Why do Spiritual Scientists Have Such a Difficult Time Accepting New Technologies?

Why do Spiritual Scientists Have Such a Difficult Time Accepting New Technologies?

By Douglas Gabriel
Our Spirit

Have you ever wondered why “spiritual” people are leery of technology and eschew any human advancement that has a semblance of high-tech? They categorically deride technology on one hand, yet in the other, they are texting on their smart phones or using social media as a platform for global conversations with others of the same persuasion. Or they accept technology that has been around for decades like automobiles, solar power, and heart rate monitors, but couldn’t possibly imagine that there are other technologies on the horizon that could be equally beneficial to humanity.

One spiritual group, of which I am a member, are anthroposophists who are so resistant to technology that many of their associated schools require parents to sign a document that their child will not watch television as a condition of enrollment. Movies and computers are equally as bad and should be avoided if possible. They are the Amish of the New Age movement, in a certain sense. Although Anthroposophists support biodynamic organic foods and don’t want to vaccinate their children, all of which, in our modern world, are pretty good ideas, they can sometimes be so vehemently opposed to mechanical and technological advances, that any new devices and systems are labeled evil without any thoughtful consideration as to the possible benefits.

What is the underlying reason for spiritual people’s rejection of technology or, in contradistinction, why do many people stand in line for hours to buy the newest version of an I-Phone? What modern person today, spiritual or worldly, can live without a cellphone, a device can not only place a phone call, but also make the user a techno-god who can appear omniscient by answering any question within seconds, omnipresent by facetiming or Skyping anywhere or posting video that can be seen instantaneously around the world, and omnipotent through using the Internet of Things that can control devices in your home, work, and recreation?

We are techno-gods in the becoming, or at least that is what “scientists” tell us. Nothing is beyond the reach of scientists, even the god-particle or knowing what happened the instant after creation. CERN, the most expensive machine ever created for “imaginary” particle physics, is a perfect example of scientific pride and hubris that is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

(See CERN is the Biggest Science Scam in History.)

CERN has never proven anything, and nothing practical has ever come from the changing theories of particle physics; yet, it leads science under a banner that is bigger and better than the creator of the universe. Imagine that: the “created” trying to tell the “creator” how he (or as my wife would say “she”) did it. The ultimate human pride stands behind the “claims” of science.

Science is suspect to many spiritual people because they see through the fraud of scientific inventions that are beyond the capacity for humans to manage with morality, e.g., atomic bombs and reactors, nuclear waste, pollution of land, water, air and space, and genetic manipulation. Why would a sane person “believe” the newest theories of science when they change all the time? Hardly a single scientific theory lasts more than a century, yet we are asked to build our lives around the theories of science and readily use any new device created by scientists because it came from scientists – who are never wrong and only have our best interest at heart.

Inconvenient Truth: Military Evil Controls Technology

In fact, most any enlightened person knows that military interests drive innovation and scientific creation. DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, drives the majority of innovation through defense contractors – the so-called “military-industrial complex.” The CIA’s research department, called In-Q-Tel (formerly Peleus), also coordinates military innovation. From these two groups we get innovations in all areas of science from neutron bombs to the internet (originally DARPAnet) and Facebook.

Most of the high tech industries are driven by one single group that gives DARPA and In-Q-Tel their orders. This group shares everything they do with multi-national corporations who are in fact our enemies on the battlefield. The Highland Forum directs scientific military innovation in America and the world and is composed of the largest government contractors, who I like to call “warlords,” and the bankers, brokers, military, and intelligence agencies that stand behind them. Warlord bankers fund the new weapons and make sure that both sides are loaned the money to buy the latest innovative war machines. This type of evil control of technology spreads to all areas of industry, commerce, and financial markets.

These days, the techno-warlords of the Highland Forum are interested in data mining, cyber-war, subliminal control through perception management, broadcasting propaganda, conducting false-flags to justify more war spending, and globalism.  Is it any wonder that spiritual people want little to do with these techno-warlords? Perhaps the idea of out-of-control technology in the hands of warlords is a pretty good reason to don some Amish clothes, turn off the TV and computer, and throw away our smart phones.

