JFK Assassination Co-Conspirators Revealed, Top Decision-makers Gave Themselves Away

JFK Assassination Co-Conspirators Revealed, Top Decision-makers Gave Themselves Away


False Flag Shooting of President Kennedy Ordered by the Usual International Terrorists

This archival photograph of Jack Ruby moments before he fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald speaks volumes about the real conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy

Who explicitly ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

The answer is obvious to anyone who studies false flag terrorism.

“President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in November of 1963 by
vast criminal conspiracy that was led by the Israeli Government.  The
reason for this violent coup d’état against the American Republic is very

simple: Kennedy would not permit Israel to develop nuclear weapons.
Not only did the President threaten to withhold financial aid, he
of other types of retribution.  No one ever threatens Israel like
this, unless 
they are willing to suffer the gravest of consequences.”

JFK told Israel: ‘If you want U.S. aid, shut down your nuclear bomb factory’

— Former Military Officer & Intelligence Analyst

Article Submission by Guest Author and Researcher begins here:

Dear Dallas, You have been inappropriately maligned because of Chicago’s Hate

by Jim Phelps
SOTN Exclusive

Dear Dallas,

You have been inappropriately maligned because of the Chicago Mob and Military-Industrial Network’s ironclad control over America.

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in November in 1963 by a vast criminal conspiracy that was led by the Israeli Government.  The reason for this violent coup d’état against the American Republic is very simple: Kennedy would not permit Israel to develop nuclear weapons. JFK told Israel: ‘If you want U.S. aid, shut down your nuclear bomb factory’

Jack Rubenstein

Jack Ruby (born Jacob Leon Rubenstein) was working with the Chicago Mob’s Sam “Momo” Gianacana who provided two of several hit men named Chuck Nicoletti and James Files. Chicago hit man Nicoletti fired at JFK from the Dal-Tex Building’s lower floor while James Files shot from the infamous “grassy knoll” from behind a fence.  We do know what happened.

At the time of the JFK hit, Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) was standing on the front steps of the Texas School Book Depository Building (TSBD) and really had zero involvement in the actual shooting of JFK.  However, LHO was an active agent for Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) and the plotters felt the need to kill LHO for knowing too much; hence, he became the “patsy” to blame everything on, although he did no shooting whatsoever.  The perpetrators had wanted to kill LHO inside the TSBD, but that did not work out.  So then the Dallas Police Department was led to believe by a contrived radio broadcast that LHO (acting as a lone gunman) killed JFK, and they proceeded to chase LHO down to the Texas Theater.

Since the Chicago Jewish Mafia’s Jack Ruby was involved as the mob’s “point man” in Dallas, he was ordered to shoot and kill LHO personally.  Jack Ruby was a hardcore Zionist and very interested in helping the Israeli Government, especially in their avid pursuit to acquire nuclear weapons.  JFK would not allow Israel to have nuclear weaponry of any kind, but the plotters knew that Vice President Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) would.

JFK and RFK were also on a well-known mission to destroy the Mafia nationwide, particularly the Giancana-run mob in Chicago; therefore, and it was very easy for Jack Ruby’s handlers to exploit that tension in order to have JFK killed in Dallas.  IMPORTANT NOTE: There was another assassination plot against President Kennedy planned for November 2, 1963 which was aborted when his scheduled visit to Chicago was abruptly cancelled. See: Lee Harvey Oswald: Unsung Hero Who Alerted JFK To ‘Assassination Plot’ In Chicago

Hyman Larner, an alleged racketeer, refuses to answer questions asked by  the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in Labor and Management in 1959.

Hyman Larner & the Chicago Military-Industrial Network

The Chicago Jewish Mafia was led by another Zionist named Hyman Larner.  Larner was very well connected with the Jewish-owned and -controlled weapons manufacturers, particularly those based with the big money in Chicago.  One example is General Dynamics where Chicago’s Jewish money went on to build submarines, nuclear rockets, Abrams tanks and many more armaments for the U.S. military.

Jewish investment (especially Zionist) in war production played an integral part in the rapid growth of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) that President Eisenhower spoke of.  These Zionist war profiteers ended up making a big push, using their Chicago Mafia / CIA / Mossad connections to assassinate JFK.   Then, the very same perpetrators covered it all up using LBJ’s transparently corrupted and false Warren Commission Report.

So, we know exactly who murdered JFK and why, but the US government continues to lie about how much Jewish Zionist money controlled the MIC in that time period.  How much the US Govt was involved with the cover-up of some of the weightiest Israeli issues of the day and how JFK was not playing their game is specifically damning in this case.

It’s important to point out that LBJ could not run for a second term because they told him they were going to have to kill RFK.  If not eliminated, RFK would have undoubtedly ferreted out the Jewish factor: that Jack Ruby was a central figure in his brother’s assassination, and that Ruby’s connections ran deeply back to the Chicago Jewish Mafia.  And, RFK would eventually identify Hyman Larner, the Shah of Iran, various CIA operatives and Mossad connections, and especially how much Zionist agents like Chicago’s Henry Crown (born Henry Krinsky to Jewish immigrants from Lithuania) controlled the MIC.

Many in the weapons business, and specifically in the nuclear weapons business, know exactly how JFK was eliminated by Ruby et al. and replaced with LBJ.  At the exact time of the JFK killing , LBJ was being investigated for being on the take for the TFX Fighter Aircraft Program.  This criminal investigation was just one instance of Henry Crown’s money buying LBJ for the purposes of expanding his ownership and manipulation of MIC corporations.

