The PIZZAGATE Evidence You Will NEVER See In The Mainstream Media

The PIZZAGATE Evidence You Will NEVER See In The Mainstream Media


PIZZAGATE: Everything you ever wanted to know about PizzaGate, but were afraid to ask …to look …to read!

PizzaGate Global Citizen’s Investigation


WARNING:  The following content
is quite graphic and disturbing.
Some of it is highly offensive. 


Unless you are living under a rock you have probably heard about Pizzagate. The mainstream media has  summarily dismissed Pizzagate as Fake news:

“The conspiracy theory — stemming from creative interpretation of well-connected Washington political players’ emails, made public by Wikileaks — abounds on websites like 4Chan and Reddit.”

I wanted to read about the “Creative interpretation” of the emails and the modernist murals and paintings hanging on the walls of the Comet Ping Pong restaurant owned by the man at the center of this controversy, Mr. James Achilles Alefantis.  Alefantis  who co-founded Comet Ping Pong 10 years ago, a casual spot for clay oven pizza, is an artist born and raised in Washington and was once in a relationship with David Brock. Brock,  a provocative former right-wing journalist who became an outspoken advocate for Mrs. Clinton. Alefantis manages his restaurant with kid-friendly features like Ping-Pong tables and a craft room. Famous natives like members of the band Fugazi have held small shows there.

So I searched the web and got About 10,900 results (0.78 seconds) :


But you guessed it,  clicking on the link, displays OOPS … Error 404.


I am wondering if this ‘Fake News’Narrative is related to Pizzagate. Here’s the hard evidence that suggests it was cooked up as a “Necessity:”



The top RED line supports the claim that the ‘Fake News’ meme was purposefully disseminated throughout the World Wide Web 2 or 3 days before the PIZZAGATE scandal broke wide open.  The bottom BLUE line shows the trending of PIZZAGATE on Google just after ‘Fake News’ went viral (see how the RED line clearly dominates the BLUE line)  In other words the new meme was deliberately planted in stories everywhere across the Internet.  Even Obama went to Europe to talk about the “spread of fake news online” when he was in Germany in mid November. Was It Was Weinergate That Broke Open Pizzagate?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

And then there is the FBI who has been trying to end Child Sex Trafficking in the United States for years. Former CIA director and Circle member William Colby had this to say to his friend Senator John De Camp in 1994,

“What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.” (

And two years later— you guessed it—William E. Colby, who chose to disclose some of the nation’s darkest secrets to save the spy service he loved, drowned on April 27, 1996 in a tributary of the Potomac River in Maryland.

Recall The Franklin Scandal, the first commercially-published book to tell the tale of a power elite pedophile ring in the U.S. and also of the cover-up of its heinous crimes. Various news organizations attempted to break aspects of this story, but the reports and the reporters are mysteriously killed. Major news agencies, including ABC, have backed away from pursuing this story; conversely, CBS abetted its cover-up.

Is the “FBI and MI5 keeping the names out of the media of politicians that need to fuck kids” because there are so many pedophiles are in politics?

After all look at how many important people in positions of power all over the world who “on occasion, need to fuck kids,” are “outed” regularly because the FBI and MI5 failed to keep their names out of the media. Pedophiles in Politics: An Open Source Investigation

And then there is FBI director James Comey’s bizarre behavior in the last election when he inexplicably reopened the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton because of the smoking gun evidence discovered on the laptop filed under “life insurance” belonging to Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former New York congressman and husband of 20-year Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Evidence that directly linked both Clintons to Epstein’s child sex slave pedophilia operation on his Caribbean island estate. A second file on the Weiner laptop named “DNC Nuclear Arsenal” contained the dirt on Podesta and the DNC. In a third file labeled “Intimate” an NYPD insider claimed it included “X-rated photos of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton with a teenager.”Beyond all question or doubt a pervasive international child sex slavery-trafficking ring has already been absolutely established and well documented long before last month’s Pizzagate opened.  This most recent twist is way too close to the White House and required a Fake News strategy.  Comey’s behavior was consistent, again not proof, that he was trying to keep Clinton from becoming POTUS. [1]

And excellent article, Pizzagate: Podesta pedo perps and Clinton’s international child sex trafficking ring exposed by Joachim Hagopian can still be read at a credible alternative news, not a conspiracy, website, Sign of the Times, ( Contact me in case it’s re-moved, I have it archived. Mr. Hagopian is clear that

Since I am man with way too much time on my hands I decided to restore and archive, “Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite.

“Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite

November 15, 2016

Posters over at 4Chan and Reddit have been conducting an extremely bizarre investigation following the John Podesta e-mail leak (Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman) and the results are surreal: They’ve apparently uncovered an elite child trafficking network which celebrates its tendencies using code words and disturbing artworks.

Warning: This article contains disturbing material

In my article Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta Invited to an Occult ‘Spirit Cooking’ Dinner by Marina Abramović, [Appendix B] I explained how a mundane dinner invitation found in the Podesta e-mail leaks was actually a clear link to bizarre occult ceremonies happening at the highest levels of power. While that by itself was rather shocking, it appears to only be the tip of a very disgusting iceberg.

4Chan effectively unearthed a strange network of high-powered people who, through art, events and social media, actually celebrate a culture that revolves around death, torture, cannibalism and … child abuse. Most of this disturbing material was not even hidden, it was out there in the open, exposed on business’ walls and posted on social media.

Furthermore, an analysis of the Podesta e-mails revealed that the network appeared to communicate using code words to coverup their shady dealings.

The epicenter of this entire thing is, believe it or not, a hipster pizza place named Comet Ping Pong.

Comet Ping Pong

Comet Ping Pong is a ‘family friendly’ pizzeria where people can eat, drink and play ping-pong.

The Comet Ping Pong menu contains a logo that is strikingly similar to the ‘child lover’ logo used in these circles. Also, Play Eat Drink = PED


The owner of Comet Ping Pong is James Alefantis who is, for some reason, ranked #49 in the top 50 ‘Most Powerful People in Washington’ of GQ magazine.

Alefantis as featured on the GQ website. He is described as ‘D.C. Radical Chic’.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 7.37.29 PM.png

Alefantis’ boyfriend is David Brock, the gay founder of liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America. He was described by TIME magazine to be “one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party”. The power couple was heavily involved in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

An invitation to a Clinton fundraising event featuring ‘Chef James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong’, Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta and others.


Here’s an e-mail sent by Alefantis to John Podesta.

A leaked John Podesta e-mail from James Alefantis sending him the H logo with a pizza. Alefantis is in direct connection with some of the most powerful people in the world.
A leaked John Podesta e-mail from James Alefantis sending Hillary’s ‘pizza logo’. Alefantis is therefore in direct connection with some of the most powerful people in the world.


In short, Alefantis is very connected to very powerful people. Now let’s look at his Instagram account, which was publicly accessible until 4Chan began prying in. The account is filled with bizarre and disturbing pictures – often involving small children. Here are some examples (I can’t even post them all).

A young girl with her arms taped to a table with a man standing behind her. One of the comments reads “This is pretty creepy bro.” This is beyond creepy bro.


A young girl inside a basket … as if she was about to be bought. Many pictures allude to buying and owning children while preying on this innocence.


A closeup picture of another baby. Alefantis (aka jimmycomet) posted #hotard – which is slang for ‘being a ho and a retard’. Yes, he posted this next to the picture of an INFANT.


Another strange pic involving a helpless child and a weirdly placed yellow beads neckless. Also, notice the hashtag.
Another strange pic involving a child and a weirdly placed yellow beads necklace. Also, notice the hashtag #chickenlovers.

Here’s a definition of ‘chicken lover’ found with a basic web search.


A pic of a German baby doll for sale. Buying babies appears to be an important hobby.


“Pills n’ bills” before a trip. The comment ‘Ping Pong in London sounds tempting’ is obviously code for something else.


A picture posted by the barman at Comet Ping Pong. It heavily alludes to the fact that ‘pizza’ means something else in their strange code.


A screenshot of child beauty pageant girl wanting pizza.


A baby holding Euros. Why?


Making out with a dead dog. Don’t google “babybirding”.


A closeup of the eye of a dead pig.


