Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex? Part II

Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex? Part II


Cutting the Gordian Knot of all Time


This election is our last chance to save U.S. sovereignty and to end the domination of the political establishment over the interests of working Americans.                                                                     

                                                         — Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama

By Anonymous Patriots

If you have read who is in charge of the Military-Industrial Complex and didn’t lose your mind at how convoluted our world geopolitical landscape has become, hold on to your seat because the rollercoaster ride gets really crazy at this point.

Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?

Sorry that we have to give you some dry statistics up front, but if it doesn’t interest you, save it for an “after read” and scan on down for the intel you will need to defeat our enemies. We are your armchair Anonymous Patriots, too old in the flesh to help on the battlefield, but minds still sharp enough to give you younger warriors a detailed map of the terrain. And like everything we present to you, please don’t think you know where we are headed in our analysis. Take the time to read and pass along to fellow patriots. And please read our 18 point immediate solutions of cutting the cord on this Gordian Knot.   

We all know that a small number of banks have a monopoly over the global economy by owning stock in all sides of international conflicts. These transnational warlord banks own the 43,000 transnational companies which comprise 60% of the world’s income.  It is estimated that the top 1300 transnational companies generate about 20% of the world’s income.

These top corporations basically own each other through shared stock and investments.

The interwoven collusion between these entities is a tangled knot of corporations, banks, asset management companies, holding companies, investment companies, LLCs, PLCs, LLPs, AGs, private groups, trusts, and a thousand other economic instruments that hide the flow of revenue from national taxation. Off shore banking, Swiss numbered accounts, resource management, hidden accounts and thousands of other banking tricks make money out of nothing and fly much higher than the laws of the land. Through these economic war-tools, countries are plundered, currencies manipulated and continuous war promoted.

Here is a list of some of the criminal banking warlords who gut America for personal profit through international control of economics, currencies and war.  Please note that the top warlords are banks and financial institutions who technically produce nothing for our economy and own the lion’s share of every military contractor in America.

Vanguard Group, Inc. (Assets Under Management-AUM- 3 trillion)

State Street Corp. (AUM 2.4 trillion)

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Assets 2.3 trillion)

Bank of America Corp. (Assets of 2 trillion)

FMR Corp (Assets 2 trillion)

Citigroup (Assets of 1.7 trillion)

Deuthsche Bank AG (Assets 1.6 trillion)

Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (AUM 1.6 trillion)

Societe Generale (AUM 1.3 trillion)

Capital Group Companies Inc. (AUM 1.3 trillion)

UBS AG (Assets 1 trillion)

Barclays PLC (Assets 1 trillion)

AXA (AUM 1 trillion)

Northern Trust Corporation (AUM 924 billion)

Wellington Management Co. LLP (Assets 904 billion)

Credit Suisse (Assets 872 billion)

Goldman Sachs (Assets 861 billion)

Lloyds TSB Group PLC (Assets 800 billion)

Prudential Financial (Assets 766 billion)

T. Rowe Price (AUM 738 billion)

Legal & General Group PLC (618 billion)

Commerzbank AG (Assets 550 billion)

Studies have shown that 80% of the ownership of the top 1300 corporations was in the hands of 737 corporations world-wide. Of those 737 corporations, 147 corporations directly own 40% of the income.

If we look at the list of some of the top corporations we will see the usual suspects – banks and financial corporations. These corporations in turn own industry, oil, weapons, perpetual military contracts, pharmaceuticals, food, Telecom, IT and the other most profitable companies – especially war related.

A short list of some of the corporations in the 737 controlling group of warlords is offered here.  Note that many of the names are also listed above as banking warlords.

