Mainstream Media Demise
Guaranteed After Decades
Of Delivering Fake News

Deep State fabricates the fake narratives as the C.I.A. controls what media can and cannot report

State of the Nation

Make no mistake about it, “THE MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

The Mainstream Media (MSM) has never been so up in arms and conspicuously enraged about anything as they are about this self-evident truth.  They all know — every single journalist — that they cannot report the truth about anything.  Factual reporting has been banished from the MSM; once that happened the press inevitably became “the enemy of the people”.  And every journalist knows in their bones that this is absolutely true.

Corporate Media Now Poses Existential Threats To The American Republic

President Trump’s greatest achievement to date

If Donald Trump were to leave office today, there’s no question that his single greatest achievement would be the launching of the “fake news” meme.  His nonstop warnings have become the clarion call to patriots and nationalists around the globe.  Not only that, but Trump recently went one step further and dropped this truth bomb.  BOMBSHELL: Trump Finally Tells The Forbidden Truth

Trump’s extraordinary accomplishment has awakened people across the planet to the incessant lying by the media.  It’s important to understanding that the Alt Media and Fifth Estate are not included in this label.  Yes, there’s a lot of shoddy reporting going on in the alternative media by those news platforms that are owned and operated by the C.I.A. but they’re the exception, not the rule.  In point of fact, The Fifth Estate Casts Its Shadow Like a Massive Mothership.

The reality, over many decades, is that the MSM simply does not know how to present the facts…about anything  Outright lying, subtle deceptions, misleading titles, veiled falsehoods, clever deceits, fictitious narratives, gross exaggerations, purposeful distortions and many other devices are routinely used by the MSM organs of propaganda.

What the POTUS has continually pointed out is that you can NEVER — EVER — trust a single thing that comes from the MSM.  The whole bunch of them has become pathological liars to the extreme.

In other words, if the talking heads on TV are moving their lips, they are either lying or deceiving.  Likewise, if the print media publishes it, you know it’s bullshit.  Should a mainstream radio channel announce the news, it cannot be trusted and is never reliable.

For real, it’s quite difficult to overstate the degree of sheer perfidy and utter betrayal that the MSM perpetrates against its audience every day of every month of every year.  These corporate media platforms are so addicted to deception that they wouldn’t recognize the truth if it busted them upside the head with a four by four.

Mockingbird Media

What’s been asserted thus far is quite obvious to any truth seeker.  What may not be so obvious is the historical fact that the entire Mainstream Media was completely taken over by the C.I.A. after World War II.  Of course, the MSM was totally controlled during the Second World War by the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), but when the C.I.A. was established in 1947 it had been effectively taken over by the many high-level Nazis, Gestapo agents and SS members who were secretly given safe passage to America under the rubric of Operation Paperclip.

The Nazi regime was quite proficient at taking over the German media upon which they continued to exert ironclad control throughout the duration of the war.  This exact process of media infiltration by the state and covert oversight by the Central Intelligence Agency is what transpired post WW2 throughout the USA.  The overt phase of Operation Mockingbird, as it’s known in intelligence circles, officially began in the early 1950s.

The only way for the average citizen to really apprehend the true breadth and depth of this clandestine overthrow of American media is to understand this highly organized conspiracy that was hatched between the titans of Corporate Media, key officials within the U.S. Federal Government and strategically placed leaders within civil society.  Once the deal was done by these Operation Mockingbird co-conspirators, America has never seen a free press since.

OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD: How The CIA Took Over The Mainstream Media

The critical point here is that the C.I.A. delivers your news — print, network and radio — each and every day from all the major MSM news platforms.  Everyone knows that CNN’s primary anchor Anderson Cooper is a card-carrying CIA agent.  Well, truth be told, every other anchor and famous talking head, acclaimed MSM author and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist are all on contract with the C.I.A. as well.  In this way these transparently fake journalists answer directly to The Company, as the C.I.A. is known within the intel community, not to their corporate management.

With this crucial understanding, it’s clear that nothing which issues forth from the MSM can be trusted.  It’s all fake news all the time.  The C.I.A. spinmeisters have an agenda for each and every media piece that’s released to the public.  This fastidiously hidden agenda is one of complete mind control.

In their world of 24/7 spying and surveillance every bit of information in considered intelligence.  Hence, all information and data is intelligence that must be protected and often manipulated to hide the truth.  That intelligence can be used to either exert more control or lose control of the audience; therefore, the info gatekeepers will always attempt to control the narrative so as to exercise maximum control.

