And it will be the Alt Media that killed the “Beast”

State of the Nation

2017 will go down in history as the year that the Mainstream Media (MSM) died. There is no greater happening in this Third Millennium than a dead and defunct corporate media.  This event, not Russia, is the biggest news story in the world today.

While the MSM is still gasping for its last breath, it’s only because of massive cash infusions from Deep State billionaires that the “Beast” is still alive and kicking.  However, a critical mass of Americans has now come to realize that the MSM is truly the enemy of the people.  MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The True Enemy Of The People

Not only has the corporate media been utilized to inordinately control Anglo-American society for many decades, secretly organized media has directed the course of Western civilization for centuries. The MSM’s exceedingly negative influence on humanity cannot even be surmised, so much profound and pervasive damage has it wrought across the planet.

KEY POINT: What’s important to note is that much of the destruction to nations large and small has been perpetrated against powerless third world countries and/or societies.  That the pen is far mightier than the sword is quite operative in this context. The press is first used to accuse targeted governments of crimes against humanity such as genocide; then, those false charges are used to justify unprovoked wars of aggression against those defenseless countries.

MSM crashes and burns during the Trump era

The state of total disarray of the White House press corps reflects the degree of influence that President Trump has had in just 2 years.  No other individual in modern history has sent the entire journalism industry into a downward spiral like Trump has. It’s as though he was born to take the “Beast” down, once and for all.

Unknown to most, only radical life support has kept the MSM alive over the past several years. The newspaper industry has all but collapsed, though they will never print their own obituary.  Likewise, the networks have quietly taken major hits from advertisers who have systematically gone digital.  Were it not for the raw excitement of the 2016 election cycle, the major networks would already be dead and buried by now.  Therein lies the double-edged sword: While Donald Trump has provided their biggest story — EVER — he will also be responsible for their ultimate demise.  The Inevitable Demise Of The CIA’s Mainstream Media

If Trump accomplishes nothing else during his two terms in office but the complete termination of the MSM, he will have achieved more than any one of the preceding 44 U.S. presidents.  That’s a statement about just how dangerous the MSM have become to the very existence of the American Republic.  Not only has every major corporate news platform become a full-time organ of pernicious propaganda, they commit treason on a daily basis.  Corporate Media Now Poses Existential Threats To The American Republic

Only utterly rogue journalists would incessantly produce fake news about a false Russian conspiracy, especially when that fake news is meant to stampede Americans into an engineered war.  By repeatedly lying about Trump’s collusion with President Putin to defeat Candidate Clinton, the MSM has fabricated a fraudulent case which is designed to trigger the hot phase of World War III.  It’s only because of Trump’s tweeting, which has revealed this CIA-directed scheme, that war has been averted thus far. The Untold Back Story Behind The Nonstop Fake News About Russia

That a full-blown diplomatic rupture with another nuclear superpower was deliberately manufactured by the MSM is just one example of their never-ending perfidy and sedition. And the more they carry out their treacherous agenda, the more Trump exposes them for what they have always been—traitors to the Republic.

Lying Liars Who Even Lie About Their Lies

The Mainstream Media currently hosts all of the primary platforms from which so much purposeful disinfo, misinfo and false information is disseminated around the globe—24/7. Just as reprehensible are their routine distortion of the truth and failure to report important news by way of deliberate omissions.  Consequently, the world community of nations is forced to suffer though a daily barrage of fake news or no real news, and its often horrific repercussions.  (Note: The ever-changing news narratives are invariably set at the highest levels of Deep State since this entity functions as the surreptitious administrative arm of the World Shadow Government.)   

The calculated strategy of tension that results from so much inflammatory prevarication and equivocation, distortion and exaggeration is the means by which conflicts have been incited and wars started over the centuries.  However, when the hourly misrepresentation and deception conducted by the MSM recently reached its peak with regard to Russia, it sealed its own fate.  The whole world has now witnessed their crimes against humanity, and during prime time no less.

As to the citizen’s indictment which could be written, or in this case uttered, by an armchair prosecutor, the following screed proves the point well.  This video is just one of many that graphically illustrates the egregious transgressions committed against humankind by the MSM.  It also reflects the current death throes being experienced by the rapidly dying “Beast”.  VIDEO: The Mainstream Media Is Dying A Slow Death

BIG MOTHER is watching Big Brother

It’s very important to point out that, all the while, BIG MOTHER has been watching Big Brother—closely!  She has monitored each falsehood written by the newspapers and every lie uttered by the networks.