Barclays PLC, AXA, State Street Corporation, Capital Group Companies Inc., JP Morgan Chase & Co., Legal & General Group PLC, Vanguard Group, Inc., UBS AG, Wellington Management Co. LLP, Deutsche Bank AG, Franklin Resources, Inc., Credit Suisse Group, Bank of New York Mellon Corp., NATIXIS,  Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., T. Rowe Price Group, Inc., Legg Mason, Inc., Morgan Stanley, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc., Northern Trust Corporation, Societe Generale, Bank of America Corporation, Lloyds TSB Group PLC, Invesco PLC, Allianz SE, TIAA, Old Mutual Public Limited Co., Aviva PLC, Schroders PLC, Dodge & Cox

Transnationalism is centered on taking revenue from a country without paying taxes by funneling money through multiple economic institutions that take advantage of legal loopholes and continuing deregulation of the investment industry. Some banks have a dozen other components that shuffle profits and losses until the “group” pays no taxes and often takes the profits out of America to foreign investors. America’s highest earners pay little or no taxes because of the Gordian Knot of economic entanglement.  Internationalism is an excuse to manipulate and control national economies. International trade agreements have all tended to increase the income of the warlords while nations falter.

Let’s look at some of the ways transnational corporations steal from America to line their pockets with gold.  International corporations, agencies, and courts are established to support the agenda of transnational investments and corporations. Under the guise of “economic development” or “foreign aid”, international groups loan huge amounts of money to countries for development. Actually, the money goes to corporations who come into countries and set up industries that take advantage of human and natural resources. Generally, the corporations make out great while the country is left holding the debt. Then, an international court or group settles the debt with complicated banking maneuvers. Corporations get richer, along with their stockholders, while the “less-developed” are plundered. 

This happens in every field of economic endeavor, whether it be physical conflict, currency manipulation, stock market manipulation, resource manipulation or political control. Often, the poor country is made to pay double for the income the transnational corporations gained. Then, currency manipulation makes the debt fall back onto the shoulders of the tax payers who incur a huge debt for generations. (Wow, what a gig these guys have on the backs of humanity.)

Below is a list of some of the shady corporations, agencies, courts, and banks that carry out these economic and civil crimes under the guise of helpful international organizations which act as if they are above reproach because they are “international.”

Archetypal Transnationalism:

Corporations of the New World Order of the United Nations

The United Nations is an international organization of 193 nations that promotes global cooperation through a New World Order under one government, one economy and one religion.

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”                      —  Woodrow Wilson

Central Banks modeled after Italian and Vatican central banking systems. There are 60 central bank systems throughout the world: i.e., Bank of England, Banque de France, US Federal Reserve, Vatican Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, European Central Bank, etc.

“The [private] Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our constitution . . . If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”      —   Thomas Jefferson

The Bank for International Settlements founded in 1930 in Switzerland with 60 central bank members.  It serves as a bank for central banks. It was created to handle the war debt of Germany and later funded Hitler.

“Give me control of a Nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”
     —   M. A. Rothschild

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
Henry Ford


US Federal Reserve was proposed by M.M. Warburg & Co (Germany), Chase Manhattan Bank (US), N M Rothschild & Sons (London), Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris, Israel Moses Seiff of Italy, Lehman Brothers of New York, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York (now part of Lehman Brothers) and Goldman Sachs (US) with a little help from other central banks and banks owned by major banking families: Rothschild Bank of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, J. P. Morgan of New York, among others. The US Federal Reserve is modeled after the original central banks of Venice, Genoa, Florence and the Vatican.

“Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders.”         —  Congressman Louis McFadden

International Monetary Fund (1944) makes resources available for the 188 member countries in the case of economic difficulties. Countries contribute funds to a pool through a quota system from which countries experiencing balance of payment difficulties can borrow from the 800 billion dollar fund.

This election is our last chance to save U.S. sovereignty and to end the domination of the political establishment over the interests of working Americans. The events of history have aligned to give the people this fleeting chance to bust up the oligarchy – to take back control from the ‘Masters of the Universe’ return it to the good and decent and patriotic citizens of the United States.”      —Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama

World Bank Group (1945) makes leveraged loans to developing countries through one of its divisions:

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1945)

International Finance Corporation (1956)

International Development Association (1960)

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (1966)

Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (1988)

World Bank Institute (1955, formerly the Economic Development Institute)

World Federalist Movement (1947, Switzerland) – supports the establishment of a                                 global federal system of democratized global institutions.

