The Most Dangerous Politician In America

The Most Dangerous Politician In America


Adam Schiff: A Warmongering McCarthyite Hellbent On Destroying Trump Presidency

Adam Schiff is Deep State’s point man for the fabricated Russian witch hunt.

State of the Nation

How did California’s Representative Adam Schiff become the most dangerous politician in America practically overnight?

The meteoric rise of Adam Schiff in the American political firmament provides an excellent study in the Deep State’s extraordinary control and flawless manipulation of those who are inordinately ambitious.

It is Deep State’s primary job to know who the rising stars in the U.S. government will be. That’s why those politicians were chosen in the first place.  Their willingness to carry out any illegal or immoral order is of utmost importance in determining their fitness to serve in the U.S. Congress.

In Adam Schiff has the power elite found the ideal agent provocateur.  Usually such agents provocateur are very carefully disguised to carry out their secret inflammatory missions. Not with Schiff.

You see “shifty Schiff from Kalifornia” was quite deliberately chosen to perpetrate a massive deceit on the body politic for a number of reasons.  However, it’s not just the American Republic that is the target of his intentional deception; rather, it is the world community of nations.  Most significantly, there are two major objectives behind this covert scheme which reign supreme on Deep State’s agenda.  As follows:

• First and foremost, Rep. Schiff was selected to lead the congressional charge to take down President Trump.  His powerful position as the “Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence” puts him in the perfect position to gain access to highly privileged data and classified information which he has used to spin the patently false narrative about Trump collusion with Russian hacking.  He uses his influential intel seat to bring gravitas to a fake news story which greatly serves to distract a politically inexperienced president, as it prevents Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises.

• Secondly, Schiff was chosen as the point man to lead the witch hunt against Russia. In the process of using his high perch as the Grand Inquisitor, he is an ever-present spokesman for the bogus Russian hacking conspiracy.  He knows the truth of the matter, yet he still uses the largest corporate media platforms to incessantly repeat his false claims about the Putin’s Kremlin.  All of this transparent warmongering has the explicit purpose of instigating a war with the Russian Federation.  Countries throughout the European Union have become an echo-chamber, parroting Schiff’s accusations whenever there’s an upcoming election.

Master of the Red Herring strategy

Schiff was purposefully chosen for his role as Grand Inquisitor of the ongoing Deep State inquisition against Trump.  His professional history indicates an extremely ambitious individual who will do just about anything to get ahead politically.  That especially includes pushing a false narrative about a targeted person whose downfall has been ordered by the “System”.  In the following quite telling case, that “System” would be the FBI.  It’s important to note that this factual account can be verified by the public record.

As a matter of historical fact, Adam Schiff cut his teeth when he successfully prosecuted Richard W. Miller “the first FBI agent in American history to be arrested, charged and convicted of espionage” (it curiously took 3 trials).  As the Assistant US Attorney for the Los Angeles branch, Schiff saw to it that Miller’s conviction came with a 20-year prison sentence. That sentence was eventually (and predictably) reduced by 13 years by a federal judge who was undoubtedly made aware of Miller’s basic innocence.

Apparently, Miller was an unacknowledged double agent (by his own admission) who was used by his FBI superiors in a botched counterespionage operation.  In spite of the classified facts of the case, Schiff willingly went after Miller to cover for the FBI’s own ineptitude.  In other words, because of Miller’s lack of competence and experience to carry out his assignment (he literally threw himself at a female Russian access agent), the FBI got caught with its pants down.  The prosecution of Miller, then, became the only face-saving measure for the FBI.  Sound familiar?

Here’s a screenshot from Schiff’s Wikipedia page which records the official narrative that was approved for public consumption.

The critical point here is that Schiff clearly demonstrated an inordinately aggressive posture in order to cover for institutional malfeasance (the FBI’s).  He also proved his eagerness to go after an innocent man (Richard Miller), just like he’s aggressively going after Trump today.  Even some of Schiff’s fellow Democrats have remarked about his fervor to pursue a nonexistent Trump-Putin conspiracy which lacks even an iota of real evidence.

There’s no question that Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the rest of the DNC needed a very good excuse for their historic loss to Donald Trump.  That they would find such a zealous advocate who would ardently promote such a flaky excuse in the person of Adam Schiff has likely exceeded all of their expectations. Why would such a politically ambitious congressman risk his future with an obviously empty case, as well as one that’s full of holes?

