SOS: Democrat Andrew Gillum MUST be defeated because…

SOS: Democrat Andrew Gillum MUST be defeated because…


… the party that wins the Florida governor’s race will determine who wins the 2020 POTUS election

Another angle is that Florida is the most influential swing state that will determine the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Just like Obama, Trudeau, Peña Nieto, Marcon, Merkel and others pawns, Andrew Gillum is just another Soros-funded puppet.

Hopefully the Right really understands how critical it is that Soros-selected candidate and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum be defeated for FL Gov?

*American electoral history shows that whichever party occupies the Florida Governor’s mansion during the U.S. presidential election usually wins the POTUS! That’s because the state’s executive branch controls the election process and apparatus which is responsible for certifying Florida’s 29 electoral votes.  This is how FL Governor Jeb Bush was able to steal the presidential election for his brother in 2000.  When that’s not the case, the POTUS candidate who receives Florida’s electoral votes almost always triumphs.  Because the stakes are so high this year, Deep State is set on installing Gillum — an ultra-liberal lightweight as governor — who could not even function responsibly as the mayor of a small city.  In this way, the Democrat controllers will compel him to do whatever they want when 2020 election theft begin.

State of the Nation

Soros & Company have enlisted the aid of out-of-state billionaires to support Andrew Gillum’s run for Florida governor.  These wealthy donors are dumping massive campaign donations into Gillum’s war chest on a strictly quid pro quo basis.  That’s a HUGE problem for Republican Candidate Ron DeSantis, especially with Soros investing so much of his own money to ensure a Democrat governorship. See: Gillum Admits Soros Majorly Funded His Unanticipated FL Democrat Primary Win

Plus, the mainstream media (MSM) has already been publishing numerous fake polls indicating Gillum’s fictitious lead.  This MSM-disseminated globalist propaganda will only intensify between now and November 6th.  See: ELECTION RIGGING: Florida Governor Polls Being Manipulated to Favor Democrat

In fact, the entire MSM, with the exception of FOX News, is giving Gillum tons of free campaign publicity.  The CIA’s Mockingbird Media transformed [OVERNIGHT] the hopelessly corrupt, woefully incompetent and willfully negligent Tallahassee mayor into Obama 2.0.  Gillum has been meticulously groomed over decades by his Deep State masters just like Obama was by his C.I.A. handlers.

Florida’s Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Andrew Gillum Failed Miserably As Tallahassee Mayor…

…and the George Soros-picked pawn will run the state into the ground just like Obama did to the country if elected.

The Left juggernaut is rolling across the Sunshine State on a very serious mission to steal this vital election because they know what’s truly at stake.  The NWO globalist cabal will not permit a loss, even if the RED tsunami overwhelms their little blue wave.  The Democrat political establishment couldn’t care less about being caught in criminal acts or obvious corrupt conduct.  The highly organized Kavanaugh character assassination plot demonstrated this quite graphically.[1]

This article-in-progress will be furthered added to over the coming days.  SOTN felt great urgency to immediately issue this SOS.  The Florida Republican Party is so distracted right now they don’t have their eye on the ball.  Likewise, the focus of the Republican National Committee is understandably diffused, just as the Left — through chaos-causing initiatives being launched nationwide — is causing the RNC to dissipate their energies.

While the skeleton of this piece is being fleshed out, the following article provides crucial background to what is really shaping up in Florida during this decisive election cycle: Globalist Scheme to Steal Florida Election Has an Explicit Purpose

Special Note: The $64,000 question here: Are the Deep State geoengineers sending another hurricane toward Tallahassee for Mayor Gillum’s sake?  It’s entirely true that Mayor Gillum screwed up so much during the last major hurricane — Hermine — that it’s not beyond the Democrat Deep State to send another hurricane his way so that he can somehow shine this time around.


A conclusive analysis of the geoengineering signatures associated with Hurricane Michael now indicates that this potential superstorm was purposefully manufactured and directed at the Florida Panhandle, and specifically at the state capital of Tallahassee.  Tallahassee is ground zero for this year’s election cycle because of Democrat candidate for governor Andrew Gillum who is currently mayor.  Tallahassee resident and Florida Governor Rick Scott is also challenging Democrat Bill Nelson in the U.S. Senator race, so there’s a lot at stake on Election Day in the capital city. See: Geoengineering Signatures Prove Hurricane Michael Is Being Intensified And Steered (Video)

State of the Nation
October 8, 2018


[1] Blaseygate: A Coordinated Criminal Conspiracy to Character Assassinate Kavanaugh


FLASHBACK: Gov. Scott slams Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum for how he handled Hurricane Hermine