European Investment Bank (1958, Luxembourg) – established in 1958 under the Treaty of Rome to provide financing for capital investment for European Union policy objectives.

United Nations Capital Development Fund (1966) – part of the UN Development Program

     “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

— John F. Kennedy, April 27, 1961

Examples of Transnationalist Non-Profit Foundations

Heritage Foundation (1973) – is considered to be one of the most influential conservative research organization in the United States.  It receives support from nearly 100 major corporations.

The Asia Foundation (1974) – is a development organization that addresses critical issues in economics and regional cooperation. 

United Nations Foundation (1998) – was founded by CNN founder Ted Turner in 1998 to support US participation in UN programs.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2000) – is the largest charitable foundation in the world and is controlled by three trustees: Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett.

Rockefeller Foundation (1913) was founded by Knight of Malta members John D. Rockefeller and John D. Rockefeller Jr. as a “Smart Globalization” project.

Ford Foundation (1936) has assets over 12 billion and makes grants to recipients in all fields of endeavors.

The Knights of Malta – Global Insider Trading

The Knights of Malta are the militia of the Pope, and are sworn to total obedience by a blood oath which is taken extremely seriously and to the death. The Pope as the head of the Vatican is also the head of a foreign national power.”    

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences” by Albert G. Mackey,
Masonic History Company, New York, 1925.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.43.46 PM

“The Order of Malta is a hidden government and the most mysterious government in the world.” 
The Knights of Malta – More than a Conspiracy”, by Jamal Muhammad Abidat, from Al-Bayan

An excellent article about the Knights of Mata appeared in The Unhived Mind – 13th September 2013.  We quote selections and condense parts of the article below to help clarify the nature of the Knights of Malta and their direct connection to the Warlord Bankers described and enumerated above.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Order of Malta) took control of the power and wealth of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon from within the Roman system. The SMOM controlled the banking and military power for the Vatican for hundreds of years.

The Jesuits subordinated the SMOM in 1798 aided by Napoleon Bonaparte. This would eventually lead to the Jesuits installing British control over Malta and the founding of a Jesuit College manned by British Jesuits. Some may find this strange how the Jesuits would aid Britain but you have to understand the suppression of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits became somewhat crippled by this suppression in Catholic controlled Europe so in order for the Jesuits to secure South American wealth they used Protestant banking houses and formed an alliance with the Venetian influences over Britain like the Pallavicini family who control the Monarchy and Rothschilds.

The Jesuits in 1840 put the Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha bloodline into the position of Monarchy of Great Britain. This house is known today as the Windsor House which still rules the region. The same fate would eventually happen to the Vatican itself after suppressing the Jesuits in 1773. The Jesuit Order had taken control of the Papacy by 1814 and had enacted revenge once again.

In the Vatican power structure, the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem ranks above the Order of Malta. The Grandmaster of the Sepulchre is a Cardinal by the name of Edwin Frederick O’Brien. Only The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George comes close in Cardinal membership. King Juan Carlos of Spain controls the Constantinian Order.

The Order of Malta and the recognized protestant divisions all play a role commanded by the Jesuit Order. This includes The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem controlled by Queen Elizabeth II. If you look at the last Grandmasters of the Order of Malta you will notice they came from Britain. Former-Grandmaster Andrew Willougby Ninian Bertie was a cousin to Queen Elizabeth II. These Grandmasters all originate within the Grand Priory of England currently controlled by Grand Prior Ian Scott. The British arm of the Order of Malta controlling St John’s Wood is known as the Grand Priory of England. This location was once also a Knights Templar headquarters in Britain. The Order of Malta even owned Londinium (The City of London). The City of London was rented out by the Order of Malta. The Jesuits took over Londinium in 1825 aided by the Rothschild family.

When you take a look at many of the influential positions of power today whether it is in banking, military, pharmaceutical or intelligence and you will always find Knights of Malta.

