All Roads Lead to Armageddon

All Roads Lead to Armageddon


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This particular series represents a major download of highly privileged and heretofore unreleased information into the public domain.  Some of what you are about to read is highly classified data which has never even been written down before.

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April 15, 2016

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All Roads Lead to Armageddon

Part 1

From Panama to Jerusalem by Christmas

By Anonymous Patriots

If you have read our previous articles on the military-industrial complex, you would have read about the Panama Papers with an understanding of how perfectly this uncovering plays right into the complex networks of intelligence that have agents in every major bank and political action group in the world.  The New World Order, One World Order, or the Transnational Globalist Republic is already in play and the leak in Panama is just another layer of the plan being shown to the world. This plan will lead to the King of Jerusalem being crowned and the bid for power over the land where Armageddon is predicted to take place.

Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?

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The Elite Need a Massive Financial Infusion

The recent CIA leaks from the Panamanian Mossack-Fonseca offshore “all service” corporation is a perfect example of what two groups who are vying for world dominion are planning. The founders of this particular “all service” offshore banking corporation were well-known criminals. That is why the underbelly of the rich used their services. Mafias, criminals, political warlords, and common thugs were the intended target of this obvious CIA false flag event.

Since 2008 and the global financial melt-down, governments, banks, and large investment firms have been trying to find a way to get their hands on billions of off-shore, hidden money—both legal and illegal.  You see, they need more financial infusion for their global Ponzi scheme. They have already stolen the wealth of the world’s middle and working class by flooding the markets with fiat currency, requiring governments (that’s us, folks) to bail them out of their schemes, and manipulating markets to favor Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. The ultra-wealthy tried to scare us (same old trick they always use) in selling everything in fall 2015 so that they could pick up bargains and then make money in a “market rebound.” They loved seeing us rant and rave online about Shemitah and Armageddon, thinking that we would panic and sell everything so that they could pick up the pieces we left behind.

Remember George Soros and the Royal Bank of Scotland telling us to sell everything?

This time the people didn’t bite. WE WERE AWAKE and knew how the financial cabal manipulates us to serve their needs. Frankly, we don’t have anywhere else to park our 401ks, IRAs, and pensions. So where are we to go to hold on to our life savings?  Instead of listening to George and the big banks, we just sat tight. And, indeed, our strategy is working as  markets continue to open higher than expected as this article is being written.    

Who is facing Armageddon now? Why is it that we are reading about more and more of the mega-wealthy getting their end-of-times bunkers ready? Perhaps it is not because the world will collapse at our expense, giving them ultimate control of the world. But because THEIR world has reached an end-game and THEIR criminality in all spheres from the 9-11 false flag to “Kabuki theatre” elections are being revealed. We know who they are. And they now know WE KNOW their global nefarious goals.

What the Panama Papers show us is that we have the financial elite cabal on the run and they are desperate. They need huge financial infusions to keep their game going, and they can’t get it from us anymore, so they are now targeting the CRIMINAL RICH.

Squeezing the Criminal Rich

In 1989, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) first started to consider taking action to counter money laundering by international criminals. To this end they set up the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) based in Paris. It was charged with drawing up a set of universal standards covering law enforcement, financial regulation and international co-operation. This list eventually ran to 40 recommendations which has now been adopted by all 34 member states plus 13 other countries. What this now means is that: no longer will anonymously numbered bank accounts be tolerated; all OECD countries will have a common interpretation of ‘dirty’ money, and; from July, 2014 a new single standard on automatic exchange of information on tax matters comes into force which obliges countries and jurisdictions to obtain all financial information from their financial institutions and exchange that information automatically with other countries.