Special Note:
The parallels between Schiff’s prosecution of the Richard Miller and the persecution of Donald Trump are striking.  Not only did he use the same MO, but his perseverance in the face of NO EVIDENCE is shocking.  This is his scary trademark which he reveals every time he gets on TV.  Just watch his telltale facial expressions, other body language and reflexive responses to anyone who questions him about the integrity of his allegations or evidence.  That the current Trump scenario also directly involves the FBI (and CIA) indicates that he is probably a card-carrying agent or contract legal hitman whose allegiance is to The Company (aka the C.I.A.) not to the nation.  His seemingly fearless determination to take down Trump, as well as Russia, does reflect the full support of institutional power which he feels is invincible. (e.g. 2016: Inquisitor Adam Schiff even accused FOX’s Tucker Carlson)

Warmonger and McCarthyite

Make no mistake about it, Schiff is both an inveterate warmonger and intractable McCarthyite.  However, it is his hatred of all things Russia which made him a crucial choice to stoke the flames of Russophobia throughout the USA.  That he went after two Russian agents who both swore their innocence right to the bitter end in the Miller case also speaks for something. ADAM SCHIFF: The ‘Joe McCarthy’ of the fake Russian witch hunt

Becoming the face of the unparalleled Democratic witch hunt against the Trump administration is perhaps a no brainer for an up-and-comer angling for a seat in the US Senate.  California has become the breeding ground for Democrat rising stars who are eying the White House.  Deep State knows this well as the unabashedly globalist Governor Jerry Brown graphically illustrates.

Is Adam Schiff using the Russian witch hunt to run for the Senate?

Because the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin represents the last remaining bulwark against the naked globalization advocated by Obama, Schiff’s masters in Deep State have surely pointed out the boogeyman of this Third Millennium—Russia. And Schiff does not miss a beat in taking Russia to task for all sorts of made-up transgressions against American democracy and/or international norms. He even seems to revel in his adopted role of Prevaricator-in-chief, a function that Obama served impeccably well for 8 long years.

However, it is the misleading statements, outright lies and deceptive falsehoods that Schiff is responsible for — both directly and indirectly — which are designed to goad the USA into war which really matter.  Certainly Schiff knows the potential consequences of his unprecedented acts of duplicity and deceit; for the hot phase of World War III is but a moment away from being triggered.  Nevertheless, he proceeds to make highly disingenuous statements about Trump and Russia at every opportunity.

KEY POINT: As Schiff sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, he issues many baseless assertions and ridiculous speculations about the contrived Russiagate which have been ricocheting around the world for months now. He knows that he’s being used to start a shootin’ match with Putin’s Russia but shamelessly advances one false allegation after another.  As more information comes out — that there really is no evidence of a conspiracy — and that Russia did not hack the 2016 election, Schiff doubles down on any tenuous thread he can pull on to somehow reinvigorate his fraudulent persecution of Trump and Russia.  Joseph McCarthy, himself, would be mortified at how much traction the fictitious narrative spun by Schiff has gained.  And virtually everyone knows it, especially the fake news producers throughout the MSM.[1]


Because of the stature that Schiff has attained inside the Beltway, particularly in the eyes of the untrustworthy Mainstream Media, he has become an exceedingly dangerous politician.  Actually, as the title of this article declares, Adam Schiff has become “The Most Dangerous Politician In America”!

State of the Nation
July 2, 2017

Author’s Note

It was pointed out that there are several reasons why Congressman Adam Schiff was chosen to do the dirty deed.  The following exposé well delineates some of the more critical ones which the reader will never see covered by the MSM.

Adam Schiff: Grifter, Racketeer, Warmonger

Editor’s Note

Since the state of California (esp. Los Angeles) is home to the national seat of Pedogate, there are many CA politicians who are controlled by it.  Many have surmised that Hollywood functions as the CIA’s operational headquarters for Pizzagate-type enterprises all over the USA. Which begs the question: To what extent is Schiff blackmailable for his utterly wacky professional conduct?  Adam Schiff: A Wackadoodle on a Witch Hunt ‘Controlled By Pizzagate’?


[1] Adam Schiff Leads Warmongering Democrats Toward McCarthyism