Elemental Beings in Modern Technology

Naïve clairvoyants say there are “demons” in the little black boxes of modern technology, and they are right to some extent. Elemental beings are “enchanted” into your smart phone whether you know it or like it. Most people don’t know the first thing about technology but would still try to tell you how it works. Using a device that you don’t understand makes you subject to forces beyond yourself and of which you are not in control. In other words, your smart phone, or any technological or mechanical device you can’t take apart and put back together, is stealing forces from your will power.

We brought machines into this world to “do work” for us. When a plethora of machines started to surround our daily deeds, we began to think that we were the masters of these machine. We are not. It is the opposite. We become slaves of the machines and after a while we can no longer live without these devices, whether electricity, lightbulbs, refrigerators, cars, running water, gas, computers, or even a toaster. We are slaves to machines that we don’t understand. Even electricity is little understood by scientists. They understand the effects of electricity but they have no idea what it is.  This is similar to particle physicists who say they understand the atom but, in fact, they have never seen one – only its effects.

Angels Fall into Matter so That We Can Have Technology

Once a spiritual person realizes that angels fall into electromagnetism as a gift of love, or like a slave bound to accomplish the work, then a whole new perspective is achieved and a new consciousness born of gratitude burgeons. A new respect for all things, forces, and beings in Nature start to dawn on the awakening soul who observes forces and learns to commune with the beings behind electricity, magnetism, and the wonder-workings of Mother Natura. When an angel falls into matter, it is like a human casting a shadow. Basically a higher dimension being sheds a skin to create some element in a lower dimension. The elemental of the fallen angel remains enchanted in matter as long as it takes the electricity to be used and then it returns its shadow to a higher dimension.

We can imagine that the work of the angels is like a shadow cast by a tree under which humans can take some relief from a blazing sun. In other words, the work of the angels gives humans leisure time so that, in freedom, humans can develop thinking to the point that they can commune with angels and higher beings. The angels work for our higher consciousness.

When science takes the credit for what they do not understand nor have any gratitude for, the higher beings who make the “effects” of electromagnetism possible are left out of the picture. Science promotes the unconscious use of these beings without understanding or gratitude.

It is morality that is needed in science as each laboratory becomes a sacred altar upon which the being of Natura is respectfully observed. When morality is added to innovation, the Highland Forum and other evil warlords will stop driving scientific discovery. Morality must drive the questions of scientific inquiry. Only higher morals can correct the insatiable need for warlords to spend more money on weapons and aggressive technologies instead of innovations for health, ecology and exploration.

Science without morality is evil to the core, and this is what stands behind spiritual people rejecting science.  It is a justified perspective that demands that no scientific research project ever be allowed to begin that does not have the health and well-being of humans at the heart of the investigation.  Human life should drive innovation, not the desire for bigger weapons that create unending war.

Fear of Technology and Imprisonment in the Internet

Recently there has been some controversy on the Facebook anthroposophy group site about our neoanthroposophical project Our Spirit and the Qube antenna and the sigils that are presented on the site. It was often stated in the Facebook conversation that human free will is taken away by “devices” that produce vibrations that “make” a person feel some specific effect of the vibration.

This lives as a valid fear among many spiritual people.  They often believe that mechanically enhanced efforts at “being spiritual” are completely wrong and forbidden. This lack of trust of technology, which may be well deserved, leads some people to reject all things mechanical. Most Anthroposphists reject the use of the internet and social media as valid forms of communication, and for good reasons. There are many illnesses that are created by the internet. (See: Occult Imprisonment on Facebook.)

What is sad in this anti-technology approach is the amount of ignorance that parades as justification for an uninformed spiritual opinion. Part of that fear arises due to the Steiner prediction that the king of materialism, Ahriman, will incarnate in a physical body in North America at about this time in a counterpoint to the incarnation of Lucifer who incarnated in a physical body in China two thousand years before the incarnation of Christ in Jesus of Nazareth.

Christ’s incarnation is the central fulcrum of all human spiritual development. Ahriman is the antithesis of Christ’s love, mercy and grace. Ahriman wishes to enslave humans to machines and turn the heart to cold stone and thoughts into grey spider webs of selfish delusion. Ahriman wants to wed humans to machines through cyborg technology that promises to make a better human being who can live eternally in the physical plane. He hopes to be one of the first humans to connect directly to the spider web of electromagneticism that provides the seeming power of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence.

