GARABANDAL: The Greatest Marian Prophecy of the Modern Era

GARABANDAL: The Greatest Marian Prophecy of the Modern Era


The Great Miracle Predicted For 13 April 2017

The four young visionaries experiencing an apparition at Garabandal

The State of the World and Current Events
Demand the Reconsideration
of the Marian Prophecies of Garabandal

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Of all the Marian apparitions of the past 200 years, those that occurred in Garabandal, Spain in the early 1960s are perhaps the most meaningful and relevant to the 3rd Millennium.  The general context follows:

The Beginning
Garabandal is a small village in northern Spain, in the Santander province, near the Picos de Europa mountains, a rugged and beautiful setting. Its full name is San Sebastian of Garabandal. It is located 600 meters above sea level, some 57 miles from the capital of the province. To get there one must climb steep, poor roads. No more than 300 people live in Garabandal. The town is impressively quiet. There is no doctor in the town and no resident pastor at the parish church. The pastor from Cosio, the next town down the road, used to celebrate Mass there on Sunday.

In the evening of June 18, 1961, four girls were playing on the outskirts of the town – Conchita Gonzalez, Maria Dolores (Mari-loli) Mazon, Jacinta Gonzalez and Maria Cruz Gonzalez (not related despite having the same name.) Maria Cruz was eleven, the others twelve, and all were from poor families.

Suddenly they heard a loud noise, like thunder, and saw before them the bright figure of the Archangel Michael. On the following days the Archangel appeared to them again in the same place. He announced that on July 2 they would see Our Lady. This was the beginning of the Garabandal events.
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Truly, it is the extraordinary and profound messages that were given to the four children at Garabandal by Our Lady which give reason to pause in 2017.  References to the Warning, the Great Miracle and the Chastisement can no longer be ignored at this late date, particularly in view of the current state of world affairs.

What distinguishes the poignant prophecies of Garabandal from so many others of the modern era are their unique details and powerful message.  Even the highly revered Catholic saint and mystic Padre Pio decidedly affirmed the authenticity of the momentous “Message of Garabandal”.

Padre Pio’s Belief in the Message of Garabandal When Great Miracle Happens

Padre Pio with spiritual convert Joey Lamangino, a blind devotee of Our Lady of Garabandal

It ought to be recognized that the predicted time frames of Marian prophecy is very often symbolic and not to be taken literally.  Predicted events frequently get postponed as a result of a divinely granted reprieve or grace period.  That’s not to say that the events cannot manifest exactly as communicated; only that anything goes in the domain of divine prophecy.  After all, true prophecy is always uttered to avert catastrophe, NOT to predict it.[1].

Key Point: Because the very purpose of prophecy is to precipitate an enduring change in the collective behavior of a particular group of people, the initial admonitions are essentially warnings.  Oftentimes, a number of warnings are issued in order to give time and space to those who really need to repent.  Throughout this very dynamic and fluid process, some predictions may no longer be relevant in light of the actual repentance. Hence, just because a prophecy does not manifest doesn’t mean it was not divinely ordained; rather, only that it produced the desired result(s).  There are also many instances in scriptural history, across all faith traditions, where the compassion of the Supreme Being greatly mitigated the severity of the judgment.
(Source: True Prophecy Is Uttered To Avert Catastrophe, NOT Predict It)

Why Garabandal?

The very same reason as to why world-famous Marian apparitions took place at Fatima, at Lourdes, and at Medjugorje.  The Queen of Peace always appears on a continent or in those countries which are about to suffer a terrible cataclysm, usually a devastating war. Sometimes the war has already started, or will start in a few years.  And the Blessed Mother almost always appears to children from humble beginnings who are innocent and pure.  These little children of God are to be found in rural settings and in poor families.

The simple mountain setting of San Sebastián de Garabandal

The Marian apparition in Fatima, Portugal occurred right in the midst of World War I. The heavenly appearances happened in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina before, during and after the Yugoslav Wars.  And the Holy Mother appeared in Lourdes, France in 1858 the same year that the French commenced their wars against Vietnam which lasted from 1858–1886.  Universally recognized as the Queen of Peace, it is now self-evident why She chose the timing for each of these apparitions.

Even the inaugural events of Garabandal in June of 1961 coincided with President John F. Kennedy’s fateful decision to enter the Vietnam War in May of 1961.  But why was Spain chosen, and not the United States, in order to send such a serious message to the humanity, and especially to those who would lead the world into more war.