For some reason, Alefantis posted a picture of a cavernous room. EVERY SINGLE comment next to this picture is EXTREMELY CREEPY, almost as if they knew that something awful was about to happen there.


A bizarre, ritualistic, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’-style pic involving young people.

This is the mural prominently on display at Comet Ping Pong. It depicts strange people holding the heads of smaller people.
This is the mural prominently on display at Comet Ping Pong by artist Arrington de Dionyso. It depicts strange people holding the heads of smaller people.
This is another painting by artist Arrington de Dionyso. A great portion of his work deal with MKULTRA related themes, such as dual personalities, the exploitation of children and occult symbolism.
This is another painting de Dionyso. His work often contains MKULTRA-related themes such as dual personalities (two heads), the exploitation of children – often mixed with occult symbolism.


A regular guest at Comet Ping Pong is the performer Majestic Ape from the group Heavy Breathing.

A screenshot from a video of Majestic Ape hosting a birthday party at Comet Ping Pong.


A screenshot from one of Majestic Ape’s music video where she jokes about … sigh.

Here’s another video of that Ape joking about … sigh.

[It’s online now but in case it is removed I have a copy.]

Another ‘radical’ artist that is close to Comet Ping Pong is Marina Abramovic.

A picture of Marina Abramovic posted by Alefantis holding a bundle of sticks.


Abramovic on the cover of dust magazine covering the eyes of a shirtless child.
Abramovic on the cover of dust magazine covering the eyes of a shirtless child.
A screenshot from Marina’s ‘Spirit Cooking’ video where she throws pig blood at a statue shaped like a small child.


Lady Gaga and Marina at the 20th Annual Watermill Center benefit in a place called ‘Devil’s Heaven’ (can’t make this up). They are partaking in pretend cannibalism.


Lady Gaga with ‘a friend’ during the same event. Why are there children there? RUN AWAY KID!

The Podesta Wikileaks dump revealed that John Podesta and his brother Tony were personally invited to Marina’s Spirit Cooking event.

John Podesta

A screenshot of John Podesta sitting in his office during an interview. Hanging on the wall is a painting that clearly alludes to cannibalism.


John David Podesta was the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. He previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama. Wikileaks released thousands of Podesta’s e-mails and it was soon discovered that an inordinate amount of messages referred to ‘pizza’ and ‘hot dogs’. Often times, these words were used in bizarre contexts and in sentences that did not make any sense.

One of many e-mails where 'pizza' clearly alludes to something else.
One of many e-mails where ‘pizza’ clearly alludes to something else.


Some observers believe that handkerchiefs are used as ‘mementos’ in MK abuse. This is a painting from Monarch mind control survivor Kim Noble depicting a victim being abused. There’s a piece of cloth underneath the child. The body appears to be levitating, which represents dissociation after extreme trauma.

Read my full article about Kim Noble here. [Appendix A]

This is an ad for Comet Ping Pong which appears to use the same “dissociation” symbolism.


Then there’s John Podesta’s brother Tony, whose strange taste in art has even made the news. Here’s an article from the Washington Post describing how guests were ‘horrified’ by the art inside Podesta’s bedroom.


Podesta’s most notable piece is Louise Bourgeois’ ‘The Art of Hysteria’ – a sculpture of a headless man violently arching back. This sculpture was posted by Alefantis on Instagram. He apparently visited Podesta’s home.


The sculpture depicts the violent physical reaction of patients suffering from hysteria.

“The physical tension of the hysterical arch – an intense muscular contraction, resulting in immobility and paralysis of the limbs – is emblematic of an equally extreme emotional state. Bourgeois makes this highly vulnerable position even more so by suspending her male figure from the ceiling.”
National Gallery of Canada

Bourgeois was inspired by studies on hysteric women. The subject of her art is however a man.

The sculpture is also strikingly similar to one of Jeffrey Dahlmer’s headless victims. I won’t post the picture in this article but it can be found here.

[Actually, I will post it here just in case it goes missing.]


Dahlmer was a serial killer who abused and cannibalized young men. He often placed his victims in symbolic positions and took pictures of them.