The Knights of Malta are mainly involved in working for and with the Black Nobility (royalty without an active throne), the Vatican, and the various Papal and Royal Orders, especially the Jesuits who are ultimately in control of the Vatican and the Military Order of Malta. The SMOM’s most powerful controlling inner-cores are the Order of the Garter and the Pilgrim Society.

The Commonwealth of Nations, headed by Queen Elizabeth II, is made up of 53 nations, spanning the globe, accounting for one-fifth of the land mass of the Earth, and a very high percentage of its strategic resources and population. The Queen is a Knight of Malta and has shown allegiance to the Pope.

When you look at who controls the financial world you will find it is the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Order of Malta and Opus Dei through the City of London Corporation and The Worshipful Company of Mercers and the more recent The Worshipful Company of International Bankers.

King Juan Carlos has control of the Temple Bar since the Jesuits re-installed his ancient bloodline as the Monarchy of Spain in 1975. King Juan Carlos has the title of the King of Jerusalem and is also a high-level power within the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. King Juan Carlos is the Grandmaster of the Order of the Calatrava and the Order of the Montessa, the origins of the Jesuit Order and continuum of the Knights Templar of Aragon.

King Juan Carlos of Spain is a Bourbon noble with Farnese blood in his veins, is a preeminent member of Queen of England Elizabeth II’s Order of the Garter, of English Cardinal Matthew Festing’s Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and of (now deceased) American Cardinal John Patrick Foley’s Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem – the most powerful of all papal knighthoods.



Well Known Knights of Malta:

Cardinal Dolan (Archbishop of New York City), Edmund A. Walsh  (Georgetown University), Jack Valenti (Motion Picture Association of America), Joseph Kennedy, Walt Disney, Spyros Skouros (Warner Brothers), Henry R. Luce (Time, Inc.), Frank Capra, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Saxton (Hollywood Studios International), Jose Barroso (European Union), Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, Erik Prince (Blackwater), William Randolph Hearst, David Rockefeller

Other Knights of Malta:

Alan Keyes, Alberto Moscato, Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Alexander Haig JR., Alexandre de Marenches, Allen Dulles, Anatoli M. Golitsin, Anthony Blunt, Antony Blair, Anthony Charles Zinni, Augusto Pinochet, Avery Dulles, Avro Manhattan, Benito Mussolini, Bernard Francis Law, Bernard Jensen, Bowie Kuhn, Burton Gerber, Carlo Marullo di Condojanni, Cartha D. DeLoach, Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Charlie Rose, Clare Boothe Luce, Clay L. Shaw, Conrad Hilton, Count Umberto Ortolani, Darrell Issa, Drolor Bosso Adamtey I, Ed Artis, Edward G. Landsdale, Edward L. Hennessy, Jr., Emilio T. Gonzalez, Fidel Castro, Francis D. Flanagan, Francis V. Ortiz, Francis L. Kellogg, Frank Capra, Frank C Carlucci, Frank Sinatra, Franz von Papen, Frederic von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Fritz Thyssen, Gen Charles A. Willoughby, General de Lorenzo, General Mark Clark, General Richard Stilwell, General Vernon A. Walters, Gen Lemuel C. , George Rocca, George Tenet, George W. Anderson, Gerald Coughlin, Gerard T Lagleder, Gerard R. Roche, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Guy Stair Sainty, Ham Shirvani, Harold A.R. ‘Kim’ Philby, Harry Luke, Heinrich Himmler, Henry R. Luce, Herman Schmidt, Hilario Davide, Holland Coors, Jack Singlaub, James A. Farrell, James Jesus Angleton, James J. Phelan, Jeane Kirkpatrick, J. Edgar Hoover, Jeffery Coors, Joe Coors, John Robert Bolton, John Farrell, John Jakob Raskob, John A. McCone, John Philby, John Stuttard, Jose Antonio Linati-Bosch, Joseph Brennan, Joseph Edward Schmitz, Joseph Peter Grace, Joseph Retinger, Juan Carlos I, Juan Peron, Kim Philby, Konrad Adenauer, Kurt Waldheim, Lee Iacocca, Leonard George Horowitz, Licio Gelli, Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, John McShain, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Chertoff, Nelson Mandela, Nicholas F. Brady, Oliver North, Otto von Habsburg, Patrick Joseph Buchanan, Pete Domenici, Phyllis Schlafly, Precott Bush, Jr., Prince Massimo Spada, Prince Valerio Borghese, Raymond Barre, Raymond Flynn, Raymond J Heuchling, Raymond Rocca, Reinhard Gehlen, Richard Campbell, Richard Dick Price, Richard Riordan, Rick Joyner, Rick Santorum, Ricky Skaggs, Robert L. Shafer, Robert Zoellick, Ronald Reagan, Rudolph Giuliani, Sir Stewart Menzies, Ted Kennedy, Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill, “Tony” Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, Victor Emmanuel, Walter Isaacson, Walter Paepcke, William F. Buckley, Jr., William J. Casey, William Egan Colby, William Joseph Donovan, William Westmoreland, and Winston Churchill.

