Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway (Important...

Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway (Important Updates on 2/28)


Trump Enters Uneasy Truce with Deep State

Team Trump Meets Bush Dynasty Half Way to End Epic Feud

State of the Nation

First, these are the indisputable facts:

The State Funeral for George H.W. Bush was held on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at the Washington National Cathedral. (See the announcement below from their website.)

During the funeral, an extraordinary series of events took place that continue to puzzle the Alt Media to this very day.  These events are described at the following link: “THE ENVELOPE AFFAIR”: Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows a Major Series of Radical Events in Washington, D.C.

Then, just two days later, on Friday, December 7, 2018, President Trump nominated Bush lawyer and close confidante — William Barr — for Attorney General. (See screenshot from Wikipedia below.)  Barr previously served as Attorney General under President George H.W. Bush.

KEY POINT: There’s no question that William Barr was an elite fixer for Poppy Bush. He did things that only an AG would do knowing that they could act with total impunity, which he did.  Because Barr was always a Bush inside man, he is privy to the family secrets as only a ‘family attorney’ would be, so he is completely trusted by them.  Which is why he is now Trump’s Attorney General. See: William Barr’s Professional History During Clinton and Bush I Years 

William Barr was confirmed as Attorney General on February 14, 2018.  This pivotal AG appointment is the single most important personnel change for the Trump administration in 2019.  The true significance of this move will inevitably expose itself in the months to come.  In the meantime, the following narrative is presented for those who really want to know what time it is RIGHT NOW.

What really happened?

Everything points to a truce proposition floated at the funeral by President Trump—a truce that was quickly accepted by both sides of the epic feud.

The Bush political dynasty is powerful and pervasive.  Under W. Bush the family closely aligned with the Neocon cabal and other influential Zionists.

President Trump is also joined at the hip with both Christian and Israeli Zionists, and especially with the Chabad organization through his Orthodox Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner.

It appears that Trump knew that he would not have a moment’s peace for his remaining two years and therefore reached out to the Bushes (and other leading crime syndicates) to agree to a peace treaty of sorts.

All the biggest names in both the Bush and Clinton Crime families were present during the Bush funeral.  In this way, Trump was able to disseminate the word to all of them that he would no longer pursue his campaign promise to drain the swamp.  If Trump was to drain the D.C. swamp, all of them would be flushed down the tubes—FAST!

Clearly, whatever messages were delivered to each of the representatives of the Bush, Clinton and Obama camps at the funeral proved that Trump was dead serious.  The biggest message, of course, was that Trump would release highly sensitive information and/or prosecute high crimes that would sink all of their ships in a day and a night.  Their various reactions during the “Envelope Affair” clearly reflected a dire warning from Trump. (See: What in the world really happened at the Bush funeral?)

There’s much more intrigue and privileged info associated with this high drama and its aftermath which are explained in captivating detail at the following two links.  It is with great certainty that the “Envelope Affair” was staged and filmed by Team Trump to have maximum effect.  It may even be the case that both sides were in on it from the beginning as a way of informing all the key players (and the public) that a truce was offered which was decisively accepted.

2019 Changes in the Trump Presidency: THE HIDDEN BACK STORY (Part I)

2019 Changes in the Trump Presidency: THE HIDDEN BACK STORY (Part II)

KEY POINTS: After nearly 2 years on the job, Trump came to realize that you can’t fight city hall.  Especially when most of your enemies are invisible.  No matter who he appoints, even if they are truly white hats, he saw how easily any administration appointee or government official can be turned against him.  His sincere promise to make peace with Russia was not only thwarted at every turn, it has been used against him to portray him as a traitorous POTUS.  He saw that the Military-Industrial Complex alone  — a big Trump supporter — would not permit a rapprochement with Russia as it’s not good for business.  The MIC always needs a boogeyman for the specter of war to loom large in the collective American mind; after all, The USA is the Military Arm of the New World Order.