In March 2009, virtually all of the formerly “secret” tax haven jurisdictions, including Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Monaco, agreed to the exchange of banking information with foreign governments, including the U.S. This ended decades and in some cases centuries of banking secrecy.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service, which is just an arm of the financial cabal, went to the biggest offshore bankers in Switzerland and  charged two Swiss banks, collecting at least a billion dollars. This, in effect, told the entire off shore industry, not just Swiss banks, that IRS investigations will be commonplace.

gfi - us assets in tax havens

The Mafia’s Offshore Haven

Mossack-Fonseca was called the fourth largest “full service offshore haven.” This is CIA misinformation. If you want the largest offshore bankers you would not look at Mossack-Fonseca, you would look at the havens operated by the larger corporations:

• Experta Corporate & Trust Services

• Banque J. Safra Sarasin

• Luxembourge S. A.

• Credit Suisse

• Channel Islands Limited

• HSBC Private Bank (Monaco) S. A.

• HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) S. A.

• UBS AG (Succ. Rue Du Rhone)

• Coutts & Co. Trustees (Jersey) Limited

• Societe Generale Bank & Trust

• Luxembourglandsbanki

• Luxembourg S. A.

• Rothschild Trust

• Guernsey Limited

• Orbis Trustees Gernsey Limited

• Kleinwort Benson

• Commonwealth Trust Limited

The Queen of England, through the Bank of England, (CityofLondonUK) and the 53 Commonwealth Nations provide more offshore banking corporations as tax shelters to the mega-rich than all others. Small British islands provide services of secrecy in banking mechanisms that launder money stolen from nations and hidden in offshore banking.

Due to America’s war on offshore banking, many countries have changed their laws to comply with new agreements that provide more transparency. Consequently, offshore banking in many countries is closing down. Panama, with its reputation for arms dealing, drug smuggling and underworld services provided to every mafia in the world, thumbs its nose at America, and continues on with business as usual. It begs the question: Why do the representatives of Mossack-Fonseca act as if they don’t care and are certainly going to continue on with these fraudulent banking practices even though two huge leaks have compromised their business?

The Effects of Offshore Banking

James S. Henry, former chief economist at McKinsey & Company, estimates that wealthy individuals have $21 trillion to $32 trillion in private financial wealth tucked away in offshore havens. The Cayman Islands is now the 5th largest financial center in the world after London, New York, Tokyo and Zurich. There, in just one office, Ugland House, is housed a legal practice where 18,800 corporations are registered.

The Tax Justice Network has researched some 82 tax jurisdictions from around the world and calculates there are some 4,800 licensed banks in offshore centers, controlling an estimated US $21 trillion in assets as of 2013. And US $18.5 trillion of this is held by individuals in tax havens including US $6.1 trillion in UK dependent states.

One most notorious offshore center is Nauru where in 1998 $70 billion came up missing. Samoa and Vanuatu are the two most secretive of all tax havens. Next in line come Seychelles, St Lucia, Brunei, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis, San Marino, Antigua/Barbuda, Belize, Bahamas, Mauritius, Bermuda and Malaysia. Other major offshore tax havens are found in: Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Lebanon, Germany, Jersey, Japan, Panama, Malaysia, Bahrain, Guernsey, UAE, Canada, Austria.

As a result of this offshore accounting it is estimated that 60% of global trade now consists of internal transactions within multinational companies. In total it is estimated that this complex corporate offshore accounting multinational corporations avoid paying anything between $100 billion to $240 billion per year.

Frankly, Mossack-Fonseca is a small player in the offshore laundering market. It seems that it is the “low hanging fruit on the tree” for the financial elite cabal and once the criminal rich have been pillaged, the cabal will have no choice but to find ways to confiscate the wealth of other hidden sources such as the ones listed below. Don’t be surprised that as the year unfolds, so will the pillage of more and more funds like these where the criminal and ultra-rich rich hide their money from the world’s people. Since they can’t confiscate anymore wealth from the common folks, they have to start stealing from their own, until finally they only have themselves upon which to feed.

KEY POINT: It is not a bad thing that the world’s wealth is being consolidated into fewer and fewer hands. It will make it a lot easier to identify the few at the top and regain the world’s wealth, prosperity, and peace for all of us. So let them think we don’t know what they are doing (wink).


