies that the Bush/Clinton/Obama CIA White House laid out as the downfall of America in the report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It only takes reading a few quotes from this document to see what would have happened if Hillary Clinton would have become president. It is obvious that Hillary took her “playbook” from this report.  Exact descriptions of her political planks are spelled out in the future plans of the combined 17 US intelligence agencies.

Global Trends / Paradox of Progress

A publication of the National Intelligence Council, January, 2017, NIC 2017-001 ISBN 978-0-16-093614-2 or

Prediction of the Use of a Nuclear Weapon

Orbits (regions) explore a future of tensions created by competing major powers seeking their own spheres of influence while attempting to maintain stability at home. It examines how the trends of rising nationalism, changing conflict patterns, emerging disruptive technologies, and decreasing global cooperation might combine to increase the risk of interstate conflict. This scenario emphasizes the policy choices ahead for governments that would reinforce stability and peace or further exacerbate tensions. It features a nuclear weapon used in anger, which turns out to concentrate global minds so that it does not happen again.

Translation: Once Hillary was elected she was going to drop a nuclear bomb on some country to continue the policy of maintaining global control by inciting war to destabilize nations and boost military spending.  The fulfillment of Henry Kissinger’s “Clash of Civilizations” was about to be enacted.

Use of Propaganda

Information technology remains the key enabler, and companies, advocacy groups, charities, and local governments prove nimbler than national governments in delivering services to sway populations in support of their agendas. Most national governments resist, but others cede some power to emerging networks.

Translation:  The U.S. should continue hiring private intelligence agencies to propagandize US citizens.

Migrants Bread Terrorism

The spread of ungoverned space, particularly during the past five years, created an environment conducive to extremism and encouraged the enlistment of thousands of volunteers eager to fight. Until some semblance of security is established, militancy will continue to breed. Second, today’s foreign fighters unless identified, de-radicalized, and reintegrated back into society are likely to become the recruiting pool for tomorrow’s violent non-state actors. Similarly, disaffected migrants, without better integration, education, and economic opportunity, could become an ideal recruiting pool for violent extremist groups.

Translation: “Ungoverned space” = No-fly zones.  No-fly zones imposed by Obama/Hillary created civil war and radicalized the migrants who were displaced
by the bombing.

Prediction of One World Government

To be clear, we expect the term “World Government” to remain seldom spoken aloud, even though two of what might be considered four “branches’ of such governance have been augmented in recent years—international courts and the rising bureaucracy of agencies like the World Trade Organization. Notably, these are the two entities that vest legal standing in nations and, to some degree, in corporations and NGOs, rather than in private persons. As yet, no major or substantial movement has gathered to press for the two missing branches—executive and a legislature—in part because those would require standing elections on the part of global citizens.

Translation:  America was one step away from becoming a subject of the United Nations in the New World Order – as predicted by George H. W. Bush.

Intelligence Agencies Peddle Post-truth and Post-factual

Competing silos of information and perspectives of truth and fact among proliferating influential actors are poised to complicate governments’ ability to generate compromise. A combination of factors, including growing distrust of formal institutions and the proliferation and polarization of media outlets, are driving some academics and political observers to describe the current era as one of ‘post-truth” or “post-factual” politics. This results in part from the growing number of individuals and agencies providing information to consumers. Whether this atmosphere continues, or people and political groups adjust to growing flows of communication and trend back toward more-balanced perspectives, will be crucial in coming years.

As a result of this “post-factual” trend, individuals appear more likely to base their political views more on feelings than on fact and to seek out information that supports their opinions. Conflicting information actually reinforces views that the new information is from a biased or hostile source and further polarizes groups. To interpret the deluge of details, people turn to leaders who think like they do and trust them to interpret the ‘truth.’

Translation:  Fake News and intelligence leaks are planned by the US Intelligence Community.

MSM is in a War with Social Media

Social media has radically lowered the transaction costs of mobilizing populations, but some social scientists worry that virtual activism will replace more concrete political participation—including voting—diluting the quality of the political process. Worse, some worry that new technologies fracture and polarize populations; social media, in particular, typically passes information and ideas through narrow, existing networks to members who self-select, rather than traditional forms of media, which project ideas to a broader audience. This selective dissemination and receipt of information contribute to reinforcement and confirmation bias, segregation, and polarization.

Translation: The Alternative Media has upset the plans of the Intelligence Community to control information.  There truly is a war of information going on.

Prediction of Trump

Liberalism is likely to remain the benchmark model for economies and politics over the coming decades, but it will face stronger competition and demands from publics to address its shortfalls. Many developing countries will strive for modernization more or less along Western lines, but the allure of liberalism has taken some strong hits over the years as political polarization, financial volatility, and economic inequality in western countries have stoked populism and caused doubts about the price of political and economic openness.

Governments having trouble meeting the needs of their citizens will be strongly tempted to turn to nationalism while publics fearful of loss of jobs to immigrants or economic hardship, are likely to be increasingly receptive to more exclusive ideologies and identities.

Translation:  It seems that Trump’s team is completely aware of this document and used its indicators as tools to win the election.

Prediction of Sanders

It is not clear that economic ideologies, such as socialism and neoliberalism, which had dominated much of the 20th Century until challenged by the collapse of communism and the 2008 financial crisis, will remain relevant in a world in which both low-growth and high levels of inequality dominate political agendas. Other forms of political thought remain viable alternatives —in particular, nationalism, political liberalism, and religiously-based political thought.

Translation:  The far left needed to go even more far left into socialism and neoliberalism and merge with the Democratic Party.

Trump Toppled Globalism Expansion

Islands investigates a restructuring of the global economy that leads to long periods of slow or no growth, challenging both traditional models of economic prosperity and the presumption that globalization will continue to expand. The scenario emphasizes the challenges to governments in meeting societies’ demands for both economic and physical security as popular pushback to globalization increases, emerging technologies transform work and trade, and political instability grows. It underscores the choices governments will face in conditions that might tempt some to turn inward, reduce support for multilateral cooperation, and adopt protectionist policies, while others find ways to leverage new sources of economic growth and productivity.

Translation:  The globalists are worried they are losing their grip on people and economies.

Description of the Work of George Soros

Communities show how growing public expectations but diminishing capacity of national governments open space for local governments and private actors, challenging traditional assumptions about what governing means. Most national governments resist, but others cede some power to emerging networks. These trends will further blur the lines between different forms of violence; governments will continue to debate which actions constitute “terrorism” versus “war,” “insurgency” or “criminal acts.” These developments suggest that how we fight terrorism will probably continue to evolve.

Translation:  The economic terrorism of George Soros is a new form of “insurgency” and “war.”

Desperate Cry for Globalism Instead of Nationalism

A new, more broadly defined, more widely conceived definition of national interest, based on the concept of mutuality, might induce states to find far greater unity in deliberations at the international level. With the growing number of existential challenges facing humanity, “collective interest” could become “national interest.”  Leadership among international institutions will need to promote a long-term perspective and a global mentality – and be decisive in the short-term – to overcome the temptation toward insularity and muddling through. Rule-making, enforcement, and dispute resolution by private actors, however, is becoming more common. Multi-stakeholder multilateralism will complement state efforts. Government officials will dominate—but not monopolize—multilateral cooperation in the future.

Translation:  A prophetic worry that a nationalist like Trump might come to power.

It is clear by this report from the combined 17 US Intelligence Agencies that the future is uncertain and that American national interests have been completely sold out to globalism.  The opening for a populist running on a nationalistic platform calling for borders, jobs, and America first is clearly predicted.  The advice that the liberals need to become even more liberal, if not socialistic, is also quite clear.  The “Paradox of Progress” is a report that is truly hoping that the Bush/Clinton/Obama loyalists can maintain power long enough to complete the overthrow of America.

Step Twelve – The Election of Hillary Clinton

America was one step away from its complete overthrow by the transnational forces being directed through the recent efforts of the Bush/Clinton/Obama CIA White House.  Each step of the gradual overthrow of America subsumed yet another aspect of American life: economic, political, cultural, military and constitutional rights.  The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been abnegated and eroded by the globalization of America. 

Hillary would be the American president who would willingly surrender U.S. citizens to the slavery of United Nation’s policies and the economic terrorism of George Soros.  Hillary was Soros’ puppet who was headed to the White House to continue the warlord policies of international bankers and brokers and her personal greed. Hillary had already demonstrated herself to be the penultimate criminal politician, along with Wild Bill her husband, and was headed for even higher realms of deceit, criminal activity, and treason. 

Trump’s victory was the worst blow the imperialistic globalists have had since 1913 when they installed foreign bankers in the U.S. Federal Reserve. Every evil cabal, from the Trilateralists to the Knights of Malta, had emergency meetings to create a “plan B” for the shock of a Trump victory over the assumed Queen and King of America, Hillary and Wild Bill. The new global Bonnie and Clyde were only an inch away from completing the total overthrow of America. 

Trump was the wild card, the ace up the sleeve, the black swan that shook the entire world and announced that “America ain’t dead yet.” Trump is the intelligence community’s worst nightmare, the fly in the soup, the mill-stone around their necks.  George Soros is ready to have a heart-attack and Valarie Jarrett, Barrack and Michele/Michael, and Oprah Winfrey have been called to the front lines to help enact George Soros’ strategy of regime change that has worked so effectively before in other countries. 

Their fear of criminal prosecution has them so worried that they will do anything to stop Trump from being the “wrecking ball” that knocks down their carefully constructed house of cards.

We can see why the “vested interests” behind the Clintons, and even Bernie Sanders (another Soros puppet), are going crazy with wild rhetoric, imaginary Russian scandals, MSM fake news, baseless accusations, and Hollywood created dissent and resistance. (Patriots must boycott Hollywood. See our article.)

We can see that all 187 funded Soros political activist groups are doing exactly what they are being told to do to help alleviate the “globalist’s stress” that Trump creates every time he opens his mouth.  The Democratic Party is in shambles and the “bought and paid for” Republicans are having anxiety attacks because their steady stream of money may be cut off and the rule of law upheld for the first time in decades. Trump has called them all out and they are showing their true colors and jumping from what they think is a sinking ship.  The question is, “Whose ship is sinking?” 

Trump Dismantles the 12 Steps

The Anonymous Patriots have written before about what President Donald J. Trump can do to grab this bull by the horns and tame it. Essentially, Trump is doing the right things by going slowly, enforcing the rule of law, and carefully auditing and dismantling the mechanisms of globalism in the American political, economic, and cultural spheres. He has put everyone in Washington D. C. “on notice” and is threatening a sort of “mass firing” and the rehiring of honest politicians who have term limits, financial transparency, and honesty in their selfless service to the spirit of American freedom.

The steps are clear and simple and only require a thorough review of existing laws and a diligent application of them in all matters.  Investigations, audits, and criminal proceeding should take place within the defined limits of the law, but the law must be enforced without impunity.

Action Item One – Creating the US Federal Reserve

Audit, investigate wrongdoing, and then seize the assets of the Fed and surrender them to the US Treasury. 

Action Item Two – Creation of the Council on Foreign Relations

Disband the Council of Foreign Relations and create a national advisory board for foreign relations with only U.S. citizens (no dual citizens) as members.

Action Item Three – Creating the Exchange Stabilization Fund

Take back control of the ESF from the CIA and put this office under the control of the U.S. Treasury without a Federal Reserve System or central bank system.

Action Item Four – Joining the United Nations

Audit, investigate and prosecute criminal activities, and seize US funds being held by the UN.  End American membership in all aspects, branches, and agencies of the United Nations.

Action Item Five – The Birth of the Bush Criminal Family

Thoroughly investigate all allegations of crimes and wrongdoings of George H. W. Bush.

Action Item Six – Bush’s 911 False Flag

Conduct an honest investigation of the attacks on 911. Prosecute the criminals found involved.

Action Item Seven – Enacting of the USA Patriot Act

Rescind the USA Freedom Act (USA Patriot Act) and all of its components.

Action Item Eight – Enacting the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Create legislation that makes illegal banking practices and criminal stocks and market

manipulation equal to terrorism. 

Action Item Nine – Broadening the National Defense Authorization Act

Reinstate the language of the NDAA that existed before the Bush/Clinton/Obama White House broadened its scope and application.

Action Item Ten – George Soros Conducts CIA Economic Terrorism

Arrest George Soros as a criminal economic terrorist and seize his assets. Investigate all Soros funded organizations and prosecute criminals for conspiracy to create sedition, treason, and murder.

Action Item Eleven – The U.S. Intelligence Community Dismantles America

Fire all corporate intelligence agencies working for the US government and replace them with military personnel.  Create laws against sharing US intelligence and enforce those laws.

Action Item Twelve – The Election of Hillary Clinton

Seize all assets of the Clinton Foundation and prosecute Bill & Hillary for tax evasion and the misuse of a governmental department (presidential library commission).  Prosecute Hillary for using the State Department as part of her foundation solicitations. Prosecute Hillary for her mishandling of secret State Department documents on her personal server.

As we always ask our readers and viewers, please do what you can to help your fellow patriots in the Second American Revolution. The American Intelligence Media is a grassroots citizen to citizen intelligence network and our home page can be found at Please get to know our members and subscribe to their channels and emails so that you can receive intelligence reports directly into your inbox. Share these videos and articles with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal

The Cover Is Blown Off The Ongoing
Worldwide C.I.A. Black Pedo-Operation



A Global Child Exploitation Crime Syndicate

Pizzagate Represents Only a Single American Franchise Within
a Worldwide Child Trafficking Operation Known As Pedogate

PizzaGate Citizen’s Investigation Cyber-conference
State of the Nation

Special Note:
This important message is meant for members of the Pizzagate public group, the VOAT Pizzagate investigation, the former contributors to the Pizzagate sub-reddit, and the many citizen journalists, researchers and investigators dedicated to exposing Pizzagate truth.  The following “Special Report” provides a big picture context that is necessary to correctly understand what Pizzagate is really all about.  What has been uncovered thus far is certainly HUGE by any standard.  However, compared to the global Pedogate crime syndicate, Pizzagate is just one of many similar pedophilia rings that dot the globe. The crucial point is that now that Pizzagate has been blown wide open as a CIA operation, it is time to direct precious time and attention to the many other pedophile scandals around the world.  Yes, Pizzagate is the key, but they have cleaned up that particular crime scene so much that further clues will be more difficult to unearth.  That was the very purpose of the false flag gunman who showed up at Comet Ping Pong–to provide cover for law enforcement to scour the premises of any evidence that might be found by an on-site investigator.  Nevertheless, every journalist ought to be aware that it is Pizzagate that will ultimately take down World Shadow Government that unlawfully controls the US Government and every other Western power.

The Internet is now overwhelmed by misinformation, disinformation and false information about the Washington, D.C. scandal known primarily as Pizzagate.

This alarming report has been prepared to provide both the global context and additional perspective for concerned people throughout the entire planetary civilization.  Pedogate is going on practically everywhere.

For newcomers to this subject material, it is especially urgent to read this entire “Special Report” so that the Pizzagate lexicon and Pedogate back story can be properly understood.  We also highly recommend the following excellent ebook: PIZZAGATE FOR DUMMIES for those who are unfamiliar with the Pizzagate back story.

Pedogate is Global, Pizzagate is Local

Many have complained that Pizzagate should be called Pedogate.

In fact, Pizzagate is just one of many Pedogates occurring around the world at this very moment.  As the title indicates, “Pizzagate Represents Only a Single American Franchise Within a Worldwide Child Trafficking Operation Known As Pedogate“.

It’s true that Pizzagate is a uniquely American franchise that operates primarily in Washington, D.C., but also includes operations in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major metropolitan areas.

There are many other Pedogates, which have nothing to do with Pizzagate, taking place all over America at this time.  Are these related?  Yes, some much more than others.

For instance, the ongoing Hollywood Pedogate is joined at the hip with the D.C. Pizzagate. The very reason that many Hollywooders came out of the woodwork to support Hillary R. Clinton and bash Donald J. Trump is because of this close association of decade-long child abuse scandals in both D.C. and Tinseltown.

The most critical point here is that Pizzagate is the lynchpin that is inextricably connected to all the other Pedogates.  Because it represents the child exploitation operation in the nation’s capital and related power centers, its outing has the capacity to expose the whole bloody child abuse culture.  Yes, Pizzagate is that prominently configured within the world-wide Pedogate scandal.  It’s not the grand-daddy like the Brussels Pedogate, but it involves a Who’s Who of American society and especially the political class.

Pizzagate is much more serious than previous Pedogates

Why did Pizzagate blow wide open…just before the election?

First, it’s important to understand that Pizzagate was revealed by the double whammy of the Podesta WikiLeaks and Anthony Weiner’s 650,000 emails.  In other words, the time had come for this pedophilia in high places to be blown wide open.  Because it all went down just a couple of weeks before the most contentious election in U.S. history, the whole world was watching the American political theater with utter amazement.

This is the timing and environment in which Pizzagate was first disclosed.  Since the very first disclosures, it has gathered momentum that just won’t quit.  In fact with each day comes new information and startling realizations about just how BIG this thing really is. That Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Podesta are at the epicenter of this “Scandal of the Millennium” makes it all the more shocking and hard for many to believe.

Nevertheless, it is these and other dramatic elements that have pushed Pizzagate to the forefront of the news cycle.  Especially when the NYT, WashPo and BBC are running front page stories to defend an extremely dubious gay pizza parlor owner, the reader knows that there is something not right.  And when FOX News’ Megyn Kelly is featuring an interview with Comet’s notorious James Alefantis that not only exonerates him from all suspicion, but lauds him as a hero of sorts who stared down the Alt Right, something is very wrong indeed.

It’s actually the real back story that is being kept carefully hidden; for were the true details of Pizzagate to leak out to the public, the world would change in a day and a night. The shocking back story of the much larger Pedogate looks like this.  Take a very close look at the following excerpt. This short synopsis of the 1980s Franklin Scandal and Cover-up captures the sheer depth and breadth of the crimes being perpetrated against our children.

(Source: America’s Greatest Child Sex Scandal: Boys Town in Lincoln, Nebraska)

What the reader needs to understand is that Pizzagate represents only the tip of the iceberg—a global iceberg of profound criminality committed against the children of the world.  Not only does it concern a much larger worldwide pedophilia ring known as Pedogate, it also involves an international crime syndicate that trades in the exploitation of children—EVERYWHERE —24/7.

Washington D.C. and the C.I.A.

What makes Pizzagate so very explosive is that all of the key players are deep in D.C. politics and Washington power-plays, US government influence peddling and federal power-brokering.  And then there is the C.I.A., often regarded as the intelligence agency that not only controls the many Pedogates occurring nationwide, but also closely monitors each and every one of them.  After all, these unimaginable child abuse operations are implemented — first and foremost — as the primary control mechanism that keeps American politicians in complete check.

Why is that so very important?

For the uninitiated, it is crucial to understand that the United States of America has been painstakingly cultivated to function as the military arm of the New World Order (NWO). In this pivotal role the USA takes direction from the financial arm headquartered in the City of London as well as from the religious arm of the NWO located in Vatican.  This is why it’s so important for the World Shadow Government to control everything that goes on in Washington, D.C. the high command of the U.S. Armed Forces and military policeman of the world.

Pizzagate has simply uncovered what everyone in Washington has always known.  That virtually every politician of note is controlled by having been compromised with an illegal and/or outrageous sexual affair, often with underage children.  In once Puritan America this has always been the easiest way to bring down a noncompliant elected official.  Of course, if the unlawful and lurid conduct occurred in the context of child rape or satanic ritual sacrifice, their political career not only ended, so was their freedom of movement due to imprisonment.

The C.I.A. has always been notorious for being deeply involved in the top 3 illicit revenue-producing operations of the world.  Drug trafficking and arms trafficking are both quite HUGE; however, it is child trafficking that really keeps them in business.  The CIA has so many black budgeted operations to fund that they require massive funding from these criminal activities to continue to run them across the planet.  Child trafficking also provides a special means to control those in positions of perceived power.  However, it is those who occupy the highest echelons of the global power structure who are also taken care of by way of this global pedophilia ring.

This is what really distinguished Pizzagate from all of the other child sexual abuse scandals in high places over the past many decades.  It has broken open a prominently configured C.I.A. cell of deeply embed operatives within the international child exploitation business. This particular Pedogate operation is really controlled by the C.I.A., as well as other alphabet soup agencies that no one has even heard of they’re so secret and nefarious in their criminal activity.

What could possibly be more radioactive than pedophilia in high places?

Actually, the pedophilia rings are organized ostensibly as a cover for a much, MUCH more sinister business operation.  Those criminal activities routinely carried out include the production of child pornography, both photographs and films, as well as the filming of snuff movies.  Other criminal behavior falls within the realm of satanic ritual child sacrifice and blood drinking.  The most odious crimes, however, involve child organ trafficking, tissues harvesting and blood extraction.

It’s crucial to comprehend that the C.I.A. does not, and never has, worked for the American people.  The Company, as it is also known, works exclusively for the Military Industrial Complex and other key Fortune 1000 companies scattered around the globe. The C.I.A. is also employed by select NGOs, which have actually been set up as CIA front companies like the Clinton Foundation.  The Clinton Global Initiative is just that—a global CIA operation that interpenetrates every kind of corporation that is necessary to perform a blackop wherever it is necessary to have such a benevolent cover.

The Clinton Foundation: A Typical ‘CIA-Directed NGO’ That Is Completely Above The Law

For these and other reasons, both Hillary and Bill Clinton have been implicated in various schemes which have to do with child trafficking.  The Pizzagate scandal at Comet Ping Pong is just one that was overseen by Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta–a key figure in the D.C. pedophilia ring along with his brother super-lobbyist Tony Podesta.

The very endeavor that put the Clinton Foundation on the map was its response to the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.  However, a woman who was caught and convicted of child smuggling (33 children) — Laura Silsby — and who Secretary of State Clinton tried to protect from prosecution, also has ties to the Foundation.  Which is why the mainstream media (MSM) was eerily silent on this whole criminal matter.

J. Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I.

In America, there is one reason in particular why crimes of pedophilia “in high places” are very rarely investigated.  And, in those few cases that they are, the purpose is to purge Congress (and the like) of someone who has left the reservation, or who is the victim of a naked political prosecution.  That reason very much has to do with the first Director of the F.B.I.—J. Edgar Hoover.

Not only was J. Edgar Hoover a homosexual, he was also known to engage in pedophilia.(Isn’t this really why Hoover was installed as FBI Director for life?)  As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, he was privy to the sex secrets and illicit sexual behavior of America’s political class and beyond.  Because of this reality, Hoover knew that sexual deviance could be used to bring down any guilty party in a Washington, D.C. moment.  He also knew that if he used such power aggressively, he, too, could find himself in a very compromised position.

The recent misconduct of current F.B.I. Director James B. Comey is now much more easily understood, especially where it relates to the Clinton Emailgate crime spree.  It is quite likely that there is unseemly conduct by those in the top tier of the Department of Justice (DOJ) that could be used to blackmail key player at the F.B.I. and DOJ.  This is the way it is almost always done, although there is no hard evidence to support such an allegation.

However, there does exist a massive amount of actionable evidence where it concerns the Clintons, both Hillary and Bill, as well as John and Tony Podesta.  That both Clintons have flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express to Orgy Island on numerous occasions is just one of many highly suspicious patterns of behavior.  Epstein is not only a convicted pedophile, he is also at the heart of an extremely volatile case with an opposing attorney because of the extraordinary light conviction and sentencing leniency that he received.  The court disposition in his case was simply unprecedented in U.S. history.

Clearly, the F.B.I. has an unwritten code guiding agent conduct wherein pedophilia charges are not to be pursued unless they have been cleared at the highest levels…way above the lowly leadership of the FBI and DOJ.  In other words in this post-modern era of the 3rd Millennium, it’s quite likely that the C.I.A. is directly involved in the decision process to pursue charges or even to proceed with an investigation.  As always, in light of the control that is exerted by the C.I.A. over Pedogates worldwide, it’s clear why the F.B.I. almost always chooses not to prosecute.

Alfred Kinsey: A Perverted Pedophile Sexologist and His Criminal Experiments

There is no other American ‘scientist’ whose life’s work did more to advance the cause of pedophilia legalization than Alfred Charles Kinsey.  Known as the nation’s first sexologist, Kinsey, performed sadistic sex experiments on children, both very young and older.  Even a cursory look at the results of his criminal experiments reveals that they were extremely cruel and abusive to his child victims.


That the gay Kinsey would found the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University in 1947 is quite significant.  How does such a nakedly rogue sex research institution get established in the conservative and traditional locale of Bloomington, Indiana?  That such transparently illicit and inhumane experiments were allowed to be conducted on young children must have had the blessing of the U.S. Federal Government.  And so they did.

A close reading of the historical records can only lead the researcher to believe that the entire Kinsey pedophilia agenda was set under the auspices of the C.I.A.  The Company, as it is also known by the intelligence community, had also been formed as the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947. What would become the premier intelligence gathering agency of the USA was actually the next generation of its predecessor, the  infamous Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

The OSS really came into prominence post-WW2 in the wake of Operation Paperclip—“the United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program in which more than 1,500 Germans,[1] primarily scientists but also engineers and technicians, were brought to the United States from post-Nazi Germany for government employment starting in 1945 and increasing in the aftermath of World War II.”  Many historians have observed that the new CIA — post 1945 — continued various types Nazi human experiments that were conducted by the Third Reich during WW2.  Some have even suggested that all of the so-called alien abductions and experimentation on humans are actually back operations conducted by the collaborating military research institutions. (There Are No Alien Abductions, Only Government Kidnappings)

The crucial point here is that the Kinsey Sex Institute bears all the hallmarks of an unlawful Nazi research program which was allowed to operate against all laws and statutes, mores and social norms.  The barbaric experiments which were conducted on young children would be labeled the highest form of child sexual abuse in 2016, and those responsible would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Clearly Alfred Kinsey’s gay sexual orientation during the 1940s era caused him great consternation.  His dubious relationships with criminal pedophiles at the time provided him with much of the questionable data about child sexual responses.  Kinsey’s own experiment records indicate that his sources were known as criminal pedophiles, as have some of his associates confirmed.  In fact, Kinsey’s Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University is a veritable storehouse of hard evidence which actually reflects a hardcore and extensive pedophile operation.  During the day, the C.I.A. got away with virtually anything it wanted to.