See: Ahriman: Occult Annihilation of the Soul

Ahriman wants to be the technology king of this world and drive out the living forces of light from the sun. Each Ahrimanic demon box has some part of the sun in it because it has light, color, and living forms; but so do humans. Human thought is sunlight recycled. Lucifer, the light bringer, works with Ahriman, the lord of technology, to devise new devices to “capture” human light through many demonic black boxes.  Humans don’t even know how the boxes work, but they worship them with their attention day and night.

Perhaps it is the grim truth that the cosmology of Rudolf Steiner brings to Anthroposophists that make them so solemn. Self-knowledge is often painful. Learning that we worship demons and elementals in black boxes that take away our freedom and ability to have empathy is rather depressing. But it is true. The internet creates more depression and suicide than is acknowledged. Once a teenager has false omniscience through the internet, life seems rather boring and dull. What do you watch next if you have been addicted to the internet all your life? 

The Qube and Sigils Explained

When I was younger, I was drafted into the National Security Agency where I learned about radio propagation in all of its many forms. I developed antennae and spy systems and wrote code into the largest computer in the world, the NSA master computer. I saw much of what the warlords can do with technology, and I can’t say that much of it was good.  So when Tyla and I were working on creating a super-learning device for inner city children and, simultaneously, a device that emanated the frequencies of our Answer Room, I used my background in antenna design to create a special type of antenna that could be used in the Qube.

Below is a picture of the final product. There is only one Qube of its type in the world and it activates all Qube sigils, which are two-dimensional resonant antennae that pick up the Qube broadcast.


The Qube is an antenna and radio broadcaster developed by Our Spirit.


We wanted to help the learning capacity of the inner city children in the schools were we worked. These children needed help focusing and discarding the negative vibrations of television, media, and inner city life once they entered their learning environment.

Concurrently, we were using the principles of sacred geometry and vibration to create a space in our home called the Answer Room where friends and colleagues often visited so that they could get answers for a wide range of problems. The room was so effective that users asked us to come to their homes and offices to set up the same frequencies. Alas, we simply didn’t have time to do this with all of the work we are doing at Our Spirit, so we set out to create a device that anyone could place in their space to give them the same experience our Answer Room users were having.

How Does the Qube Work?

We had the Qube tested by an engineer who was also knowledgeable of biogeometry, sacred geometry, and anthroposophy. He found that it was quite effective. We imagined that it would be because it worked upon the same principles as transcranial direct-current stimulation, but without electricity. Transcranial devices had to be touching the skin or surrounding the head, so they didn’t suit our situation.

We needed something that simply sent out the vibration as a suggestion to stimulate the body’s own natural capacities – just as homeopathy works. In homeopathy, the substance is left behind but the vibrational imprint remains in the solution. That subtle vibration, undetectable as substance, still has the same signature that stimulates the human body to produce what is needed to match that vibration. This is the same principle used in the Qube as a biofeedback generator of gamma waves. There are also many other beneficial frequencies emitted by the Qube.

There are other ways to promote gamma waves in the brain.  The quickest way is to simply drink ormus – the effect lasts for only a while but the research is very clear that it works. You can also use transcranial induction – but it also only lasts for a short while. The trick is to get the brain to do it on its own by “pinging” in the frequency as a sort of reminder through a broadcaster like the Qube that helps the natural brain waves resonant with a bio-electrically friendly vibration based upon the key element that controls the pineal gland – silica. Piezoelectric energy from silica is similar to the pineal gland’s ability to emit piezoelectric discharges.

The Qube is run by piezoelectric energy, matching the bio-signature of silica in the human body. It can only “suggest” good vibrations – the body is free to listen or not. That is the basis of biofeedback. This piezoelectric energy mimics the brain’s use of silica and calcium – she and he, according to Steiner. The Qube emits a frequency that is indicative of brain gamma waves imprinted on a carrier frequency of 32,768 vibrations per second. It encourages the brain to produce gamma waves through resonance but does not impose them upon someone mechanically.