Given the permanent digital record of evidence provided by Internet, the MSM has built an ironclad case against itself.  In so doing it has guaranteed its own demise!  Its funeral will be likely be held in 2017.

Little did Big Brother know that every fake news story and war propaganda piece has contributed to the most voluminous citizen’s indictment in world history.

While the most influential MSM news outlets refused to investigate or even publish an iota of 9/11 truth, citizen journalists and armchair researchers have posted volumes of incriminating information/data.  That was the beginning of the end of the Fourth Estate, as the MSM became a serious part of the problem.

This also marked the rise of the Fifth Estate which is now hovering in the media firmament like a massive mothership incapable of being ignored.  Actually, far from being ignored, the Fifth Estate is now greatly feared by the power elite and Western establishment.  For what cuts more deeply and swiftly than the razor-sharp truth.

The Fifth Estate Casts Its Shadow Like a Massive Mothership

The Mainstream Media soon to be dead

Not only will the Mainstream Media be dead by the end of 2017, there are some other noteworthy developments which will occur as a result of its downfall.

The New World Order is also dead.

Without the MSM carrying out their every order, the World Shadow Government is powerless.

The Global Control Matrix is paralyzed.

The Illuminati has no voice.

The Secret Societies become impotent.

The U.S. Intelligence Community cannot implement their black ops and PsyOps. Nor can Britain’s GCHQ, MI6 and MI5.  Neither will Israel’s MOSSAD conduct their wars “by way of deception”.

Because the New World Order agenda screeches to a halt, the covert scheme to form a One World Government is terminated.

This rapidly emerging reality will soon translate into a new global paradigm of order. Ordo ab chao will conversely recede into history as it is destined to.

KEY POINT: When all the pillars of the Illuminati community begin to leave the planet (e.g. David Rockefeller & Zbigniew Brzezinski) there are not comparable replacements who carry their dark and dense energy.  Even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, George Soros and Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush and Warren Buffet, and many other NWO stalwarts are now living on borrowed time.

The further away that the planetary civilization moves from the negative energies of the 20th century, the more quickly all of the old and obsolete paradigms will dissolve.  Free energy will eventually replace fossil and hydrocarbon fuels, nuclear energy and hydroelectric power.  After the once Almighty Dollar collapses, the current Global Economic & Financial System will inevitably give way to a new world reserve currency.

Mainstream Media & Perpetual War Economy

As the MSM continues its free-fall collapse, the perpetual war economy will likewise go into a tailspin.  Since they are both joined at the hip, both the MSM and Deep State will mutually reinforce their precipitous downward trajectories.

It’s really just a matter of time that the whole world watches in living color the greatest “shock and awe” in the history of TV.  How ironic that it will be the MSM fake news about the fabricated Russian hack story which will not only scuttle their war plans; rather, this unparalleled deception will also bring the MSM down for good.

The Internet has permitted the instantaneous dissemination of vital truths which have been instrumental in outing so many false flag conspiracies and other devious plans to instigate war.  While the threat of World War III still hangs in the air, the intensifying global cyber-discussion about it serves to torpedo the many clandestine plots designed to trigger the hot phase.

As the MSM loses its credibility by the day, so, too, will the various false flag attacks and terror operations become less effective at pushing the world community of nations onto a war footing.  For it has always been the premeditated warmongering by the many MSM organs of propaganda which has pushed nations into unlawful wars.  All of the world wars and regional wars throughout history were painstakingly set up by the Mainstream Media at the direction of Deep State.

The Two Towers: MSM & Deep State [aka Twin Towers]

The whole world will soon breathe a sigh of relief as the Mainstream Media disintegrates in real-time.  How long can the MSM possibly keep the truth at bay in light of its sordid history of perpetual deceits and profound acts of betrayal.  There is perhaps no one on Earth who has not been maligned or misrepresented, slandered or libeled by the media. Hence, the journalism industry has made a LOT of enemies over the years, many of them extremely fierce and tenacious.