Other Places the Criminal Rich Hide Money

The City of London UK is now the money laundering capital of the world with UK firms aiding corrupt officials and criminals from across the globe to hide trillions of US dollars of ill-gotten gains. British-based banks have helped hide more than $6 trillion in nefarious payments and criminal proceeds since 2000 and warned that the City of London is now the epicenter of a global financial services racket.

Cayman Islands benefit from the added support of being a territory of the United Kingdom. The Caymans offer a number of tax-free incentives and little financial regulation and oversight.  Today the country is the world’s fifth largest financial services center, taking on business from the world’s biggest banks and corporations. It plays host to over 10,000 mutual funds (only Luxembourg has more), over 200 banks, over 90,000 companies, and 140 trust companies.  It’s the world’s top home for hedge funds and captive health insurance companies.

Bermuda is another piece of UK territory that has long been known as a tax haven. Bermuda’s tax system puts taxes on staff payrolls, but not on corporate earnings or investment income. Its largest customer for offshore transactions is the United States.

Guernsey belongs to the British Crown but makes its own laws on matters such as taxation. The island of 65,000 people has made a big push towards being an offshore finance destination, and its main street is lined with private banks, law firms, and accounting firms.

Jersey is another small British Crown dependency in the English Channel. Jersey prints its own banknotes and makes its own tax laws. A culture of secrecy and non-disclosure in the island has resulted in Jersey housing an estimated 5 billion dollars of wealth per square mile. Half of Jersey’s tax avoidance trade comes from the UK.

The United States is also the home of some major tax dodging. Much of the wealth being stored in small island tax havens actually originated in the US, so current American tax laws are failing to prevent companies from transferring money out of the country, and into secrecy. State laws in Nevada, Delaware, and Wyoming also enable companies to easily avoid corporate taxes.

Switzerland still offers some of the world’s strictest confidentiality. The country is stable and politically neutral.  The financial services industry is also protected by a strong consensus against any political changes that might affect the all-important offshore sector. Switzerland has also been a leader in technology, with secure encryption, internet banking, electronic funds transfers, and electronic signatures.

Panama has long been a key player in the international banking industry, and the country’s recent economic growth has further solidified its place as a financial leader. With over 80 international banks, it has one of the world’s largest banking sectors. Panama enjoys favorable tax laws, such as exemptions for foreign income, so you won’t be double-taxed.

Luxembourg has over twelve percent of the world’s market for offshore banking. Like other banking secrecy jurisdictions, it’s full of tax loopholes and loose financial regulations. Its tight banking secrecy policies are based more on the principle behind professional lawyer-client relationships, with even more privacy laws in the works.  The country is also reportedly setting up a high-security storage facility where clients can keep assets like paintings and gold.

Hong Kong is one of the fastest growing offshore havens in the world today.  It’s also become the chosen destination of those who’ve moved their European and North American accounts due to the privacy crackdowns in those jurisdictions of late. Interest rates are impressive, and tax laws are favorable for foreigners.  There are no taxes on capital gains, inheritances, dividends, or deposit interest.  Even profits from overseas trades that pay to Hong Kong-managed accounts are usually exempt.

Singapore regrettably earned its place as a top financial center by turning a blind eye to illegal foreign activity. It’s currently one of the world’s fastest growing wealth management industries, expected to rival Switzerland by 2020. Singapore’s tax rates are among the lowest in Asia.

United Arab Emirates city of Dubai first emerged as an important financial center when it shifted its focus to the flow of massive amounts of money circulating among its oil-rich neighbors and beyond. Benefits include low taxes, a number of tax-free zones, and a level of privacy that rivals that of Swiss banks.  Due to its ask-no-questions philosophy, it’s home to considerable illegal activity.