The media is downright dangerous

Much of the fake news disseminated daily by the MSM is downright dangerous.  Nowadays, MSM reporting is extremely dangerous to the U.S. citizenry as it is to the longevity of the America Republic.

The MSM has also proven to be exceedingly dangerous to the physical health and welfare of the American people in so many ways it boggles the mind.

Let’s take a quick look at all the false information the MSM puts out weekly about things that are actually a slow-mo killing of the populace.

Murderous false flag mass shootings

Destructive false flag bombings

Deadly vaccinations

Geoengineering weather catastrophes

Geoengineering seismic and volcanic disasters

Highly toxic chemtrails

Harmful water fluoridation

Perilous 5G frequencies

Noxious GMOs in food supply

Poisonous aspartame in beverages

Radiated produce from foreign countries

This is just a short list of some of the most dangerous things happening in American society which have put people everywhere in great jeopardy.

9/11: Mother of all Cover-ups by the MSM

The Mainstream Media couldn’t even investigate the obvious inside job and false flag terror attacks conducted by Deep State and Gladio on September 11, 2001.  Because of the profundity of that institutional neglect and shocking malfeasance of the Fourth Estate, a fake “War on Terror” was fraudulently declared on the world by the very perpetrators of that classic Operation Gladio terrorist operation.

Talk about “the enemy of the people”: the entire  Mainstream Media is essentially guilty of the greatest criminal coverup in the Third Millennium. See: 9/11 VERDICT: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In US History

Were anyone to consider — in the aggregate — the total number of false flag attacks that the MSM willfully participated and covered up in the USA alone since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it’s quite clear that corporate media is the arch-enemy of the American people.  What has the Mockingbird Media reported about JFK’s public execution — by the C.I.A. — except an absurd CIA-fabricated lone shooter theory that was physically impossible for the innocent Lee Harvey Oswald to carry out alone.

Lee Harvey Oswald Framed by the CIA Because He Infiltrated Their Assassination Conspiracy & Was Working Directly for the Kennedy Brothers

2016 U.S. Presidential Election

What Trump’s election graphically showed the body politic is just how incredibly dangerous the MSM has become.  Little did anyone know that each and every story prior to Election Day 2016 was floated with the explicit purpose of ensuring the electoral defeat of Donald Trump. The digital record is now replete with instances of direct collusion between the corporate media and the Clinton Campaign, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the U.K. Intelligence Community as well as other powerful institutions that had a dog in the fight.

It’s not that this aggressive meddling in political affairs was entirely unprecedented; it’s that the complex and convoluted criminal conspiracy was blown wide open.  Ever since the day Trump declared his candidacy, Deep State marshaled its formidable assets against him, the MSM being a primary pillar of the forces arrayed. See: The Mainstream Media Has Become A Criminal Accomplice To Naked Campaign Fraud And Election Theft

What Trump was able to accomplish during that extremely rambunctious campaign season was to expose the media for so much prevarication and equivocation, misrepresentation and distortion.  This has never happened before and is unlikely to occur again.  That’s because the entire MSM has been revealed as the biggest lie-manufacturing factory in human history.  And many of those lies are told repeatedly at great peril to humanity (e.g. Russiagate).

RUSSOPHOBIA: The Zio-Anglo-American Conspiracy to Conquer Russia Unravels in Real Time

Truly, there’s nothing like the Mockingbird Media that is hell-bent on triggering the hot phase of World War III based on patently false accusations and naked war propaganda.  This is the pivotal intention behind the ridiculously bogus “Trump-Russia collusion” story.  Deep State is merely carrying out the dictates of the Shadow Government, as the C.I.A. functions as the operational arm and enforcement agency for the New World Order globalist agenda.  Given this salient organizational structure, how could the media not be the “enemy of the people”?!

2018 Midterm Elections

What the nation (as well as the world-at-large) is about to witness is the raw power and undeniable influence of Deep State in the upcoming midterm elections.  The major purpose behind the Mueller investigation is to keep the spurious element of ‘Trump treason’ alive in the minds of the electorate.  This can only be done with the full clout of the Mainstream Media trumpeting counterfeit charges and phony allegations at every turn.