An article from Washington Life describes Podesta’s love from Marina Abramovic (do see the links connecting?) as well as “under-the-radar” artist named Biljana Djurdjevic.

“If you’ve ever dreamed of strolling through a museum with a slice of pizza and glass of wine in hand, you need to befriend superlobbyist Tony Podesta. Known about town as a legendary political “fix-it” man, Podesta has turned his Kalorama home into a shrine to contemporary art, ranging from relatively under-the-radar artists such as Serbian painter to those who are much better known (like French sculptor Louise Bourgeois). (…)

Currently he has collected from 40 different artists in some depth, with his top five being , , Bourgeois,  and Antony Gormley.”
– Washington Life, Inside Homes: Private Viewing

Tony Podesta also has a large paint of Djurdjevic in his living room. Here’s another painting by Djurdjevic.

Rationalize it all you want, but this is a painting of a child being tortured.


In Conclusion

This article only contains some of the findings uncovered by ‘private investigators’ online. What has been exposed is, most likely, only the tip of the iceberg of a huge, complex network that has many ramifications. Each thread could probably be investigated further and lead to even more disturbing facts connecting even more high-powered individuals.

Going through the material of this article is a difficult and painful process, but it exposes the true mind-state and philosophy of the occult elite. They publicly celebrate a specific culture of death, abuse and dehumanization through their art and events, leaving us to only speculate about what they do behind closed doors. The symbolism in the above images is in perfect accordance with the occult elite’s culture that I have been describing on Vigilant Citizen for years.

The “Pizzagate” investigation reveals, at best, the disturbing culture of the elite and, at worst, an all-out child trafficking ring. And don’t believe that only Democrats are into this. This is the true culture of the occult elite, a circle of powerful people who operate far above political parties, and far above the law.

Appendix A

The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas

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Kim Noble is a rare occurrence: a trauma-based mind control survivor with over 13 alter personas who don’t know each other but who all paint. She has suffered DID and MPD (dissociative identity disorder and multiple personality disorder) for most of her life, as a result of an extremely traumatic childhood. Each one of her alters paints with a personal and distinctive style but they all have one thing in common: they reveal the dark world of mind control programming, from its horrific techniques to its symbolism. We’ll look at the works of this unique artist who reveals a world that is totally hidden from the masses.

Many articles on this site point out the presence of mind control symbolism in popular culture. Photo shoots, music videos and movies often glamorize and trivialize mind control and its symbolism by associating it with famous stars and trendy happenings. The fact however remains that these references celebrate one of the most abominable practices known to man: trauma based mind control, also called Monarch programming. Originating from the secret CIA project called MK-Ultra, Monarch programming subjects its victims to some of the most sadistic tortures conceivable (for more details on Monarch programming see the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

The works of Kim Noble vividly document the life of a mind control slave through the eyes of 13 alter personas. While a few of these alters paint peaceful landscapes and nature scenes, most of them depict horrific aspects of mind control such as physical torture, electroshock, violent abuse, dehumanization and dark occult rituals. The stories told by these paintings are almost too much to bear, yet they likely actually happened to Kim Noble as they precisely reflect  accounts of other Monarch survivors. Looking at the works of Kim Noble not only reveals gritty details of an abominable practice carried on by “elite” organizations, it reveals the symbolism that is also thrown in our faces on a daily basis through corporate-owned mass media. Let’s look at the life and works of Kim Noble.

Who Is Kim Noble?

I have the feeling that Kim Noble herself would have trouble answering this question. Here’s the biography found on her official website.

“Kim Noble  is a  woman who, from the age of 14 years, spent 20 years in and out of hospital until she made contact with Dr Valerie Sinason and Dr Rob Hale at the Tavistock and Portman Clinics.  In 1995 she began therapy and was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (originally named multiple personality disorder). D.I.D. is a creative way to cope with unbearable pain. The main personality splits into several parts with dissociative or amnesic barriers between them. It is a controversial disorder but Kim has had extensive tests over 2 years by leading psychology professor at UCL, John Morton, who has established there is no memory between the personalities and that she has the misfortune of representing the British gold standard over genuine dissociation.