Lebanon is often hailed as the “Switzerland of the Middle East” for its tight bank secrecy laws.  Banking privacy in Lebanon is “absolute” and guaranteed by law, with violations being subject to criminal prosecution. Foreigners pay no local income tax on interest and revenues earned in Lebanese banks.  Likewise there are no inheritance taxes, stamp duties on contracts, corporate income taxes, or taxes on dividend distributions or capital gains.

Belize offers a myriad of products and services to international investors from all over the world. Clients can easily set up a corporation, trust, or limited liability partnership.

Bahrain its economy is related to oil, but there’s also a large and growing financial sector, including Islamic finance. Bahrain doesn’t charge income tax or corporate tax, but does have a social security tax. Overall, this makes the country an attractive place to funnel financial transactions through.

Malaysia (Labuan) has very low tax system. While the government takes measures against money laundering, it doesn’t tax the international income of companies registered in Labuan, and only charges 3% on any income from within Labuan.

Singapore’s financial secrecy laws are tighter than most, so it’s difficult to track the millions of transactions that pump through this thriving Asian trading hub every day.

Seychelles scores big points for its high level of bank secrecy.  Its long-standing privacy policy protects the identity of the beneficial owners of companies and corporations.  As a result, it’s one of the world’s best places to set up a closely-held offshore corporation. The nation is lax about reporting interest income to foreign tax authorities.


TrustNet – A Typical Offshore Fraud

One third of all world wealth is held offshore, and about half of all world trade flows through there.”   — The Tax Justice Network

TrustNet is the largest independent offshore operator in Asia. The main product that TrustNet sells is secrecy. The firm helps ensure names, finances, business interests and political links remain hidden. It creates maze-like layers of companies and financial trusts in multiple countries and in many cases helps clients open overseas bank accounts in the names of anonymous companies rather than in their own names. TrustNet helps create made-to-measure or prefabricated “shell” companies. Inside purpose-built corporate vehicles are luxury yachts, art masterpieces, rare collections, and other forms of tangible wealth.

While the Swiss pioneered secret bank accounts and tax shelters almost a century ago, remnants of the British empire took a leading role in the spread of the offshore banking and services, beginning with Bermuda, the Bahamas and the Channel Islands in the 1930s, followed by the Cayman Islands in the 1960s, the British Virgin Islands in the 1980s and many others along the way. They set up long-term “asset protection trusts” that will protect their fortunes from lawsuits, creditors and, if necessary, government authorities.

Swiss middlemen arrange the financial affairs of some of Europe’s wealthiest individuals – for example the banker Elie de Rothschild and industrialist Hans Heinrich Thyssen – by setting up business entities in tax havens such as Panama, the British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. This is known as “asset protection” but really is tax avoidance and evasion.

Peter Hafter called on the services on Portcullis TrustNet. From Zurich, he opened a limited liability company called Triton Limited on the island of Rarotonga. His client was a German-born photographer and heir to the Opel dynasty (Opel cars). Yet Gunter Sachs does not feature in any of Triton’s official documentation. Its directors are Peter Hafter and two of Sachs’ associates. On paper it is they who own the company’s 2,000 bearer shares.

Peter Hafter also set up a second front company called Tantris Limited along with four trusts – Parkland Oak, Moon Crystal, Espan Water and Sequoia – all of them incorporated in the Cook Islands. These firms were created to host a substantial share of Gunter Sachs’s fortune. Peter Hafter is a trustee of all four, meaning that he is not acting for himself, but for the beneficiaries – who are none other than Sachs’s three sons. Yet, Gunter Sachs himself was a beneficiary of at least two of the funds and thus had access to the money. A “special arrangement” was found to keep Gunter Sachs name secret. He was anonymous amid the anonymity of the Cook Islands. Sachs retained control of the funds until his death.

Baron Elie de Rothschild built an offshore empire in the Cook Islands between 1996 and 2003. He constructed a complex network of offshore trusts and front companies. At least 20 trusts and 10 holding companies were set up for Rothschild in the Cook Islands. All of them are linked in a multi-layered, complicated web. Each of the companies is listed as trustee of one or more of the trusts.