Kinsey’s Sex Studies Have Done Irreparable Harm To Children and Women

There is no question about one societal consequence of Kinsey’s scurrilous work–it launched the sexual revolution of the 1960s and LGBTQ agenda of the third millennium. No other pseudo-scientific work is referred to so often as Kinsey’s published papers.  No other unreliable research has been cited so frequently cited in Congressional hearings for their perceived authority on the matter of human sexuality.  Not only was much of the research methodology unlawful, the results are considered highly problematic by those who have attempted to verify their integrity.

James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant

If ever there was a turnkey pedophilia operation that was in full operation one day and out of business the next, it is the very shady Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant owned by one James Achilles Alefantis.  Mr. Alefantis clearly cuts the profile of a CIA operative whose primary role was to manage what was perhaps the largest pedo-operation of its kind within the District of Columbia.[1]

James Alefantis and Comet Pizza Outed As Classic CIA Operation

Because the C.I.A. uses pedophilia to control so many politicians, Mr. Alefantis was quite unbelievably identified as the “49th most powerful man in Washington, D.C.”  He is also on record for visiting the White House at least 5 times.  He has photos of himself with Tony Podesta, half of the super-lobbyist duo with brother John Podesta.  And he has a thank you letter signed by Hillary Clinton for the use of his restaurant for a Democratic event that raised some serious money.

James Achilles Alefantis And His Comet Ping Pong Network

From a close analysis of all the evidence regarding James Alefantis, which is posted on the Internet, it’s now crystal clear that he WAS running a full-blown CIA black op.  As previously mentioned, anyone who can command front page articles in The New York Times, The Washington Post and the BBC News must be very powerful indeed…as in CIA-directed and financed, for it is only The Company that could have effectuated such a highly coordinated defense executed by the major MSM organs of propaganda.  And for a guy who should be investigated like there’s no tomorrow—because there isn’t for many of the children who get caught up in these pedo-rings.

PIZZAGATE: The Owner’s (Of Comet Ping Pong Pizza) Full Name Means “I Love Children” In French

From the disproportionate response to the Comet Ping Pong scandal mounted by the MSM to date, it’s abundantly clear that TPTB are so afraid of what Pizzagate has opened up.  So fearful are they that their agents staged a totally ridiculous false flag operation that was as fabricated as it was revealing. What that event revealed was that those who are threatened by Pizzagate will do anything possible to kill the story … even if it means taking down the entire alternative news media.

False Flag Just Staged At Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant To Shut Down Alt Media

Not only did the Washington Post publish an unprecedented hit piece against all of the major Alt Media news platforms, which they then had to walk back, they also conspired to create the phony new platform PropOrNot.  The MSM have been recklessly relentless in labeling any news that they do not originate as ‘fake news’.  They ramped up this witch hunt right before the first stories were being floated in the Alt Media about Pizzagate which clearly indicated that they knew a sh*tstorm was coming their way.  And they saw no other way to discredit the emerging narrative than to reprehensibly call everyone else producers of ‘fake news’.  Now that was a D E S P E R A T E move, if ever there was one!

Contemplation: Why is the Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant located at the bottom point of a D.C. Pentagram?

Which brings us back to the C.I.A.

Just as President Obama is a card-carrying member of the C.I.A. so, too, are virtually all of those who reside at the highest levels of the U.S. Federal Government.  Likewise, all of the major network anchors and writers for the newspapers of record are agents of the C.I.A. The Company of spooks is, after all, an intelligence agency and the MSM is the greatest receiver and disseminator of intelligence on the planet.  Hence, we know that the MSM is the biggest manufacturer of fake news in the world today.

This is essentially why Ms. Clinton was never prosecuted by the Department of Justice for Benghazigate, Emailgate, or Servergate, as her entire term at State was defined by gunrunning (see Benghazigate), drug-running, and human trafficking.  This is the very reason for the Zio-Anglo-American Axis engineering of the largest mass exodus out of the Middle East in modern history.  To a great extent this George Soros-funded human disaster was design to separate the children from the parents.  In this manner the unattended children are easy prey for the human trafficking operations for which Turkey is extremely well known.

Not only is the C.I.A. operationally responsible for the Mideast child trafficking that has resulted from the unlawful wars in Iraq and Syria, they are also on top of the boatloads of war refugees and economic immigrants washing up on the shores of Italy from Libya. Ditto that for every other theater of war where the likelihood of families being split up is very high.  This predicament creates the ideal situation for pedophilia rings to swoop up LOTs of unchaperoned children, especially when they are wandering aimlessly in foreign lands.

The Mexican border is another example where the American people have been shocked to see the thousands of unaccompanied children from South and Central America flock to and across the U.S. border.  Even the border states of Texas and Arizona have been powerless to control their own borders–a power that the U.S. Constitution grants them via states’ rights.  Very few understand this scam to be a CIA-coordinated and DHS-enforced child exploitation enterprise.

Not only the C.I.A. but these highly organized child trafficking operations are also protected by the Department of Homeland Security.  DHS also does NOT work for the American people; rather, in this instance the agency is enlisted by Corporate America to ensure the free flow of young healthy human beings to work in their factories at slave wages.  The US military also takes a lot of the 18-year-old males and conscripts them in the armed forces in return for U.S. citizenship.  That is, of course, if they come back alive from their tours of duty.

The real $64,000 question here is why the Obama Administration has literally encouraged the mass migration of thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied children across a very harsh and dangerous border.  Why would those in authority put children in harm’s way like this?  Certainly when they finally arrive at the various border checkpoints these children are then inprocessed and taken where?  Who are the guardians?  As wards of the state, where are they housed and fed?  What is their ultimate destination?

That brings us to the county Child Protective Services and Foster Care System that are so abusive to children it’s downright scary.  If this is where the illegal alien children are ending up, it is now common knowledge that many are in extreme danger.  Adults looking for child slaves and pedophiles desiring young traumatized children are notorious for becoming foster parents.  In many instances these children are the very ones that end up in a Pizzagate type of situation—sexual fodder for Washington’s elites.

How is pedophilia or child sexual abuse used as a control mechanism?

There are multiple ways in which elected leaders and appointed politicians, corporate CEOs and foundation presidents, university chancellors and think tank directors can be controlled by pedophilia.  The most obvious occurs when a lifelong gay politician is lured into a honey trap with a young boy.  Once he is caught or filmed in the act that, politician can be easily manipulated for the rest of his career.  Witness the current plight of Speaker Dennis Hastert who was put into the most powerful position in Congress knowing that he had abused underage boys as a wrestling coach.

Then there is the common situation whereby straight politicians are invited to a social gathering in which underage girls are made available for sexual favors.  There are also those instances when a clean politician is invited to a late night soirée that ends up featuring a snuff film or other odious event involving underage children.  There have even been cases reported that have entailed an unsuspecting politician being ushered down into a basement where a satanic ritual child sacrifice was taking place… and being filmed at the same time.  Once the camera is rolling, the victim has no way out, except to quit his career in public service or give in to blackmail.

Lastly, there are those leaders and officials who knowingly and willingly participate in all sorts of exceedingly perverted sexual behavior with children.  In some situations the children are left with serious injuries; in more serious ones they are barbarously killed. When a child sacrifice is made, the various organs are sometimes eaten and the blood is drank.  When organ trafficking is the main purpose, the coveted organs are quickly shipped off to the attending physician of the latest billionaire who desperately needs a liver or kidney, pancreas or lung.  They pay big money to acquire these organs in an expeditious manner.

Satanic ritual child sacrifice and killing

There is another dimension to this whole child exploitation business that has nothing to do with business per se.  This aspect concerns the deliberate sacrifice of pure babies and unsullied young children for the purpose of propitiating the ‘gods’.  First, it is very significant to apprehend the history of the word “Satan”.  It actually comes from the same word as “Saturn”.

The ancients truly believed that each luminary (read planet and star) was a planetary manifestation of various deities in their respective pantheon of gods.  Every ancient school of astrology understood that Saturn is the planet that returns one’s karma, especially very difficult karmas.  The greater the trial and tribulations in life, the more it was said that the individual was being visited by Saturn himself.  In fact every major system of astrology adheres to a similar understanding, so we — post-modern man — know there must be some truth to it.

Over the millennia, the word “Saturn” started being written and spoken as “Satan”, as they both make life miserable.  Both Saturn the dispenser of karma and Satan the deceiver of men, it was understood, were always responsible for life’s great adversities and terrible sufferings. At some point, of course, Satan became identified as The Adversary of both God and mankind, and especially of Jesus the Christ.  The other major religions have similar demonic personages which could easily be understood as their form of Satan, the devil and/or Lucifer.

Statue of Baphomet with children

When the Bavarian Illuminati was first established, their members were men who eventually rejected the right path back to the Godhead.  Instead, they chose the left path which embraced all sorts of occult practices, demonic rituals and left-handed protocols in order to please their various idols.  The most worshipped of these idols are known Moloch and Baphomet, both of which are crude representations of Saturn.  That’s why the “Sabbatic Goat” image is often used as a satanic symbol.  The mountain goat is also the zodiac symbol for Capricorn—the astrological sign ruled by Saturn.

Classic Moloch illustration with baby

There are very good reasons why Hebrew Patriarch Abraham of the Old Testament was quite willing to sacrifice his son Isaac to the ‘living god’.  Obviously such a bizarre and ungodly request would never be made by the one true God.  It was more likely a Saturnine command issued by God only knows who.  Which points to a very powerful demonic entity who at that time presented itself as their ‘God Almighty’ and ‘Supreme Being’.

Moloch, the ancient pagan God of child sacrifice.

This very poignant biblical story of “Abraham and Isaac” remains etched on the psyche of every child who hears it for the very first time.  Perhaps the tradition of child sacrifice was much more prevalent within the ancient Hebrew religion than is revealed outside of today’s Judaic faith tradition.  However, an objective analysis of historical record shows that there were civilizations older than and contemporaneous with that of the Jewish people which also featured ritual child sacrifice and murder.

Why Do Some Jewish Families Practice Satanic Ritual Child Sacrifice?

Because this weighty and extremely relevant topic is far beyond the scope of this exposé, it will be taken up in a followup essay. Suffice it to say that at some point in the evolution of the current race of humanity, there began a highly perverted tradition among the rich and powerful and influential who really believed that their ascendant station in society was due to such murderous human sacrifice.  Once child sacrifice became institutionalized, there was simply no stopping it.  Even when such child torture and murder was exposed for the utterly barbaric practice that it truly is, it merely retreated into the shadows.

It ought to be understood that the deity known as “Saturn” is recognized throughout many cultures since time immemorial.  In Roman mythology he was honored on Saturnalia which was “held on 17 December of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to 23 December”.  This tradition eventually morphed into Christmas which was seen as the culmination day of the festivities.  The winter solstice is always the shortest day of the year with the least amount of sunlight; hence, Christmas lights are used to bring light back into the Earth realm.  Which is also why this essay was published on December 25th of 2016—to illuminate this dire matter for all to see.

Lastly on this point, the ruling deity of Saturn is known by different names and always delivers the most difficult karmas that a human being must bear.  For this reason primarily, human sacrifice was thought to propitiate this fierce god Saturn.  It was by his edict that every living thing would experience “weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth” at some point of their existence.   Therefore, it was profoundly misunderstood that the only way to alleviate these sufferings was to engage in what are essentially different forms of satanic sacrificial atonement. The offering of a pure child sacrifice was understood to be the best offering that a community could present to alleviate any communal suffering and/or avert any future catastrophes.

Brussels: The Grand-daddy of all Pedophobia Operations

It’s true that what is often mislabeled as pedophilia is actually an extreme form of pedophobia.  Given the exceedingly malevolent treatment of children in these so-called pedophilia rings, aren’t they really run as cruel pedophobia operations?  These child torture and murder networks can be found dotting the globe.  However, it is Brussels, Belgium that has become the locus of intense pedophobic activity for many decades.  Over the centuries, some of the castles and chateaux surrounding Belgium came to be known as full-time child torture and murder factories.  Now we know why so many children go missing in Brussels every year.

Given the unique role that pedophobia/pedophilia plays as the primary control mechanism of the Global Control Matrix, it should come as no surprise that Brussels was chosen as the de facto capital of the European Union.  How easy it is to lure so many leaders from all over Europe into criminal behavior they had no inclination toward.  Even RAF Captain Peter Townsend was quite purposefully exiled to Brussels — for 2 long years — so that he might be sufficiently compromised that his scandalous relationship with Great Britain’s Princess Margaret might be terminated.  It was feared that the princess might follow in the footsteps of her uncle King Edward VIII who abdicated the British throne.

Just how terrible has Brussels become regarding its ongoing child exploitation crime syndicate?  When it becomes common knowledge that a certain locale harbors some of the worst child abuse criminals on the planet, you know that it’s bad—very bad!  When all of the locals are well aware that the local police will not investigate anything having to do with crimes against the children, something is quite awry.  And so it is in Brussels… and the surrounding countryside that is known for its small castles and quaint manors with their sprawling estates…on which to hunt.

For the upper crust of society who has taken to hunting children, some of these large wooded areas have become ideal for keeping their criminal activity a well-guarded secret. In the modern era, many a snuff film has been made in these same environs.  The very culture of Brussels has literally grown up around this extremely twisted perversion of child exploitation.  So in a sense, it is all so out in the open, and yet no one can do anything about it. Such is the purposeful collaboration with law enforcement authorities that the wealthy participants have always enjoyed. When the police chiefs themselves are also regular attendees at such criminal events, the protection of these child exploitation rackets is ensured. (See the following link for graphic details)


Why the Torturing and Killing of Children?

There are various inside explanations for the systematic torturing and killing of children worldwide.  Children are routinely made the objects of hunting for snuff films as well.  In all of these cases the children are ultimately killed after a period of being in extreme fear. The sustained level of fear triggers the release of different hormones and other biochemicals which are highly valued by the aging elites.  They actually drink the blood of the children immediately after they are executed on a butcher’s block or killed in the hunt.

This form of sadistic cannibalism has been practiced for eons by secret societies around the globe.  The practitioners of these dark arts and pseudo-sciences firmly believe that they receive great powers from such hormone-rich blood.  So much so that they will literally eat the beating heart of a child who is in the act of being brutally killed.  Obviously these lost souls are possessed by demons who have compelled them to act like devils with blood lust.

The other purpose of these satanic rituals is the harvesting of organs, tissues and blood which are now being trafficked extensively worldwide.  Some investigations have reported that human meat (and blood) is showing up in the food supply and particularly in fast food restaurants.[2]  However, the main use for the young organs are for transplants for the rich and famous whose own organs have failed.  A market for intestines, corneas and bone marrow have seen a recent upsurge in demand as well.  These black market products are being purveyed to large metro hospitals and concierge physicians alike.  So it has become a fast-growing business worldwide.

As for the tissues, illegal stem cell research has created a burgeoning demand for all sorts of tissues, both living and dead.  Hence, methodical tissue harvesting has now become a large part of these pedo-operations as a way of making some really big money.  Because of the relatively new revenue-producing aspects to child trafficking, there are now pressures to maintain income levels which heretofore never existed, or did so to a much smaller degree.

The unfortunate consequence is that children are now being kidnapped at an alarming rate by professional kidnappers who are paid good money for young and healthy human beings.  Some children are even abducted by family or friends who are drawn into such schemes, sometimes unwittingly so convoluted are the plots.  The true missing children statistics, along with in-your-face kidnappings, reflect this ominous trend.  It has never been so dangerous being a child given that some corporate bottom lines are now being inflated by the trade in children.

Child sex slaves

Child work slavery and sex slavery

There is also the highly mercenary market which trades in children who will be used as work as well as those who will be sold as sex slaves.  The demand for the former is far outstripping the latter.  As a result of the global recession over Obama’s 8 years in office, there has never been so much pressure to produce profits anyway, anyhow.  Free labor is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to show such profits as labor costs are usually the greatest on a Profit and Lost Statement.

There is no question that the use of slaves has gone up astronomically since the year 2000. Even the nation of Saudi Arabia has gotten caught repeatedly taking advantage of their work force that has migrated from foreign countries.  Many of these economic immigrants have been virtually incarcerated in horrible work and living conditions with no way out of their predicaments.  It is well known in these black industries that the younger the worker, the more easily they can be kept in check.  They usually have better health because of their youth to perform arduous tasks.

Of course, the more robust and physically attractive slaves are usually reserved for sex slavery.  These children can find themselves in situations where they are practically chained to a bed, to predicaments whereby the sex slavers actually give the child slave power to run the whole household. Everything depends on the slave owner and the personal relationship that develops with the slave.  Nonetheless, once a sex slave always one to a certain degree, especially when a child is so acculturated from a young and tender age.

There are now whole countries that are well known within pedophilia circles for being international centers for sex slavery.  Thailand is one such nation, as is Israel.  Likewise, Hong Kong is a major clearinghouse for the child slavery trafficking industry that is utilized corporately to staff everything from Chinese sweatshops and Vietnamese factories, among many other little or no pay operations.  As profit margins shrink, the exploitation of child slaves by ‘respectable’ corporations is growing worldwide.

The Pedophilia Scandal of the Roman Catholic Church

Where Brussels is the granddaddy of Pedogate, the Roman Catholic Church is the mother of the world’s pedophilia operations.  This is where the sexual abuse of often defenseless children became institutionalized by the highest levels of the Church.  In fact, not only have cardinals and archbishops, monsignors and bishops been accused and/or convicted of pedophilia crimes and cover-ups, many of them provided the protection that saw pedophile priests transferred from parish to parish where they still continue their sex crime sprees with wanton abandon.

Pope Francis says about 8,000 pedophiles are members of Catholic clergy, including bishops and cardinals

By not immediately defrocking them for their heinous crimes, the Vatican hierarchy served as a protection racket the likes of which the world has never seen.  This organized system of enabling the prelate pedophiles permitted the institutional criminality to go undetected and, therefore, unprosecuted for many decades to the horror of many victims and their families.  It was this serial enabling, then, that is the far greater crime … and it was meticulously conducted by the top tier of the Roman Catholic Church leadership!

That this ghastly phenomenon was so prevalent throughout the entire Roman Catholic Church, which has been established virtually everywhere on the planet, speaks to the deep ‘religious’ undertones of Pedogate.  Because the Old Testament serves as the foundation for the New Testament, it should come as no surprise that there would form a large group of priests, monks and other prelates who would gravitate toward this disgraceful conduct on a quite regular basis.

That such criminal behavior was permitted by the highest levels of the Church for so many decades is shocking enough.  However, it was their remarkable influence over local law enforcement to look the other way that demonstrates just how accepted and entrenched such wrongdoing is in civil society.  Truly, the Roman Catholic Church provided a safe haven for the “Mother of all Pedophilia Scandals” to take place over a very long stretch of time.

Even the popes of the current and last centuries were well aware that such a scourge existed, and yet did nothing about it until the very real threat of criminal prosecution loomed large on the horizon.  It was actually the very real threat of lawsuits and the subsequent award of monetary damages that compelled the Church to meaningfully address this profound corruption.

NCR research: Costs of sex abuse crisis to US church grossly underestimated

Why exactly is the RC Church the mother of them all—the Pedogates?

Because it conferred a false legitimacy on the others outside of the Church.  In other words, if the priests can do it, and the bishops allow them, it must be okay.  Likewise, if all the national and local law enforcement agencies always look the other way, then acts of pedophilia and pedophobia must not be all that bad.  Such is the debilitating and debasing effect that the Church had around the world.  Those responsible will forever live in shame and ignominy.

To date, every nation that has a fairly large Catholic following and developed system of parishes has fallen prey to this plague of pedophilia.  The lawsuits, which are now regularly adjudicated in favor of the plaintiffs who were sexually abused as children, have totaled in the billions ($4 billion plus).  As a matter of documented fact, the RC Church has to take every legal precaution necessary to protect their prodigious and valuable assets located in the local jurisdictions where the crimes were committed, as well as the treasure trove of assets in the Vatican itself. (See Addendum below)

How, pray tell, did such a horrendous criminal enterprise ever get sanctioned by the largest religious institution on Earth?

Answer: The multi-century enforcement of celibacy within the Church actually made it quite easy for such a pedophilia sub-culture to develop.  Because many of the male priests were simply unable to control their sexual urges, it was only a matter of time that they would project them on the altar boys.  The whole ritual of the RC Mass starts and ends with the priest and altar boy in the privacy of the sacristy.

The sacristy is where the priestly vestments and articles of worship are kept.  It is also the very private room where special preparations are carried out by both the priests and altar boys in close confines.  This place of early morning interaction, together with home rectories that also provide safe havens for such illicit activity, guaranteed that improper things would happen.

However, it was the aggressive recruiting policies of the Church that really created such a conducive atmosphere for rampant pedophilia to be created.  Roman Catholic dioceses across the USA have always been zealous in their initiative to ordain more priests.  The more priests, the more parishes.  The more parishes, the more daily congregants.  The more parishioners, the more tithing and donations with which to further grow the Church. After all, the RC Church is really a political organization first, religious second.  In this context, the numbers really do matter… much more than even the welfare of the children.

The Church always knew that many gay men and pedophiles were drawn naturally to the candy store.  And, that they would take advantage of the situation like a kid in the candy store, only in this case the priests got addicted to “stealing the candy from a baby” so easy was it to do.  The promotion policies of the Vatican were actually oriented around elevating those prelates to cardinal and bishop who demonstrated sympathies to the pedophilia sub-culture.  In this way, the priestly ranks were not decimated and ruin was not brought on the Church though exposure of the scandal.

Quite conveniently, the RC Church had also been very successful at negotiating immunity to law enforcement actions within each national jurisdiction.  This protective arrangement was supposed to rely on the implementation of canon law of the Catholic Church so as to properly dispose of all criminal pedophilia cases which emerged in each parish.  It then fell to the local bishop to essentially function as judge and jury, prosecutor and executioner in all matters of reported pedophilia crimes.  However, when the Vatican hierarchy was so sympathetic toward the pedophiles, and in dire need of priests, what else could be expected?

Contemplation: Who or What is the “Whore of Babylon”?

Popular Entertainment

Popular entertainment throughout America has become replete with explicit sexual content, some containing language and pictures that are shockingly suggestive of pedophilia.  Much of Miley Cyrus’ work offers a good example of just how saturated post-modern music is with material that is highly offensive to the welfare of children, some bordering on criminal.  Such a reckless segue throughout the entertainment industry to so much inappropriate sexually graphic content is by quite purposeful design.  Softening up the populace is critical to TPTB’s stealthy agenda to obtain the general acceptance of pedophilia worldwide

Miley Cyrus shows off her affiliation with Pizzagate.

Then there is the not-so-popular entrainment that is used by such recording artists as Amanda Kleinman who is also known as “Majestic Ape”.[3]  Kleinman was a regular at Comet Ping Pong both as a host of events and provider of music.  She along with Comet music coordinator Sasha Lord are responsible for some of the most unseemly content ever seen in a supposed family pizza restaurant.  Only seeing is believing some of this “family stuff” going on at Comet Ping Pong.[4]

Comet Ping Pong’s Sasha Lord Presents…? ? ?

Amanda Kleinman’s music provides a study in how to captivate children and draw them into a very dubious relationship with the music and those who are the beginning and end of such perverted music production.  Clearly the Tavistock Institute level neuro-linguistic programming, mind control programming and sophisticated entrainment techniques that Kleinman employs indicate that there is something quite HUGE behind her musical endeavors.  Exactly what that force is remains to be discovered, but there are undoubtedly CIA fingerprints all over the place.

The following video is just one example of many in her repertoire which illustrates just how sexually seductive her content was engineered to be for a young teenage audience. Nevertheless, precisely who put her up to it and who she really works for can only be surmised at this point. However, any child psychologist would affirm that the producer of her music and video content is a mind and emotion manipulator of the first degree who most probably has serious ill intent where it concerns her teenage audience.

“Majestic Ape” Strikes Again In Heavy Breathing Video That Targets Children

Amanda Kleinman aka Majestic Ape at Comet Ping Pong Pizza

Childhood Athletics and Teenage Sports

“Wherever there are children, there are pedophiles.”

“Wherever there are teenagers, there are adults who prey on them.”
— State of the Nation

The former Speaker of the House — Dennis Hastert — was shoehorned into his position of power without the slightest dissent.  The Speaker of the House is actually the most powerful position in the U.S. Federal Government.  The Speaker has power over the public purse and as such can defund — with the proper consent of the House — any part of government that is so targeted.  How then did a wrestling coach get put into such a powerful position except by a deliberate political scheme?  How easy is it to manipulate a man with a background fraught with sex crimes against children—4 teenagers in his case have come forward thus far.?

Who Chose Pedophile Dennis Hastert To Be Speaker Of The House?

The world infamous Jerry Sandusky case is another blatant example of institutional neglect that was shockingly exhibited toward the unsuspecting youth involved.  The whole Penn State football brand was forever tarnished because of the scandal that involved the Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky and a number of university administrators who were incriminated in a deliberate cover-up.  The most serious part of that investigation was never completed, however, which had to do with a much larger network of pedophiles at the university.