Likewise, the free-fall collapse of Deep State will accelerate under the weight of its own unmanageable corruption and unending chicanery.  The very fact that the worldwide community acknowledges the very existence of Deep State has contributed considerably to its rapid breakdown.  The mere knowledge of its central organizing principle has been weaponized in such a fashion whereby there is no effective defense for the agents of Deep State.  As they say, the genie is out of the bottle and there’s no putting it back in.

Although it was many decades of fake news production by the MSM which allowed the Deep State to rule the roost, it will also be its undoing.  There is a mathematical certainty to this eventuality which ought to bring great comfort to every truth seeker.  The indisputable point is that it is becoming impossible for Deep State to keep the floodgates of MSM lies from opening.  There are now so many fact-finding citizen journalists on the net, who are really good beat reporters, that serious truth is being uncovered at a meteoric pace.  These highly intuitive Alt Media super-sleuths are such good deep researchers and investigative journalists that they are able to predict the false flags before they are executed by the CIA or FBI.

In this day and age of instant news about anything and everything — happening everywhere — all the time, there’s no stopping the many inconvenient truths from breaking out into the open. When that does occur, the Twin Towers of the Mainstream Media and Deep State will be seen falling neatly into their own footprints.  It’s truly poetic justice that these two treasonous entities were directly responsible for the controlled demolition of WTC I & II on 9/11, as well as for the subsequent cover-up.  Only this time there will be no cover-up by those who did the demolition—the Alt Media.

Whoever controls the media controls the world

Much of what occurs within Deep State, and is disseminated by the MSM, happens way below the radar.  Because all public information is considered intelligence by the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI and DHS, these and other secret agencies completely took over news reporting throughout the USA decades ago.  Only very few insiders ever knew of this highly abused and misused relationships.

In view of these concealed institutional arrangements, it’s clear that TPTB have always well understood that the media is the real key to their Global Control Matrix.  Therefore, it can be said with absolute certainty, that whoever controls the media really does control the world.  And so they did, once upon a time.

The ancient history of this powerful control mechanism is quite interesting in view of the myriad illusions which are created — by the minute — by the MSM.  The following link provides the historical context and some interesting insight as to why so many people are held in thrall by the ubiquitous TV set.  Whoever Controls The Media Controls The World

*You can be in thrall to anything that holds you captive or controls your thoughts or actions, like an addiction, a disease, or a cult leader. The Old English word that thrall comes from literally means “slave” or “servant.”


It’s all over folks for the MSM.  There’s no question that the Mainstream Media Demise Is Guaranteed After Decades Of Delivering Fake News.

Similarly, Deep State will undergo its own type of controlled demolition because of exposés such as this: The C.I.A. And Deep State Conspiracy Finally Exposed

It’s been said from time immemorial that sunshine is the best disinfectant.  In this case, the light of truth will chase away so many rogue CIA agents who staff the most critical positions within the MSM (i.e. producers, editors, network anchors and featured writers). Every card-carrying media functionary who has operated in the shadows of Deep State will eventually be outed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  We have all of their work in print, audio, and/or video format on the Internet, so this [incriminating] evidence will tell the real story.

These are very serious proclamations, not predictions, mind you.  That’s because there is a movement afoot that is dedicated to shutting down the ever-duplicitous MSM. From this point forward, it’s just a matter of execution.  You simply cannot stop thousands of citizen journalists armed with a computer and a smartphone.  Not no way; not no how!

State of the Nation
June 30, 2017

Author’s Note

Some astute observers have pointed out that the MSM actually committed suicide in 2016. That sound assessment appears to fly in the face of SOTN’s preceding narrative.  However, we would argue that the MSM was driven to suicide by the Alt Media, and especially by the Tweeter-in-Chief Donald Trump.

So the back story is this: The MSM really did make several suicide attempts during the campaign season of 2016.  Then Pizzagate blew up in November and they were forced to concoct the “fake news” meme in order to kill that highly radioactive story.  In trying to take down all of Alt Media, the “fake news” meme boomeranged right back on them.  Now the Alt Media is just making sure their institutional suicide really sticks as their life support is removed.

Editor’s Note

If you knew what we know, you would understand that the agents of Deep State will soon face the wrath of the people.  When those agents (e.g. politicians) are more afraid of We the People than they are of their hidden masters, they will flip in a heartbeat.

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