The major takeaways of this rapidly evolving state of affairs inside the swamp are as follows:

  Q and QAnon are LARPs* who have posted massive amounts of hope porn regarding thousands of fictitious sealed indictments.  They don’t exist, and they never did.  “The PLAN” was never real and only a figment of someone’s fertile imagination who, nonetheless, still has A VERY SERIOUS AGENDA (to deceitfully corral the Patriot Movement into the warmongering Neocon Zionist camp).  The Qs are really working for one of the clandestine crime syndicates that currently backs Trump.

*LARP = Live Action Role-Playing   and “is a type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props”.

  With AG William Barr in place there will be no prosecutions of the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas or any other crime family including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.  Even career criminal George Soros will skate.  The nomination of Barr just 2 days after the funeral reflects the likelihood that the truce offer was immediately accepted by both sides and that Barr would enforce the non-prosecution agreement as Attorney General.

•  The swamp inside the Beltway will NOT be drained — not even a little — because any prosecutions would make very vulnerable the various crime families.  Convictions could even lead to the exposure of the Khazarian Mafia and Black Nobility that really run the whole show as they have since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and before.  The Illuminati crime families simply posses too much wealth to ever be taken down; LOTs of money buys LOTs of power and influence.

The foreign policy of the Trump administration has been completely taken over by warmongering Neocon Zionists.  They have been given free rein to execute regime changes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia and even Cuba.  Look at what they have already done to Yemen—the greatest humanitarian crisis on the planet today.  They will also target Iran in the very near future as well as continue to occupy Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.  Syria is also still in their crosshairs for another day…after other “shock and awe” military conquests have been successful.  However, it’s really Russia that the Neocon warmongers want to conquer, once and for all, even if it means a nuclear WW3.[1]  Just who are those Neocon Zionists?

Mike Pence — Vice President

John Bolton — National Security Advisor (United States)

Mike Pompeo — Secretary of State

Gina Haspel — Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Dan Coats — Director of National Intelligence

Elliot Abrams — United States Special Representative for Venezuela

Jared Kushner — Senior Advisor to the President

Elan Carr — Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism

  Trump’s foreign policy is no longer under his control.  Neither are his major domestic policy decisions.  He will appear to press on with the border wall, replacing Obamacare, protecting the Second Amendment, and outlawing abortion as a contraceptive, but these initiatives will only be given lip service henceforth.  None of them will be accomplished during the remainder of his term in office. See: Trump was even unable to stop infanticide from being legalized

  It’s also quite likely that Donald Trump will NOT run again for office as part of the deal.  At this point, most of the crime syndicates that really run the world do not want him as POTUS, except to usher the USA through a highly controlled bankruptcy.  This will be his primary task should the power elite crash the stock market, yet again, and then pull the plug on the global economy.  That would be THEIR FINAL SOLUTION if all else fails.

Attorney General William Barr

A number of significant things have occurred since Barr was first nominated, as well as after he began his new job at the DOJ.  First, it was announced that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein would be leaving in March.

Special Counsel Mueller has also indicated that his fake investigation was quickly coming to an end.  Much more importantly, it has been reported in multiple MSM news outlets that the final report might not even be made public.  And, that whatever information was made available to the American people would likely be sanitized and redacted ‘wherever appropriate’.

The upshot of all of this posturing is, of course, that Barr will not release any info/data that would be a contravention of the secret deal between the Trumps and the Bushes.  As the ultimate gatekeeper at DOJ, Barr will be sure to dampen any intentions that Mueller originally had to implicate Trump a the Russiagate hoax.  Nothing gets out into the public domain via the Attorney General that will put the Mexican standoff inside the Beltway in jeopardy.