There is now a similar exploding scandal within the United Kingdom that has shaken the nation to its core.  Each day brings forth more evidence of child sexual abuse by coaches of football clubs who had control of an athlete’s success and/or destiny in the sport.[5]  This is just one more example of how common pedophiles are attracted to the child sports arena. It is a natural fit for pedophiles just as priest prey on altar boys.

Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts

Is there any doubt that the recent success by the LGBT movement to have gay scout leaders accepted by the Boy Scouts of America was a major coup against Christian America?  That many corporate CEOs and Chairmen of the Board also voiced such strong and unwavering support for such a foul initiative speaks volumes.  Why would the presidents of Fortune 500 companies ever get involved in a fiasco like this…unless they were ordered to.

Yes, but who has the power to push around a powerful corporate CEO?  Not only do the shareholders, but the boards can exert huge pressure on the leadership, and will when they are intent on promoting an agenda like the LGBT.  Never in U.S. history have so many companies embraced a fundamentally immoral set of initiatives as they have with the inclusion of the more extreme LGBT-oriented policies.  These are not about civil rights for the LGBT crowd, mind you, this is about normalizing an extremely abnormal lifestyle so that it is considered equal to what is truly normal.

That the Boy Scouts of America could be taken over so quickly and completely stands as a stark testament to the raw LGBT political power that was solidly behind the takeover. And, the Scouts will NEVER be the same, as religious and respectable families all over the nation immediately removed their children from the once respected institution.  Some even know that the legalization of pedophilia is right around the corner, unless We the People are vigilant.

Particularly in the wake of the pervasive RC Church pedophilia scandal was this major move for the Scouts by the pedo-promoters seen as exceedingly bold and feckless.  But they did it … and apparently have gotten away with it, so determined are they to turn even the Scouts into another nationwide pedo-operation.  Stunning!  Truly stunning that the parents of the USA allowed such an obvious endrun to undermine the safety and well-being of their children.

Normalizing Pedophilia

Now we come to the fast growing worldwide movement to legalize pedophilia.  This very serious social engineering initiative has been gaining steam for many years.  It forms the very basis for many of the pedo-operations that are getting more and more bold in their criminal activities.  The things that are alleged to have occurred within the Comet Ping Pong network are a perfect example of this pedo-push coming out into the open.  The game of ping pong, incidentally, is a common way for a grownup to find common ground with a youngster quite quickly and without arousing suspicion.

There is no question that TPTB would like to see pedophilia legalized everywhere they work and play.  Not only do they no longer want to live a secret life facing all the attendant risks associated with pedo-crimes, they would rather live in a society that fully accepted their aberrant behavior.  They now appear to be so determined to impose new pedo-friendly laws on Western nations that they are getting increasingly more aggressive. Manipulating the concerned legislatures in the industrialized nations is their primary strategy.

There are very ‘good’ reasons why the world community of nations has experienced a veritable LGBTQ blitzkrieg over the second term of Obama.  The LGBT movement has been quite fastidiously grown to be the most powerful political force on the planet.  Only when it has exceeded a critical threshold of influence will it be unleashed to foist the normalization of pedophilia on countries everywhere.  Pedophiles already make up a large percentage of LGBT adherents, and are patiently biding their time to take their unacceptable and detestable case to the wider public.

LGBT AGENDA: The Hidden Back Story Finally Exposed

There are many other hidden purposes behind the thoroughly demonic LGBT movement, but the ultimate legalization of pedophilia remains it’s most important goal.  It is therefore imperative that this movement be thwarted by every means necessary.  Were the pedophillic/pedophobic leaders of the World Shadow Government to get their way, societies everywhere would be conducting child sacrifices like those of the Pre-Columbian cultures like the Aztecs.


Quite unfortunately, the world is literally run by pedophiles and pedophobes.

For many centuries, maybe even millennia, a clandestine cabal has practiced their dark arts and sadistic rituals in the secrecy of hidden groves and dark castles.

This large group of rich and powerful leaders, wealthy and influential private citizens, desperately want to come out of the closet.  With the gross liberalization that took place under President Barak Obama, they saw an unparalleled opportunity to normalize pedophilia.

The legalization of gay marriage in one country after another is a stepping stone to the passage of legislation that they hope will legalize pedophilia.

These psychologically deranged ‘VIPs’ really do not care about the children one iota. They just want numerous children available for their own sexual gratification and for other very sick and twisted purposes.

Nevertheless, their movement grows rapidly by the day because there are now enough movers and shakers in high places to further advance this societal calamity.

The pedophile crowd really does want to come out of their closets.  By passing new laws, it is their sincere hope that they can sexually abuse and rape children at will.  That they can torture and kill children at will.

With the acceptance of state-sponsored abortion, they already have the right to kill fetuses in the womb.  So why shouldn’t children be next in line on their list of the abused and misused powerless?

Best Recommendation:

The only way that the global Pedogate operations can be terminated is for people of good will and those with a conscience to face it front on.  The perps have only gotten away with so much flagrant criminality against the children because of the unwillingness of good people to acknowledge its occurrence.  Even those who know all about it are either afraid or unwilling to stop it.

This collective posture of fear and apathy has been assumed for centuries, and the elites have taken advantage of the resulting inertia.  However, we now live in an age where the whole planet is crisscrossed by information highways and data highways.  The World Wide Web now sees data dumps done daily, some of which were responsible for changing the outcome of the U.S. presidential election—A FIRST EVER!

Therefore, the time has never been so ripe for the global outing of Pedogate.  Just as We the People outed Pizzagate in a YUUUUUGE way!  Truly, their (TPTB) time for comeuppance has come.  Bring on the pitchforks and torches and let’s not only run them out of the capital buildings worldwide, let’s make sure they never again are in the position to harm our precious children.

Pizzagate Citizens Investigation Cyber-conference
Submitted: December 25, 2016
State of the Nation

Special Request

This exposé is the first in a series on the American franchise known as Pizzagate, and more significantly on the global Pedogate child exploitation crime syndicate.  It does not contain the hard evidence that has been sent to the Citizens Investigation Cyber-conference since the beginning of November.  Much of that evidence has been sent by Pedogate victims from around the world, family members of victims, and peripheral participants in satanic ritual child sacrifices.  Much more importantly, the cyber-conference has been receiving proof of child torture and murders from former FBI agents, CIA whistleblowers, local police department officers, as well as witnesses who have been silent for years, and decades, because of how dangerous it has been to report such radioactive truth to law enforcement.

Just like WikiLeaks well timed its revelations, the time is soon coming for a massive data dump of Pedogate truth.  This voluminous download of the most sensitive information available on the ongoing crime sprees against our children will take place after the critical pieces of the puzzle have been put into place.  Until then, multiple copies of all evidences have been securely hidden away so that no single individual or group is operating under inordinate risk.  Until that moment of release of indisputable proof, all investigators are highly encouraged to share your relevant info as inspired to.  Please do not send any evidence that is so highly classified that the NSA metadata analysts will have conniptions.

Cyber-conference email address:

Also remember that in real unity of purpose there is great strength, and in numbers there is great protection.  The CIA can’t shut down all of our websites, nor can they micromanage all of our Facebook pages or control all of our Twitter accounts.  Can’t be done with any degree of efficiency or success.  That’s not to say they won’t try via their bogus ‘fake news’ filter. Therefore, it is vital for each investigator to hide multiple copies of substantial evidence in as many locations as possible.  Assume that they will one day erase all of your Pizzagate content from the Internet.  A single false flag EMP or fake solar flare can give them a pretext by which to disappear all of your hard work concerning Pedogate.

Author’s Note

This extended essay was written in memory of all the children who have been mercilessly sacrificed and killed by adults who are supposed to protect them.  It is also written in honor of those wounded souls who carry with them every living moment the sheer horror of their childhood experiences.  Lastly, but not least, this exposé has been released on the Internet in order to enlighten, edify and empower those adults who also lived through the terror and are ready to tell their story.  Please know that through the telling (and mass dissemination) of your very personal testimony, that the global Pedogate operations will be shut down—forever!

Dear Pedophilia/Pedophobia Victim, please know that this unparalleled piece of revelation was really written for you.  Draw strength from it.  Heal from it. Grow out of your former self and use it to shine your beautiful light into a world that now needs you desperately. Especially at this critical juncture of human evolution, is your liberating truth necessary for those who are still subjected daily to such excruciating pain and suffering. Please take some time to view the following video in which one of your peers shares her very personal experience.  One thousand similar testimonies will surely change the world…forever.  And, especially how it is run from the very top.

VIDEO: I Was a Sex Slave to Europe’s Elite at Age 6

Editor’s Note

The preceding “Author’s Note” warrants further elucidation.  From the very first moment that we heard of Pizzagate, we knew that this was the BIG one.  That Pizzagate was the fuse that would help detonate the explosion of Pedogate.  And so it has … in a way that has totally caught the ruling elites off guard.  In point of fact, they have been so blind-sided by PizzaGate, and the ensuing global citizens investigation, that they are in a tizzy.  Major MSM news platforms are now ‘forced’ to feature such pedophiles as James Alefantis justifying his every sexually explicit post and scurrilous picture, outrageous music performance and pedophilia-suggestive photo associated with Comet Ping Pong.

The critical point here is that it is Pizzagate that will ultimately take down the global power structure.  It is the sordid disclosures surrounding each and every Pedogate occurring in nations large and small that will bring about the final downfall of the criminally insane cabal of psychopaths who rule the world.  Yes, Pizzagate has all the necessary elements that will prove to be their undoing.


Pizzagate is really different from all the other scandals

Many are in awe watching Pizzagate mushroom into a global citizen’s investigation overnight.  This massive research project is the product of the new form of Alt Media journalism.  Pizzagate itself is also profoundly different from all the other Washington scandals.  Because grave criminality is being committed against our children, it is occurring in everyone’s back yard.  Just as there are now children literally swiped from their front yard in broad daylight so bold are the perps getting.  In other words, there are no NIMBYs where it concerns Pizzagate.  Everyone has a daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson, niece or nephew, brother or sister who is vulnerable to the dangers of such an out-of-control child exploitation enterprise.  The very nature of this beast, then, has drawn everyone into figuring out how to kill it.  Who would ever want such a beast roaming free — as it has for centuries — devouring children practically at will?  Not In My Back Yard! Or in anyone else’s back yard either!


[1] Endless Trail of Evidence Points to a Very Guilty James Alefantis

[2] Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory

[3] PIZZAGATE Evidence: Amanda Kleinman aka ‘Majestic Ape’ and her video “The Neutered Noel”

[4] Comet Ping Pong’s Sasha Lord Presents…? ? ?

[5] Hundreds report football abuse to police

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Pictorial Evidence

#Pizzagate: Comet Pizza Owner James Alefantis’ Posted Hundreds of Suspicious Instagram Pictures Like These


Excerpt from: James B. Comey: Inside Man for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family? 

Special Note:
The Roman Catholic Church has experienced a global pedophilia scandal over the past 60 years which was essentially run by Irish Catholic prelates.  In fact, throughout the USA, the vast majority of Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops were Americans of Irish Catholic descent.  Many of them were the highest ranking clergyman in the USA such as Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, Bishop Thomas O’Brien of Phoenix, Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre, Bishop John B. McCormack of Manchester, Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Omaha, Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago and Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York.  The critical point here is that there is a quite profound and fatal character flaw among this selected group of Vatican agents which permits the gross abuse of power and misuse of authority.*  Many of these Irish Catholic leaders were protected by their Irish Catholic peers within the local District Attorney offices and other law enforcement agencies. The pedophilia sexual abuses were reported and known for decades by the concerned cities and counties and yet the law enforcement agencies of the respective jurisdictions rarely responded to the dire needs of the sexually abused children. This was often a case of Irish Catholic lawmen fiercely protecting Irish Catholic clergymen.  The real face of the clandestine Irish Mafia, then, is the clergy and the lawmen who protected them for decades.  What’s the point? Director Comey fits this pattern to the “T”. He protects the rich and powerful, and goes after the vulnerable like Martha Stewart.

*It is very well known in certain privileged circles throughout various American school systems, which were staffed by Irish Christian brothers and monks, that there was a multi-generational weakness for alcohol.  Because so many of these religious school teachers and administrators ultimately became alcoholics, they could be very easily controlled.  This was the beginning of the worldwide pedophilia scandal that has plagued the Roman Catholic Church in every nation where they did their work.  The essential point here is that the more liberal the use of alcohol, the higher the incidence of pedophilia.  The two always occur in tandem with each other.  Once these addictions become serious enough, those involved are quite vulnerable to blackmail and bribes, as well as other coercive tactics performed to compel certain types of official misconduct.

The “Whore of Babylon” cast down into the fiery pit of hell.

Originally published by SOTN at:

THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages

Illuminism, Freemasonry and
the Great White Brotherhood

The New Atlantis rises … and then falls,
after being halted by the epochal wars
of the Kali Yuga and Iron Age conflicts

CANCER: A Case of Unresolved Grief or Deep Hurt or Longstanding Resentment


Which then manifests in the different forms of cancer depending on one’s genetic predispositions and total body burden of toxicities and pathogenic micro-organisms

The Health Coach

Of all the world’s serious disease and modern-day maladies none is so dreaded as cancer.  There is a very good reason for this; for it is the unknown cause(s) of cancer that often keeps those who suffer from it in the state of fear, or anxiety, or worry.

Every illness under the sun finds the true roots of its etiology in the human psyche, the human emotions, and the prevailing mental state of the individual.  It has often been said that the root causes of cancer are of a spiritual nature; hence, it is a disease from “on high” — a wake up call directly from the divine.

In the case of cancer we see a very definite mental condition and emotional profile which can predispose the person to manifesting various forms of tumors, cysts, fibroids, sarcomas, carcinomas, as well as various malignancies of unknown origin.

Clearly the emotional and mental components of the disease process known as cancer loom large in determining the direction of its evolution. VERY large!

Why, and how, is this the case?

It has often been identified by medical intuitives over the last many decades that those who suffer from cancer present a very similar risk profile.

This risk profile not only includes phenotype and genotype, diet and pharmaceutical regimen, exercise routine and sleep pattern, lifestyle and workstyle, marital status and healthy relationships, but many other key indicators as well.

Perhaps one of the most important of those other determinants includes one’s emotional comportment, and especially the degree of contentment that one allows him or herself to experience on a regular basis.

Unresolved Grief and Contentment Cannot Coexist

Now we come to the crux of the matter.

All of us suffer from the human condition known as unresolved grief from time to time.  We are not just speaking of the grief that is usually associated with the loss of a loved one.  We are speaking of the grief that is associated with living life on planet Earth, especially over the past one hundred years.

Life has become very complicated.  Just managing a home has become very complex. Maintaining happy and healthy relationships can also be very challenging.

What’s the key point?

It has never been so easy to become attached to so many things that come into our life.  Also, the depth of attachment to so many of these things has never been so profound.  Each of these strong attachments — sooner or later — sets us up for a loss of some sort.

So you see, it is not only the loss of a loved one which can plunge us into a state of grief.  Many of us also suffer grief and despair to varying degrees when we lose a job …
or our reputation …
or our self-respect …
or a car to a thief …
or a limb or an organ like a gallbladder …
or our entire retirement fund …
or our best friend to an overseas move …
or a home to hurricane …
or our antiques to a fire …
or our favorite TV program …
or our favorite restaurant …
or our integrity or courage or conviction …
or our broken heart to an ex-spouse …
or our father or mother to Alzheimer’s …
or 3 years of our life to a prison sentence …
or a child to an incapacitating disease …
or our religion …
or our spiritual master …
etc., etc., etc.

You can see how the preceding list can go on and on and on.  The instances in life where we experience loss, and then grief, are virtually endless.

Each of us reacts differently to these various kinds of loss.  Much more significantly, each of us experience our own form of grief which we then take through our own unique process until we come out the other side more whole and compassionate and human.

However, there are times when we are not so successful at working through the many types of grief which can take us over.  In these instances, depending on how deep and the very nature of the attachment, we might be plunged into the depths of despair which causes us to lose our interest in living.  Not that we are suicidal, but that our very raison d’être might be shaken.

The degree to which we allow ourselves to be seized by this emotion called grief is often at the very core of the many different types of cancer which have proliferated around the globe.  Especially throughout the highly industrialized Western nations do we see this dynamic at work, where there appears to be LOTS to gain, and LOTS to lose.  There are so many things to both acquire and lose in the course of one’s lifetime that opportunities for loss and the consequent grief often sneak up on us unaware.

When we find ourselves stuck in a groove of grief and despair for a protracted period of time, our entire biochemistry changes in profound and fundamental ways.  These changes are not for the better, and will create a very conducive environment for the pathogenic micro-organisms (especially viruses) and toxicities to accumulate in which cancer originates and thrives.

Nature versus Nurture

This particular part of the discussion is the very crux of the cancer matter.  You see, there are always two major components to every disease that are often referred to as nature and nurture.  While many of us may have a genetic predisposition to developing cancer in our lifetime (nature), it is the nurture component that is really the major determining factor.  In this regard the predominant emotional comportment and mental state of an individual exerts much influence on the physical condition of the human body.  As follows:

Western Civilization in particular is often a very go-it-alone type of existence.  Feelings are frequently kept inside and not expressed or released in a healthy way.  As the nuclear family continues to fall apart, and society breaks down, there are fewer and fewer support systems found in the community.  Given these unrelenting developments, it is incumbent upon each individual to figure out how to best process all of life’s little and big griefs.

Some of us do well with this side of life; either we live life in a detached and dispassionate manner.  Or, we quite efficiently move through life’s ups and downs as though we are riding an exhilarating roller coaster.

Others are not so fortunate as their destiny calls for a karmic and formidable health obstacle (read: opportunity) which will teach them and strengthen them … in ways that only cancer can do.  Truly, there is nothing like cancer to challenge us in the ways that are ultimately for our highest good.

Cancer is always a matter of several co-factors operating interdependently.

Of course, there are many other significant co-factors which can heavily influence the development of cancer.  The amount of pollution in one’s living environment is just one of those major co-factors. Continual environmental exposures especially can contribute to both the type of cancer and the severity of the case.  The many different types of environmental pollution eventually end up accumulating inside the body.  Those organs and tissues that become the primary sites of bio-accumulation then become compromised and weakened.

Pathogenic micro-organisms, especially viruses, have been found to be at the roots of almost all forms of cancer.  Each type of virus is drawn to a certain type of bioterrain and cellular environment.  Furthermore, certain kinds of contaminants and toxins may concentrate within an organ or tissue or limb which then draw a cancer-causing virus.  The longer these pathogenic micro-organisms find a home in a certain part of the body, the greater the likelihood they will trigger the growth of pre-cancerous cells.  And if left unaddressed, full-blown malignant carcinomas can then eventually develop.  If allowed to metastasize, the cancerous cells can become systemic and transported to virtually any part of the body.

This preceding discussion represents a very simplistic tracing of the trajectory of cancer.  In reality it is the prevailing mental state and emotional comportment which set up this whole process.  Particularly in the wake of an unsettling loss which has created a prolonged period of unresolved grief … followed by deep resentment … and ending up with pent-up anger, or even rage.

Our feelings permeate our mind, our body, our heart and our entire being.  When negative feelings of grief, or resentment or anger, are allowed to concretize, they will do so in those organs or tissues that “correspond” to the nature of the loss and type of grief that is being experienced.  The various parts of the body literally magnetize the toxins and pollutants, which will then create a suitable home for the corresponding pathogenic micro-organisms.  Over time, these will then sufficiently degrade the internal environment until cancer becomes a likely outcome.

Sometimes they will reverse direction and the cancer will go into complete remission.  Sometimes the soul will be challenged by the many ups and downs typical of many allopathic cancer therapies, which will serve to strengthen character and increase spirituality.  Other times it may serve as a doorway into the next realm.  In every case the various scenarios will play out until the karmas manifest according to one’s destiny.

No matter what does or does not occur, in each and every case the outcome is always perfect.  In other words the individual will always be given an opportunity to resolve the grief which plagues them, whether that be in this lifetime or the next one.

Ultimately, the soul will learn that the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh, according to His plan.  The sooner that we realize that there is truly nothing to be attached to in this earth plane of existence, the sooner we will be freed from all forms of loss and therefore all forms of grief.  Then there will be no reason for resentment to take over our lives, or anger to lodge in our bodies.


Certainly there are many karmic components to both the development and resolution of cancer which are way beyond the scope of this session.  We have offered just one observation which may be applicable to many souls who resonate with this profound issue of longstanding and unresolved grief.  Because the correlation of “loss and grief” are fairly easy to identify, and therefore easy to address by a self-aware soul, this discussion has hopefully shed light on the matter.

The experience of many a cancer survivor reveals a similar pattern in its evolution and resolution. Particularly with regard to the many emotional ups and downs do we see striking similarities and correlations. Most of the success stories appear to be directly related to the level of spirituality which one is practicing throughout the entire disease process.  The more spiritual one’s outlook truly is, the greater the likelihood of experiencing a permanent cure.

As one accepts God’s will in their life, nothing can really go wrong. Even if the cancer worsens, the mature soul knows that all will be well. Sometimes it is a case of three steps forward and two steps back. Sometimes the cancer goes into remission for a week, a month or a year.  Nevertheless, the soul growth for one who is attentive to the “Hand of God” is always in the direction of the expansion of consciousness and self-awareness.

The challenges of cancer on the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels are usually so great that these different components ought to be understood and worked with however possible by the individual. The more that every cancer sufferer understands how their general emotional disposition and mental condition affect the state of their body, the more likely things will progress in a positive direction.

The immune system is especially responsive to the predominant feelings and emotions, thoughts and imaginations of a person living under the stress of fighting cancer. Therefore when these are watched carefully, and replaced when appropriate with the highest affirmations, the road to remission is often paved. Difficult to do at first, yes!  But once the individual is able to really Let Go and Let God grace enters the picture and healing can even occur spontaneously.

“Let go and let God” has never been more relevant, necessary and downright powerful than in the case of holistic cancer remediation.  No matter what type of cancer a person may have, or how advanced it might be, try this vital and life-affirming affirmation for your highest good.  It may just change your life — and then rid your body of cancer — in ways that many would say were miraculous.

May you enjoy great health,
The Health Coach

Our Best Recommendation:
There is nothing like the practice of meditation to throw the light of awareness on all that grieves us.  Meditating once a day allows God’s grace to literally wash away all that binds us to this world.

Desires, delusions, and despairs are just some of those inner enemies which can bring us down long enough where they do some damage.  Therefore, if we take some time daily to go deep inside, we increase the chances that cancer-producing thoughts and emotions will be cleansed and eradicated.

A Macrocosmic Perspective:
Just as there has been an explosion of the global population on Planet Earth over the past century, various human beings have somehow chosen to reflect this phenomenon whereby cancer cells divide (read reproduce) uncontrollably. The uncontrolled growth of certain cells in their body, which is symptomatic of cancer, is really sending them a message. What is that underlying message from the Universe?

Each individual is illustrating on the microcosmic level a sentiment which is being expressed by many of us.  Their physical adversity serves to not only uplift themselves to a much higher level of consciousness, it also serves to remind them as well as all of humanity that, while we are all ONE, we are also MANY.

Perhaps we are getting to a point as a human race where we are simply becoming too many. Our home planet is only so large and can accommodate only so many inhabitants.  How many of us have already had the visceral and graphic experience of the incessant and sometimes horrific loss of our precious planetary environment? And, especially, who has not experienced the grief and despair that will often follow such experiences.

The enlightened among us, however, will transcend even this loss of our only home — Mother Earth — and eventually let go of whatever grief emerges.

Physical Triggers

Medical science has proven that there are a variety of physical triggers that contribute to the internal environment for cancer to thrive in.  For example, the vast majority of cancer patients were found to have root canals.

97% Of All Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had Root Canals

Exposure to radioactivity in the environment is also a major cause/cofactor for the development of cancer.  The polonium found in cigarette tobacco, for example, has had an enormous impact on lung cancer rates.

Why is so much lung cancer linked to radioactive polonium?

Then there is the long-term condition of the bioterrain which can also have a profound impact on the emergence of different types of cancer, as well as their exacerbation.

Chronic Acidosis: A Precursor To Cancer

Lastly, there is an ever-increasing body profile which reflects a New Age health condition known as Hyper-Toxicity Syndrome.  Because the profile of the human body will always reflect the environmental profile of any given geographic area, it is now understood that some of the most commonly found local air pollutants and water contaminants will bio-accumulate in the residents of that locale.  When not properly detoxified by the liver and lymphatic system, they can contribute to a state of hyper-toxicity when the lifestyle is not balanced and wholesome.  Particularly when the diet is made up of processed food, unhealthy beverages and food that is not organically grown, will the likelihood of Hyper-Toxicity Syndrome increase.

Hyper-Toxicity Syndrome: The Human Body Has Become Polluted

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Can Russia’s Magrav Technology Thwart The Upcoming Stealth Attacks By The American-Arab-ISIS Coalition?


The Western Powers, Arab Coalition and Their ISIS Partners Will Not Be Deterred From Advancing the Greater Israel Project

The Levant and Armageddon, Syria and World War III


A Mideast Conflagration is Being
Stealthily Set Up by the NWO Cabal

Age-old Sunni vs. Shiite Conflict Has Been Exploited To Destroy Islam and Inflame the “Clash of Civilizations” with Christianity

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A Special Report on the SoCalGas Natural Gas Leak at Aliso Canyon


California Faces Its Greatest Manmade Environmental Catastrophe of the
Third Millennium

2016: A Year of Super Convergence and Awesome Consequence



The Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey
Converges with the Super Shemitah
during the Twilight of the Kali Yuga,
while Pluto Crashes through Capricorn
at the End of the Galactic Creation Cycle
of the Mayan Long Count Calendar

Planet X Finally ‘Discovered’ By Scientists


Planet X Takes Center Stage
in the Firmament of Men

Nikola Tesla: The Most Gifted Inventor in Modern History…


… Was the Most Dangerous Man in the World during the 20th Century

Saudi Arabia Used By Anglo-American Masters To Provoke Iran Into Regional War


The House of Saud Self-Destructs Under The Mad King Salman

STAR WARS: The True Back Story About Why It Became The World’s Newest Religion


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Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2


Nonstop Chemical Geoengineering Has
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Obama’s Real Mission Revealed, This Exposé Nails It

San Bernardino Solved: A False Flag Within a False Flag — Patriots Versus Globalists


Was The San Bernardino ‘Mass Shooting’ A Double False Flag Event?