JPMorgan Chase – A Perfect Example of Warlord Fraud

JPMorgan Chase and its corporate forebears have been accused of serving as conduits for money controlled by drug smugglers, mobsters and political despots and acting as magnets for “flight capital” from rich tax dodgers from Latin America and other regions. The bank also played a part, lawsuits alleged, in massive tax haven-enabled frauds in the Enron and Madoff scandals.

Criminals and connivers rely on easy access to banks in the U.S., the UK and other rich nations to  hide their assets from investigators and tax collectors and shift money in and out of offshore hideaways. Without this access to big banks, their shell games wouldn’t be possible.

Whistleblower Who Blew the Lid Off the 2010 Multi-Million Dollar Wachovia Money Laundering Scandal Asks “Has Anything Changed”?

In June 1985, the Treasury Department fined Chase and other New York banks for ignoring one of the government’s basic safeguards against financial chicanery — the federal Bank Secrecy Act’s requirement that banks report any transactions involving $10,000 or more in cash. Chase  paid a then-record fine of $360,000, based on 1,442 unreported transactions totaling $853 million.

In 2003, New York prosecutors claimed that an unlicensed money-transfer firm in Manhattan directed $9 billion in wire transactions through three dozen accounts at JPMorgan, (Bank Service Convicted Of Illegal Transfers) moving money around the world for drug dealers and other criminals. The bank acknowledged to authorities that it had been ” too slow and not forceful enough” in vetting the money-transfer firm, but said it would work to tighten its money laundering safeguards.

Authorities reached settlements with HSBC,  Citigroup and UK-headquartered   Standard Chartered Bank over alleged money-laundering compliance failures.  HSBC agreed to pay more than $1.9 billion to  settle an investigation into evidence it shifted cash for rogue nations, terrorists and Mexican drug lords.

A 2008 U.S. government  report found JPMorgan had 50 subsidiaries in Bermuda, the Bahamas and other places labeled as tax havens or secrecy jurisdictions, tied for 11th highest among the 100 largest U.S. companies.

In 2011, the bank paid nearly $90 million to settle regulators’ claims that it had  violated economic sanctions against Iran, Cuba and other countries under U.S. embargoes.

(The authors of this article encourage readers to continue drilling down on this type of fraud perpetrated by global banks and submit your research to this website so that others can see the details of the big picture. Our mission is to give you the panoramic view so that you can fill in with your own research.) 


The Battle of the Wealth Showdown

Some estimates say one third of the world’s yearly revenues pass through offshore accounts that pay little or no taxes in the nations where the money was earned. Estimates place the amount of wealth currently in offshore accounts as high as 35 trillion. This is, in our opinion, a conservative estimate and doesn’t take into account holdings in blind trusts that own most of the natural resources of the world, especially commodities like gold, silver, uranium, mineral rights, land, art, and currency.

Has anyone noticed that the Queen’s offshore accounts haven’t been threatened by the IRS? All other nations, even “shady Panama,” have been put on notice but the old guard, the old wealth of the British and European monarchies are unscathed.

The two groups who battle for world dominion are defined by the two types of wealth, two very powerful world monarchs, represented in offshore banking and brought into focus by the fraudulent banking schemes of Mossack-Fonseca and other tax havens.

New Home for Secret Bank Accounts

The largest Western offshore banking happens in New York City and Delaware. Secret bank accounts, tax evasion and fraudulent banking is well established by the old New York Warlord Bankers that have been selling out to Trans-National tax evaders since the inception of the US Federal Reserve. But the new home of Rothschild offshore banking in America has come to Nevada, South Dakota, and Wyoming. In fact, the wealth of offshore banks has been corralled into the offshore pens of America.

KEY POINT: Could this be an intentional strategy to amass the world’s fraudulent wealth deep inside the United States, aka the world’s military-industrial complex? Who will have final access over the world’s wealth then?