“May 1961 — Kennedy sends 400 United States Army Special Forces personnel to South Vietnam to train South Vietnamese soldiers following a visit to the country by Vice-President Johnson.”[2]

Few understand that it was the Roman Catholic Church that ultimately persuaded Kennedy to prosecute the war in Vietnam.  The Vatican used American Cardinals and Archbishops to influence the first Roman Catholic president to press forward with war in Indochina.  In fact, it was the Catholics, quite surprisingly, who were systematically persecuting Buddhists as well as taking over the Vietnam’s government throughout the traditionally Buddhist nation.  Hence, it was actually the “Bishops of Rome” who were meant to receive the peacemaking missive delivered by the children at Garabandal.

*RC = Roman Catholic

One of the more prophetic messages which the children received in 1961, particularly in light of the worldwide pedophilia scandal throughout the RC Church, is as follows:

“Many Cardinals, many Bishops and many Priests are on the road to perdition and with them they are bringing many souls.”[3]

The early and mid 1960s, especially the Second Vatican Council from October, 1962 through December, 1965, has been viewed as a defining period for the unparalleled liberalization of the Roman Catholic Church.  (The Garabandal apparitions paralleled the Council from June, 1961 through November, 1965)  The 1960s are seen by many observers as the time when pedophilia as practiced by RC prelates really began in earnest. Likewise, priestly pederasty in America saw an unprecedented and dramatic uptick in RC parishes everywhere.

100th Anniversary of Fatima

There are a number of calendrical significances and global coincidences which speak to the fulfillment of the prophecies of Grabandal.  2017 is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.  It was there that She requested the Bishops of Rome to consecrate Russia before Soviet communism was used to terrorize both Russia and those republics which comprised the USSR.  Instead of peace, the stage was set for World War II which was all but guaranteed by the extremely oppressive Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I.  Such are the grave consequences of ignoring the guidance of the Queen of Peace.

What is particularly curious is the close proximity of the last 3 major apparitions to occur on the European continent, excluding the most recent ones in Medjugorje.  The red marker above is placed on Garabandal, Spain, just as the smaller gray maker to the right is located at Lourdes, France.  Fatima is located just below the “t” in Portugal.  This cluster of major apparitions in and around the nation of Spain deserves further investigation and research.

The Warning, the Great Miracle and the Chastisement

The primary purpose of this retrospective analysis is to determine if the three major events, which were predicted at Garabandal in the early 1960s, are still on schedule.  It would seem that there is a great likelihood that the entire planetary civilization is on the cusp of experiencing an earth-shattering event, if not series of apocalyptic phenomena. Clearly, “The Warning, the Great Miracle and the Chastisement“, as explained by the respective visionaries at Garabandal, would each impact the global status quo with great, and in some cases, awesome effect.

Among these 3 separate predictions, it is most likely the Great Miracle that would bring the world community of nations to the table of reconciliation and peace and brotherhood. Were such a supernatural event to occur in a place like San Sebastian de Garabandal, who would not take notice? So the purpose of this inquiry is to isolate the most likely date of such a divine intervention that has been predicted to occur via an unquestionable miracle.

 2012 Garabandal Prophecy Pinpoints the “Great Miracle” for April 13, 2017

Of course, the Chastisement (which is said to follow the Miracle, if required) also ought to wake up many who are asleep with indifference and materialism, immorality and hedonism.  If such a Chastisement period is punctuated by the oft-predicted “Three Days of Darkness”, then surely there will be much for many to contemplate deeply which has eluded them for decades, if not their entire lives. (See: The Three Days of Darkness)

9/11 — The Warning

As for the Warning, it is quite possible that the earth-shaking terror attacks of 9/11 served as that specific “warning” as they met the criteria of being seen in the sky by all. There is no single apocalyptic event, before or after 9/11, which has served to shock the collective consciousness of humankind so intensely.  Quite unfortunately, not only did that “warning” go unheeded, it was used to further corral populations everywhere into a pen of fearful compliance and/or unjustified warmongering.  Whereas the death and destruction on September 11th first elicited compassion and kindness both within the USA and abroad, it quickly led to a precipitous decline of the international order.

Now that the “Clash of Civilizations” has begun in earnest, there is a very real need to short-circuit the rapidly cascading developments which threaten the whole civilization. The only way that this can be practically accomplished is through real-time “deus ex machina”, whereby the Almighty enters the affairs of man in a highly dramatic and impressive fashion.  Otherwise, both the masses and the elites are far too mesmerized and out of touch, respectively, to be sufficiently influenced to lead a righteous and godly life.