The Economist Magazine 2016 Front Cover: What does it mean?


The Economist Magazine 2016 Front Cover

Paris Terror Attacks Ordered By The Committee Of 300


Fake False Flag Operation on Friday the 13th Fabricated to Advance 3 Primary NWO Goals

All Synthetic Terrorism Originates from within the Anglo-American Axis,
Coordinated by a Covert Nexus of CIA, MI6, DGSE and MOSSAD,
Carried out by Deep Cover Black Op Terror Cells

The Millennium Report

A close reading of Dr. John Coleman’s  Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of The Committee of 300, which was written in 1991, is absolutely necessary if one is to have a correct understanding of current world events.  The exposé that follows is not only highly prophetic in the overall movement of the ‘global village’ toward a New World Order, it also predicts the precise road map to a pre-planned One World Government. The video presentation by Dr. Coleman shown above likewise delineates the very same game plan.

There are numerous strategies and countless tactics that are routinely employed by the shadowy group known as The Committee of 300 (COM300).  This clandestine organization of Illuminati-deputized power-players has been operating for decades as a de facto World Shadow Government (WSG).  They are by no means the top decision-makers of the globalist cabal who operate at the peak of the world’s power structure; rather, they are only the public face who are often seen and heard in the CIA-controlled mainstream media (MSM) and national governments of select Western powers.

Those “numerous strategies and countless tactics” can now be viewed throughout the world on a daily basis as the multi-century plan to foist a One World Government on the world community of nations enters its final stages.  The recent false flag terror attacks in Paris provide a perfect demonstration of the latest attempt by the The Committee of 300  to accelerate their NWO scheme.  Those fake terrorist attacks on Friday the 13th were fabricated for multiple reasons, but there are three which stand out and must NOT be taken lightly.  The 3 most important reasons are as follows:

(1) — To completely lock down Paris before the historic 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will take place from November 30 through December 11.  The importance of totally controlling a purposefully oppressive environment in Paris during this conference cannot be overemphasized.  The meticulously engineered outcomes at the upcoming “Climate Summit”, which have been preordained by The Committee of 300,  will not be denied their agents who are working triple time sub rosa.  Nothing less than a Global CO2 Management Regime (aka incipient One World Government) will be accepted.  Every aspect of the climate conference has been fastidiously controlled down to the very last detail.  Quite frankly, if the vast majority of the attendees knew some of those details, they would be sure not to show up.

Paris Terror Attacks: Executed To Lock Down Climate Summit Conference

Just Like 9/11, Paris Attacks Being Used To Foist Climate Change Legislation And CO2 Control Regime On The World Community Of Nations

(2)  To draw France (and NATO) into the Syrian theater of war.  Just as the 9/11 false flag attacks were used by the USA to attack the Taliban in Afghanistan (as well as Iraq in 2003), 11/13 has been used by France to attack ISIS in Syria.   In so doing the rest of Europe has been softened up so as to support this illegal war which the Zio-Anglo-American Axis (AAA) instigated as it has systematically supported its intensification.[1]  This war was originally designed to greatly advance the Greater Israel project … until Russia showed up unexpectedly.[2] The only way to militarily insert a NATO country into the conflict was to manufacture a false flag event that could be used as justification for France to flex its muscles in the Middle East region.  The French have long considered Syria to be a long lost colony of theirs, so this role fell to them quite naturally to perform.  (See the French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon)

France Uses Paris ‘9/11’ As False Flag Pretext To Unlawfully Enter Syrian Theater Of War

Assad: France supporting ‘terrorists’ in Syria, acts as Washington’s satellite


(3) To inflame the Clash of Civilizations worldwide.  As well as to significantly exacerbate the refugee crisis on the European continent, in the U.K., the U.S. and elsewhere around the globe. The purposes and goals of this crucial strategy of The Committee of 300 are quite integral to the formal establishment of their One World Government.  Not only is national sovereignty being deliberately eroded — EVERYWHERE — ISIS Trojan horses are being stealthily introduced into each and every nation involved.  This tactic is creating unparalleled friction throughout Europe, especially in Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, and Italy. The destruction of a homogeneous citizenry is essential to the formation of a One World Government, particularly throughout the Anglo-American Axis.[3]  Much more importantly, out of the manufactured chaos of their planned World War III the COM300 can more easily fabricate their new world disorder.

The Governing of The Committee of 300

New World Order: Creation of The Venetian Black Nobility and Committee of 300

For those who are uninitiated in this realm of Illuminati-directed world events, the following breakdown by Dr. John Coleman explains it all.  So accurate is his assessment that he could be likened to a modern-day prophet.  However, he would never accept such a label as he knew that he was gifted with an extremely unique set of professional experiences which exposed him to the COM300’s, master plan.  By simply connecting the dots, which the COM300 had methodically placed all over the global ‘radar screen’, all Dr. Coleman had to do was intelligently connect them.  And connect them he did!

So well did he connect the dots, in fact, that a veritable mosaic of truth and revelation has been produced that reflects the outworking of the most covert agenda the entire planetary civilization has ever experienced.  Truly, Dr. Coleman has done humanity an extraordinary service much in the way that John F. Kennedy tried to do.  Quite curiously, John Coleman has an uncanny likeness to John Kennedy as the video below clearly demonstrates.  Another interesting synchronicity is the publishing of this article today on November 22, the anniversary of JFK’s assassination.

The Cabal and Conspiracy Responsible for the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Everyone is highly encouraged to watch the video at the top of this page which is also linked HERE.  Dr. Coleman’s presentation is guaranteed to profoundly inform one’s understanding of the fast-moving gambits on today’s global geopolitical chessboard.

The Millennium Report

*This article has been carefully researched, written and edited by The Millennium Report.  Permission is granted to repost it in its entirety, including the following addendum, with the appropriate attribution.


[1] STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

[2] Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’

[3] Anglo-American Axis:

The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries. So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also owe their allegiance to the AAA but some of these may be changing. The World Shadow Government is an ultra-secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.
(Source: Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’)

The Committee of 300  exposé by Dr. John Coleman begins here.


21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300

By Dr. John Coleman
(Written in 1991)

From: Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of The Committee of 300

1. To establish a One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. The One World Government began to set up its church in the 1920:s and 30:s, for they realized the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind must have an outlet and, therefore, set up a “church” body to channel that belief in the direction they desired.

2. To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was a primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work.

3. To engineer and bring about the destruction of religion, and more especially, the Christian Religion, with the one exception, their own creation, as mentioned above.

4. To establish the ability to control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called techonotronics, which would create human-like robots and a system of terror which would make Felix Dzerzinhski’s Red Terror look like children at play.

5. To bring about the end to all industrialization and to end the production of nuclear generated electric power in what they call “the post-industrial zero-growth society“. Excepted are the computer and service industries. US industries that remain will be exported to countries such as Mexico where abundant slave labor is available. As we saw in 1993, this has become a fact through the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA. Unemployables in the US, in the wake of industrial destruction, will either become opium-heroin and/or cocaine addicts, or become statistics in the elimination of the “excess population” process we know of today as Global 2000.

6. To encourage, and eventually legalize the use of drugs and make pornography an “art-form”, which will be widely accepted and, eventually, become quite commonplace.

7. To bring about depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot’s genocidal plans were drawn up in the US by one of the Club of Rome’s research foundations, and overseen by Thomas Enders, a high-ranking State Department official. It is also interesting that the committee is currently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia.

8. To suppress all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Illuminati. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments currently being scorned and ridiculed by the Illuminati and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Illuminati’s conception of “limited natural resources” right out of the window. A fusion torch, properly used, could create unlimited and as yet untapped natural resources, even from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion, and would benefit mankind in a manner which, as yet, is not even remotely comprehended by the public.

9. To cause. by means of A) limited wars in the advanced countries, B) by means of starvation and diseases in the Third World countries, the death of three billion people by the year 2050, people they call “useless eaters”. The Committee of 300 (Illuminati) commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title “Global 2000 Report” and was accepted and approved for action by former President James Earl Carter, and Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of States, for and on behalf of the US Government. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the US is to be reduced by 100 million by the year of 2050.

10. To weaken the moral fiber of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labor class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, the report envisages demoralized and discouraged workers resorting to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard, the Committee commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as the “Aquarian Conspiracy“.

11. To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then “managing” such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the US, an agency for Crisis Management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose existence I first disclosed in 1980.

12. To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning which include rock music gangsters such as the Rolling Stones (a gangster group much favored by European Black Nobility), and all of the Tavistock-created rock groups which began with the Beatles.

13. To continue to build up the cult of Christian Fundamentalism begun by the British East India Company’s servant Darby, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist State of Israel by identifying with the Jews through the myth of “God’s chosen people”, and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity.

14. To press for the spread of religious cults such as the Moslem Brotherhood, Moslem Fundamentalism, the Sikhs, and to carry out mind control experiments of the Jim Jones and “Son of Sam” type. It is worth noting that the late Khomeini was a creation of British Military Intelligence Div. 6, MI6. This detailed work spelled out the step-by-step process which the US Government implemented to put Khomeini in power.

15. To export “religious liberation” ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions, but more especially the Christian religion. This began with the “Jesuit Liberation Theology”, that brought an end to the Somoza Family rule in Nicaragua, and which today is destroying El Salvador, now 25 years into a “civil war”. Costa Rica and Honduras are also embroiled in revolutionary activities, instigated by the Jesuits. One very active entity engaged in the so-called liberation theology, is the Communist-oriented Mary Knoll Mission. This accounts for the extensive media attention to the murder of four of Mary Knoll’s so-called nuns in El Salvador a few years ago. The four nuns were Communist subversive agents and their activities were widely documented by the Government of El Salvador. The US press and the new media refused to give any space or coverage to the mass of documentation possessed by the Salvadorian Government, which proved what the Mary Knoll Mission nuns were doing in the country. Mary Knoll is in service in many countries, and placed a leading role in bringing Communism to Rhodesia, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa.

16. To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and engender total political chaos.

17. To take control of all foreign and domestic policies of the US.

18. To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements, the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions less effective, by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the UN.

19. To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations represented by them.

20. To organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus [Al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, etc.] and to negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place. It will be recalled that it was Bettino Craxi, who persuaded the Italian and US Governments to negotiate with the Red Brigades kidnappers of Prime Minister Moro and General Dozier. As an aside, Dozier was placed under strict orders not to talk what happened to him. Should he ever break that silence, he will no doubt be made “a horrible example of”, in the manner in which Henry Kissinger dealt with Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto and General Zia ul Haq.

21. To take control of education in America with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it. By 1993, the full force effect of this policy is becoming apparent, and will be even more destructive as primary and secondary schools begin to teach “Outcome Based Education” (OBE).


Conspirators’ Hierarchy – The Story of The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman (Oct. 3, 2006

Dr. John Coleman – 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300 – Wake Up America full


CIA & Company: The Real Plotters Behind JFK’s Assassination


The Cabal and Conspiracy Responsible for the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

The 8 sniper’s nests (see sniper icons above) strategically located around Dealey Plaza in Dallas on November 22, 1963

Who but the CIA could have positioned 8 sniper’s nests around Dealey Plaza in Dallas?

Paris Terror Attacks: Executed To Lock Down Climate Summit Conference


Friday the 13th Massacre:
False Flag Operation Designed
to Sequester and ‘Quarantine’ the
NWO Climate Conference
in Paris

Unprecedented Media Mea Culpa: Top German Editor Admits “All the News is Fake”


Exposes the Mainstream Media Modus Operandi in Graphic Detail

“Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake!”

The INTERNET: A Precursor to Accessing the Cosmic Mind


How the World Wide Web is a
Stepping Stone to the Akashic Records

Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’


Putin’s Russia Blows Up Scheme
For ‘Greater Israel’

Russian Military Demolishes IS Infrastructure,
Destroys ISIS Terror Network,
Dismantles ISIL Command & Control,
Devastates Greater Israel Project

Saudi Arabia Colluded With MOSSAD: Triggered Hajj Stampede To Kidnap Iranian Officials And Revolutionary Guards


Saudi Arabia Conspired With Israel To Engineer The Mina Stampede To Abduct Iranian Pilgrims

The Back Story Behind John Boehner’s Forced Resignation


This Is Why Speaker John Boehner Resigned

Is This Why Pope Francis Met With Obama On Yom Kippur?


September 23, 2015: The Day of Atonement Inaugurates The SUPER SHEMITAH

STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination


Global Geopolitical Chessboard:
Psychopathic Players and Cynical Moves
Guarantee a Future of Perpetual War

“From the Black Sea to the Baltic”


Explosive presentation hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs
reveals what no government official, no political representative, no NGO
executive and no think tank director has ever said before in public.


Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: Secret Back Story Reveals Why The West Cannot Topple His Government


The Hidden Forces Behind Syria’s
President Bashar al-Assad

The Super Shemitah, Mayan Calendar and Kali Yuga Converge in 2015/2016


Super Shemitah Reflects Ever-tightening Spiral
of Mayan Calendrics and the Kali Yuga Climax

September 13, 2015 aka Elul 29, 5775
Marks the End of the Shemitah Year
~        ~        ~
70th Biblical Shemitah Jubilee
begins on September 23rd

U.S. Government Spraying Tons Of Toxic Coal Fly Ash Into Atmosphere Via Chemtrails


Coal Fly Ash Used In Chemtrail Aerosols: Geophysicist Produces Conclusive Evidence

Waco TX Biker Massacre: Classic False Flag Operation & Government-Run Inside Job


Innocent Bikers Slaughtered by Government Sting Operation to Teach ‘Rebels’ a Lesson

Just like the Branch Davidian bloodbath and Oklahoma City bombing, the ATF and FBI intimidate non-conforming fringe groups

Agents Provocateurs Used to Manufacture Fake Feud Between the Two Biker Groups

TEXAS DELUGE: Was it a geoengineered weather event to enforce compliance with Agenda 21?


Flood of the Millennium Hits Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Marcos and other Texas cities

Was the California drought geoengineered to pass future ‘climate change’ legislation?


Relentless Chemtrail Spraying and HAARP-manufactured weather events radically alter California’s climate



Debt Default and Dollar Meltdown,
Derivative Explosion and Deflation Implosion
are Timed According to a Controlling Calendar

The 2015/2016 Shemitah Jubilee And The End Of The Kali Yuga


Does the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee Signify the Beginning of the End of the KALI YUGA?

The mundane affairs of humanity are often controlled by cryptic scriptural prophecy and obscure calendrical predictions.  Most of these age-old prophecies and supporting predictions were originally passed down by way of ancient oral traditions. When they came to pass, they were then written down in scrolls and on tablets. In this way they could be referred to at critical moments to impress future generations of the awesome power and veracity of the prophets. Eventually, all significant prophecies were recorded by the scribes, just as the most consequential predictions were preserved by the astrologers.

President Putin Reveals Possession Of 9/11 Satellite Imagery Evidence Indicating USA Gov’t Complicity In False Flag Attack


Pravda: “Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11”


State of the Nation

This press release is perhaps the single most explosive revelation ever covered by State of the Nation.

Putin’s Russia: Nemesis of the New World Order — 2nd Version


PUTIN: The President And The Power(s) Behind Him 

Just Like JFK, President Vladimir Putin Goes His Own Way

There should be no doubt whatsoever that Vladimir V. Putin is the
John F. Kennedy of the New Millennium.

THE VACCINE CONSPIRACY: U.S. Government Colludes With BIG Pharma To Poison The America People


Being Foisted On The USA 24/7

U.S. Government and Big Pharma Corporations Conducting ‘Nazi Medical Experiments’ Worldwide

OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History


Chemtrail Pilot Blows The Cover Of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD

WORLD WAR III: Anglo-American Axis vs. BRICS Alliance


Undeclared War on Russia Reflects the Sheer Desperation of the Anglo-American Axis

State of the Nation

Those who called it early on were absolutely right as All Hell Broke Loose In 2014.

Yeah, but what’s really going on?  With Russia?  With Vladimir Putin?  With the plummeting oil price?

Why is the price of gold always gyrating like a jitterbug?  And how is it that the stock market is booming in the face of so much economic doom and financial gloom?

Why did the Ukraine become ground zero for this evolving World War III scenario?

Anglo-American Axis Wages Financial/Economic War Against Russia


Trilateral Commission Crashes the Russian Ruble
after Imposing Illegal Sanctions and
Manipulating the Price of Oil Downward

Jesuit Weapons of War:
Economic Terrorism and Financial Sabotage
Commodity Speculation and Currency Manipulation   

Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR


Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’

Lee Harvey Oswald: Unsung Hero Who Alerted JFK To ‘Assassination Plot’ In Chicago


Lee Harvey Oswald: Unsung Hero Who Alerted JFK To ‘Assassination Plot’ In Chicago

Framed By The CIA Because He Infiltrated Their Assassination Conspiracy

Oswald Worked Directly For Robert F. Kennedy Who Authorized His Return From The USSR To Conduct Domestic ‘Counterintelligence’

Biosphere Approaching Critical Points Of No Return


Planet Earth Assaulted by Weather Extremes and Radical Shifts in Climate Patterns


9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress


Russia Disseminates,
Snowden Validates,
NSA Evidence Corroborates
New 9/11 Data Dump

“This 9/11 data dump is so radioactive the US Government will likely collapse.  The world will never be the same when nations everywhere see this report!” 
— Veteran 9/11 Investigator

2015: The Great Tribulation Of The 3rd Millennium Foreshadowed By The Shemitah Jubilee


Will the 7-year TRIBULATION begin with the
“Biblical Shemitah” in the month of Tishri?

9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators


Russian 9/11 Data Dump Reveals State Actors

Over 2200 Architects And Engineers Demolish The ‘Official’ 9/11 Commission Report


Unprecedented 9/11 C-SPAN VIDEO: 9/11 TRUTH Finally Appears In The Mainstream Media

“The Nuclear Energy Paradigm Collides with Earth Changes and Technospheric Breakdown” — The Final Chapter


“Fukushima: Dispossession or Denuclearization?” — The Final Chapter

Comet-Planet Identified, Orbital Trajectory Verified by Renowned Astronomer — PART II


Carlos Muñoz Ferrada: Planet X Revelations
Single Most Important Video on the Internet

Locus Of Global Power Shifts From The West To The East


Anglo-American Axis Losing Power and Influence;
BRICS Alliance Gains

The WAR for the Ukraine: What’s the real story?


The Latest and Biggest Battle Between East and West Converges in the Ukraine

BIOSPHERE Devastation As Geoengineering Accelerates Global Climate Change


Chemtrails + HAARP = Planetary Extinction Level Event

The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA


The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

The Real 800 Pound Gorilla That Controls The Realm

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)


Chemtrails, The Jets That Spray Them,
And The Equipment Used Are Proof Of
An Ongoing Global Conspiracy

Original post at

HERCOLUBUS: The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era


The FINAL SHIFT  Fast Approaches 

The INCUNABULA: Top Tier of the World Shadow Government?


A Remarkable Set of 1997 Interviews Accurately
Predicts Major Events in the Third Millennium

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order


Is Pax Americana imposed by
the ‘Fourth Reich’?

Is there any doubt that the United States of America is the military arm of the New World Order (NWO), as it has been since World War I?

Just as the City of London has functioned as the world headquarters for the financial arm of the NWO, and Vatican City has functioned as the religious headquarters for the NWO, Washington, DC has functioned as the military headquarters for the NWO.

Positive Lightning Strikes Intensify As Cosmic Rays Increase


Lightning Strikes Growing In Size and Intensity Worldwide


CCRG Editor’s Note:
The weather patterns and climate trends around the globe have been in the fritz for some time now.  The unseasonably warm fall and winter of 2015 have been caused not only by the intensification of chemtrail-spraying programs worldwide, the anomalies are also the result of major changes throughout the solar system.

Nonstop Chemical Geoengineering Has Pushed the Planet into Climate Chaos

Those profound changes from Pluto to the Sun, from the Asteroid Belt to the Kuiper Belt are being triggered by cosmic rays emanating form the Galactic Core of our Milky Way Galaxy.  Scientists have been closely monitoring the influx of these cosmic rays for many years.  They have also been observing the substantial uptick in Positive Lightning Strikes (PLS), especially their marked magnification wherever they hit the ground.

Positive Lightning Strike, Tornado and Earthquake Swarms 

The scientific establishment is now quite aware that they are observing, on a daily basis, powerful cosmic forces which fall well outside of the current astrophysics paradigm.  In the final analysis the current planetary civilization will become known for its willful ignorance of the most basic and prevalent forces of the Universe.

CONFIRMED: It’s an Electric Universe!

This same deficit of intellectual integrity and truthful scientific inquiry will also prove to be the ultimate downfall of the current human race.  This has occurred because of the many profoundly flawed paradigms which effectively function as the foundational operating systems throughout every sphere of life on Earth.

How The Hard Science PhDs Have Wrecked The World

The bottom line here is that Planet Earth is about to go through some major changes, most of which will occur because of a steadily increasing influx of subtly powerful and pervasive cosmic rays.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

HUGE Changes Coming To Planet Earth


Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Planetary Transformation




Did you watch John Poulos testify in front of the Michigan legislature back in December 2020? We are reviewing the transcripts and are befuddled why the Michigan Legislature is so clueless about Dominion’s operations. Didn’t they do their research of public information easily found online? Over the next week, the Conclave is going to take Poulos’ testimony, point by point, and show you his big fat lies.

You job as AIMCat warriors is to get this info to your downline and explain to them why this is FOREIGN ELECTION INTERFERENCE.


Watch Full Video Here:

The first words out of Poulos’ mouth were a lie.

Poulos: “Dominion is a U.S. Company headquartered in Denver CO”

Dominion is a Canadian company, as we shall show. At best, he should have said it is a Delaware corporation, but even that is insufficient for a fiduciary who has a duty to tell the public his controlling entity. In his testimony, as the primary fiduciary, he had a duty to disclose other Dominion entities, including another Delaware branch and its entities, all pointing back to Canada, not Colorado:

Poulos hid these entities from his testimony and the defamation Complaints.

  1. Dominion US Inc. Delaware File No. 4551531, incorp. Jul. 20, 2016 with these branches:
    1. Dominion US Inc. New York Co. No. 4995382, incorp. Aug. 18, 2016 Address: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, 20th Floor (Read: British Pilgrims Society; NBC, former CIA agents, “Five Eyes,” MI6)
    2. Dominion US Inc. California Co. No. C4551531, incorp. Jan. 28, 2020 California, Address: 320 East Clayton St, Athens GA 30601
    3. Dominion US Inc. Georgia Co. No. 18085911, incorp. Jul. 13, 2018, Address: 2 Greenwich Office Park Suite 300, Norcross GA

Note: All trademarks related to Dominion (including OpTech) are owned by the Canadian parent, but I digress.


Proof: Dominion cites three entities in its complaints against Powell, Giuliana, Lindell, etc. (1) US Dominion, Inc., (2) Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. and (3) Dominion Voting Systems Corporation. 1 and 2 are Delaware SHELL COMPANIES with de minimus capitalization. See attached. We pulled (paid for) their records. No. 3 is their evident Canadian controlling corporation. Even their Denver branch filed initially as a Toronto, Ontario, Canada corporation (see below).

#2 Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. has incorporated in 29 states. Michigan’s current contract states that the Contractor is at 1201 18th Street, Suite 210, Denver, CO 80202, Gio Costantiello 416-762-8683. However, Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. (Michigan) is registered as a “Foreign Profit Corporation” with registered address 229 Brookwood Dr. Ste. 14, South Lyon, MI, 48178, John Poulos, president, treasurer, secretary and director. Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson committed fraud by contracting with a Dominion foreign profit Colorado corporation branch with no authority to operate in Michigan.

Dominion has incorporated more offices and registered agents in the U.S. than Carter has liver pills, and none of them control as corporations are required to disclose to third parties in transactions.

This is absolutely typical of the British Pilgrims Society throughout the world to obfuscate their ultimate control of corporations. They operate multiple companies to pass control back and forth to avoid liability if exposed. Our “Big Four” accounting firms are complicit in all these schemes.

In their Complaints against Sydney, Rudy, Mike, etc. they represent that they are “headquartered in Denver, Colorado”, while also representing Delaware, USA and Toronto, Ontario, British Commonwealth of Canada as Parties.

.This fiddle was evidently done to claim diversity of jurisdiction so they could file the suits in multiple federal courts.US Dominion, Inc. Delaware File No. 6944838 AGENT CSC (Cogency Global, Inc.) 251 Little Falls Drive, Wilmington, DE 19808 was only incorporated on Jun. 22, 2018. Latest Delaware Entity Status (Shell Company).Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. Delaware File No. 4706613 AGENT (Cogency Global Inc. Dover DE) was incorporated on Jul. 07, 2009. Latest Delaware Entity Status (Shell Company).