America has not agreed to the new offshore banking standards of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and can, therefore, become the new home of the wealthy who are not part of the Queen’s Commonwealth offshore banking which still seems protected. America versus the English Commonwealth is the new polarity of offshore wealth. Of course, the Queen has the old money while the U.S. is becoming the haven for criminal money, western warlord banking money, and the French House of Rothschild’s money.

KEY POINT:  Since revenues are down due to world-wide recessions and zero interest rates, the wealthy have to fight over yearly revenues to keep building their empires.

Up until now, the U.S. had fallen into place and followed the lead of the CityofLondonUK’s through central banking and the round table process, known as the Council on Foreign Relations. In our articles on the  Military-Industrial Complex, we describe how this arrangement serves the City of London, UK and how the U.S. military industrial complex is set to protect the wealth and primacy of the Queen of England and the central banks. But what the Council on Foreign Relations does not know and what you will learn in part 2 of The Final Steps to Armageddon is that the geopolitical landscape is set for a major upheaval as two opposing factions meet at the global  O.K. Corral sometime before Christmas 2016.

By the way, the one group who plans on winning this battle is perfectly fine with the other group corralling the world’s nefarious wealth into one, convenient location in the United States. Because they have a plan for seizing all of it in the end.

SPOILER ALERT:  The Council on Foreign Relations and CityofLondonUK have already lost the gunfight.

People are getting smart and the recent attempt at crashing the stock market to steal 401K investor’s wealth backfired on the wealthy. Even George Soros is being called out for his evil manipulation of currencies, commodities, and geopolitical machinations that promote a one world economy. He has practically yelled out these intentions from the rooftop. Soros, and many others like him, are puppet players of the Rothschild’s, just as JP Morgan, Rockefeller, and other Warlord Bankers who strive for a one world government because they know that they will secure corporate and banking monopolies, including the world’s wealth, religion, and military, that will to serve the globalists in a two-class society—the elite (1%) and their slaves (99%).

Sides are Being Drawn

As we explain in part 2 of The Final Steps Towards Armageddon, there are two sides in the global world war for world domination:

The Queen of England

The King of Spain

At this point you may be thinking, “Wasn’t the Anglo-Spanish War conducted hundreds of years ago?” Indeed it was, but if you review the hyperlink on the Anglo-Spanish War, you will see the same cast of characters fighting over the same issues: Protestantism vs. Catholicism, and the age-old war of world domination.

In the modern-day version of this ongoing war, we have the Queen of England and the old guard who are members of the Knights of Malta, the most exclusive club for the mega-wealthy on Earth. The Knights of Malta fly under a banner of charity and inclusiveness, but in reality the Knights of Malta do little for charity and their real mission is to provide economic, political, and military intelligence for a club of “old guard” Warlord Bankers who have their self-interest at heart. Central banks and their affiliates are the agents who control national economies and global politics.

The Knights of Malta swear allegiance to the White Pope, Francis I, even if they are Jewish or Muslim.  This allegiance is basically a vow to retain and grow their wealth through association with the Pope, the Knights of Malta, and the Vatican Bank, the biggest money laundering bank in the world. The Catholic Church takes in hundreds of billions of dollars a year under the guise of charity and redistribution of wealth to the poor but there is little to show for such large amounts of “donations.”

Many conspiracy theorists point at the Knights of Malta and stop there. This corporation has a long history and has merged the work of the Knights Hospitallers and the Templar Knights. But what is little known is that the Jesuits have fought over the control of the Knights of Malta for hundreds of years and the road to Jerusalem was laid out in the 11th Century.

In Part 2 of The Final Steps to Armageddon, we show you how Juan Carlos opposes the Queen in the ongoing Anglo-Spanish War.

The final battle is here. The King of Jerusalem, who is a Jesuit, will be home by Christmas.

SPOILER: The Jesuits are not Catholic.   

Click here for PART 2 of the “Final Steps to Armageddon”.