There is no electricity used in the Qube. Electromagnetic frequencies from television, radio, wireless work against a person’s free will and bombards them with life-hindering vibrations. These negative vibrations steal your will and enslaves unconscious humans to live in a sea of vibrational dis-ease. The Qube uses scalar wave broadcasting that utilizes compressed longitudinal waves that were discovered by Tesla.  A scalar wave is not the standard transverse wave of Hertz but is more like an orgone field that acts upon an atmosphere, like sound waves going through water.

Scalar waves create a continuum into which multiple frequencies can be transmitted at one time. The Qube broadcasts heterodyned signals that the sigils are designed to receive.

The simple way to antidote negative energy is to create positive energy that overrides it.  We need to realize that love, gratitude, grace and all of the higher virtues are vibrations of sorts.  If we could learn to be thankful to the angels for the electricity in our phones and computers and lights and cars – then we have a chance to not be eaten alive by the Asuras for our gross ungratefulness and pride.

Concurrent Research on Cube Devices

Below is the Bell cube antenna. This device was developed at the same time we developed our Qube. The Bell Labs/Alcatel-Lucent, The lightRadio cube is a small antenna and radio that has shrunk the regular workings of a conventional cell phone base station and antenna and could soon begin to replace those unsightly cell phone towers constructed everywhere.

The Bell Labs/Alcatel-Lucent, The lightRadio cube

To read more about the Bell Labs cube antenna, see:



Quantum Computing

Quantum computing was also developed at the same time of the Our Spirit project and the idea of cubes as spatial referencing devices became the heart of super-computing.  System architects explored connecting multiple computers with specialized network hardware and software, allowing all nodes to cooperatively work on a single problem. An early example of this multicomputer approach, was Caltech’s Cosmic Cube. Every quantum computing technology will ultimately have an upper limit to the number of viable qubits that can be built into a single device, and we wanted to combine multiple such devices into a system that solves larger problems than any individual device.

To read further about quantum computing, see:



Tesla and Scalar Waves

Scalar wave (SW) is another name for a “longitudinal” wave. The term “scalar” is sometimes used instead because the hypothetical source of these waves is thought to be a “scalar field.” Sound waves traveling through the atmosphere (or underwater) are longitudinal, as are plasma waves propagating through space (Birkeland currents). Longitudinal waves moving through the Earth’s interior are known as “telluric currents.” They can all be thought of generally as pressure waves.

SW/LW are quite different from “transverse” waves. You can observe transverse waves (TW) by plucking a guitar string or watching ripples on the surface of a pond. They oscillate (vibrate, move up and down, or side-to-side) perpendicular to their arrow of propagation (directional movement). SW/LW oscillate in the same direction as their arrow of propagation.

In modern day electrodynamics (both classical and quantum), electromagnetic waves (EMW) traveling in “free space” are generally considered to be TW. But this was not always the case. When the mathematician James Clerk Maxwell first modeled and formalized his unified theory of electromagnetism in the late 19th-century neither the EM SW/LW nor the EM TW had been experimentally proven, but he had postulated and calculated the existence of both.

After Heinrich Hertz demonstrated experimentally the existence of transverse radio waves in 1887, theoreticians (such as Heaviside, Gibbs, and others) went about revising Maxwell’s original. They wrote out the SW/LW component from the original equations because they felt the mathematical framework and theory should be made to agree only with experiments. Obviously, the simplified equations worked as their work helped make the AC/DC electrical age possible.

In 1889 Nikola Tesla (inventor of AC) discovered experimental proof for the elusive electric scalar wave. This seemed to suggest that SW/LW, opposed to TW, could propagate as pure electric waves or as pure magnetic waves. Tesla also believed these waves carried a hitherto-unknown form of excess energy he referred to as “radiant.” This intriguing and unexpected result was said to have been verified by Lord Kelvin and others soon after.