Incorporated as Foreign Stock/Profit Corporation in:

  1. Texas Poulos, pres, dir
  2. Wisconsin AGENT: Cogency Global Inc.
  3. Washington Poulos, gov, AGENT: Cogency Global
  4. California Poulos, pres, AGENT (Principal Executive Office: 215 Sadina Avenue, Suite 200, Toronoto, Ontario, Canada M5T 2C7)
  5. New Mexico, Poulos, AGENT: Cogency Global
  6. Kansas, Poulos, AGENT: Cogency Global
  7. Utah, AGENT: Cogency Global
  8. Iowa, Poulos, pres, sec, treas, AGENT: Cogency Global, Iowa Search
  9. Ohio, Poulos, pres, Toronto, Canada, AGENT: Cogency Global Ohio Search
  10. Georgia, Poulos, ceo, sec, AGENT: Cogency Global
  11. Massachusetts, Poulos, pres, treas, sec, vp, dir, AGENT: Cogency Global
  12. New Jersey, NJ Search
  13. Florida, Poulos, pres, sec, treas, AGENT: Cogency Global
  14. Louisiana, Poulos, pres, dire, vp, sec, treas, AGENT: Cogency Global. Louisiana Search
  15. Nevada, Poulos, pres, sec, treas, dir, AGENT: Cogency Global
  16. Minnesota, Poulos, ceo, AGENT: National Corporate Research, Ltd.
  17. Oregon, Poulos, pres, sec, AGENT: Cogency Global Oregon Search
  18. Missouri, Poulos, pres, sec, dir, AGENT: Secretary of State Missouri Search
  19. New York, Poulos, ceo, AGENT: National Corporate Research
  20. Arizona, Poulos, sec, vp, dir, pres, ceo, AGENT: National Corporate Research
  21. Michigan, Poulos, pres, treas, sec, dir, AGENT: Cogency Global
  22. Connecticut, Poulos, pres, sec, dir, AGENT: Cogency Global
  23. Virginia, Poulas, pres, AGENT: Cogency Global
  24. Mississippi, Poulos, pres, dir, sec, treas, AGENT: Cogency Global
  25. Alaska, Poulos, dir, sec, pres, treas, AGENT: Cogency Global
  26. Colorado, Poulos (215 Spadina Ave., Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), AGENT: Cogency Global, CO Filing History THESE RECORDS OF POULOS ADDRESS AFTER INCORPORATION APPEAR TO BE DOCTORED. Lists Denver as principle address after saying it was Toronto Canada on Jun. 25, 2010. (Safety copy has been saved).


27. Tennessee, AGENT: Cogency Global, Tennessee SearchWyoming, Poulos, pres, dir, AGENT: Cogency GlobalPennsylvania, AGENT: Cogency Global, PA Search28. Tennessee, AGENT: Cogency Global, Tennessee SearchWyoming, Poulos, pres, dir, AGENT: Cogency GlobalPennsylvania, AGENT: Cogency Global, PA Search29. Pennsylvania, AGENT: Cogency Global, PA Search.

Also note the Canadian parent of DOMINION:




The Fake ‘GREAT RESET’ & The End Of Civilization As We Know It

The Fourth Turning

Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Reich

State of the Nation

Make no mistake: HUGE change is upon US during this third decade of the Third Millennium no matter what predictions come true or don’t.


Nothing demonstrates that inevitable “Huge change” more than the worldwide execution of OPERATION COVID-19 since January of 2020.

The NWO globalist perpetrators are only one year into what is essentially a global lockdown scheme, and look at how far they have come.

COVID-1984 is already here, especially in places like the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, etc.  Notice how all the Five Eyes are in various stages of draconian lockdown with the exception perhaps of the United States.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern just locked down Auckland because ONE new COVID-19 case was detected based on patently false coronavirus tests. See: NZ Prime Minister Imposes Second Lockdown on Auckland AFTER ONE NEW COVID CASE!


Such is the sheer power and overwhelming influence of the World Shadow Government that exerts virtually complete control over the entire planetary civilization.

That a fake virus, which hasn’t even been proven to exist, is then tested for with a test that the inventor said was totally inaccurate and not even scientifically applicable, which is then used to lock down whole nations, is as inconceivable as it is preposterous.

And, yet, here we are in 2021, still being stampeded like sheep into pens of Covid compliance and corralled into cattle cars of vaccine consent. WOW ! ! !


What does all of this have to do with the GREAT RESET?

The GREAT RESET is really the “great global lockdown”.

The Powers That Be (TPTB) needed a pretext to lock down every country within the world community of nations … and so they simply conjured up one—the utterly fake and fabricated Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020.

There’s obviously no coincidence that the power elite had been throwing around so many notions having to do with the GREAT RESET throughout 2019 just prior to the staged Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.  The main institutional promoter of the GREAT RESET has been the World Economic Forum and especially its executive chairman Klaus Schwab.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) that meets yearly in Davos, is the perfect “Dr. Strangelove” to usher in the GREAT RESET. See: FLASHBACK: Dr. Strangelove and the Bomb (Video)

While the preceding video concerns the “Doomsday Machine” (you get the picture) in that Stanley Kubrick classic, it also foreshadows the workings of the thoroughly Strangelovian Klaus Schwab, particularly in light of his “leadership capacity at Sulzer Escher Wyss, the company sought to aid the nuclear weapon ambitions of the South African regime.”[1]

What’s the critical point?

A certifiably crazy German engineer (and phony economist) — Klaus Schwab — was selected by the NWO cabal to pitch a GREAT RESET that is really a “great incarceration of the human race”.

The following excerpt from a highly detailed exposé entitled Schwab Family Values says it all:

The last question that should be asked about the real motivations behind the actions of Herr Schwab, may be the most important for the future of humanity: Is Klaus Schwab trying to create the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or is he trying to create the Fourth Reich?

Clearly, Schwab was installed at the WEF so he could advance the New World Order agenda in the wake of the global chaos, worldwide confusion and international conflict created by the absurdly Kafkaesque CORONAhoax.

Schwab and his ultra-rich WEF cronies are unilaterally implementing a covert supranational agenda that will ultimately strip national sovereignty and territorial integrity from every nation on Earth.  They are basically ghettoizing every square inch of planet Earth for the 99% while carving out green spaces for themselves via Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  Both of these UN agendas are simply ways of putting lipstick on the pig of the ongoing cultural genocide and massive land thefts being surreptitiously carried out around the globe.

They are also using key elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to accomplish these goals planet-wide, which will essentially transform the world into a Fourth Reich where the super elites rule by remote via a tyrannical technocracy.  And, where the top operational AI decision-makers are literally Autonomous Superintelligence entities devoid of humanity and made in the image and likeness of their satanic overlords (see graphic below).

Just consider how German Chancellor Angela Merkel was able to take over virtually all of Europe, adroitly using the European Union government, without firing a single shot.  Adolph Hitler would be extremely proud of Merkel’s accomplishment of subjugating the Eurozone without even one armed conflict or border skirmish.  Allowing the unlimited flow of illegal aliens and economic immigrants into the 26 nation Schengen Area proved to be a brilliant strategy by which all of Europe was conquered from within.

European Union Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe

Of course, Germany was able to pull this off because they possessed the most Deutsche Marks.  Even though Deutsche Bank has been virtually been bankrupted in the process, Merkel has has successfully revitalized the Third Reich.  Through massive undercover funding, these same bankster tactics being utilized by the COVIDcon perps who brazenly bribe and bully countries the world over to foist lockdowns on their citizenries.  This is all done via enormous illegal bribes and extortion payments provided by the World Bank and IMF.  As follows:

Lukashenko turned down a $950 million bribe
from the IMF in return for a national
Covid lockdown

Isn’t it quite telling that two of the most powerful people in the world today are German—one a mechanical engineer (Schwab) and the other a chemical research scientist (Merkel)?

Given the ginormous NWO juggernaut currently rolling across the land that’s crushing everything in sight, it’s no wonder these two bad actors were chosen as the frontmen for such a clandestine nation-destroying enterprise.

Photo taken from This is how the USA became the protoype of the Fourth Reich.

The Fourth Reich

Now what is very confounding about the emerging Fourth Reich is that it’s not just a Fascist superstate.  In point of fact, the rapidly manifesting Fourth Reich also has many attributes of a communist regime controlled by a still concealed One World Government.

In this way, the reptiles at the very top of the planetary food chain have everyone below arguing about whether the world is heading toward communism (and marxism) or fascism.  The answer is: BOTH!  In fact, the extreme manifestation of both isms leads to the same type of oppressive totalitarianism.

Consider this statement taken from Merkel’s Wikipedia page.

At the Academy of Sciences, she became a member of its FDJ secretariat. According to her former colleagues, she openly propagated Marxism as the secretary for “Agitation and Propaganda”.

How ironic that a German Chancellor would be a closet communist who successfully conquered the European continent using Nazi tactics and fascist strategies.  This is exactly how TPTB are slowly and stealthily taking over the Earth realm—Ordo ab Chao-style.

Angela Merkel: Nation States Must “Give Up Sovereignty”
To New World Order

Merkel and Schwab clearly represent the hidden Illuminati forces that are determined to throw a knockout one-two punch at all of humanity.  What better way than to first debilitate and/or incapacitate the human race via the COVID-19 bioweapon; and then to propagate the Covid fear virus as a paralyzing “second punch”?!  Where nearly every human being is fearmongered into getting injected with a micro-chipped, gene-altering Covid drug (read: fake vaccine) … and with multiple doses over the remaining years of their soon-to-be enervated life.

KEY POINT: It is critical to comprehend that the United States of America is not only The Military Arm of the New World Order, it also serves as the national template for the Fourth Reich, as does the European Union).  In other words, the societal paradigm to which the NWO cabal is moving all the other nations via Cultural Marxism, as well as Communist ideology and Fascist authoritarianism.


This analysis only grazes the tiny tip of the colossal iceberg known as the New World Order controlled by a secret One World Government that is really the Fourth Reich being cunningly ushered in via the Fourth Industrial Revolution. See: The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Really A Highly Controlled Global Genocide

It’s crucial to understand that all of this globalization of the world is taking place within the context of the Fourth Turning. (See: THE FOURTH TURNING: If you haven’t read about it, now is the time.)  It’s also vital to grasp that globalism is really predatory capitalism (fascism) combined with dictatorial communism as now seen in the United States.

Also, it’s important to note that the power elite are taking full advantage of the energies and timing of the Fourth Turning because they know it’s either US or Them who will end up in the stew pot when this is all over.

Bottom Line: What we are all really witnessing is the age-old conflict between the rich and the poor, the powerful and powerless.  The GREAT RESET is truly all about one thing: locking down humanity so securely that no one will pose a real threat to the power elite.  Given all the highly advanced and newfangled Internet-based ‘weaponry’ available to every digitally connected person on the planet during this post-modern Information Age, TPTB will not tolerate any challenges whatsoever to their power and supremacy.  Hence, the raging class war that’s jumping off everywhere in America and beyond is being quite deliberately presented as anything but the class war it truly is.  In this way, the globalist perps hope to distract We the People from their shocking brutality, incessant perfidy and cruel deceits.  After all, they have gotten away with their total domination of this plane of existence for millennia, and they’re not going to relinquish that control under any circumstances.  Which is precisely why the GREAT RESET is upon US at this critical point in human history … … … as the Fourth Turning twists and turns every person (and nation) on Earth.


There’s plenty We the People can do to terminate the GREAT RESET. Above all, mass resistance and civil disobedience are people-powered weapons that TPTB have absolutely no defense against.  Of course, as soon as the Patriot Movement understands the power it possesses as an immense fully armed force, it’s game over for the power elite.  They know that, in America alone, the relatively few wealthy elites will be facing “a rifle behind every blade of grass”.  Whether there will eventually be a shootin’ match is determined by the people taking back their power en masse.  After all, this final war is really between the 99.999999% against the 01.000001%.

State of the Nation
February 27, 2021


[1] Meet the real Klaus Martin Schwab!


TEXAGEDDON: A False Flag Geoterrorist Operation With Multiple Nefarious NWO Goals

Globalist-Directed Geoengineers Aim Their Powerful Weather Weapons at
the Lone Star State to Conduct Covert
Acts of False Flag Geoterrorism

Purposefully Carried Out by NWO Cabal
to Paralyze Texas Patriot Movement
and Shut Down Power Grid

State of the Nation

Occam’s Razor

Occam’s razor, Ockham’s razor, Ocham’s razor, or law of parsimony is the problem-solving principle that “entities should not be multiplied without necessity”, or more simply, the simplest explanation is usually the right one.”

In other words TEXAGEDDON can be easily understood by assessing the many obvious effects and then correctly linking them to the true causes.  Considering “Cui bono?” from such a devastating cataclysm is of utmost necessity in properly teasing out the malevolent intentions and identifying the real perpetrators.   

Let’s be clear: the deliberate deep freeze of Texas is unparalleled by any standard.  There is simply no historical precedent for the record-breaking cold temperatures, heavy snowfalls and pervasive ice storms throughout all of Texas.

With this irrefutable knowledge, Occam’s razor tells us that such a catastrophic weather event was fastidiously geoengineered by all the usual suspects.

How could such an historic weather calamity not be the product of very stealthy weather manufacturing after highly sophisticated atmospheric manipulation?

Take a close look at the weather map below.  What it strongly suggests is that the largest ice storm in U.S. history was meticulously geoengineered to blanket the country’s second largest state by area.

Again, the application of Occam’s razor by any geoterrorism sleuth points directly to highly advance weather warfare being waged by the criminal geoengineeers on behalf of their globalist masters.

But why would the New World Order globalist cabal order such a devastating cataclysm?

Because Texas is a very RED state and ready to rumble with the Biden administration—that’s why!

In point of fact, the Abbott administration is prepared to roll out a series of measures and mandates that all serve to reclaim their various long-neglected constitutional state’s rights.  The Biden-Harris crime duo know this and are determined to make any pre-emptive strike necessary to thwart those FED-busting Texas government initiatives.

KEY POINT: Texas Tests The FED, Establishes Gold-backed Bank

Not only that, but Gov. Gregg Abbott’s executive team has prepared legislation that will fly in the face of Biden’s 2021 plan to lock down the state (and every other state).  These upcoming governor’s EOs will also push back hard on Biden’s absurd and unlawful Executive Orders that are promoting Obama’s ultra-liberal cultural marxist agenda.

Public Intelligence Blog has just posted the following observations about “Texas pushback” from an “Alert Reader Supporting Comments Below the Fold“.

As we call…

1)    Texas created its own bullion vault and bank a couple of years ago

2)    Texas accepts payments in gold and silver

3)    NYC Nasdaq moved to Texas a few months ago (or is in the process of doing so)

4)    Texas is suing Biden’s administration over immigration

5)    Texas sued the states guilty of proven election fraud

6)    Texas is openly speaking of “Texit” from the union

7)    Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline

8)    Texas governor in the process of suing Biden’s administration over the Keystone pipeline

And the list goes on…

Texas won’t have it.  None of it.  And Team Biden knows it.

So, the career political criminals inside the Beltway have unleashed the most destructive weather weapons they can muster in 2021.

The current state of the art of geoengineered weather warfare is far beyond what anyone knows save the weather warriors.

Take a look at the following news reports to grasp the sheer depth and breadth of this ongoing series of false flag geoterrorist attacks.  False flags because they are attributed to “Mother Nature” or an “Act of God” when they are really crimes against humanity committed by an incorrigible cabal of criminally insane psychopaths.

Even the 133-vehicle pile-up in Fort Worth, Texas that killed 6 and injured many more on February 11 was no accident of fate or fluke of nature. The murderous globalists will often take advantage of these weather calamities to inflict even more pain and suffering on their victims so that they will ultimately blame their GOP leaders.

Weather Wars Against Texas

When all else fails, the NWO globalist cabal always knows it can wage weather war or execute acts of false flag geoterrorism. See: POLAR VORTEX 2019: Globalists Use Winter Weather Warfare Against America—Why now?

How exactly do the geoengineers do it?  As follows:

The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History

There is no more effective way to terrorize a whole state than to target it with weather weaponry.  What will a governor not do, or acquiesce to, in order to save and/or protect the residents of his or her state?

In the unfortunate case of Texas, the globalists have thrown one weaponized frankenstorm after another at them over several years now.  Each of these has had the purpose of showing the very independent Lone Star state who’s boss. See: Hurricane Harvey: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targets Texas—WHY?

It should be noted that Florida has also seen its share of weather warfare because of the long-term domination of the Right-leaning legislature.  Hurricane Michael was known as the most powerful tornado-hurricane ever to strike the American coastline. See: HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why!

Conservative states, with long-established Republican majorities in both legislative chambers, are always targeted by the exceedingly dangerous geoengineers, especially when they are among the largest states in the nation.

Let’s face it: Conservative states like Texas and Florida clearly wield way too much power and influence nationwide to avoid the attention (and wrath) of The Powers That Be.

Bottom Line: There’s nothing more threatening to the tyrannical power of the U.S. Federal Government than the zealous secession movement in Texas. (See: Texas Lawmaker Kyle Biederman Formally Submits Secession Bill)   Remember, it was the secession of South Carolina that triggered the first American Civil War.  Hence, every parasitical swamp creature in the D.C. swamp knows that any move toward Texas independence must be quashed—HARD & FAST!  Otherwise, the D.C. bloodsuckers risk losing their hosts across many of the other 50 states.  What could be “harder and faster” than TEXAGEDDON?

Power Grid & Outage

Can the message be more clear to the state of Texas?  The globalists can take away their power anytime they want to.  After all, what’s more frightening than being without power for extended periods of time in the middle of a deep freeze?  What a way to totally wreck the current GOP administration in Austin.

Then there was the HUGE PR problem that arose when people started asking: Why did Austin downtown stay fully lit up when the rest of the city was plunged into darkness?

The Texas blackout alone has Plunged Up To 15 Million People Into Darkness, which also highlights the sheer power possessed by the globalists to turn out the lights at will.

The residents of Texas are being shown that they can be rendered powerless in practically a day and a night by the weather warriors.  And, that their very lives and futures can only be secured by strict compliance with the draconian New World Order agenda.

The other major objective of TEXAGEDDON is to trigger a nationwide power shutdown which has already spread to 15 states.  See: Over 10,000,000 Impacted By MASSIVE Power Outages! National Guard to Assist in Texas.

Surely, there is a major power play occurring in real time in Texas (and elsewhere) where it concerns power generation, transmission and allocation.  In other words, there’s also a HUGE power war going on that the globalists will use to strip the red states of their power only to reallocate it to the blue states.  They do the same thing in California routinely shutting down power in the red rural counties while keeping the blue sanctuary cities well lit during wildfire season.

Green New Deal

Despite the various reasons that have been advanced in this exposé for the intensifying geoterrorism constantly utilized against Texas, there is one last globalist goal that reigns supreme—the War on Climate Change.

Who has not heard of the fake Green New Deal and how it will miraculously save US all from ‘ever-worsening’ climate change?

Well, there is perhaps no sacred cow over the next 4 years more holy than Joe Biden’s “Plan for Climate Change and Environmental Justice”.

And there’s no better advertisement for the wholly manufactured need for such a flaky plan than [GEOENGINEERED] weather disasters like TEXAGEDDON that are falsely blamed on the utterly fictitious Climate Change narrative.

PARADOX: In spite of the great state of Texas being all about energy, it has been rendered helpless throughout the duration of TEXAGEDDON.  In this way, the globalists will attempt to force the state to go green by coercing it to abandon the hydrocarbon fuel paradigm in favor of only globalist-approved sources of energy.

But how can that realistically be accomplished except by rapidly developing green energy sources, which will take decades to sufficiently meet the needs of a post-modern American society. The Democrats know this, of course, but such a debacle-in-the-making fits in perfectly with Biden’s surreptitious communist program of “chaos, confusion and conflict”, particularly when it comes to wrecking Texas.

“We’re still facing a very dark winter!” — President-elect Joe Biden

By all appearances, the globalist cabal is using this pervasive power outage to underscore the need to cultivate green energy in order to augment a supposedly ‘inadequate’ energy infrastructure and flawed power dissemination policy. See this MSM news report : How one Texas storm exposed an energy grid unprepared for climate change

As a matter of historical fact, Texas, Florida and California are constantly and intentionally singled out with these manmade weather and environmental catastrophes as a means to indelibly impact the collective American psyche.   See how they manufacture consent with each and every devastating weather event that is cunningly geoengineered, and then blamed on Climate Change?


There’s a LOT of ridiculous chatter on social media that is trying to explain away this “once in a million years weather event”.

There’s only one way to rationally explain this pre-planned and highly organized weather attack on the great state of Texas—GEOENGINEERING.

Now, take a close look at the preceding temperature map.  Sub-freezing temperatures that far south in Texas have NEVER been recorded before—not even close!

The same map of temps, which were recorded on Monday, February 15th, also reveals the classic geoengineering signatures which prove this was a full-blown geoterrorist operation.

See how the deep dark blue in the center of the map almost takes the form of a rectangle stretching north toward the Canadian border.  This weather formation is totally unnatural and cannot be found anywhere else in the history of temperature record keeping.

Of course, the way this weather event was meticulously geoengineered to hover right over Texas FOR SO MANY DAYS is another dead giveaway.

The now obvious intention of the NWO cabal was to freeze the entire state so as to completely incapacitate the four corners of Texas thereby hampering any meaningful relief effort.

Biden has yet to even declare the state a disaster area which is required to release the necessary emergency aid and funds. See: Why hasn’t POTUS imposter Biden declared Texas a major disaster area yet?!?!

Truly, there are so many fingerprints and other damning clues left all over the Texas crime scene that OPERATION DEEP FREEZE has been laid bare forever, and for the whole nation to see.

If there’s a silver lining in this dark cloud still plaguing Texas, it’s that the great Patriots who live there will soon demand answers, and in a way this country has never seen.  They will likely begin by investigating the ENRON-like conspiracy that has grossly manipulated energy prices like this: Outages Morph Into Outrage As Texans Slapped With “Mind-Blowing” Power Bills .

The upshot of this ongoing series of acts of geoterrorism is that it is a highly coordinated attack on every sphere of life in Texas.  We’re talking “Full Spectrum Dominance” of the entire Texan battlefield where OPERATION DEEP FREEZE was designed to take down the state for years to come.

Let’s face it; the globalist perps knew that, as an independent energy state, the easiest way to shut down the power Texas-wide was to freeze up the wind turbines, which the cold snap did … AND … to manufacture a massive statewide chemcloud cover via days of spraying massive chemtrail aerosols, which then perilously diminished solar panel energy generation.

KEY POINT: The CIA’s Mockingbird Media is working triple time to debunk OPERATION DEEP FREEZE.  They do this by posting one or two hit pieces on major mainstream media platforms, which are then SEOed to appear on the top of every relevant Google page.  In this way, they provide the transparently fake debunking content to their social media hitmen who then post it at warp speed in order to quickly control the dominant narrative on the Internet using every algorithm necessary to knock down radioactive exposés like this one.  Here’s the original Facebook post the MSM tried to debunk with a vengeance, which has since been removed by FB: 3.5+ MILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT POWER IN TEXAS – JOE BIDEN’S DARK WINTER HAS ARRIVED.


There can be only one conclusion about what will likely go down as the greatest manmade disaster in Texas history: MASSIVE & UNPRECEDENTED POWER OUTAGES LIKE THIS DON’T JUST HAPPEN—THEY”RE MADE TO HAPPEN ON PURPOSE.

Is there any more powerful and stealthy weapon on Earth than WEAPONIZED WEATHER and CLIMATE MANIPULATION.  Both of these weather warfare techniques are used regularly around the globe to destroy nations large and small.

In stark contrast to dropping a nuclear or hydrogen bomb, the geoengineering perpetrators can blow up a whole state and get away with it scot-free.  The Pentagon has been targeting their enemies in this manner since World War II, and doing so with absolute impunity.  Lately they have trained their weather weapons with great effect and purpose on disobedient states throughout the USA.  As follows:

Weapons Testing Program In World History

With the many critical revelations in this exposé, it is intended for the great people of Texas to fully understand how they have been ruthlessly attacked over decades.  This knowledge will especially provide the Patriot Movement with good reason why it’s now crucial to liberate Texas, as well as all other conservative states, from the despotic Biden administration.

Given the pervasive and profound destruction caused by TEXAGEDDON, it ought to be clear that the US government is no friend of the 50 states.  Therefore, any and all initiatives toward reclaiming state’s rights ought to be undertaken with all deliberate speed.  So should the very serious prospect of secession.  After all, will there ever be another POTUS election that’s not outright stolen?!

Lastly, where it concerns investigative reports of such an urgent nature: “When in doubt, send it out … … … and much sooner than later!”

State of the Nation
February 17, 2021

Author’s Note

This highly planned and atrocious attack on the people of Texas must be taken very seriously.  When there are 15 million folks without power in freezing weather in places where the temperatures rarely, if ever, go down so low, the likelihood for a slow-motion yet deepening humanitarian crisis is quite high. See: As 15 million folks are still without electricity in sub-freezing temps, Texas may be facing the greatest challenge in its history!


Notice the pink maps (both above and below) that are being used across all weather reporting stations.  That’s because the Democrats lit up One World Trade Center pink on the day that New York State approved INFANTICIDE as a legal form of abortion at 9 months.  These perfidious perps always use pink to ‘cover’ for their nefarious deeds that are carried out to inflict as much death and destruction as technologically possible.

Recommended Reading & Viewing

Why is the U.S. turning Sri Lanka into a Neo-Colonial Military Base?

by Shenali Waduge

Ever since a regime change was choreographed in 2015 January, the US has been using its lackeys in government to exert tremendous influence in 3 areas – Sri Lanka‘s economy, Sri Lanka‘s Parliament and Sri Lanka‘s armed forces. Based on media articles, press releases and whatever other information has been made available to the public, an overview of the extent to which Sri Lanka’s sovereignty has been compromised can be deduced. Sri Lanka is a sovereign nation and Sri Lanka must uphold that sovereign status. Any new government must understand the fundamentals of what it means to be sovereign and ensure national policy is drafted to ensure that and for any gain that sovereignty is not compromised.