An extremely concerning factoid about Barr is his history for proposing the curtailment of the Second Amendment. This is in keeping with his reputation for being a high-powered legal counsel for the power elite.  No matter who they are within the 1%, they do not want the American people to possess firearms. Gun Rights Groups: We Object to William Barr Being Confirmed as AG

There’s no question that Barr was a key “fixer” for President George H.W. Bush. (See: Attorney General William Barr Was “The Fixer” for President George H.W. Bush) And that his willingness to provide legal cover as AG for so much Bush corruption was a function of his being a longtime covert operative of the rogue C.I.A.  Bush senior is notorious for using the rogue C.I.A. to carry out many a black operation worldwide such as the Iran-Contra affair—a covered up scandal that nearly brought down the Reagan administration.

CIA Covert Operative William Barr Nominated by Trump for Attorney General. His Role in the Iran Contra Affair

In light of this irrefutable history, everything points to Barr maintaining the status quo inside the swamp. Because the Bush Crime Syndicate and Clinton Crime Family are joined at the hip, he will do nothing to upset that critical relationship, especially because they are both essential to the funding and running of the rogue C.I.A. The Clinton Foundation: A Typical ‘CIA-Directed NGO’ That Is Completely Above The Law

Truly, Williams Barr’s hands are now tied as no other AG in U.S. history.  Just like Jeff Sessions was “A Bush plant, SES pawn and agent of Deep State“, so, too, will Barr prove to be an agent of Deep State perfectly positioned to keep the swamp from being drained.  Just as Sessions expanded the outrageous Civil Asset Forfeiture laws, Barr will likely push for new federal statutes that protect the few wealthy elites at the expense of We the People.

KEY POINT: Some have argued that the Attorney General is the most powerful position in American government.  It’s true that the AG can bring down any other US government official including the POTUS, VPOTUS, and any member of the SCOTUS.  Likewise, the U.S. Attorney General can take down any head of state, corporate CEO/President, or NGO Director.  An AG can also collapse a country or bankrupt a Fortune 1000 company if they can conjure up the right criminal case.  Therefore, it’s the single most critical appointment that the President can make.   After two disastrous years of the willfully incompetent Jeff Sessions, Trump was brutally aware of the necessity of making the right choice to replace him.  And so he did … … … for survival’s sake.


The POTUS has been completely taken over by forces that are way too powerful for any one individual to take on.

The current composition of his cabinet clearly indicates that his major campaign promises will not be fulfilled.  The number of Neocon warmongers alone is enough to start World War III.   His war cabinet was quite purposefully constituted to advance the fascist side of the New World Order agenda.  While the communist side is being humbled like never before, their control of the major pillars of Deep State have made them an implacable foe for Trump.

Therefore, the theater of war that involves the Mainstream Media (MSM), the U.S. Intelligence Community, Big Tech and Big Social Media will not demilitarize.  Trump has exposed the MSM “fake news” like no other leader in world history; he has also taken his wrecking ball to the other primary pillars of Deep StateThe Powers That Be (TPTB) will not forget the irreparable damage that he inflicted; nor will those individual power players forgive Trump’s unparalleled truth-telling about their sedition and sellouts, sins and shortcomings.

This “uneasy truce” is also why the President is zealously promoting, not only the extremely dangerous 5G roll-out, but also a future 6G technology paradigm.  Israel has kept their 3G networks frozen in place because Tel Aviv acknowledges the inherent health dangers and risks of 4G; and yet they were the primary developers of 5G technology.  Why, then, is Trump pushing a completely untested 5G network?  See 5G ROLL-OUT CATASTROPHE: An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump

KEY POINT: Whereas the primary mission of Obama was to take our guns before starting a full-blown race war (he failed miserably), it really does appear that the Shadow Government is setting up Trump to usher through the 5G roll-out.  5G is literally the capstone of the New World Order agenda and, by far, the most dangerous project on Earth today.  Here’s why the U.S. citizenry must unify to terminate this cyber-prison-in-the-making. 5G ROLL-OUT: An Ongoing National Emergency that Requires an Immediate Shutdown by the American People