However, instead of merging their experimental results into a unified proof for Maxwell’s original equations, Tesla, Hertz, and others debated the topic. Both models derived correct results and SW/LW in free space are quite real. Beside Tesla, empirical work carried out by Electrical Engineers such as Eric Dollard, Konstantin Meyl, Thomas Imlauer, and Jean-Louis Naudin have clearly demonstrated their existence experimentally. These waves seem able to exceed the speed of light, pass through electromagnetic shielding, and produce over-unity (more energy out than in) effects. They seem to propagate in a yet unacknowledged counter-spatial dimension (aka hyper-space, pre-space, false-vacuum, Aether, implicit order, etc.).

Because the concept of an all pervasive, material Ether was discarded by most scientists, the thought of vortex-like electric and/or magnetic waves existing in free space, without the support of a viscous medium, was thought to be impossible. However later experiments carried out by Dayton Miller, Paul Sagnac, E.W. Silvertooth, and others have contradicted the findings of Michelson & Morley. More recently Italian Mathematician-Physicist Daniele Funaro, American Physicist-Systems Theorist Paul LaViolette, and British Physicist Harold Aspden have all conceived of (and mathematically formulated) models for a free space Ether that is dynamic, fluctuating, self-organizing, and allows for the formation & propagation of SW/LW.

Note: The above content was condensed from:  What are scalar waves? https://jmag0904.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/what-are-scalar-waves/

Tesla with circular antenna

Tesla claimed he could hear voices speaking to him through this antenna.

This chart shows the difference between Hertz and Tesla waves – transverse and longitudinal.


Are You Familiar with the New Antennae?

Below are new antennae developed from the work of Tesla that are on the open market.  Notice that the spiral fractal antenna looks similar to the sigils we make that are tuned to the Qube and our work was done before or simultaneous to theirs! Some of these antennae can be worn as clothing while others are stickers that can be placed on cell phones to increase reception.  The age of standard antennae are over and new antennae that were unimaginable before Tesla technology have now became vogue.

  • RFID: ISM passive tags, handheld and body worn reader antenna, palette gate antennae
  • WiFi/WiMax: Base and outdoor antennae, dongle, computer, and consumer devices, mobile
  • Indoor Wireless: ‘Gold standard’ universal antennae for public and industrial spaces
  • DAS: Portable wideband antennae with omni and sector coverage
  • Telematics: Car comms and data
  • Cell: Base and handheld smart phones
  • Wireless Audio: Wireless microphone, instrument and PA systems
  • Meter Reading: Electric, gas, water, and petroleum systems
  • Medical: Telemetry antennae for on and in body
  • Sensors: Miniature antennae for data updating
  • GPS: Improved low angle and low height performance antennae
  • Tracking: Mobile sat and cell link antennae
  • UWB: Consumer and base antennae
  • HDTV: In-home omni antenna

Other New Antennae

Lemniscate Antennae Boost Reception

Plate Antennae with Fractals

The cube shape is also special in Judaism as Rabbis wear the cube-shaped Teffillin atop their heads.

Inside are quotes from the Torah. It acts as a spiritual antenna.

John Worrell Keely is here pictured with a frequency resonance device that is an antenna and broadcaster.  A perpetual motion device called the Harmonic Sphere is pictured on the right.


Rudolf Steiner Describes the Third Force

Rudolf Steiner’s audiences at the beginning of this century were familiar through theosophical literature with the personality of the inventor John Worrell Keely, who was active in America during the second half of the 19thcentury. Keely introduced his “motor,” which depended on raising certain vibrations to ever-higher frequencies. It was, however, governed by mechanical vibrators, regulated by the inventor himself.

In Keely’s writings there are accounts of cylinders which released tremendous forces of a mechanical kind, and of vibrators for shattering rocks, useful in the mining industry. There are whole tables of vibration-numbers which go with the various spheres of reality. All this was first published by the Theosophical Society and afterwards arranged in book form by one of Keely’s sponsors, Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore.

Rudolf Steiner shows that electricity and magnetism are related in their fundamental nature to human will-power. At the same time, he emphasizes that these forces are not – like other natural forces – morally neutral, and he warns us of their inherent dangers. After developing this theme further, he continues: “For this reason, most occultists did not think it likely that Keely’s discoveries would have ‘results’ in the commercial sense of the word.” Another indication is that this force is suited to powering the biggest ship, just as well as a sewing-machine. The “Strader machines” in the Mystery Plays intended to transform social life by enabling everybody to use this power for his own convenience in the home he has designed according to his own ideas.