1950s – United States Information Service (USIS) set up cultural centers in Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna (objective to instill “American values” among Sri Lankans – 5 live concerts also held

1951 – US-Ceylon agreement for Voice of America station to broadcast to all of Asia

1952 – US- Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission founded – scholarships awarded for postgraduate studies to US

1956 – US objects to Rubber-Rice pact with China (which JRJ opposed too) & cuts off aid as punishment. US forced France, Italy & Japan to withhold supply of Sulphur fungicide needed for rubber plantations.

1950s – when Sri Lanka sought Rs.50 aid US refused

1977 – President Jayawardene permitted US naval ships to enter Trincomalee and wanted to give the Trincomalee oil tanks to America. Voice of America started to broadcast from Iranawila.

2004 – US tried to persuade Sri Lanka to sign US Tropical Forestry Conservation Act of 1998 (claiming to reduce debt by allowing a committee of representatives from US & INGOs to manage forest – if signed US would control our forest assets, have exclusive access to our medicinal plants) heavy protests stopped signing of agreement.

US support to Tamil separatism

US envoy James Spain told Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister not to refuse India’s Indo-Lanka Agreement (Izeth Hussein)

“We were hounded & intimidated by the US to stop the war against the LTTE” (envoy N. Godage)

US used satellites to spy on Sri Lanka during final conflict to incriminate them for war crimes

US allegedly tried to rescue trapped Prabakaran using US ship in May 2009.

US did not expect LTTE to be annihilated. US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations sent 2 Senators to Sri Lanka in Nov 2009 – they reported – Rajapakse was a threat to US as he was drifting towards China. US was advised to adopt a ‘less confrontational approach’.

ANTI-US sentiments has a background

USA has supported dictators like Pinochet, Marcos, Suharto, Somoza, Pol pot.

Both Saddam Hussein & Osama Bin Laden were former CIA agents

US has been involved directly/indirectly covertly/overtly in coups, invasions, regime change, election interferences etc.

US was the only country to drop the atomic bomb twice (on Japan) and used chemical agent Orange in Vietnam which continues to disable Vietnam children. 5

US is part of the secretive intelligence alliance called – “FIVE EYES” (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US) Singapore also partners with them.

The 5 Eyes became 9 Eyes with Denmark, France, Holland, Norway joining. Then 14 Eyes with Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain & Sweden joining.

US & Asia / China’s Maritime Silk Route

US interests were on the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, South East Asia (5 out of 7 US security alliances are with Asia-Pacific countries / defense pacts with 69 countries which account for 75% of world economy)

With China’s focus on Indian Ocean, the strategic location of Sri Lanka came into play as Sri Lanka had the ability to control or impede free flow of resources to & from China. Half the world’s container traffic passes Sri Lanka. US needed a weak Sri Lanka to dominate & force its presence.

US & Yahapalana (themes used: US committed to peace, reconciliation, accountability)

Immediately after overthrowing Rajapakse govt US indicated its role in regime change.

John Kerry Secretary of State arrived in May 2015 “Your country sits at the crossroads of Africa, South Asia, and East Asia. The Indian Ocean is the world’s most important commercial highway. And with its strategic location near deep-water ports in India and Myanmar, Sri Lanka could serve as the fulcrum of a modern and dynamic Indo-Pacific region….. The US could play a leadership role in making this happen”.

Regime Change in Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Burma cost $585 from US Complex Crisis Fund (CCF) of which USAID gave $3.4m to Yahapalana’s 100 day program.

Yahapalana visits to US

Jun2016 – PM Ranil paid a quiet visit to New York – reason given to the Sri Lanka public was that Wickremesinghe was visiting New York for medical purposes – he went to meet two officials from the White House. PM Ranil also addressed the United Nations Ocean Conference & you cannot address a conference without it being planned ahead.

Sept 2016 – Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to Washington to sign agreement with J. Roskam, Chairman House Democracy Partnership, of House of Representatives.

Sept2018 – Sagala Ratnayake Minister of Youth Affairs and Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister visited USA & met Thornberry, also Ted Yoho, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, as well as senior officials of the National Security Council, the Department of State, the Department of Defence, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

Visits of US officials to Sri Lanka

  • 2014 – Stephen J. Rapp , the US Ambassador on War Crimes – Rapp heads the Office of Global Criminal Justice at the US State Department.
  • July, August, December 2015 – Nisha Biswal, US Assistant Secretary for South Asian Affairs
  • July 2015 -Tom Malinowsky US Assistant Secretary for Democracy & Human Rights
  • November 2015– Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN
  • December 2015 -Thomas Shannon Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
  • Jul2016 – Nisha Biswal, Assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian Affairs, had visited Sri Lanka six times by July 2016
  • Feb2017 – US House of Representative delegation (3days) part of House Democracy Partnership (HDP) program in which 20member US House of Representatives work directly with partner countries. 8-member delegation from Democrats & Republicans. US signed a Collaboration Agreement with Sri Lanka’s Parliament on 14 September 2016 in Washington.
  • March2017US Congress delegation visits Hambantota Port & Yala National Sanctuary. US Sri Lanka sign 2 programs –
  • Aug2017Alice Wells US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs meets government officials, business leaders and civil society representatives. She joins candlelight vigil at Vihara Maha Devi Park, to mark the UN Day of the victims of Enforced Disappearances accompanied by US Ambassador in Colombo Atul Keshap & joined by the top representatives of the Tamil National Alliance
  • Sept2017Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Mark Linscott to ask SL Govt to implement policies that will increase trade and improve the business climate he wanted 1 year resident visa for foreigners changed to 3 years.
  • Sept2017 – Alice Wells Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, told a Congressional Sub Committee, the US was seriously concerned over “unsustainable debt burden on Sri Lanka due to non-concessional loans from China” US was the largest grant provider of assistance channeled primarily to NGOs working to the US agenda
  • 2017Rear Admiral Donald D. Gabrielson, of the US Navy, declared at the Galle Dialogues that every country should be cautious when working with China for want of transparency in certain engagements.
  • 2017 5 member USAID team led by Davnie Eston arrived to map out how USAID could collaborate on ventures of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce including working with private sector.
  • Feb2019 – Thomas J. Vajda US Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State dealing with South and Central Asia
  • May 2019 – former envoy Robert Blake visits Sri Lanka
  • June 2019 – US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo but last minute visit was cancelled due to public uproar over US controversial pacts
  • October 2019 – US State Dept holds ‘Human Rights in South Asia” hearing on Burma and Congressman Brad Sherman announced they would focus on human rights situation in Sri Lanka too.

US funding projects to realign their agenda in Sri Lanka

  • $135m for Youth Empowerment grants covering over 100 programs since 2010 (leadership training / advancing ‘rights of marginalized communities’
  • US Senate Committee sought $43m ($35m economic support fund / $6.8m non-proliferation and anti-terrorism & $500,000 in foreign military financing and $500,000 for training military personnel
  • US plan was to work with YOUTH, use civil society groups (indirectly to create subversive groups)
  • $1m for 2 projects – strengthen media / reconciliation identifying youth & women
  • 2016 -$13.7m by USAID to 8 civil society organization to ‘strengthen accountability & good governance) (SDGAP) administered by private US company – Development Alternative Inc (DAI) – a CIA front’ Office of Transition Initiatives(OTI). DAI is set up to destabilize governments. SDGAP project is not subject to Sri Lankan law but to the laws and regulations of the US. SDGAP does not come under the purview of Sri Lanka’s Auditor General. DAI also plans to ‘engage’ with the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (Public Service) Note: SDGAP also implemented in Afghanistan, Colombia, Georgia, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia and Mongolia. USAID STAIR program in AG’s dept (project claiming to reform public financial management)
  • 2016 – US plan to provide aid to Jayawardenapura University to document historical buildings in Galle Fort. Cheryl Edison arrived in 2017 & was holding free classes for representatives from ICTA – SLASSCOM and held seminars for University students from Jayawardenapura & University of Jaffna.
  • 2017 – Youth Climate Summit funded by US embassy
  • Feb2017 – Mojo, an American band arrive on a U.S. Embassy sponsored visit – public performances in Jaffna and Colombo; workshops for music students; and master classes for Sri Lankan musicians.
  • 3m aid offered for flood victims – disaster experts from USAIDOFDA and Civil Military Support Element attached to US embassy also involved.
  • Sri Lanka to receive only US$ 3.38 million for its USAID programmes in 2018, a drop of 92% percent from 2016
  • March2017 – 2 programs signed “Strengthened Partnership for Democratic Reform & Social Integration” & “Increased & Equitable Growth and Public Financial Management”
  • 23 Aug2019 – The Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade together with the USAID-SAIL project hosted a Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) on Global Trade for businessman in Kandy District at Hotel Suisse, Kandy.

Other notable CIA fronts include

International Republican Institute (IRI),

National Endowment for Democracy (NED),

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI),

Freedom House

These organizations transfer US funds to opposition parties and other pro-American groups in countries of strategic interest, using the pretext of ‘promoting democracy’.

The OTI’s charter is to finance civil society groups (NGOs) for use in their subversive activities including regime change in strategically important nations with governments unwilling to succumb to US dictates.


5-member USAID team led by Davnie Eston arrived in 2017 and mapped out ways and means in which USAID could collaborate on ventures of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. “We are empowered to work with the private sector” said USAID.

USAID was asked to improve the soft skills of Lanka Sathosa personnel

Sept2017 – U.S. Department of State’s Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program and the World Customs Organization (WCO) trained 34 Customs Officials from Sri Lanka in strategic trade controls

October2017 – USAID & business leaders and Sri Lankan Government launched the $12m ‘You Lead’. a new employability and skills development project to create a more market-oriented, skilled and flexible youth workforce (ages 16 to 35). You Lead’s regional focus is on the provinces with the highest youth unemployment, Sabaragamuwa, Central, Southern and Northern Provinces.

USAID “YouLead” program and Microsoft Sri Lanka signed a partnership to launch the new $12m “YouthWorks” information technology portal at the Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training in Colombo).

YouLead is implemented by the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) and administered by the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA).

YouLead will work with Microsoft, the Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training, and the private sector to develop and upload content for the YouthWorks portal in Sinhala, Tamil and English. The portal is currently being used in 18 countries

Mar2018 – U.S. Embassy launched American Innovation Hub (iHub) in partnership with the Matara District Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The iHub is located in the Matara Chamber of Commerce building. The iHub offers thematic programs, all free of charge, and a selection of U.S. books and DVDs. It is intended to promote English language learning, encourage study in the United States, and introduce the local community to American culture and values. (American English – American VALUES!)

The U.S. Embassy also has American Spaces in Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna. These locations offer books, DVDs, English language programs, entrepreneurship programs, U.S. speakers, and more.

2017 USAID funded a project for more female representation in local government bodies.

Harvard Centre for International Development (HCID) helping Sri Lanka to attract foreign direct investments (FDIs) promoting emerging exports, targeting new non-existent industries, identifying and engaging with potential new investors, fixing the investment climate for new emerging industries and figuring out how to create new tourist destinations.

BOI staff receiving training programmes conducted by Harvard University’s Centre for International Development, McKinsey Consulting and the World Bank Group.

USAID funding project in Election Commission with Vasu Mohan being a paid member


US intervened in Presidential Elections in Jan2010 and Jan2015

Former US Envoy Michelle Sisson openly talking politics at embassy functions – she had insisted that the candidate to challenge Mahinda Rajapaksa should not be a UNP candidate but a common candidate

US Senate Dept finance report (2016) – US invested $585m in 2015 for regime change in Myanmar, Sri Lanka & Nigeria under ‘Democracy, Human Rights & Governance’. US focus was to partner with civil society, citizen’s movements, faith leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators.

USAID had given $3.4m to Yahapalana’s 100-day program from the US Complex Crisis Fund (Hassina Leelaratne – America’s Freedom of Information Act)


MP Keheliya Rambukwella said ‘there is no point in debating the interim report of the Constitutional Assembly Steering Committee as the final draft of the new constitution has already been prepared by the US and given to the government. A group of Sri Lankan MPs including me visited the US recently. We were attending a Congress meeting on Sri Lankan affairs. David Price, a US Congressman, told us that the “US had prepared the final draft of the new constitution and sent it to the Sri Lankan government” Price said almost everybody had accepted the draft except a bunch led by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

US interfering in Sri Lanka’s Parliament

  1. House Democracy Partnership (a bipartisan, twenty-member commission of the U.S. House of Representatives) of the US House of Representatives launched a Collaboration Agreement with the Parliament of Sri Lanka. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya signed for Sri Lanka. The purpose was to strengthen partnership between the two legislatures – exchange of information on the legislative systems of each country, sharing knowledge, and offering consultations on effective legislative management; and cooperating and assisting each other through training programs for the members and staff of the legislatures. The program is operating in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Colombia, Georgia, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Timo-Leste and Ukraine.
  2. US-Sri Lanka Open Government Partnership (Oct2015)

Sri Lanka is the only South Asian participating country in the OGP.

To be eligible for OGP governments must demonstrate commitment to open government principles in – Fiscal Transparency, Access to Information, Income and Asset Disclosures, and Citizen Engagement.

Sri Lanka is supposed to have scored 14 of a total of 16 points.

The NGOs involved in the OGP in Sri Lanka – Center for Policy Alternatives, (CPA) International center for Ethnic studies (ICES), Sarvodaya, Transparency International, Management Development Centre and Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA).

  1. ‘Strengthening Democratic Governance and Accountability Project’ (SDGAP) a $13.7m project for the reform of Sri Lanka’s public sector. US has selected Development Alternatives, Inc (DAI) of Maryland, to implement the project.

DAI would work closely with Sri Lanka’s Parliament, Independent Commissions and related ministries.

USAID allocated $3 million for project in September 2016 and the program was launched in November 2016.

SDGAP was subject to the laws and regulations of the United States, with oversight from USAID’s Office of Inspector General.

SDGAP claims to help GOSL increase transparency, accountability, good governance, strengthen systems and processes for public accountability & policy development.

June2019 – Prasad Kariyawasam was appointed by Parliament as an International Affairs advisor to the Speaker – first time a Speaker has had such an advisor and such a position did not exist in the list of officials in Parliament while being paid by a foreign country. Speaker Karu admitted that Kariyawasam was paid by DAI – Development Alternatives Institute (a CIA front) & implementing agency for USAID. DAI is paying the salaries of Prasad Kariyawasam and G. Hettiarachchi former Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration.

DAI had given Rs.2000m for Parliamentary Diplomacy program which funds MPs for ‘study tours’ overseas.

Due to objections in July 2019 Speaker Karu informed that Prasad Kariyawasam’s salary would be paid by Parliament funds reconfirming he was paid by foreign funding.

PrasadK had also arranged to have ambassadors of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries to meet Speaker Karu though this task has to be done by Foreign Ministry or Foreign Secretary. The IGP and Intelligence chief was also summoned by the Speaker, another first. How can PrasadK run a parallel operation which should be done by the Foreign Ministry?

  1. US / Sri Lanka Partnership Dialogue – strengthen and enhance bilateral relations in the widest sense.

US INTERFERING IN PUBLIC SECTOR – National Labor Advisory Committee (NLAC)

July2017 – Govt informs decision to appoint World Group on Labor Law Reforms proposed by Ministry of Development Strategies & International Trade in collaboration with USAID. Trade Unions objected claiming the Ministry nor USAID had any right to intervene in reforming labor laws in Sri Lanka.


US State Department Special Project made provision for a Resident Legal Advisor in Colombo to provide anti-corruption and asset recovery training and also support the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption (CIABOC)

(The Global Forum on Asset Recovery: Assistance for Combating Corruption in Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Ukraine)


Feb2018 Yahapalana signed an agreement with the US to re-establish a US Peace Corps programme in Sri Lanka. first 25 American Peace Corps Volunteers to arrive in late 2019 and undergo three months of comprehensive cultural, language and technical training before they are given their assignments to serve for two years. Peace Corp volunteers will focus on supporting the Education Ministry, schools, and community groups in coordination with the Sri Lankan English Teachers’ Association. They will be given diplomatic privileges The Diplomatic Privileges Act provisions have been invoked to accord equitable treatment to the Volunteers and persons performing functions under contract with the Peace Corps and their dependents. Government will provide to the Peace Corps the same exemptions with respect to taxes on payments that they receive to defray their living costs, on income derived from their officials duties, and on income from other sources outside Sri Lanka; customs duties or other charges on their personal property introduced into Sri Lanka for their own use; and all other taxes or other charges (including immigration/visa fees), except licence fees as provided to members of the administrative and technical staff of the Embassy of the United States in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

GOSL will exempt all taxes (including value-added taxes) customs duties, and other charges all equipment, supplies, and other goods and services introduced into or acquired in Sri Lanka by the US Government or any contractor financed by it, for use to enable the US Government to discharge its responsibilities under this agreement.

GOSL will exempt such persons, members of their families forming part of their households who are not citizens or permanent residents of Sri Lanka from all taxes or income derived from their Peace Corps work or other sources outside Sri Lanka, from all customs duties and other charges on their personal property introduced into Sri Lanka for their own use, and from all other taxes or other charges (including immigration/visa fees) except license fees.

Why is America arriving to teach English to remote Sri Lanka so close to elections?

US Peace Corps was in Sri Lanka from 1962-64 / 1967-70 / 1983-1998

PM Sirimavo Bandaranaiake kicked them out after she became PM in 1970. They came back with every UNP govt.

US Peace Corps evolved from a CIA Front known as International Voluntary Services Inc. (IVS), during war against Vietnam. The US Peace Corps has been expelled from a number of countries for spying for the CIA and covert activities, meddling in local politics, and running drugs.

In September 2017, Cambodia’s Prime Minister demanded the withdrawal of the US Peace Corps for conspiring with the opposition leader Kem Sokha to overthrow his government.

In 1965, Indonesia ordered US Peace Corps out after 16 months.

In 1966, Guinea asked PCs to leave.

In 1967, Mauritania asked PCs to leave.

Pakistan and India also refused to renew approval of PC projects in their countries in the early 1970s.

Burkina Faso Peace Corps programme was closed in 2017


US-Sri Lanka Military Collaborations

  • 2002 – US Pacific Command team invited to report on the Sri Lanka armed forces
  • 2012 US officials in Colombo meet business executives representing companies importing/exporting to/from US. The US embassy wanted regular feedback about security related matters in SL. The meeting was sponsored by the Overseas Security Advisory Council of the US State Department which looked after US business interest.
  • 2015 – Sri Lanka Marine Corps set up
  • 2016 – Head of the US Pacific Command Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr. even attended the Sri Lanka Navy’s Galle Dialogue 2016.
  • US 7th fleet in Trincomalee – held joint public concerts at the Galle Fort, Tangalle City Centre, Hambantota Beach Park, Bata Atha Agro Park, Matara Beach Park and several schools. Pacific Partnership team attended a pinkama at Ambalantota Sunadararamaya.
  • Mar2016 – USS Blue Ridge (first US ship to arrive) arrived with over 900 sailors (many felt Sri Lanka was being turned into another Philippines by US)
  • Jul2016– USS New Orleans visited
  • Aug2016 – 1st US-SL operational level bilateral defense dialogue
  • Aug2016 -US war ship USS Frank Cable, a submarine tender vessel
  • Aug2016 – US Pacific commands Operation Pacific Angels stayed a week in Jaffna providing medical care to 4000 people and renovating 6 schools.
  • Nov2016 – Theatre Security Cooperation (TSC) project with Sri Lankan Navy’s newly formed marine force & US 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit.
  • Dec2016 – US navy Poseidon aircraft, an advanced US maritime patrol aircraft, left Mattala
  • Jan2017 – US guided missile destroyer USS Hopper arrived on a goodwill visit
  • March2017 – USS ‘Comstock’ arrived for a four-day training workshop at Colombo harbor. ‘USS Comstock’ is part of the 7th fleet. This is the third such military-to-military exchange between U.S. Sailors and Marines and their Sri Lankan counterparts in the past 12 months, the authorities observed, ‘and this will form the basis of further cooperation between our militaries.’
  • Mar2017 – USNS ‘Fall River’ a transport ship of U.S. Pacific Fleet arrived in Port of Hambantota to engage in the first Pacific Partnership goodwill mission. Chief of US Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral Gabrielson said Sri Lanka was selected as the first of four nations for the 2017 Pacific Partnership programme because Sri Lanka government had made the request. The Pacific Partnership medical teams will join Sri Lankan doctors and nurses for training at the General Hospital and Nurses Training School in Hambantota, the Tissamaharama Base Hospital and other local clinics and hospitals. Free public medical and dental clinics in select cities. Some 325 US marines were in Sri Lanka.
  • May2017 – Officers of the US 7th Fleet and Sri Lanka Navy met for 2nd time at the Naval Headquarters – US wants to establish base in Trinco for its 7th fleet (Island newspaper Sept2015)
  • Jun2017 – 33 US army cadets from US Army Reserve Officers Training Corps arrive on familiarization tour visiting SL Military Academy, SF HQ, SL Light Infantry HQ, Regimental HQ of SL Engineers, Army School of Artillery at Minneriya
  • 2017 -Institute of National Security Studies Sri Lanka (INSSSL) briefed a delegation from the Young Alakai Warriors of the U.S. Army Pacific on Security Challenges of Sri Lanka in the Next Decade”
  • Oct2017 Sri Lanka included to Cooperation Afloat Readiness & Training (CARAT) exercise in Trinco by US Navy & Marines.
  • Oct2017 – A Group of US ships visit – warship USS Nimitz, cruiser USS Princeton, destroyers USS Howard, USS Shoup, USS Pinckney, USS Kidd. USS Nimitz is one of the world’s largest war ships – 23 stories high and 333meters long and accommodating 5000 US Marines. It was parked 150 nautical miles off Colombo.
  • Oct2017 – 3rd Annual Colombo Air Symposium United States Air Force Major General James Eifet called for increased partnership and information sharing among nations in the Indo-Pacific region in the face of a nuclear threat from North Korea. Eifet castigated China over its claims in the South China Sea
  • Galle Dialogue 2017 – Admiral Scott Swift, Pacific Fleet Commander expressed desire to expand military relations.
  • Galle Dialogue 2017 Rear Admiral Donald D. Gabrielson, of the US Navy, declared that every country should be cautious when working with China for want of transparency in certain engagements.
  • April2018 – A 17-member delegation of the United States Land Forces in the Pacific Command arrived in Sri Lanka for participation in ‘Land Forces Pacific Programme’ sessions.
  • 25April2018 – The U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS “Mercy” arrived in Trincomalee to conduct the 2018 Pacific Partnership mission.” Pacific Partnership is the largest annual multilateral Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) preparedness mission conducted in the Indo-Asia-Pacific. Personnel from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Peru, and Japan took part. USNS Mercy” contains 12 fully-equipped operating rooms, a 1,000 bed hospital facility, digital radiological services, a medical laboratory, a pharmacy, an optometry lab, a CAT-scan and two oxygen producing plants. The ship is equipped with a helicopter deck capable of landing large military helicopters. The team successfully completed a cholecystectomy, or gall bladder removal, on a Sri Lankan citizen using a Da Vinci XI Robot Surgical System. This was the first time I have ever operated aboard a ship,” said Dr. Vyramuthu Varanitharan, a general surgeon at the Muttur Base Hospital. They also treated over 5,500 patients conducting medical clinics at various locations in and around Trincomalee in addition to over 500 veterinary surgeries and vaccinations. “From medical clinics to free public concerts, our sailors will bring the best of America to local communities,”
  • During the ship’s stay, USN doctors along with Lankan doctors performed 24 varying surgeries onboard, out of which the robotic surgery performed onboard was the 1st in the world.
  • Jun2018 – Sri Lanka participated for the 1st time in biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) maritime exercise 2018 held in Hawaii and Southern California in June 2018.,
  • Jun2018 Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake attended the US Army’s ‘LANPAC Symposium and Exposition’, organized by the Institute of Land Warfare in Honolulu, Hawaii. The theme was ‘The Future of Land Force Integration; Multilateral Approaches across the Indo-Pacific’. Army Commander called on US Army Commanding General, Pacific Command, General Robert B. Brown and discussed matters relating to continuing defence cooperation. Senanayake was also among the invitees to a special banquet, hosted by General Brown. Lieutenant General Senanayake’s retinue to Hawaii included Military Assistant to the Army Commander Colonel K.A.A. Udaya Kumara and Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) Warrant Officer I.W.M.S.P. Wijesinghe, perhaps for the first time in the Army history in a Commander’s entourage”.
  • US Air Force Airmen from across the Indo-Pacific met with their Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) counterparts at the SLAF Headquarters in Colombo. According to Maj. Gen. Eifert the engagement was very successful.
  • June2018 – Geoffrey F. Gresh, Department Head of International Security Studies – National Defense University in Washington, D.C and Associate Professor at the College of International Security Affairs (CISA), paid a courtesy call on Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Admiral Ravindra C. Wijegunaratne. He was accompanied by LTC Douglas Hess, Defense attache, US Embassy.
  • Aug2018 Amphibious transport dock USS Anchorage (LPD 23), and 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) arrived at Trincomalee Port
  • Apri2019 – last joint US-SL naval exercise “Cooperation afloat readiness and training exercise CARAT) saw participation of 2 US shops (USS Spruance & USS Millinocket) & SLNS Sayurala & SLNS Samudra participated.
  • US embassy also wanted to have display of US Air Force aircraft in Colombo with an air parade over Galle Face Green but was disproved by the Foreign Ministry


US-India partnership to curtail China. US has even created a new region – ‘Indo-Asia-Pacific Region’, which includes the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

Jun2016 Joint trilateral military exercise US-India-Japan

2016 US-India signed agreement allowing use of each other’s land, air, naval bases for repair & resupply.

2016 US-India military exercises near Indo-Sino border

US National Defense Authorization Act 2017 recognizes India as a major US defense partner

Joint Naval Exercises

May 2018, delegation from the House Armed Services Committee of the U.S. Congress visited. The House Armed Services Committee, a standing committee of the United States House of Representatives, is a powerful Committee, responsible for the supervision of armed forces and the Department of Defense. The delegation was led by its Chairman Mac Thornberry and US embassy arranged for them to meet civil society organizations and TNA privately.