Deep State knows that the Democrats must take back the Senate and win big in the House in order to thwart Trump’s nationalist agenda, as well as impeach him.  The Left wants him out of the White House like no other president in U.S. history has been persecuted.  Of course, the media has been employed to produce hit piece after hit piece in the conduct of both a meticulously crafted character assassination campaign and evolving soft coup.  Deep State knows that when a sufficient degree of alienation between Trump and the electorate has been reached, it just a matter of the executing of the Oval Office overthrow.

Whether the globalist’s implementation plan includes a full-blown coup d’état remains to be seen, although the George Soros-funded Purple Revolution seems to indicate so.

Ponerization of the Media

There can be only one outcome to this ongoing tragedy—the Mainstream Media, in its current form, must be shut down post-haste.  And it must be terminated fast before it’s used to foment a full-scale civil war. See: The Mainstream Media Must Be Shut Down And/Or Taken Over Post Haste

The MSM is an utterly hopeless cause and cannot be reformed or somehow rehabilitated.  The major pillars of the Mockingbird Media have been staffed the very same way as the Central Intelligence Agency; they’re been relentlessly ponerized.  This means that the psychopathic officers at the top of each media empire hire similar criminally insane sociopaths to do their dirty work at the bottom levels (Yes, only an incorrigible and clinically insane psychopath would regularly publish articles with the explicit intention of starting a world war).

PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths

In light of nearly 75 years of unrelenting ponerization of American institutions, it’s no wonder the country is in such a mess.  It took US a long time to get here, and it may take some serious time to undo the damage, if that’s even possible.  The present predicament has no easy solution.  And the only effective remedy may have to take the form of a pervasively cataclysmic event.  Those who simply refuse to give up the “Sodom and Gomorrah” that they always yearned for will not go away.

Special Note: Not only is the media the enemy of the people, the MSM utilizes powerful weapons of mass deception (WMD) to incapacitate it’s prey.  These WMD have been systematically used to start wars and armed conflicts around the world.  By weaponizing social media the largest MSM social networks methodically trigger cvil wars and revolutions at will.  The globalist warmongers know that whoever controls the media, controls the world community of nations.  Therefore, the essential task for humanity is to determine: Who REALLY Controls The Mainstream Media?   Only in this way can they be removed from their positions of extraordinary power and malevolent influence over the planetary civilization.

Because of the inexorable unfoldment of 100 years of Cultural Marxism throughout the United States, American society has become but a shadow of her previous glory.  The depravity of the media in all of its endeavors has descended to such a low level that nothing shocks anymore.  This screenshot was captured from a mortifying video posted by none other than The New York Times, America’s premier newspaper of record.  This is what the nation’s major MSM new outlets have degenerated to.  Ponerized publishers permit things like this so the new normal just keeps getting worse.


In view of this analysis, one conclusion can be drawn: The Inevitable Demise Of The CIA’s Mainstream Media.   It may be difficult to imagine, but any entity that is so corrupt and so criminal is bound to be brought down by the weight of its own illicit and reprehensible conduct.  There really is no escaping the inescapable for the MSM, the CIA, the FBI, etc.  Each of them is marked for a HUGE correction from on high and will experience their comeuppance sooner than later.  Let’s just hope it’s as soon as possible for the sake of the Republic.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The True Enemy Of The People

KEY POINT: The termination of the MSM does not mean the end of the First Amendment.  It means that the Fourth Estate will have to be re-constituted with media companies that employ and support responsible journalists.  That would mean that the ownership of those corporate media giants must be changed or they will risk complete closure at the hands of the government.  Subsequent to this necessary development, the Alt Media can continue to serve the community as they have since the advent of the Internet.

Action Plan

For those who wish to participate in this urgent initiative, this “Open Letter to the Trump Administration” can be sent out far and wide.  The patriot movement must be galvanized by the fact that “The Orderly Continuation of the American Republic Depends on the Immediate Termination of the MSM“.  Hence “The Mainstream Media Must Be Shut Down — ASAP!

State of the Nation
August 6, 2018


The Mainstream Media is right now calling for Congress to approve legislation that empowers the federal government to literally take over the Internet.  The MSM wants to remove any and all competition from the playing field.  The major MSM news platforms can no longer tolerate their lies from being exposed by way of the real journalism offered by the Alt Media.  They know that the “fake news” meme is entirely true and causing their inevitable demise.  For these and many other reasons, the Democrats Are Pushing For Total Govt Control Of Internet.