The prophecies of old were always issued as a means to sober the people up so as to encourage them to change their ways— to REPENT, if you will.  Whenever the social fabric begins to tear irreparably, greater outside forces are often compelled to prevent further damage to society.  Welcome to America—2017!

Under the last POTUS, the United States of America took a serious turn for the worse.  In fact, the incomparable degree of moral depravity has become so pervasive that a rude awakening was, and is, desperately needed.  The nation in some ways resembles “Sodom and Gomorrah”, where New York City is Sodom and Los Angeles is Gomorrah.  When such is the case, how else to break the ongoing downward spiral?  The present cycle of social degeneration and individual corruption has doomed the younger generations, unless something very transformative happens quickly.

In the wake of 9/11, the United States of America could have taken one path or the other. Taking the high road would have been to follow the path inward for each and every American (as well as for each and every inhabitant of the planet).  This necessary introspection would have shown everyone how we were all responsible — to varying degrees — for the 9/11 cataclysm.

Who can debate that national destiny cannot be thwarted, or that individual karma is normally cut in stone? Of course, personal responsibility cuts both ways in this lifetime based on whether we have been a part of the problem (often unwittingly), or a part of the solution.  Irrespective of these and other pertinent issues, 9/11 was meant to serve as a HUGE warning to people everywhere.

If nothing else, the perfectly controlled demolition of the Twin Towers (look at that photo above) and Building #7 foreshadowed the controlled demolition of the American economy in 2008 via the manufactured real estate bubble burst of 2007 and engineered stock market crash during September and October of 2008.  Not only did the USA experience a severe economic downturn in 2001, the global economy has been stuck in a relentless recession since 2008.

9/11 OMEN Foretells the Global Economic and Financial Future

It’s entirely true that the “Age of the Almighty Dollar is over.  It’s only a matter of time that President Trump declares a national bankruptcy–the very reason why he was chosen (by you know who) to lead America during these exceedingly tumultuous and turbulent times.

An inordinately large number of people projected their anger and fear and revenge outward after that fateful day in September of 2001.  They did this without having any true understanding of what really happened on 9/11.  Consequently, the global village is now fractured more than ever and in great disrepair.  Perhaps this is a good time to listen to the modern-day prophet whose wise words right after 9/11 served to inspire many.

“America, Wake up! ! ! 

Seize this God-given opportunity. 

There is no more time to dally in fear and ignorance and greed. 

For yours is a destiny that must serve as a beacon of Light and Hope and Peace to the world. 

Make haste, the time is drawing nigh!”[4]


Whether the Garabandal predictions do occur as stated or not, they have been instrumental in motivating many a spiritual seeker to get it right with God.  The entire prophetic story — as told by the four gifted visionaries — has educated, enlightened and empowered many a spiritual aspirant for decades.

What’s more valuable in life than those experiences which serve to put one squarely on their spiritual path?  In this day and age of unrelenting distraction, it’s very challenging to stay focused.  However, the smelling salts of Garabandal can quickly bring anyone to their senses.  For what occurred in that time and place remains etched on the psyche of all who participated, whether they did so on site or from afar.

Like all CCRG commentary on prophecy, we make no claim as to whether these things will come to pass.  We do, however, acknowledge the hand of God in the holy happenings of Garabandal in the early 1960s.  Verily, those four special children are to be respected as messengers of the Divine.  And we hope and pray that the sacred message(s) did not fall on deaf ears.  For it does appear that humanity finds itself at a critical juncture, as Garabandal visionary Conchita Gonzales relates in the following remarkable video.

EPIC VIDEO: Conchita of Garabandal Reveals the Secrets to the World

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
February 7, 2017

Author’s Note:

Although highly consequential in nature, the Marian prophecies of Garabandal ought to be seriously reconsidered during these tempestuous times.  It is the opinion of the CCRG that a large swath of humanity is in dire need of a major wakeup call.  With the election of Donald Trump after the win for BREXIT, opposing demographics within the human race have been set upon a collision course with each other.  The tensions are vast and deep, and are only getting worse by the day.  Hence, such an inevitable societal breaking point can only be precluded by an event so shocking that it changes the public discourse in a single moment.

The messages of Garabandal, therefore, seem more germane than ever.  Clearly, the immediate future for every resident on planet Earth is fraught with the potential for profound and fundamental change.  The upcoming period will be extremely dynamic and unsettling for many, and eventually followed by unparalleled global transformation.  What remains to be seen, then, is whether the predictions of Garabandal will prove to be the final trigger point.


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