The situation of the inventor, Strader, is of special interest. First he discovers the basic possibility of the machine, which “maintains itself, but cannot set itself going.” The technical realization of the idea miscarries, and the inventor is finally plunged into an agony of doubt about the basis of his work through the interference of an ahrimanically inspired know-it-all. How he surmounts this crisis shortly before his death marks an important turning-point in the fourth play of Rudolf Steiner’s, The Soul’s Awakening.

After briefly indicating that electricity in the earth-processes of the post-Atlantean age is “fallen light,” and that chemical force transformed in the course of the earth’s evolution, is magnetism, Steiner describes a third force which “will influence civilisation in an even more wonderful way.”

Rudolf Steiner on Keely and Vibrational Resonance

Keely Vibratory Energy

New ideals arise just in the most excellent spirits. Indeed, these spirits who point to a distant future are not the so-called practical spirits, but world history advances differently than the practical people fancy it. I have pointed to a pillar of idealism, to Tolstoy before. Today, however, I would still like to point to a western spirit, to Keely (John Ernst Worrell Keely 1827–1898, inventor of a motor based on “vibratory energy”) the great mechanic who furthers us although his mechanical idea is not yet a practical one. Some questions are connected with it which may appear fantastic to the materialist. But at the same time we want to get to know an idealism that is of another type than that of the everyday life. It is the same that lived in the mysteries once.” (Origin and Goal of the Human Being, The Future of the Human Being, Lecture 18, Berlin, March 1905, GA 53)

Moral Machines

“It is perhaps known to you that Keely invented a motor which would only go if he himself were present. He was not deceiving people about this; for he had in him that driving force originating in the soul, which can set machines in motion. A driving force which can only be moral, that is the idea of the future; a most important force, with which culture must be inoculated, if it is not to fall back on itself. The mechanical and the moral must interpenetrate each other, because the mechanical is nothing without the moral. Today we stand hard on this frontier. In the future, machines will be driven not only by water and steam but by spiritual force, by spiritual morality. This power is symbolized by the Tau sign and was indeed poetically symbolized by the image of the Holy Grail.” (The Temple Legend, The Royal Art in a New Form, Berlin, Lecture 20, January 2, 1906, GA 93)

Machines and Ahrimanic Forces

“By learning to understand the rhythms in nature we shall even come to a certain application of the rhythmical in technology. This would be the goal for future technology: harmoniously related vibrations would be set going; they would be small at first but would act upon each other so that they became larger and larger, and by this means, simply through their resonance, a tremendous amount of work could be done.”” (Three Streams in the Evolution of Mankind, Lecture V, December10, 1918, GA 184)

Sympathetic Vibrations

“The whole way in which people construct machines varies greatly according to the nature of the machine in question; but everything tends towards the gradual development of these still imperfect, primitive machines into a kind of machine which depends upon vibrations, and where the aim is to make the machines effective by means of vibrations or oscillations, by means of movements which run a periodic course. Everything is hastening towards such machines. But if once these machines in their coordinated activity could be constructed in such a way as can be learned from the distribution of foodstuffs in the organization of the cow, then the vibrations which would be conjured up on the earth-globe through the machines, these small earth-vibrations, would so run their course that what is above the earth would sound together with, vibrate together with what is happening on the earth; so that our planetary system in its movements would be compelled to vibrate with our earth-system, just as a string tuned to a certain pitch vibrates in sympathy when another one is struck in the same room.