June/Aug2018 – The world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise (Rim of the Pacific – RIMPAC) took place in the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California

Jul2018 – visit of US Army’s Pacific Region Head Gen. Robert B. Brown

Jul2018 The Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) exercise inaugurated at the Special Boat Squadron Training School (SBSTS) in Trincomalee.

Jul2018 – third KDU-CNA Track 1.5 Dialogue on Naval at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University (KDU). Discussing collaborative initiative between KDU and the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA), USA, facilitating interaction between the navies of Sri Lanka and the United States, along with the participation of relevant academics.

Aug2018 – United States to provide nearly $300 million in security assistance to improve security relationships across the Indo-Pacific region, including Sri Lanka announced Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo at the ASEAN Regional Forum

Bay of Bengal Initiative launched – United States to ‘work with other partners in the Bay of Bengal, including Bangladesh

Aug2018 U.S. Department of State announced approximately $39 million in Foreign Military Financing for Sri Lanka, pending Congressional approval

Aug2018 – The U.S. Coast Guard handed over a high endurance cutter, formerly the USCGC Sherman, to the Sri Lankan Navy

Aug2018 a joint humanitarian assistance mission called Pacific Angel, sponsored by US Pacific Command (USPACOM) at the Alagalla School in Vavuniya to provide humanitarian civic assistance and carry out civil-military operations in the Pacific region,

Air Logistics Hub concept using Sri Lanka’s strategic location to ensure the quick availability of relief supplies, equipment and other material when needed by the US and partner militaries and humanitarian organizations.


US-Sri Lanka & Economy

25% of our exports go to US and 70% of that is garments.

Jan2016 – 3 year plan revealed at Sri Lanka Economic Forum by team led by Harvard University academic Ricardo Haussmann funded by Open Society Foundation head George Soros. (locals highlighted its dangers)

June2018 – US Dept of Agriculture with GOSL launched Market-Oriented Dairy Project to strengthen and grow SL’s dairy sector. The 4.5-year, US$14.1 million initiative is implemented by US-based International Executive Service Corps.


1995 US-SL sign agreement regarding status of US military personnel & civilian employees of the Department of Defense. SOFA seeks to update 1995 agreement to include Annex B.

Jul2019 PM Ranil announced in Parliament that Govt was negotiating a fresh military deal with US replacing 1995 SOFA giving US military easier access to Sri Lanka.

US embassy Colombo sent new draft SOFA – a 5page document dated 28 Aug 2018 to Foreign Secretary Prasad Kariyawasam who initiated discussions with support of Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera. Discussions was between only US embassy & Foreign Ministry and excluded Ministry of Defense. The US draft claimed that the acceptance of the US draft by the Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs constituted ‘acceptance’ of the GOSL as disclosed to a select local media by the US embassy Public Affairs Office.

President Sirisena responded by recalling Prasad Kariyawasam who returned on 31 Oct 2018 and SOFA was put on hold though negotiations continued.

May2019 – SOFA was listed for discussions at the SL-US Partnership Dialogue in Washington at which new Foreign Minister Tilak Marapana & US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed. Marapana sought to change 2 clauses – diplomatic immunity for US troops in Sri Lanka & subjecting all actions to US laws.

Jun2019 – President Sirisena declared he was against proposed SOFA & would not accept military agreements with US including SOFA. President Sirisena phoned Marapana in Washington & asked not to sign SOFA without his approval.

SOFA puts Sri Lanka’s independence, territorial integrity & freedom of action at stake. Treaty once signed is binding. The Agreement provides diplomatic immunity for US troops & contractors and employees of US armed forces.


(Sri Lanka Abdicating its Sovereignty & US legally invading Sri Lanka)

  • Sri Lanka transformed into a US military facility – Signing SOFA means US does not require setting up a military base in Trincomalee because US has been given access to entire island. US will be using Sri Lanka’s territory as a permanent transit point for military activities.
  • A virtual ‘separate state’ as US troops/officials/staff will run a defacto rule with US laws not abiding by Sri Lanka laws. Sri Lankan Govt, Parliament, Judiciary, Armed Forces, Police will have no control over US troops/contractors/employees in Sri Lanka
  • American men/women and anyone working for America (individually or collectively) US troops wearing uniform will be able to enter / leave / remain /use their vehicles/vessels/aircrafts in any part of Sri Lanka and carry their weapons. US civil & armed personnel will be able to move anywhere across the island and be above Sri Lankan laws. US armed forces & civilian personnel will be governed by US laws not Sri Lankan laws but they will enjoy privileges, exemptions & immunities that even Sri Lanka’s President, Mahanayake Theros, Sri Lanka’s Judges or Generals do not have.
  • US Defense Dept is also authorized to construct buildings and not be subject to any local taxes. Property / equipment, supplies, material, technology training will all be exempt from license, restrictions, customs duties, taxes or any charges within Sri Lanka.
  • US Defense Dept is also authorized to construct buildings and not be subject to any local taxes. Property / equipment, supplies, material, technology training will all be exempt from license, restrictions, customs duties, taxes or any charges within Sri Lanka.
  • Dept of Defense will be allowed to operate its own telecommunications systems. Use of radio spectrum will be functioning in parallel to Sri Lanka’s communication systems.
  • The US list of contractors is open-ended and includes all contractors/their employees signed with the US Defense Dept in the future.

US envoy to Sri Lanka called SOFA the ‘Visiting Forces Agreement’ however Visiting Forces Act (VFA) of 1949 empowers Sri Lanka’s Head of State to declare emergencies & receive emergency assistance but there was red tape before allowing foreign forces into the country.

As per 1949 VFA US troops & civilian components in Sri Lanka were not subject to Sri Lankan criminal or civil laws.

There is no emergency in Sri Lanka to have any SOFA or VFA.

Acquisition and Cross-Servicing agreements (ACSA)

SOFA is a follow-up of the ACSA agreement (83page) signed by UNP Govt & USA in 2017. ACSA allows US troops to make use of any military bases & ports whenever they want & Sri Lankan Govt must provide necessary support. Joint training exercises under US directives. Our Armed Forces have to take orders from US Armed Forces hierarchy.

SOFA provides facilities & conditions to implement ACSA agreement. With SOFA US troops, support staff, contractors can enter Sri Lanka without visa or passport merely by showing their US identity card. They will not be checked. Their equipment will not be checked. Their civil/military planes, vessels, vehicles will not be checked and they can bring anything without paying any duties /levies or taxes.

Full text of draft SOFA agreement dated 28 Aug 2018 was published by Sunday Times on 30 June 2019

Why are these agreements kept secret from public before signing?

SALLYPORT – US firm offering jobs

SALLYPORT a US firm offering a comprehensive range of global protective, security & mission support solutions to both US govt and foreign allies of US govt as well as to private & commercial clients announced full time and part time jobs in Sri Lanka. Another company Michael Baker Global Service owned by Caliburn International is also outsourced protection of building materials, furniture, fixtures etc.


In 2002 US tried to finalize ACSA formerly known as ‘NATO Mutual Support Act’ with Sri Lanka after signing CFA on 21 February 2002 but failed.

ACSA is a bilateral agreement which involves combined exercises, training, deployments, allows US troops to obtain food, fuel, transport, ammunition (logistics supplies) – reimbursement in cash or in kind.

US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage announced plans for ACSA after meeting with PM Ranil in Washington 2002 with Minister Milinda Moragoda playing a key role in the project. In December 2002 Ambassador Wills requested use of Sri Lanka’s port & air space to invade Iraq, Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando explained the country’s objection and ACSA was shelved.

Foreign Minister Kadiragamar visiting Washington in 2005 demanded that ACSA not to be included into agenda talks.

ACSA was signed in March 2007 (almost identical to ACSA US signed with Australia in 2010). ACSA Australia is a public document but ACSA Sri Lanka is not. US wanted it to be kept secret as it did not wish for Sri Lanka to request features in the agreement during the LTTE operation.

The agreement allowed US to transfer & exchange logistics, supplies, support & refueling during peace keeping missions, humanitarian operations or joint exercises. Excluded from 2007 ACSA were weapons systems such as missiles, naval mines, torpedoes, nuclear ammunition & items such as warheads, chemical ammunition etc. subject to the Atomic Energy Act 1954. US assured there would be no US bases in Sri Lanka. US provided vital information to the Sri Lanka Navy to apprehend 6 LTTE vessels in 2007 (Memoirs of Admiral Karannagoda) The the 8 page ACSA signed in 2007 ended in March 2017 and on 4 August 2017 PM Ranil entered into a new ACSA with 83 pages & over 50 annexures. Annexures included all US military establishments that could have boots on the ground in Sri Lanka. This list was available in the Sunday Times of May 2019.

The 2017 ACSA features had inserted that Sri Lanka was to be used for ‘unforeseen circumstances or exigencies’ for supplies, support & services.

This means Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces have to comply as part of US military operations. It also allows every single security or military apparatus in the United States access to Sri Lanka. These security commands are listed & Point of Contact is also defined. Though it says RECIPROCITY – will Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces require similar military facility in the US?

While 2007 ACSA was for 7 years (ending 2014) 2017 ACSA was open ended – its termination required mutual written consent of both or one party giving 180 days’ notice in writing.

2007 ACSA allowed US military vessels to enter SL on a ‘one-off’ basis

2017 ACSA is ‘open-ended

Ambassador Hettiarachchi is on record to say that during renewal negotiations of ACSA in 2017 Prasad Kariyawasam then SL envoy to US & then Foreign Minister Mangala S pressurized to expedite ACSA. Their pressure led to draft ACSA sent for cabinet approval. The armed forces commanders/officials were not given time to study it. Admiral Ravi Wijegunaratne had expressed reservations on ACSA. Defence Secretary Kapila Waidyaratne, a former Additional Solicitor General said that he had been compelled to sign the document since the Cabinet had approved it. ACSA was not discussed in Cabinet or presented to Parliament. A brief to the President on ACSA on 30 June 2017 in Sinhala was 9 pages with no annexures. The Sinhala version of ACSA given to Cabinet had no translations of annexures. English version was 83 pages with over 50 annexures.

ACSA 2017 was kept secret with US envoy Atul Keshap denying media coverage or publicity. Bar Association President Kalinga Indatissa wrote to the Foreign Minister Marapana in June2019 under Section 3(1) & Section 24 of Right to Information Act 12 of 2016 and Article 14A of the Constitution requesting copy of the ACSA.

Millennium Challenge Corporation

A US foreign aid agency established by US Congress in 2004. Through MCC US offers grants to foreign countries.

MCC is regarded as a US govt ‘arm twisting’ tool aligned to US foreign policy and explains why the secrecy of the agreement.

MCC is like a Treaty as it does not come under Sri Lankan Law.

MCC receives cabinet approval 29 October 2019 (has Sri Lanka’s sovereignty been sold for $480m as MCC has to be taken along with SOFA & ACSA provisions)

Dec2016 – Board of Directors of US Govt’ss MCC compact selected Sri Lanka to develop a 5-year development grant (Compact)

$7.4m original funding

Jul2017 – MCC US officials visit Sri Lanka & meet Govt officials, industry representatives, civil society. $700m was announced. Sri Lanka established a “Compact Development Team’ in the PM’s Office.

3year economic plan done by Ricardo Hausman, Director of Harvard Centre for International Development & Robert Z Lawrence, Professor of International Trade & Investment in Sri Lanka to restructure Sri Lanka’s economy (Funded by Open Society Foundation of George Soros). Harvard Business School & World Bank are advising BOI.

25Sept2018 – Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Nash visited Sri Lanka for discussions on the proposed MCC Sri Lanka Compact. MCC informed they were giving Sri Lanka a grant of USD 480 million as development aid.

13 Aug2018 – MCC informs US Congress a Congressional Notification of intent to negotiate MCC Compact with GOSL.

25 Apr2019 – MCC Board approves 5year $480m Compact to GOSL (days after Easter Sunday attacks)

1 Jul2019 – World Bank classifies Sri Lanka as an upper middle income country

To qualify for MCC grants, countries must be low income or lower middle income countries.

Compact Development Team was set up in the PM’s Office.

Has the President signed MCC Compact as Chairman of the National Physical Planning Council & has it been gazette? No one knows. In June 2019 the PM’s office denied it has been signed.

GOSL claims it sought help of Centre for International Development at Harvard University to do a constraints analysis to identify what hampered economic growth – access to land, weakness in transport/logistics infrastructure & planning / policy instability (were concluded) – did they have to go all the way to Harvard to find this out!

GOSL & MCC herded the same ‘civil society’ private sector ‘pro-US’ groups and held meetings to justify seeking public opinion.

MCC Transport Development Proposal

  • Set up Advanced Traffic Management System covering Colombo Metropolitan area – to reduce travel time, congestion, reduce traffic emission, accidents & improve efficiency & safety
  • Bus Transport Sector Modernization – improve public bus system combining state-private buses.
  • Developing & improving 137km road sections in Central Ring Road covering & connecting Sabaragamuwa, Uva, North Central, Central Provinces to markets in Western Province.
  • Relocate & finance locations for wholesale storage of agro produce in collaboration with private investors at locations on the CRR Road Network

MCC Land Administration Proposal

  • Parcel Fabric Map & inventory of State Land.
  • Improving Deeds Registry
  • Improving land valuation system
  • Land Grants Registration & Deed Conversion Activity
  • Land Policy & Legal Governance Improvement Activity
  • Land Policy & Legal Governance Improvement Activity

Above to be implemented in 7 districts –Kegalle, Kandy, Matale, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Trincomalee (Gampaha was also included) (Economic Corridor)

Report –

MCC Grant – compact


MCC Land Plan included 4 Economic Corridors

  • Colombo to Trincomalee (covering Negombo, Kurunegala, Dambulla – 1.2m acres physically dividing Sri Lanka into 2 parts via an electric railway line.
  • Jaffna-Kilinochchi (North)
  • Galle-Tissamaharama (South)
  • Chenkaladi-Ampara (East)
  • Anuradhapura & Kandy to be developed separately

The corridors will be based on New National Physical Plan (2018-2050) replacing the 2011-2030 Physical Plan prepared in 2011 covering entire Sri Lanka.

The National Physical Plan has to be prepared under the Town & Country Planning (Amendment) Act 49 of 2000 and 2011 Plan followed these procedure which required Draft Physical Plan and hearings with experts, professionals & general public with provisional approval of Minister after which it is gazette with maps & plans for public scrutiny to propose revisions to the Draft Plan. Only thereafter that the final version is submitted to the National Physical Planning Council for approval.

The National Physical Plan 2050 was prepared by National Physical Planning Dept of Megapolis & Western Development Ministry & approved by the NPPC and National Economic Council and was to be gazette in February 2019. It has not been made public even by Jun2019.

If the National Physical Planning Council has not approved following required procedure – how valid is this final Plan and a future President can nullify it!

MCC Land Deeds

Is the Govts plan to dispose state land connected to the MCC land projects?

State Land (Special Provisions) Bill was gazette on 27 March 2019 to grant absolute title to state lands held by citizens given land grants. It will enable them to sell their land. The yahapalana govt is setting up a 20-member ‘Land Grants Committee’ consisting Ministry Secretaries, Heads of relevant institutions & 2 nominees of the President & PM to administer the Act.

The Bill was opposed claiming it did not have cabinet approval. The Land (Special Provisions) Bill will remove the Land Development Ordinance of 1935, Crown Land Ordinance & Land Grants Act. State land will no longer come under the State. Under the previous Land Laws the grant holder could not fragment the land, mortgage the land, dispose of it without the GA’s permission. Land Ordinance ensured State land was given only to citizens of Sri Lanka.

Giving title deed to land to a land grantee will lead to him selling the land when in financial trouble & likelihood of multinational companies buying the land is imminent. Factories would emerge. “Gama, Keth Yaya, wewa, dagoba, pansala” concept around which villages were built would be destroyed along with agriculture. Displaced people living on state land for generations without lands or homes is a looming crisis.

The same Govt in 2003 attempted to change land laws but the 2003 Supreme Court ruling prevented it claiming that the Bill required 2/3 majority & a referendum. In 2015, the same Govt revived the Bill rejected in 2003. Land is held in TRUST as determined by Supreme Court in 1999 via Eppawela Phosphate case (SC884/99) State land is an inalienable right of the sovereignty of the People. Thus, absolute land grants cannot be given to some of the people as it is an asset that belongs to all.

The State Land (Special Provisions) Bill was challenged in Supreme Court in July 2019 the petitioners claiming Bill contained 36 clauses & a schedule violating the Constitution’s Articles 3, 4, 12(1), 12(2), 75, 154G. MCC Economic Corridor from Colombo to Trinco covering land mass of 1.2m acres to be leased to US for 200 years for a sum of $480 was also challenged.


Part of the MCC Compact is an Economic Corridor from Colombo Port to Trincomalee Port known as the Colombo-Trincomalee Economic Corridor (CTEC)

Road link – Central Expressway is to connect the two & is about 280km long.

Electronic Rail link – On either side of the rail track 50km has been selected which would cut across 6 provinces & 10 districts. Colombo, Negombo, Kurunegala, Dambulla, Trincomalee covers 1.2million acres of land. It will divide Sri Lanka into two with parts of Anuradhapura also going to North.

Thus 42% of Sri Lanka’s land would be owned eventually by foreigners for 200 years. 58% of Sri Lanka’s population live in the 6 provinces/10 districts that will form the Economic Corridor. This 42% land with 58% of populace contribute 86% to Sri Lanka’s economy.


MCC was to be signed in December 2018 but got delayed due to political events. MCC Board approved grant again in April2019. MCC Compact awaits Cabinet approval.

MCC only helps low/lower-middle income countries but Sri Lanka is supposed to be upper-middle-income & may not qualify for grant said ADVOCATA.

If by mid-Sept 2019 Sri Lanka does not sign, MCC may disqualify Sri Lanka said PATHFINDER Foundation.

US embassy said MCC had decided to extend $480m grant term.

Must be the world’s first time that a donor is begging recipient country to accept its grant!

Why would MCC Director Board (represents US military/trade interests) comprising US Secretary of State / US Secretary of Treasury / USAID / US Trade Representative / 4 private sector representatives keep extending time to give a grant without recipient country even asking for it.

MCC Compact proposal was prepared after study by Harvard University’s Centre for International Development (2015 to 2016), inputs from World Bank, Asia Foundation, Trimble & Sri Lanka’s Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR) on Land Selling

MONLAR accuses Yahapalana of amending land laws to selling state land to foreign companies on excuse of investments and creating a cheap labor force to facilitate neoliberal economic policies. MONLAR highlights

  • Serious crisis in rural economy created by Govts
  • Multi-national companies will make small-time farmers bankrupt & buy off their agricultural land (handed over by Yahapalana via title deed)
  • Replacing antiquated land laws & replacing with new land laws drafted by foreigners will result in Sri Lanka’s land falling into hands of foreigners.
  • Farmers/citizens who lived on lands for generations will become landless & homeless.
  • MONLAR said all documents approved by Cabinet between Jan2015 and Apr2019 on land reform were based on recommendations by World Bank & IMF


US has surveyed our lands & recommended a State Land Bank enabling State land to be given even to foreigners.

Yahapalana Govt has removed many restrictions

  • foreigners can now own land
  • 50-acre limit restriction for individual land ownership removed

Land surveying has been outsourced to US firm Trimble Navigation.


Trimble Navigation-US based land administration company

A US company, forwarded a proposal for ‘Title/Tenure Regularization and Cadastral Registry Modernization’ in Sri Lanka in October 2015 – a proposal rejected in 2010.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Management (CCEM) headed by Prime Minister’s senior advisor R. Paskeralingam had recommended this proposal and Cabinet approved it. Trimble demanded USD 170 million which was reduced to $154m taken on a 4% interest loan to be paid in 15years with a grace period of 5 years. The Finance Ministry’s External Resources Department was authorized to negotiate with Trimble to prepare land survey maps and create a streamlined database of 3.6 million parcels of state owned land. Trimble was to work with the Ministry of Lands to identify 2.5 million state-owned lands and help to give permanent titles to the persons currently occupying these lands. The argument was that the Survey Dept did not have technology to survey 1.1m parcels of Jaya Bhoomi & licenses land in 2 years.

Government Surveyors’ Association (GSA) alleged that Trimble Navigation was to be handed several operations of the Sri Lanka Survey Department (SLSD), including Land Information System (LIS) and Aerial Survey Operations for 15 years. They felt this would lead to the signing of US Tropical Forest Act which was abandoned in 2004.

Trimble would manage Sri Lanka’s survey dept resulting in 400 public surveyors and 200 additional private surveyors with crews serving under Trimble. Trimble would take control of Sri Lanka’s electronic land register & details of lands. This is a threat to National Security of Sri Lanka.

US company proposes to survey our land & Sri Lanka has to pay $154m for it and we have to take a loan to be paid in 15 years to pay the US firm? Are we crazy? Why should the functions of the Survey Dept, Land Information System, Aerial Survey Operations be given to a private foreign firm for 15 years? The 400 public surveyors, 200 additional private surveyors will all go under Trimble – who can at any time dismiss them! How can a government give a country’s electronic land register and details of lands to a foreign firm? The company will be using satellite imagery to survey land & issue land certificates – what is the role of the Govt especially when the company is immune from adjudications. Who is going to adjudicate when problems arise?

Dangers of ACSA-SOFA-MCC to Sri Lanka?

All 3 agreements with the USA involving Sri Lanka’s Territory & US Military/Civil & Contract Personnel & Equipment presence.

US needs to relocate from Diego Garcia following ICC ruling on US occupation of Chagos Islands as illegal & to be returned to Mauritius. Sri Lanka is that alternate choice.

Will Sri Lanka have to wait 200 years to be given similar verdict?

A chain of events are linked to these agreements

  • Sept 2016 Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to Washington to sign agreement with J. Roskam, Chairman House Democracy Partnership, of House of Representatives.
  • Under ACSA US aircraft carriers could dock in Trincomalee & US could use Trinco as a floating base for military activity.
  • All agreements with US been known to only a few pro-US cabinet ministers & officials.
  • ACSA was signed without informing public or tabled in Parliament
  • Agreements impacting on Sri Lanka’s territory, its sovereignty are hidden from the Public
  • SOFA – allows US armed forces (uniform/civil/contract) access to any part of Sri Lanka with our laws not applicable to them
  • ACSA – envisages building an economic corridor from Colombo to Trincomalee/supplies equipment to be brought into Sri Lanka from all modes (sea/air) paying no duties/levies to Sri Lanka
  • MCC – establishes a corporation to utilize land coming under the economic corridor.
  • Complementing & facilitating the 3 agreements are the Land Special Provisions Act / State Land Bank Act – enabling land acquisition by foreign investors / forming corporations to develop these lands as they fit / turning our people into slave labor.
  • US will use Sri Lanka to advance its military interest primarily & tighten its economic grip via American investors to make Sri Lanka dependent on them.
  • 2million acres of land forming the Economic Corridor from Colombo to Trinco will be owned by US & Allied countries with the 2 ports under their control.
  • US has already indicated it wishes future governments to honor these agreements.
  • Legality of these agreements must be determined by patriotic lawyers & patriotic politicians
  • No bilateral agreement whatever money is given can compromise the sovereignty of Sri Lanka and land ownership that is given in TRUST to the State on behalf of the People of Sri Lanka (living & future generations)


The 3 agreements are between two sovereign states and constitute Treaty obligations.

Some say States are bound to fulfill obligations no matter what. Others say legitimacy of agreements depends on circumstances. Treaty laws are governed by 1969 Vienna Convention – Article 46 allows a country to back out saying it was against their laws of ‘fundamental importance’. When any agreement is signed by the Executive without concurrence of Parliament it is a violation of the law of ‘fundamental importance’. Sri Lanka’s Constitution says sovereignty is in the People & is inalienable. People’s sovereignty is exercised by Parliament & President TOGETHER on behalf of the People. They cannot exercise their powers separately (one without the other). Signatories to agreements must follow due process. In Sri Lanka due process is obtaining consent of 2/3 Parliament & consent of the Executive. Any Agreement/Treaty signed is signed in the name of the People & must have Parliament & Executive consent without that it is a violation. It is advised that the Supreme Court make a clear ruling on signing of bilateral agreements to prevent procedural flows tantamount to affecting the sovereignty of the People.

Opposition to US colonizing Sri Lanka

August 2019 Opposition MPs headed by Prof. Tissa Vitarana handed letter to the High Commissioner of South Africa in Colombo to hand over to Secretary-General, Indian Ocean Rim Association – Ambassador Dr. Nomvuyo N. Nokwe based in Mauritius.