No one in the country can deny that the chemical geoengineering of American skies has been worse than ever since Trump took office.  In point of fact, 2017 saw a major uptick which was followed by unparalleled chemtrail operations nationwide in 2018.  However, 2019 has seen a veritable explosion of chemtrail spraying as well as the deployment of chembombs in select cities.  (See: THEY’RE PUTTING THE CHEMTRAILS ON SUPER STEROIDS)  As Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, if Trump cannot even prevent the Air Force from polluting the atmosphere with highly toxic aluminum oxide, barium salts and other chemical contaminants — 24/7 — then how much control does the POTUS really have?!

KEY POINT: Just because there is a truce in effect does not mean that Deep State won’t keep up the constant pressure on Trump.  A promise not to impeach, or invoke Amendment 25, or assassinate him, is one thing; the determination to prevent his re-election is quite another.  Therefore, the MSM madness will continue forthwith as the incessant “fake news” insanity also supports the ever-present “divide and conquer” strategy employed by the Black Nobility over the centuries.  The outworking of this in-your-face vendetta by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media against Trump for exposing fake news is, after all, an integral part of their stealthy scheme to destroy the American Republic.  TPTB aim to make a flaming example of him so that no other leader even thinks about leaving the reservation of political correctness.

There is no defeating Deep State except by the sheer force of people power and posing the very real threat of violence against the 1%.  The Shadow Government has had the planet in total lockdown for centuries so how can one man possibly bring down such a deep and wide power structure, especially when most of it operates completely under the radar.

This is exactly where we are, PEOPLE!


Many folks within the Truth Movement will dismiss this analysis, just as ever-hopeful Trumpians will attempt to debunk it at their peril.  It was President Trump, himself, who fastidiously choreographed this perfectly executed series of [TELLING] events.  Hence, it is the POTUS who is effectively delivering this message to you—PATRIOT.  He is telling US that he is now being held captive with very few opportunities to escape from the Deep State prison.  Consequently, he needs our help — the entire Patriot Movement — like never before.  Can he even count on the U.S. military flag officers anymore after all the generals who have been fired or relieved of their commands since Inauguration Day? Please read: What’s really going on with Trump?

State of the Nation
February 23, 2019

Author’s Note

No matter what the reader thinks about the accuracy of this analysis, there was no good reason for the appointment of such a Deep State swamp creature as William Barr (except to keep Trump in office and/or alive).  Not only are there many superior AG candidates available, selecting a top-gun lawyer from the enemy camp only spells trouble, unless the President had absolutely no choice in the matter.  The final point here is that Barr at AG only means that the swamp WILL NOT BE DRAINED.  After all, how can such a compromised, corrupt and criminally disposed Bush lawyer possess the unimpeachable integrity and necessary gravitas to prosecute other swamp creatures?  This ill-fated appointment also presents the very real possibility that the DOJ (as well as the FBI under Director Christopher Wray) will be further weaponized against the American people.
Bottom Line: While only Trump’s people have been indicted, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated, not a single Democrat or other swamp creature has even been apprehended for their egregious crimes against the American people.  Meanwhile, the Trump While House sees every sort of swamp monster added to their numbers by the month.  What’s really going on here?!?!

Special Note: In light of these extraordinary developments, the Patriot Movement is highly encouraged to comprehend the seriousness of this Inescapable Trump Reality Check.  From this point forward, events will move in a manner that defy normal analysis.  The deeper we get into the 2020 election cycle, the crazier things will get; and the more radical the response will be required from the Right.  Particularly in view of the extreme actions by the Left (See: OPERATION CRAFTY BEAVER: Deep State attempts to start a race war before stealing the 2020 POTUS election) will conservatives be compelled to think completely outside the political box.  At the very minimum, the following possibility MUST BE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED—post-haste: What happens if President Trump does not run in 2020?


[1] STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

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