That is the terrible law of the sounding in unison of vibrations which would be fulfilled if the alluring call of the cow would so decoy the orient that it would then be able to penetrate in an absolutely convincing way into the unspiritual, purely mechanistic civilization of the west and center; and thereby it would become possible to conjure up on the earth a mechanistic system fitting exactly into the mechanistic system of the universe. Through this everything connected with the working of air, with the forces of the circumference, and everything connected with the working of the stars, would be exterminated from human civilization. What man experiences, for instance, through the cycle of the year, what he experiences through living together with the sprouting, budding life of spring, with the fading, dying life of autumn – all this would lose its import for him. Human civilization would resound with the clattering and rattling of the vibrating machines and with the echo of this clattering and rattling which would stream down upon the earth from the cosmos as a reaction to this mechanization of the earth. A part of our present-day civilization is actually on the way to having this terrible element of degeneracy as its goal.” (Man as Symphony of the Creative Word, Lecture II, October 20, 1923, GA 230)

Electricity and Magnetism

“One of these great problems will be concerned with finding out how to place the spiritual etheric forces at the service of practical life. I have told you that in this epoch we have to solve the problem of how the radiations from human states of mind are carried over into machines; of how human beings are to be brought into relation with an environment which must become increasingly mechanised. The welding together of human beings with machines will be a great and important problem for the rest of the earth-evolution.

Human consciousness depends on destructive forces. In our nerve-system we are always in the process of dying. These forces of death will become stronger and stronger, and we shall find that they are related to the forces of electricity and magnetism, and to those at work in machines. A man will be able in a certain sense to guide his intentions and his thoughts into the forces of the machines. Forces in human nature that are still unknown will be discovered – forces which will act upon external electricity and magnetism. That is one problem: the bringing together of human beings with machines, and this is something which will exert ever-increasing influence on the future.” (The Wrong and Right Use of Esoteric Knowledge, Lecture 3, November 25, 1917, GA 178)

The Nature of Electricity

“The more we make use of this power the more will the earth tend to become a corpse so that the spiritual part of the earth can be preparing itself for the Jupiter stage. Forces have to be used to destroy the earth so that man may be freed from the earth and the body of the earth can fall away. As long as the earth was developing in a forward direction this did not happen for the great civilizing achievements of electricity can serve only a disintegrating earth. However strange this may sound to-day, it must be gradually made known. There is an even more terrifying force which cannot be kept secret much longer. We can only hope that when this force comes, as it quite certainly will, a force we have to think of as far more powerful than the strongest electrical charges – we must hope that before any inventor bestows this power on mankind, nothing un-moral will be left in human nature!” (Anthroposophical Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1956)

Ahrimanic Sub-nature

“By far the greater part of all that is at work through the agency of technical science in the civilization of to-day is not Nature, but Sub-Nature. It is a world which is emancipating itself from Nature, downwards.  And as he penetrates into this merely Earthly realm, he encounters the world of Ahriman. He must learn to bring himself and his own human being into right relation with this Ahrimanic element.

As yet, in the course hitherto taken by the Technical Age, he has not found the way to readjust his human relation rightly to this new civilization of Ahriman. Man must find the strength, the inner faculty of knowledge and discernment, for his human being not to be overwhelmed by Ahriman in the civilization of Technology. Sub-Nature must be understood in this, its character of under Nature. It will only be so understood if man rises at least as high in spiritual knowledge of that super-Nature which lies outside the earthly sphere, as he has descended in technical science below it into Sub-Nature.

Electricity must be recognized in its own peculiar power to lead down from Nature to Sub-Nature. But, man must not glide down with it.

But in a Science of the Spirit the other sphere is created, from which an Ahrimanic element is altogether absent. It is precisely by taking into his mind that form of spiritual intelligence to which the Ahrimanic Powers have no access, that man gains the strength to meet Ahriman in the world, to encounter him here.” (The Michael Mystery, From Nature to Sub-Nature, Chapter XXIX, GA 26)

Technical Science and Ahriman

“The spiritual beings we have now enticed into our machinery belong to the hierarchy of Ahrimanic spirits. A real understanding of modern life makes it evident that through the milieu of applied technical science we pass into an Ahrimanic sphere and allow ourselves to be filled with Ahrimanic spirituality. Nobody can say with truth that he is protecting himself from Ahriman, for there are no means whereby he could do so.