Salient points covered in that letter

  • Refering to decision of Council of Ministers of the IOR who met in Bengalaru in November 2011 to assign Maritime Safety & Security as its top priority, as a safe & secure Indian Ocean was required to social economic development.
  • IOR recognized ‘maritime security’ needed for international peace & security, sovereignty/territorial integrity/political independence, security from crimes at sea, security of resources & environmental security.
  • Sri Lanka facing situation likely to pose grave threat to regional and international peace & security giving Sri Lanka’s geostrategic location linking East-West maritime route.
  • 3 agreements (SOFA-ACSA-MCC) military-economic related secretly negotiated between US & SL Govt & will turn Sri Lanka into a strategic military hub in the Indian Ocean.
  • SOFA-ACSA-MCC agreements are incompatible with the UN Charter & violates sovereignty & independence/territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.
  • ACSA signed on 4 Aug 2017 binds Sri Lanka to give US logistical & other support for ‘unforeseen circumstances or exigencies’(US Indo-Pacific Command forces can use SL’s strategic harbors, airports, military installations for military operations – SL will be a Launchpad for attacks of aggression against countries in our region that US considers its enemy)
  • Status of Forces Agreement is being secretly negotiated. It permits Dept of Defense military & civil personnel, DOD contractors to occupy any territory of Sri Lanka. DoD personnel are exempted from criminal jurisdiction, they are given diplomatic privileges & immunities, they can enter Sri Lanka using only US identification, no visa requirement, they are allowed to move freely in any part of Sri Lanka wearing uniform, carrying weapons, their vessels and vehicles can also move anywhere in Sri Lanka & are exempt from inspection, restrictions, taxes or duties.
  • Millennium Challenge Compact – is a land/transport project creating an ‘economic corridor’ involving 8 districts covering 1.2m acres & would divide Sri Lanka into 2 via an electric train connecting Colombo Port/Airport to Trincomalee Port. US have drafted and proposed drastic land law changes to privatize state land and permit purchase by foreigners. This will make poor farmers living on state land eventually landless and without livelihood. State lands used by schools, hospitals, parks, natural reserves are also in danger of being transferred to foreign transnational companies. This will cause massive displacement of Sri Lankans.
  • This 1.2million acres covering MCC project contains natural resources, strategic assets, energy deposits, rare earth elements, minerals, rich biodiversity, water resources & UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • The 3 agreements were negotiated under regular threats of unilateral coercive trade & economic measures, western interference into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs and targeting Sri Lanka via UNHRC by US & Allies
  • Easter Sunday massacres saw a surge in US & Western Intelligence forcibly landing to offer “assistance”
  • The 3 agreements strengthen NATO activities in region & will impact on countries they deem their enemies.
  • US President’s National Security Strategy 2017 & National Defense Strategy 2018 identified 3 sets of threat to US & Allies – all were located in Indian Ocean Region – China & Russia, Iran & North Korea, “Jihadi terror”
  • Agreements with US pose threat to Sri Lanka’s relations with member countries of the IORA.

The Opposition MPs requested the Secretary-General, Indian Ocean Rim Association to take the following measures conforming to the IORA Charter & the UN Charter

  1. Safeguard fundamental principles based on which international cooperation among states is based – sovereign equality, territorial integrity, political independence, non-interference in internal affairs, peaceful co-existence & mutual benefit
  2. Evaluate adverse consequences of the 3 agreements against principles of UN & IORA Charters
  3. Take action under Chapter VIII, Article 52 of UN Charter concerning regional agreements
  4. Implement UN Declaration of the Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace adopted by General Assembly Resolution 2832 (XXVI) which designates Indian Ocean as a zone of peace “within limits to be determined” together with the airspace above & the ocean floor subjacent.
  5. Take action under Chapter VI, Article 35 of UN Charter concerning Peaceful Settlement of Disputes which ‘authorizes any Member of the UN to bring to the attention of the Security Council or of the General Assembly, any dispute or any situation which might lead to international friction or give rise to a dispute in order to determine whether the continuance of the dispute or situation is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace & security”.


Why does the ABA want to register in Sri Lanka? ABA has been making numerous requests – 1st in January 2018 requesting to set up a branch office under the Ministry of Justice & AG’s department. 2nd request was in October 2018 when the AG sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice stating ABA was planning to hold a capacity building program for judges & prosecutors and requested the Ministry to issue a certificate. The letter was headed “Official Letter of Authorization for the Establishment of a Branch Office of the ABA in Sri Lanka”.

BASL wrote in October 2018 to the Ministry of Justice giving its objections to the ABA setting up a branch as nowhere has a foreign bar association being set up as a branch office.

Setting up a US Bar Association office in Sri Lanka would be a threat to the legal profession & sovereignty of Sri Lanka. ABA will start making statements and comments on internal matters.

As a result of the objections ABA attempted to set itself up as a NGO and made a request to the Ministry of Justice through a local legal firm. This request was also referred to the BASL which submitted its objections in April 2019 to the National Secretariat for NGOs. However 2 batches of Senior Judges went to US in August 2018 and April 2019 on tax payers expense. A workshop for High Court judges was held at Taj Samudra, Colombo in December 2018. In July 2019 officials from AG’s dept attended a workshop in US. All these looked like attempts to influence the Judiciary. The secret tape MP Gammanpila spoke about referring to what the Sri Lankan judges were asked to do by the US confirms this.


How independent is the Election Commission of Sri Lanka if it is receiving assistance from USAID through US based International Foundation for Electoral Reforms? Vasu Mohan, Regional Director for Asia Pacific was working inside the Election Commission paid by USAID. When questioned Mahinda Deshapriya Chairman Elections Commission strongly defended the project claiming Vasu Mohan was a Sri Lankan.


The Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade together with the USAID-SAIL project hosted a Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) on Global Trade for businessman in the Kandy District on Friday 23rd August 2019 at Hotel Suisse, Kandy.

USAID launched the four-year SAIL project in October 2016 to support economic reforms and promote Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka.

The event was the first to be held outside Colombo over 120 participants from ministries, government agencies, the business community, trade chambers, the private sector and other key stakeholders took part.


Sept2019 – $150,000 grant from US Embassy in Colombo in 2015 through Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation funded the renovation of the Anuradhapura Archeological Museum to preserve artifacts. The Ambassadors Fund has also funded Dutch Forts of Batticoloa & Galle as well as Archaeological museum laboratories and monasteries in Payagala.


Wherever US pivots jihadis follow too is often an adage mentioned internationally. Every country benefiting from the Belt & Road Initiative of China invariably becomes victims of ISIS Islamic terror. It was Sri Lanka’s turn in April 2019 and it came as no surprise when Western Intelligence agencies dashed to assist with investigations. FBI arrived on 23 April claiming to be on invitation of GOSL, British MI-5 sent 10-12 experts – over 40 such foreign experts arrived and still we don’t know who did it. They were all working with CID. President Sirisena says these foreign intelligence were not invited. What was the ‘work’ they did? What is the ‘technical assistance’ they gave? Why were FBI allowed to take the phones of suicide bombers & other devices? Didn’t this prevent local investigators examining the evidence? Even after 6 months we don’t who masterminded the gruesome suicide killings as the evidence have been taken overseas!

Immediately after 21/4 two US Govt employees were detected at Hilton Colombo Residence – sniffer dogs found explosives inside their apartment. Staff security at Hilton Colombo stopped 5 US officials checking in with 6 boxes on 30 July 2019 night. The US delegation denied the 6 boxes to be scanned. Then the boxes was loaded into a US embassy vehicle and sent somewhere else. What were in these boxes? MP Wimal Weerawansa released visa photos of the US team claiming they had arrived in a private aircraft. The team had left 2 days later WITHOUT the controversial cargo? MP Weerawansa questioned to whether the boxes were still in the country! The boxes were not checked at customs too. Nagananda Kodituwakku sought information from the Director General of Customs questioning why the US military cargo was exempted from mandatory checks?

Is US/CIA applying ‘Shock Doctrine’ on Sri Lanka? Influencing a massive shock on society through extreme violence attempts to lead people to state of confusion & weakness which helps US to take over that society. Author of doctrine Naomi Klein applied it initially to economic change & is now being applied politically too.

Disasters leave citizens emotionally & physically distracted to mount resistance – this helps US push its controversial policies etc. MCC is being approved when people are distracted by a Presidential Election. People must therefore watch out for more communal attacks, bloodshed & other surprise attacks before elections! However, the way US thought people would react did not happen. The well-planned attacks in Gampaha also did not give the results expected. Somehow their plans are not working as planned. The Catholic Church and the Maha Sangha united to appeal and people listened. They echoed that foreign forces were behind the attacks & people accepted.


Quadrilateral Strategic/Security Dialogue (“the Quad”)

This is an INFORMAL dialogue between US, Japan, Australia & India initiated in 2007 by PM of Japan, US VP Dick Cheney, Australian PM John Howard and Indian PM Manmohan Singh.

The dialogue parallels with joint military exercises (Exercise Malabar)

The quadrilateral dialogue is primarily to respond to Chinese economic & military growth.

Australian PM Kevin Rudd withdrew from Quad but enhanced military cooperation with US with US marines being deployed in Darwin, near Timor Sea & Lomok Strait. However, Australia rejoined QUAD in 2017. Now the QUAD includes UK and France. US seeking to include Sri Lanka into its line of control in the Bay of Bengal.

Jan2019 – US Indo-Pacific Command Chief Admiral Philip Davidson told the US Senate’s Armed Services Committee, during a Congressional hearing said that Sri Lanka was a significant strategic opportunity in the Indian Ocean.

Jan2019 – US envoy Teplitz said “US-Sri Lanka security cooperation includes a variety of joint exercises and training helping among other things, inter-operationability….. designed to address our mutual security interests. Every joint exercise, every training in disaster response, is done at the invitation of our Sri Lankan hosts”. (a change of govt must ensure our troops are not used to attack US enemies)

Feb2019 – Thomas J.Vajda US Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State dealing with South and Central Asia visited Colombo

He said ‘we view Sri Lanka as a critical partner in the region.’

May2019 – US & Sri Lanka agree to expand ‘military-to-military’ engagement said a joint statement by Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry. (peace keeping, human rights training, visits by US ships & military officials) Engagement connotes a COMBAT role – is our ARMY going to be used to assist US troops with COMBAT against our traditional friends?


Iran – US interest in Iran was due to its oil. US companies were drilling Iran’s oil. Iran nationalized oil and US got rid of Iran’s democratic leader Mossadegh and replaced him with a dictator Shah Reza Pahlavi. The Shah’s secret police SAVAK was assisted by CIA & Israel’s Mossad. Shah was unpopular in Iran and US took him back to US. That was how Iranians came to hate USA.

US battle with Iran continues. Iran hostage crisis, Iran contra issue, Iran nuclear program are some of the issues. Iran has to fight not only with US but Israel & Saudi Arabia,

Venezuela – US meddled in Venezuela too. US doesn’t like Venezuela’s President Maduro. So US is supporting Opposition Leader Juan Guido. Guido’s wife was even invited to the White House to meet President Trump. US, Canada, EU and OAS countries claim Guido is Interim President. Maduro is supported by Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea & countries in UN have also issued support for Maduro. Maduro won the election.

India – is also having some cold feet with US & is connecting with Russia to settle disputes with China. China & India met in Chennai in October 2019.

Yahapalana however is continuing its link with US despite the clearly obvious strategy of US to capture Sri Lanka politically & militarily. Former envoy Blake visited Sri Lanka in May 2019.

Joint Partnerships with USA & ALLIES

  • US-SL Military-to-Military Partnership
  • Comprehensive Partnership Agreement (CPA) with Japan in Oct2015 (Japan is part of QUAD with US)
  • Jun2019 – Tripartite agreement between Sri Lanka – India – Japan on Eastern Terminal of Colombo Port
  • Mar2019 – Yahapalana is also attempting to link Sri Lanka with ASEAN requesting to be included into ASEAN Sectoral Dialogue Partnership. ASEAN is linked to US.
  • US-SL ACSA expanded in 2017 allowing US to get logistics support, supplies & services from Sri Lanka. US army can come to Sri Lanka in any unforeseen situation. Over 50 annexures lists military units that can come to Sri Lanka. ACSA has not been presented to Cabinet or tabled in Parliament by PM since 2017. (2007 ACSA had only 8 pages but 2017 ACSA has 83 pages and over 50 annexures)
  • SOFA – reduces Sri Lanka to a neo-colony. US aircrafts, vessels can arrive without inspection. None of Sri Lanka’s security can board any of these vessels or crafts to inspect them. They are free of license, customs duties, taxes or other charges. US troops can wear uniform, carry arms, take any radio communication equipment. US troops & contractors to be allowed to enter & leave Sri Lanka individually or collectively using only their US identity cards – no passports or visa required. US military can carry weapons and will not be subject to Sri Lankan laws for any criminal activity they commit in SL.
  • MCC – Colombo-Trinco railway link will divide Sri Lanka, 1.2m acres make up an economic corridor which US wants to be freed to be taken by foreign companies and thus the privatization of state land is looked as a means to remove land grantees by giving them outright ownership & forcing them to sell land when financially cash trapped.


R2P is used by powerful nations to justify international interventions into domestic affairs of other countries.

UN Charter covers objectives of global peace based on sovereignty & equality (chapters 6, 7, 8)

The International Commission on Intervention & State Sovereignty estabalished in 2000 headed by Gareth Evans of the International Crisis Group issued in 2001 report titled “Responsibility to Protect” giving international community the responsibility to intervene militarily. ICISS report was rejected by national governments. Alternately US has set up other ‘interfering agencies’ to do R2P – HRW, Amnesty, ICG and Chicago R2P coalition. The form a global advocacy network for R2P and various players in Sri Lanka are also involved.


US is constructing a huge embassy amalgamating the British High Commission.

US is funding all types of ‘good governance’ programs that give them access to Sri Lanka’s administrative mechanisms and documents.

US officials are drafting new Bills not Sri Lankan lawyers

US is funding training for MPs, Lawyers, Public Officials even Judges

US is also funding the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery & Corruptions

USAID-DAI all fronts of the CIA are heavily involved in both public & private sector including banks

US has meddled in elections in the past and has funded UNP to power.

The 2015 election victory – US spent $585m to ‘restore democracy’ in Sri Lanka Burma & Nigeria (John Kerry) as well as making $3.4m to Yahapalana between Jan2015 & Aug2015.

What are US plans for 2019 Presidential Elections?

US embassy goes to meet Arumugam Thondaman head of CWC to discuss elections. Since when do foreign embassies go to discuss elections?


Sri Lanka sits in the middle of the busiest and strategically important sea lanes – Indian Ocean.

More than 80% of world’s sea trade/oil transits through Indian Ocean choke points – 40% passes through Straits of Hormuz, 35% through the Strait of Malacca & 8% through Ban el Mandab Strait.

These sealanes are gateways to control resources and markets in the Near East, Middle East, Africa, Asia

Sri Lanka is at the crossroad of energy, trade, air routes linking Africa, Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia & Australia.

Bay of Bengal is turning into a theatre of war. Indian Ocean is heavily militarized.

Sri Lankans do not wish to be dragged into a global war against China, a traditional friend. Our army cannot be used against our traditional friends. We cannot forget our friends who not only helped us during the conflict but who had been supporting us unconditionally in the UN/UNHRC through their statements.

Sri Lanka as a sovereign nation with a proud history must have the freedom to decide how it conducts relations internationally. Any dealing must have mutual benefit. Any deals must be transparent and open and discussed with the public. Governance is only given in trust to the politicians. They cannot take decisions in secrecy especially when it involves Sri Lanka’s territory and its assets and resources.

Sri Lanka has a history way longer than the countries dictating to us today about governance. Our kings had ruled and kept relations with foreign nations as well as had economic links with them. Our history is such that we have never been invaded by either South India or the 3 Europeans that arrived and it was only as a result of the treacheries by our locals that our Island was handed over to them. In the 21st century to see such a repetition is very unfortunate.

Shenali D Waduge


“Now is the time to act!” — Gen. Mike Flynn Issues A Rousing Call To Action

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: If We Don’t Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

Police officers in riot gear stand guard outside the State House in Boston on June 27, 2020. (Joseph Prezioso / AFP via Getty Images)


By Michael Flynn

Submitted by Public Intelligence Blog

I was once told if we’re not careful, 2 percent of the passionate will control 98 percent of the indifferent 100 percent of the time.

The more I’ve thought about this phrase, the more I believe it. There is now a small group of passionate people working hard to destroy our American way of life. Treason and treachery are rampant and our rule of law and those law enforcement professionals who uphold our laws are under the gun more than at any time in our nation’s history. These passionate 2 percent appear to be winning.

Despite there being countless good people trying to come to grips with everything else on their plates, our silent majority (the indifferent) can no longer be silent.

If the United States wants to survive the onslaught of socialism, if we are to continue to enjoy self-government and the liberty of our hard-fought freedoms, we have to understand there are two opposing forces: One is the “children of light” and the other is the “children of darkness.”

As I recently wrote, the art and exercise of self-governance require active participation by every American. I wasn’t kidding! And voting is only part of that active participation. Time and again, the silent majority have been overwhelmed by the “audacity and resolve” of small, well-organized, passionate groups. It’s now time for us, the silent majority (the indifferent), to demonstrate both.

The trials of our current times, like warfare, are immense and consequences severe and these seem inconquerable.

As a policewoman from Virginia told me, “People don’t feel safe in their homes and our police force is so demoralized we cannot function as we should. In my 23 years with my department, I have never seen morale so low.”

Another woman from Mississippi told me that we need our leaders to “drop a forceful hammer. People are losing patience. It simply must be stopped! Laws MUST be enforced … no one is above the law.”

Don’t fret. Through smart, positive actions of resolute citizen-patriots, we can prevail. Always keep in mind that our enemy (these dark forces) invariably have difficulties of which we are ignorant.

For most Americans, these forces appear to be strong. I sense they are desperate. I also sense that only a slight push on our part is all that is required to defeat these forces. How should that push come?

Prayers help and prayers matter, but action is also a remedy. Our law enforcement professionals, from the dispatcher to the detective and from the cop to the commissioner, are a line of defense against the corrupt and the criminal. It is how we remain (for now) in a state of relatively peaceful existence.

We must support them with all our being. They are not the enemy; they bring light to the darkness of night through their bravery and determination to do their jobs without fanfare and with tremendous sacrifice.

The silent majority (the indifferent) tend to go the way of those leading them. We are not map- or mind-readers; we are humans fraught with all the hopes and fears that flesh is heir to. We must not become lost in this battle. We must resoundingly follow our God-given common sense.

Seek the truth, fight for it in everything that is displayed before you. Don’t trust the fake news or false prophets; trust your instincts and your common sense. Those with a conscience know the difference between right and wrong, and those with courage will always choose the harder right over the easier wrong.

RELATED: Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: Forces of Evil Want To Steal Our Freedom in the Dark of Night, But God Stands with Us

I believe the attacks being presented to us today are part of a well-orchestrated and well-funded effort that uses racism as its sword to aggravate our battlefield dispositions. This weapon is used to leverage and legitimize violence and crime, not to seek or serve the truth.

The dark forces’ weapons formed against us serve one purpose: to promote radical social change through power and control. Socialism and the creation of a socialist society are their ultimate goals.

They are also intent on driving God out of our families, our schools and our courts. They are even seeking the very removal of God from our churches, essentially hoping to remove God from our everyday lives.

Remember, we will only remain united as “one nation under God.”

And yes, there is a “resistance movement” by the forces of darkness. However, we must also resist these onslaughts and instead take an optimistic view of our situation. Like war, optimism can be pervasive and helps to subdue any rising sense of fear.

We must, however, be deliberate about our optimism. Otherwise, we may get lost in discouragement and despair of any failings we encounter. We must be tenacious in the ultimate end we wish to gain. That end is to remain an unwavering constitutional republic based on a set of Judeo-Christian values and principles. We must not fear these and instead embrace each.

Our path requires course corrections. To move our experiment in democracy forward, we should fight and reject the tired and failed political paths and instead pursue a more correct path that shines a bright light on liberty, a path with greater and greater control of our livelihoods instead of being controlled by fewer and fewer of the too-long-in-power politicians. They have discarded us like old trash.

Our will, our individual liberties and freedoms, remain powerful forces and must be understood and applied smartly. We must not be overly stubborn. Following the Constitution as our guide and adapting to change as we have throughout history, we learn more about what freedoms humans desire.

At times, however, we have to fall back on what got us here. We cannot afford to lose our God-given human rights and the strong inner desire for freedom to choose and to breathe the fresh air of liberty. We must stand up and speak out to challenge our so-called “leaders” of government. We put them in charge; we can remove them as well.

It is through our rights and privileges as American citizens that we challenge the political class and leverage our election process so “we the people” can decide who will govern.

We must not allow a small percentage of the powerful to overtake our position on America’s battlefield. We, as free-thinking and acting individuals, must control how we will live and not allow a few passionate others to change our way of life.

To the silent and currently indifferent majority: Wake up. America is at risk of being lost in the dustbin of history to socialism. The very heart and soul of America is at stake.

In war, as in life, most failure comes from inaction. We face a pivotal moment that can change the course of history of our nation.

We the people must challenge every politician at every level.

We also must stand and support our law enforcement professionals: They are the pointy end of the spear defending us against anarchy.

Now is the time to act.



Americans for Innovation, Anonymous Patriots



An Oxford University (UK) biolab associated with The Pirbright Institute (Monarch’s Golden Share controlled) is injecting human lab rats with an unproven AstraZeneca COVID-19 “vaccine” and has already negotiated mass global distribution deals in anticipation

AstraZenca is a May 17, 1993 spinout from Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)

Alfred Mortiz Mond

ICI was formed by Sir Alfred M. Mond, Privy Counsellor, founder of the Pilgrims Society, organizer of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, co-founder of MI6, MI5, GC&CS now GCHQ, Pres. Of British Zionist Foundation, Institute and Marks & Spencer founders Chaim Weizmann and Sir Israel Sieff, Minister of Health (1916-1921)

Here are several Parliamentary photos at the National Portrait Gallery identifying Alfred Mond: Photo One, hover your mouse over the last man in the back on the right here, it identifies Mond.  Here is written evidence of Alfred Mond at the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909—where global FAKE NEWS, PROPAGANDA  & FALSE INTELLIGENCE was CREATED. See also two-page scan of Parliament of the Press, 1909 document  (p. 44) immediately following.

See mentions of Mond at Thomas H. Hardman, ed. pub. (Jun. 05-26, 1909). A PARLIAMENT OF THE PRESS – The First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, Illustrated, with Preface by The Earl of Rosebery, K.G. London: Horace Marshall & Son (150 MB).

Parliament of the Press (1909), p. 55.

a mond 3

a mond 2

Sir Benjamin Stone, photg. (Jun. 07, 1909). Alfred Mond, back row, far right, Luncheon Party at the House of Commons, First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, HC LB 1/111/20/69. UK Parliamentary Archives.

Other AstraZeneca directors have included HOLDERS OF THE MONARCH’S GOLDEN CONTROL SHARES like Sir Richard Greenbury, Sir Denys Hartley Henderson, Jean-Philippe Courtois.

rothschild-nm-victorThese men are all closely tied to Rothschild biotechnology companies, QinetiQ space wars (Monarch’s Golden Share controlled – director Denys Henderson, also a director in MORI opinion firm), Bill Gates Foundation / Microsoft, World Economic Forum (Davos), Rio Tinto (Monarch’s Golden Share controlled), Carlyle Group (C.I.A.—first QinetiQ funder), SERCO (Monarch’s Golden Share controlled), The Weizmann Institute (Pirbright clone, Marks & Spencers), Zionists Chaim Weizmann and Israel M. Sieff.

Lord Victor Rothschild heavily funded the start of modern biotechnology after his self-serving Rothschild Report UK (1971). His company Biotechnology Investments Limited (BIL) invested in numerous companies involved with AstraZenca. Among them were Amgen and Genzyme. This is an Excel spreadsheet on BIL. Check your downloads folder.

The relationships are convoluted (like everything globalist lawyers and bankers touch) to discourage investigations into the Rothschild involvement in AstraZeneca.

p. 5

zeneca 1

p. 138

zeneca 2

p. 62

zeneca 3

Director bios, p. 40

RTZ = Rio Tinto Zinc Corporation PLC. Controlled by the British Monarch’s Golden Share.

zeneca 4


AstraZeneca is a dangerous, globalist company established by Pilgrims Society co-founder Sir Alfred Mond as Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) to develop a monopoly for the British Empire in the chemical business, then expand into pharmaceuticals, just like Wellcome Fund then and now.

The founder of the ICI spin out of AstraZeneca, Sir Denys Hartley Henderson, is most definitely a keeper of the Crown’s Golden Shares of control over key industries. After founding AstraZeneca, he went on to partner with the C.I.A. in 2003 to found QinetiQ that today has over $8 billion in U.S. military and civilian contracts, not counting another $9 billion to SERCO, its parallel, Queen-controlled company.

The facts tell us that AstraZeneca is a Pilgrims Society corporation under the British Monarch. It cannot be trusted to respect the sovereignty of countries, including the United States, and therefore, this AstraZeneca rush for a vaccine and global distribution deals should be terminated in all countries, including the United States.


bill gates vaccine

This article triggered our research into AstraZeneca::


brenner rothschild fauci

jacob rothschildbill gates

foreign coup british queen

nanowire patentqueen microscope coronavirus

Henry Kissinger depopulation


OPERATION COVID-19: Much More Than a Militarized and AI-driven World Takeover Scheme
























That’s it in a nutshell.

The following link contains the numerous exposés that flesh out the skeleton of this pre-planned pandemic and staged panic perpetrated to stampede the world community of nations into the New World Order pen of compliance.

OPERATION COVID-19: A Comprehensive Series
of Exclusive Exposés, Big-Picture Analyses
and Health Warnings

OPERATION COVID-19 has corralled more people across the planet into cattle cars steered by the globalists right into the UN agenda-run concentrations camps than any previous crime wave of state-sponsored terrorism. However, at the same time, this NWO genocidal enterprise has already served to wake up more residents on Earth than any other false-flag mass casualty event in human history.

Bottom Line: The Powers That Be have made a truly desperate move and grave mistake by launching OPERATION COVID-19. They cannot keep 7.8 billion people intermittently locked down for the 18-month period of time that the globalist cabal has been pushing for. The pushback by citizenries everywhere will be fast and furious, fierce and ferocious. But, when people find out that the wealthy elites have secretly protected themselves from the COVID-19 bioweapon they recklessly let loose on humanity, that’s when folks will really get mad.

State of the Nation
April 11, 2020