General Dynamics was located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at the time.  LBJ was up to his neck in the JFK hit over this and other Jewish “big money” connections to the MIC.  LBJ was even being passed bag money via Jewish Zionist Morris Jaffe from New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello. In reality, LBJ was a mega-criminal in the White House and perhaps the worst president in U.S. history from the perspective of outright corruption and sheer criminality. See: JFK Assassination: Classic CIA EXECUTION Plan and COVERUP

LHO & the Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility

So, Dallas, it’s not even difficult to see how JFK and LHO were both targeted for death in the ‘City of Hate’ (This cynical moniker for Dallas was actually chosen by the Jewish Zionist assassins from the real city of hate—Chicago).   It becomes very easy when you take note of the historical fact that LHO came to Oak Ridge, Tennessee on July 26, 1963 and literally left the veiled prognostication for the JFK hit in Dallas. LHO wrote the words USSR and Dallas, Texas into the USAEC’s Atomic Museum in Oak Ridge.

The USSR was only involved in this regard: LHO was trained by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) for the defector program to spy on Russia.  LHO came to Oak Ridge because he was working in one of several CIA projects to assassinate Castro with nuclear radiation by way of a cancer virus that was being run out the New Orleans CIA office.  LHO worked for that project as a courier. (See LHO’s signature below on the “Visitors Register” of the AMERICAN MUSEUM OF ATOMIC ENERGY—his is the 13th signature from the top dated 7-26-63)

To the real criminologists looking at LHO, the date July 26, 1963 and location of Dallas, Texas become prime evidence for accurately solving the murder of President Kennedy.  The nuclear bigwigs at Oak Ridge hated JFK because he had just gotten the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty accepted (which was eventually signed on August 5, 1963 by Russia and Great Britain); and he intended to do much more to ban nuclear weapons world-wide.

Masonic Connection

In Oak Ridge, there were nuclear weapons plants run by numerous Southern Scottish Rite Masons who hated Catholics and they saw that anti-nuclear JFK’s initiatives would lead to the loss of their jobs.  The most disillusioned of them turned against the peacemaking Catholic Kennedy.

Oak Ridge had deep connections to Dallas via a Mason named Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. who also knew the CIA’s Jack Ruby well, and that Ruby was well connected with the Chicago Mafia and very much a Zionist.  LHO was working for RFK and busy finding the dirty deals the CIA and Mafia were doing that were illegally made to kill Castro.  JFK was fervently trying to make peace with the Russians and he knew that one leak of an assassination plot and/or attempt would be the end of his being able to make peace with Russia.

The Masons in Oak Ridge also had well established ties to CIA Mason Allen Dulles, FBI Mason J. Edgar Hoover, New Orleans FBI Mason Guy Banister (LHO’s boss), and many more down in Dallas such as oil magnate Clint Murchison.  It’s now very easy to see the premeditation of the Oak Ridge co-conspirators in the killing of both JFK and LHO.  JFK had called out all of those secret society types in his epic speech before the American Newspaper Publishers Association on 27 April 1961 (See: JFK’s Historic Speech on Secret Societies–Video)

KEY POINT: 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason Guy Banister was not only LHO’s Boss, but also the former Chicago FBI Station Chief who knew the CIA and FBI connections as well as the protection given the Chicago Mob due to their “Kill Castro” alliance with the CIA.

The Masonic connection to Jack Ruby was an easy and obvious link to Dallas.  Ruby was a pivotal member of the Chicago Jewish Mafia and the Giancana mob was more than willing to supply some killers to do their bidding.  By killing JFK and replacing him with LBJ, who was also connected to Jack Ruby via Nixon’s anti-American panel, the Chicago mob-ordered hit would achieve its two major goals–getting rid of President Kennedy and elevating Vice President Johnson to the POTUS.

KEY POINT: JFK assassination investigators such as ex-FBI Zack Shelton put that all together years ago and even got highly credible confessions from Jack Ruby’s best mob friend Lenny Patrick.


Today, Dallas is somewhat exonerated of the unjust nickname “City of Hate”, with the exception of the several MIC Masons still connected with Chicago’s Mob and Military-Industrial Network.  Those who hated Catholics during that time whom JFK specifically called out were also associated with the presidency of Mason Harry S. Truman.

Of course, it was Truman’s willingness (not decision) to drop not one, but two, atomic bombs on innocent civilian populations in Japan.  Very few really understand that he was installed as POTUS to ultimately approve this heinous war crime.  Not only was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the fulfillment of the Manhattan Project, it was also the primary impetus for the subsequent nuclear arms race.

The JFK assassination has been solved at many levels for quite some time.  And it isn’t just the US government that still tries to keep this ugly secret, which everyone is uncovering in the USA and around the world.  It’s also the Jewish Zionist cabal from Chicago that explicitly ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  They quite deliberately murdered JFK in a public execution as a stern warning to all other political leaders and government officials.

In the interest of advancing Israel’s ultra-secret nuclear weapons program JFK had to be removed, and so would any other individual who stood in its way.  Incidentally, this nuke program is the same one that the Israeli government has steadfastly refused to admit even exists.

State of the Nation
December 28, 2017

Editor’s Note

SOTN has written extensively about how the JFK assassination was actually carried out by the C.I.A. in collusion with the Mafia.  While the C.I.A. oversaw and coordinated the actual murder, that does not mean The Company ordered the hit.  After all, the C.I.A. is merely the enforcement arm for the shadow government that has complete command and control over the Military-Industrial Complex.   See: ALLEN WELCH DULLES: JFK assassination evidence and cover-up points to the former C.I.A. Director as the black op overseer


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