It is only because in the present incarnation we are obliged to live in the milieu created by technical science that it is possible to come into connection with the Ahrimanic spirituality, into connection with what in earlier incarnations could be submerged in a more essentially artistic element. In this way we set over against certain Luciferic forces the Ahrimanic forces of to-day, and so we establish a balance, whereas formerly the pendulum of life swung now to the one side, now to the other.” (Technology and Art, Their Bearing on Modern Culture, Dornach, December 28, 1914, GA 275)

Mechanical Demons

When the steam engine is created in this way, Ahriman gains the possibility of establishing himself as a demon even in the very physical entity. In constructing steam engines, the condition is created for the incarnation of demons. If anyone is unwilling to believe in them, he need not do so; that is negative superstition. Positive superstition consists in seeing spirits where there are none; negative superstition consists in denying spirits where they are. In steam engines, ahrimanic demons are actually brought even into a physical object. That is, while the cosmos has descended with its spiritual element through what has been poured into human evolution, the spirit of the cosmos is driven out through what is created in the form of demons. That is to say, this new, important and wonderful advance has brought about not only a demonology, but also a demon magic that frequently imbues modern technology.” (The Karma of Vocation, November 27, 1916, GA 172)

The Future of Machines

“A time will come when a machine will stand there motionless, at rest, and a man will step up to it who knows that he has to make a certain movement with his hand, then another movement in a particular way, and then a third, and through the air-vibrations produced by this definite signal, the motor, having been tuned to this signal, will be set in motion.

In steam engines, Ahrimanic demons are brought right down to the point of physical incorporation. This means that while the cosmos with its spiritual element has descended through what has been poured into human evolution, the spirituality of the cosmos is driven out through what is created in the form of demons. This great and wonderful modern progress has in fact brought about not only a demonology, but a demon magic; and in manifold ways modern technology is demon magic. Here you can see quite directly how vibrations are given over to the demon, so that he can develop his activity outwards into cosmic space.

Wherever electricity and much else is used, there is far more demon magic, for electricity operates with quite different forces which have a different significance for the cosmos. Anyone who understands Spiritual Science will naturally know clearly that these things are not to be done away with; that we cannot be reactionary or conservative in the sense of opposing progress. Indeed, demon magic signifies progress, and the earth will make more and more progress of this kind. A stage will even be reached when it will be possible to produce great effects outwards into the cosmos.

Humanity must learn to deal with nature as the gods themselves have done: not building machines in an indifferent way, but doing everything as an act of divine service and bringing the sacramental into everything. The real demons have to be really driven out by treating the handling of machinery as something sacred.” (The Karma of Vocation, Dornach, November April 27, 1916, GA 172)

To read more on Keely and his devices, see: tp://www.kellyresearchtech.com/articles/2016-catalog.pdf

So How Can You Get a Qube for Your Own Use?

Once people hear about our Qube and the effects of the Answer Room, they typically ask how they can get a Qube for their personal use. When Tyla and I first started our project, we had the idea that every home, classroom, or special place could be outfitted with a Qube. Over time, however, we felt that the typical system of commercialization would not be appropriate for the Qube. Instead, we kept asking ourselves the question, “How can we make this free and abundant to anyone, anywhere?”

Hence, the development of sigils that anyone reading our website or this article can download and use for free. Sigils (pictured below) are two dimensional representations of the multi-dimensional



antenna located inside of the Qube. The Qube and sigil resonate at the same frequency even though the sigils are two dimensional and the Qube is three dimensional and becomes a four-dimensional analog by becoming a tesseract.

There are so many uses for the sigils and the best part is that the more of us that use them in full consciousness, the stronger the compounding of its vibration becomes. And because it is a scalar wave it bounces off the atmosphere and returns to its source, having created a continuum of the scalar “carrier” frequency.  The effect of the Qube is world-wide because we connected it to tuned Tesla plate antennae for stronger propagation. Thus, any sigil anywhere in the world joins the frequency and builds the elemental force of coherence.

Our website provides useful tips on how to use sigils to enhance your living space, and you are welcomed to print as many stickers as you like, or draw, carve, or sculpt them in any fashion that seems right for you. We also ask users to increase the resonance of sigils world-wide by attaching sigils to sacred places in their community or in their travels so that the resonance of the sacred place is shared with all sigil users. Your sacred place may be a favorite inspirational book or picture, a discreet place in a famous chapel, or a place in nature that is special to you. In this way, users receive the beneficial energy of the Qube and also give back their blessings to all sigil users around the world.

For those interested in a video that describes the Qube, please click below: