The Most Dangerous Plot to Bring Down America from Within—Why is nobody...

The Most Dangerous Plot to Bring Down America from Within—Why is nobody talking about this?


The Trojan Horse rolled into America today
will become a terrifying Juggernaut

The Treasonous Scheme Rarely Reported by the Alt Media

State of the Nation

As SOTN has previously reported, there are several objectives that Deep State Democrats are accomplishing with open borders and uncontrolled illegal immigration.  As follows:

• Plentiful and cheap labor for Corporate America at a time of extreme international economic competition

• Stream of needed military recruits for the U.S. Armed Forces who are guaranteed a fast track to citizenship

• Illegal drug revenues are deposited in the large banks that are too big to fail  

• Illegal human trafficking generates huge profits and feeds the appetite of the power elite

• Illegal arms trafficking produces illicit profits for both corporations and government

• Democrats use illegal aliens, economic immigrants and war refugees to rebuild their shrinking base

• New World Order globalist cabal cynically uses illegal immigration as the cudgel of multiculturalism just as they destroyed Europe

• DACA and anchor babies are systematically used to dilute the U.S. population descended from European ancestry.

• Operation Gladio use the open borders to sneak across terrorists cells who will carry out false flag terrorist attacks upon being triggered

• Gladio is also stealthily building a secret army, nationwide, of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other-soldier-of-fortune wannabes

• … … … this is a truncated list and only represents some of the most influential drivers of illegal immigration and open borders 

(Source: THE OPEN BORDER”: A Highly Organized Conspiracy to Undermine the Territorial Integrity and National Sovereignty of the American Republic)

With the crucial understanding it’s easy to comprehend why the Democrats will never seal the borders or stop the illegal aliens from breaking the immigration laws.  They have every reason to encourage the border crashing.  And so they are.

However, the single biggest goal of this Greatest Act of Collective Treason in U.S. History  is the last item above that refers to Gladio.  This same scheme has been used in Europe with great effect and yet very few even get it.

Gladio’s secret armies

It’s common knowledge within the U.S. Armed Services that illegal aliens provide a large number of recruits to fight America’s unprovoked wars of naked aggression.  Without a draft in place, this source of cannon fodder has become heavily relied upon, especially for grunts and other ground troops in the line of fire.

The crucial point here is that the U.S. military will not give up this rich source of recruitment candidates.  The illegals are offered a fast track to citizenship, after their tour of duty, which they desperately seek.

However, there’s another recruitment pipeline that’s was also opened up during the initial days of Obama’s first term.  Obama was installed as POTUS in order for Soros & Company to effectively collapse the American Republic.  One of the key components of this vast conspiracy was a violent bolshevik revolution that would be triggered if all else failed.

Well, with the humiliating loss of Hillary Clinton, the perpetraitors are now compelled to implement Plan B—the violent overthrow of the Trump administration via the Purple Revolution after the ongoing soft coup fails.  Because the conservative side of the body politic has all the guns and ammo, the Left leadership had no choice but to recruit mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other soldiers-of-fortune types who have made their way to Mexico from war zones around the world.

COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility

The utterly fake caravans that continuously form in Honduras, for instance, are recruitment departure points for young men looking for a fight…and a paycheck.  Not all of them, but many battle-ready young men are furtively transported to various Central American countries to join the Purple Revolution.  In most cases, they don’t even know what they’re fighting for or who’s paying them.

Once these fresh recruits make their way into the U.S., they are assigned to handlers who first carefully corral them into specifically arranged groups and then usher them to predetermined destinations inside mountainside camps and abandoned military bases located on “no trespassing sites” in the middle of nowhere.

These future troops are then trained as 3rd millennium Gladio warriors whose allegiance is to no one but the New World Order globalist cabal.  Of course, they don’t know who they’re really fighting for in the very same way that the pilots who fly chemtrail jets don’t know who they work for.  They just spray the skies across America like we’re all bugs not caring for a second about the death and destruction that’s occurring below 24/7.

Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Cover Off of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD


This very same stealth strategy was utilized all over the European Union by the NWO cabal.  They have set up terrorist cells and ragtag militias that bear no semblance whatsoever to a fighting force but which can be pressed into service when the timing is right.

Many of these real terrorists from the Middle East, who were deliberately marched into the EU and manipulated to infiltrate the various targeted nations, are all awaiting their time to spring into action.  Until then, they present a public nuisance wherever they go.

Raping the women of the native populations means nothing to them and only allows them to cut an unruly and violent profile so that when they carry out a terrorist attack or gang up on a patriot, everyone knows that it’s only them being ‘normal’.  In other words very few realize that this covert assembling of killers and saboteurs is taking place with extremely purposeful design.


This covert Gladio scenario is playing out in the USA in a completely different manner.  While many of the false flag shootings and occasional bombings are really terrorist attacks that are then blamed on white Christian men, they are really carried out by imported terrorists who were fastidiously trained to execute their missions flawlessly and escape.  Or, they are either pre-programmed to kill themselves or mind-controlled to portray another false narrative that will not betray their masters or their true origin and history.

Another GLADIO-style Mass Shooting Staged in Florida—Here’s why!

This is why every false flag mass shooting and other black operations are so inscrutable.  Whereas many of these black ops are hoaxes, many are very real; just as others are a hybrid of hoax and reality.  This makes the subsequent investigations quite difficult to conduct and, therefore, it’s easy to hide the guilty personnel involved wherever they can be hidden and/or protected from exposure.

