EgyptAir flight MS804 Goes Missing At Same Time Of Mysterious Fireball (or...

EgyptAir flight MS804 Goes Missing At Same Time Of Mysterious Fireball (or Missile?)


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TMR Editor’s Note:
As always, there are two critical questions whenever an airliner goes missing these days.

First, “Qui bono?” from such a commercial airline disaster.

Secondly: “Who were the passengers on the plane?”

There is also a third question that must be asked in light of the penchant of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis (ZAAA) to take down the airliners of friends and foes alike, especially when they attempt to leave the reservation.

What follows is a video taken of the sky over the Mediterranean Sea by Greeks at the very same time that the EgyptAir flight went missing:

VIDEO: ‘Ball of fire in sky’ captured at the same time EgyptAir flight MS 804 went missing

So the remaining crime scene questions concern whether the fire-ball was a missile, or whether the plane was on fire due to an in-flight explosion as a result of a bomb or other incendiary device.


Regardless of what the cause of the  airliner downing was, there is no question that both France and Egypt had made overtures which have been friendly to Russia.  France has even called for an end to the illegal sanction regime that the USA has imposed on Russia.  This break with the hardened  ZAAA policy to demonize Russia will not be tolerated.  After all, it is a policy designed to draw Russia and her allies into a hot phase of World War III.

French Assembly adopts resolution calling to end anti-Russian sanctions imposed by EU

Egypt has likewise attempted to leave the ZAAA reservation by making friendly gestures toward Putin’s Russia.  Hence, this flight takedown may be a classic case of killing two birds with one stone.


Special Note:
The Mainstream Media has already put out much speculation about the possibility of “Islamic terrorism” in the downing of this airliner.  They have conjectured about various scenarios in which a terrorist act was the a likely cause.  In so doing the MSM has once again prejudiced the global audience in the direction of jihadists taking down commercial aircraft.  TMR has taken a much more likely perspective on this tragedy.  Given the location of the airplane and the countries involved, it is much more likely that this is just another NWO false flag terror operation designed to further scare the community of nations into compliance.  Isn’t this exactly what they do — 24/7 — across the planet for many years now?! 

The Millennium Report
May 19, 2016

Author’s Note

This developing EgyptAir story will most likely prove to be quite similar to the deliberate downing of the Germwings flight over France, which was undoubtedly executed in March of 2015 to send a message to both Germay and Spain. Explanatory links as follows:

Germanwings Black Operation: Another AAA False Flag Terror PsyOp

Was Germanwings jetliner taken down as a message to Germany not to align with Russia?

Was Spanish Intel Team Specializing In Cyber-terrorism The Real Target Of Germanwings Takedown?

The Missing Egypt air aircraft with the plane registration
The Missing Egypt air aircraft with the plane registration


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