Having no formal art training, Kim and 13 of her personalities (alters) became interested in painting in 2004 after spending a short time with an art therapist. These 12 artists each have their own distinctive style, colours and themes, ranging from solitary desert scenes to sea scenes to abstracts, collages, and paintings with traumatic content. Many alters are unaware that they share a body with other artists.

What is remarkable to all is both the quality of their work and the speed of their progress. Within five years of starting to paint they have already had seventeen successful solo exhibitions and participated in an equal number of group exhibitions. Kim was also the first Artist in Residence at Springfield University Hospital in Tooting, South West London.”

Despite the fact that she has to live with 13 alter personas – who randomly take control of her body – Kim Noble is fortunate enough to be living a relatively normal life. The fact that the programming stopped at a young age has helped her become “well-adjusted”. She has a teenage daughter named Aimee, who was mostly raised by the motherly alter named Bonny.

In the past few years, Kim Noble enjoyed some mainstream exposure and was featured in national newspapers such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and several others. She even appeared at the Oprah Show, where she was interviewed and was shown switching personas. As you might expect from mainstream media, the coverage of Noble’s condition was extremely superficial and focused on exploiting the “freak” aspect of her condition for shock value. The true cause of her condition, trauma-based mind control, which is extensively described in her works, is almost never mentioned.

Although most articles and interviews about Noble “applauded” her courage and whatnot, none of them dared discussing the core message of her work and the system that it describes. Many of Noble’s paintings depict terrible scenes of organized, institutionalized and systematic violence, torture, and child abuse combined with elaborate occult symbolism. It is obvious that the trauma Noble went through was not caused by a single sadistic father but by an organized entity that held many children. The only article I found delving into the mind control aspect of Noble’s work was The Art of Dissociation from the excellent website Pseudo-Occult Media. However, to most newspapers, Noble’s work is nothing more than an example of “outsider art” (a term popularized by trendy art-world douches to identify art created by people with mental problems). Most observers are fascinated by the fact that each one of Noble’s alters paint with a distinctive style, but it’s as easy to recognize that her collective works describe her past as a Monarch programming victim.

The “real” Kim Noble does not recall any of the abuse she suffered – several of her alters do, however, and they express all of it in their paintings.

“To all intents and purposes, each of Kim’s personalities is an artist in their own right: Patricia paints the solitary desert landscapes, Bonny’s pictures often feature robotic dancing figures or “frieze people”, Suzy repeatedly paints a kneeling mother, Judy’s canvasses are large, conceptual pieces while Ria’s work reveals deeply traumatic events involving children.

These disturbing images are at the root of Kim’s extraordinary condition; DID is a creative mental survival strategy whereby the personality splits at a young age due to severe and chronic trauma. The number of personalities that exist often depends on how long the trauma lasts. But Kim herself has no memory of being abused as a child; she has been protected over the years by her alters.

“I’ve been told I was abused and to me at this moment in time, it’s too much. It goes in one ear and out the other. It’s no good retraumatising me and telling me something I don’t want to know – in any case, there would be a switch.”

Kim has good reason to fear learning about her past as it’s possible that if she acquires too much information, she won’t be able to cope and will “disappear”. It’s happened twice before. (omega)

This is where it gets really weird – for Kim isn’t Kim at all. The personality I am interviewing is Patricia and it is she who manages her and Aimee’s lives, but Patricia wasn’t always the dominant personality. Before Patricia took over, Bonny held the fort and two years previous to Bonny, it was Hayley.

Kim watches me closely as she explains: “You see Kim is just the ‘house’, the body. There isn’t a ‘Kim’ at all – she has completely split. So we answer to the name Kim but really I am Patricia. When people call us ‘Kim’ I suppose many of us just assume it’s a nickname, but once people know you they don’t use your name very often in conversation.”

Of the 20 or so personalities who share “Kim”, some are easily identifiable: there is 15-year-old Judy who is anorexic and bulimic, maternal Bonny, religious Salome, depressed Ken, sensible Hayley, Dawn, Patricia and elective mute MJ. There are also a handful of children “frozen” in time. A few of the alters know about the DID but many are unaware – or refuse to accept it.

“Judy doesn’t believe in the DID,” explains Kim. “She’s only a teenager and she calls our therapist a nutter when she tries to explain it to her. She’s so young, she doesn’t even think Aimee is her daughter. She knows about me and she thinks that I’m a terrible mother because I’m always leaving Aimee. To her, it’s totally normal to keep coming and going. She probably thinks that you come and go too.”

There are certain “triggers” that can force a change and gradually Kim has learnt what they are in order to avoid them – but it doesn’t stop her switching up to three or four times a day.”
– The Independent, “Kim Noble, a Woman Divided”

Appendix B

Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta Invited to an Occult ‘Spirit Cooking’ Dinner by Marina Abramović

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The Podesta e-mails released by Wikileaks contain various bizarre entries, including an invitation to a ‘Spirit Cooking’ dinner from notorious occultist Marina Abramović. These parties include blood, semen, breast milk … and God knows what else.

A leaked e-mail reveals that John Podesta was invited to a ‘Spirit Cooking’ dinner by Marina Abramović in 2015. John David Podesta is the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. He previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, 2011.

Here’s the leaked e-mail.





Marina Abramovic sent an e-mail to Tony Podesta (John Podesta’s brother) who then forwarded it to his brother.


Before going any further, here’s a video  [I have a copy in case it is Re-moved] of Marina preparing a ‘Spirit Cooking’ ritual.

Yes, the process involves buckets of congealed pig’s blood. Marina paints on walls instructions that are coded in classic occultist language.


Spirit cooking refers to “a sacrament in the religion of Thelema which was founded by Aleister Crowley” and involves an occult performance during which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm are used to create a “painting”.


Strange fact: In another leaked e-mail, Podesta contacts his doctor about an infected finger. Strange coincidence.








Further in the video, Marina drenches in blood a statue shaped like a small child.

Why do I have the sick feeling that actual children might be used during these ceremonies?


Why would an occultist such as Marina Abramović be in direct and friendly contact with people at the highest levels of power? Because they are all part of the OCCULT ELITE.

Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović is considered to be the “grandmother of performance art”. Most of her work however takes place in private settings where she conducts magick rituals. She is an important and powerful figure in pop culture and is greatly influential in Hollywood, the fashion world and the music business.

Marina ‘training’ Lady Gaga in the ‘Abramovic Method’.


Marina performing with Jay-Z.


Marina is an “occult pop culture” icon. Here are symbolic pictures celebrating this fact.

On this cover of Vogue Ukraine, Marina represents the stronghold of occultism on the fashion world.


In the same photoshoot, Marina is holds a goat’s head by the horns – a classic way of representing the drawing of magickal power from Baphomet.


Same photoshoot: Marina standing in front of a model with inner body parts exposed while doing an occult handsign.


This picture accompagnied an article about Marina in The New Yorker. A serpent hiding one eye: The perfect way to represent being a pawn of the occult elite.

This picture was featured in The New Yorker along with a lengthy article praising her career. A serpent hiding one eye: The perfect way of representing a member of the occult elite.

Marina on the cover of ELLE with one eye hidden.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 8.56.47 PM.png

Mimicking Baphomet horns.


“Cleaning the Mirror”, 1995.


Another interesting fact: Marina’s Twitter name is @AbramovicM666


This is why the term ‘occult elite’ is used to describe the highest level of power.


Lastly, there is a highly disturbing video (The Neutered Noel) produced by Amanda Kleinman, also known as “Majestic Ape”, who has been a host at Comet Ping Pong Pizza. She is very closely related to Sasha Lord, the music coordinator for the pizza restaurant. Please pay VERY close attention to the numerous freeze frame graphics which were extracted from this video. Please be aware that these pics are not for the faint-hearted and some of the photos truly offend.

PIZZAGATE Video Evidence: Amanda Kleinman aka ‘Majestic Ape’ and her video “The Neutered Noel”


What follows is just one example of Sasha Lord’s poster art that she routinely creates for the music groups that play at Comet Ping Pong Pizza for family events.  The posters invariably specify that the music is for “All Ages”.  The one below is a curious exception.



Do you see the dots connecting?

PizzaGate Global Citizen’s Investigation
December 9, 2016

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