The Rockefeller Initiative 1993-1996

The Rockefeller Initiative 1993-1996


FOIA Submitter
Grant Cameron

November 9, 2007
Fox News Interview

The Rockefeller Initiative

Documents obtained from the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Clinton Presidential Library via the Freedom of Information Act confirming and contemporary with a highly important and little publicized effort by Laurance Rockefeller to convince President Bill Clinton to release all government held documents relating to the UFO phenomena, end the truth embargo and effectively be the “Disclosure President.”

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OSTP Documents Referencing Hillary Clinton 
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Earlier coverage directly and indirectly relating to the Release Initiative RI
(There was remarkably little mainstream coverage of the RI prior to 2015)

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July 29, 1995 – Schiff: Roswell UFO A Balloon: GAO: All But Two Documents Destroyed – Richard Parker, Albuquerque Journal
July 19, 1995 – Congressman Schiff Probing ‘Alien Autopsy’: Film Allegedly Of Roswell Crash – Richard Parker, Albuquerque Journal
August 24, 1995 – Billionaire Urges Clinton: Probe UFO MysteryNew York Daily News
August 29, 1995 – Reporter’s Notebook; Night Under the Stars for the Clintons – Todd S. Purdum, New York Times  [Confirming one of the Clintons’ visits to meet with Rockefeller at the JY Ranch]   See photos below:
April 8, 1996 – Rockefeller Greets Aliens!  A Rich Guy’s U.F.O. DreamNew York Observer
November 23, 1997 – Bill Wanted UFO Probe: Hubbell Book – Debra Orin, New York Post  [Clinton’s tasking of Hubbell was connected to the RI]
October 23, 2002Podesta Urges Airing of Area 51 Former White House Chief of Staff Supports OpennessTony Batt Stephens, Las Vegas Review Journal [Post Clinton administration, John Podesta calls for the release of UFO documents]
November 8, 2004 – Jackson Hole Hideaway – Isabella Geist, Forbes Magazine [referencing Clinton visits to Laurance Rockefeller’s JY Ranch]
November 13, 2007 – Clinton Library Offers Peek At UFO Files – Andrew DeMillo, Yahoo News [referring to efforts to obtain more documents relevant to the RI]
December 17, 2007 – Inside the Clinton Archives – Alexis Simendinger, National Journal
March 1, 2008 – The Paper Chase in Little Rock – Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post