The United States is currently carved up into regions where it concerns Gladio operations.  Each region has its own secret Gladio headquarters, primary C.I.A. overlord, FBI liaison office, MSM contacts and local law enforcement authorities who are all bound together via Freemasonry oaths and other secret society pacts.

When the globalists decide to push the button on a major attack such as Operation Torch California, all the traitorous co-conspirators have been put into the perfect places and positions which ensures that the op will proceed unimpeded.   These prearrangements also guarantee that the necessary cover-ups are each executed with precision.

In this way, no one has caught on to the fact that the country is full of Gladio mercenaries.  These enemies of the Republic not only hate America, they will gladly pick up a gun and wage war against the U.S. citizenry whenever directed to… … …particularly if they were originally trained as an ISIS, Al-Qaeda or Al Nusra Front terrorist.


It’s of paramount importance to understand that the same Gladio model that was used by the CIA-MI6-MOSSAD-GID-DGSE cadre in Syria, Iraq and Libya was used in Europe, as it is being surreptitiously utilized in these United States of America.

The only difference is that the model has been tweaked to fit the country, the specific milieu and the temperament of the locals.  In this way, no one would ever suspect that the state-sponsored terrorism being conducted here in the states is related to the ISIS terror campaign in Syria or Iraq.  Likewise, the Eurozone has experienced a variation of low-grade terror with serial raping and menacing of small communities all over the Continent.

In point of fact, the same coterie who ran these psyops and black ops in Europe and the Middle East are now operating stateside… and getting away with it each and every time.  Yes, they are that organized; so organized that there is a U.S. capital city/county for these terrorist operations.  By the way, it’s basically the same group of operational commanders who were responsible for 9/11.  As follows:

BROWARD COUNTY: Operational Headquarters for Israeli Intelligence-Directed False Flag Operations and Mass Casualty Events in America

Trojan horse

Truly, this is the biggest story in the country today and yet no one’s talking about it.

For one thing, there are so many distractions jumping off on any given day it’s difficult to see through the haze of constant war and terrorism.  The majority of these terror attacks are purposefully manufactured to draw our attention from dire circumstances like the aforementioned plot to take over the USA from within.  Or the power elite is trying to divert our attention from this: 5G ROLL-OUT: An Ongoing National Emergency that Requires an Immediate Shutdown by the American People

Many folks have been writing about the present predicament whereby “the barbarians are at the gate”.  Little did they know that there are countless barbarians inside the gate who were transported into the country via a modern-day version of the Trojan horse.  That Trojan horse has taken the form of fake caravans, 18 wheelers packed with mercenaries, terrorists cells brazenly crossing the open border at will, boatloads of phony fishermen who make their way into U.S. territorial waters before making landfall, and foreign military families whose ruse is that they are all intimately related to an anchor baby.

There are many other ways in which enemies of America sneak into the country.  If they are a highly credentialed terrorist with an immediate mission, they are secreted into the country in plain sight; the same way that some of the 9/11 patsies were let in and then conspicuously trained for an operation that they never participated in.

The bottom line is that there is an urgent necessity to seal the U.S. border.  The border with Mexico must be closed to all forms of illegal immigration post-haste.  We know now that each and every day it remains open, more enemies can be ferried across who will come back to haunt the American people in the worst way.

Remember the horrors and atrocities that these Gladio-controlled terrorists committed in the Mideast.  Remember how they have literally destroyed European culture, broken whole communities and deeply divided the populace.  See how the border issue inflames all sorts of conflicts throughout American society.  This nation is now riven with wedge issues that have been intentionally driven deeply into the heart of the body politic, each of which is directly related to the open border and so many illegal aliens in our midst.

For these several other reasons, every single person residing in the 50 states needs to be documented in a highly authoritative way.  There can be no room for error when we’re talking about Gladio‘s secret armies hiding anywhere and everywhere.  Yes, this also means that a special task force must be formed to ferret out terror cells and small militias that are operating in a clandestine manner across the country.


It’s well past the time to terminate the fictitious debate about border security.  There is NO debate.  It’s all kabuki theater being dramatically staged by the Soros-funded Left.  It’s now imperative to shut down every sanctuary city and state as they imperil all the others.  Once in the country, illegal aliens and criminals and terrorists can go anywhere they so choose.

Hence, the only option for President Trump is to declare a national emergency and follow through in such a manner as to expose the entire conspiracy as the Greatest Act of Collective Treason in U.S. History.  Every single day that this vital initiative is postponed will only further empower the myriad Democrat traitors among us.

As a matter of fact, we are quickly approaching a point of no return.  Once a critical threshold is exceeded, the Left will have their hidden armies at a level to successfully stage a revolution.  The Democrats know that the Right is armed to the teeth in their red enclaves, red towns and red states.  They also know that liberals are clueless about how to wage war on anything but the defenseless unborn.  Which is precisely why the Virginia Governor and Delegate Must Both Be Arrested For Promoting Infanticide.

There’s another very serious reason why the Patriot Movement needs to step up to the plate—SOONER THAN LATER.

2020 POTUS Election Will Be Cancelled, Postponed or Stolen

Now the Right really knows what it’s fighting for.

Semper fi!

State of the Nation
February 2, 2019