Knights of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem

Knights of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem (EOHSJ) form the foremost knighthood subject to the Pope of Rome. This Equestrian Order goes back to the Roman Caesars and presently serves as the bodyguard for the Black Pope in his war room, Borgo Santo Spirito, just outside of Vatican walls. Above the ubiquitous Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta) commanding the Vatican’s International Intelligence Community, both work together in reducing all nations to the Temporal Power of the Pope

Above both Papal Knighthoods presides the Black Pope advised and aided by his ten Jesuit assistants. Both Knighthoods are most desirous of Jerusalem, the de facto real property of the papacy. Over sixty percent of the land composing the City of Jerusalem is already owned by the Vatican. 

The Knights of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem have always claimed to rule Jerusalem for the papacy. Their great desire is to rid Jerusalem of the Muslim threat to the building of the Third Hebrew Temple. The Equestrians are above the Knights Templars as well as the Knights of Malta, overseeing both orders in their quest of building Rome’s Revived “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem” for “the Vicar of Christ.” 

The financial and political power of the Knights of Malta and their central bank systems encompasses subversive control of central banks worldwide, and fiscal policy via members.  Thus, it controls the Group of 20 (G-20) powers as well as all lesser nations.  The privileged elite believe they are given sanction through the “Divine Right of Kings” which ensures that they are above the law of any country.  They act as the protectors of the Jesuit Order’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem – the most important Roman Catholic site in Israel, the Pope’s “Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.”


J. Henry Schroder Banking Company

Archetypal Transnational Warlord Banker

Now that we have a flavor of the knighthoods that surround the Vatican and create a network of intelligence that amounts to the largest insider trading conspiracies in history, we should look at one of the members and see how this knighthood plays out on the international monetary scene.

J. Henry Schroder is one of the most profitable Banking Warlords who takes his insider tips from his relatives and friends in the Knights of Malta.  J. Henry Schroder Banking Company is listed as Number 2 in capitalization in “Capital City” on the list of the seventeen merchant bankers who make up the exclusive Accepting Houses Committee in London, which originally included: Hambros BankHill SamuelMorgan Genfell, RothchildJ. Henry Schroder WaggArbuthnot Latham, Seligman Brothers, and S.G. Warburg among others.  (Definition of an accepting house.)

Original Accepting Houses of the City of London

Hambros Bank – is also known as SG Hambros Bank Ltd, J.O Hambro Capital Management, Rupert Hambro & Partners, EC Hambro Rabben & Partners, JO Hambro and Sons, Hambro Magan Corporate Finance, J O Hambro Capital Management, JO Hambro Investment Management, Rupert Hambro & Partners, Firecrest Hambro, EC Hambro Rabben & PartnersDuke Street Capital, STAR Capital Partners, Getty Images, Peter Hambro Mining and Gold, Petropavlovsk.

Hill Samuel – is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group‘s Offshore Private Banking unit. It was formerly a leading British merchant bank and financial services firm before the takeover by TSB Group Plc. in 1987, which itself merged with Lloyds Bank to become Lloyds TSB in 1995.

Morgan GenfellGeorge Peabody & Co., Peabody & Co., Morgan Grenfell & Co. Ltd., subsequently J. P. Morgan & Co., Morgan Guaranty Trust. In 1990, Morgan Grenfell was acquired by Deutsche Bank. 

N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, Rothschild Group, Rothchild & Co. or Rothschild is a British  multinational investment banking company controlled by the Rothschild family.  Rothschild’s financial advisory division is known to serve British nobility, including the British Royal Family. Chairman Sir Evelyn Rothschild is currently the personal financial advisor of Queen Elizabeth II, and she knighted him in 1989 for his services to banking and finance. Also known as, Rothschild Continuation Holdings AG, Concordia BV, etc.

J. Henry Schroder Wagg or Schroders plc, is a British multinational asset management company, founded in 1804. Also, Schrobanco, Wertheim & Co., Schroder Salomon Smith Barney, Schroder Asset Management, Schroder Investment, Schroder Group, etc.

Arbuthnot Latham & Co is a private bank in the City of London. Also, Arbuthnot Banking Group, Secure Trust Banking Group, 131 Finsbury Pavement (No.1) Ltd.  In 1983 its name changes to the Arbuthnot Latham Bank. In 1988 the company is purchased by the NZI Trust and Investment Corporation.  In 1989 NZI Trust is acquired by the General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation.  In 1991 its name changes to 131 Finsbury Pavement (No.1) Ltd.

Seligman Brothers or J. & W. Seligman & Co. (1864) was a prominent U.S. investment bank in New York that began in Frankfort. The firm was involved in financing railroads, the construction of the Panama Canal, Standard OilGeneral Motors and public utilities among other things. Seligman Brothers was bought by S. G. Warburg & Co. in 1957.  Today it operates Seligman Investments.  Also known as,  J.& W. Seligman & Co. Inc., Broad Street Investing Co., Seligman Common Stock Fund, Union Securities, Eastman Dillon Union Securities & Co., Blyth, Eastman Dillon & Co.Paine Webber, UBS AG, Tri-Continental Corporation, Seligman Mutual Funds, Shearson Lehman/American Express, Henderson plc, Seligman Henderson Co., U.S. Trust Corp., Seligman Global Horizon Funds, Seligman Communication & Information Fund, Ameriprise Financial, and Seligman Advisors.

S. G. Warburg & Co. was a London-based investment bank. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. The firm was acquired by Swiss Bank Corporation in 1995 and ultimately became a part of UBS.

Arbuthnot Latham & Co is a private bank in the City of London. Part of the Arbuthnot Banking Group, Secure Trust Banking Group, now called 131 Finsbury Pavement (No.1) Ltd.  In 1983 the name changes to the Arbuthnot Latham Bank, in 1988 it is purchased by NZI Trust and Investment Corporation, in 1989 NZI Trust is acquired by the General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation, in 1991 the name changes to 131 Finsbury Pavement (No.1) Ltd.

Nazi Warlord Banker J. Henry Schroder

Schroders’ history began in 1804 when Johann Heinrich Schröder (John Henry) became a partner in the London-based firm of his brother, Johann Friedrich (John Frederick). In 1818 J. Henry Schröder & Co. was established in London.  J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation (Schrobanco) was established as a commercial bank in New York in 1923, the public offering of the shares in J. Henry Schroder & Co. Ltd on the London Stock Exchange in 1959 and the acquisition of Helbert, Wagg & Co, a leading issuing house, in 1962.

Schroders played a leading role in the privatizations carried out by the UK Government in the 1980s and was to grow dramatically under Winfried Bischoff. Schroder sold its investment banking division to Citigroup for £1.3 billion. 

J. Henry Schroder Banking Company is almost unknown in the United States even though it has played a large part in our history. Like the others on this list of Accepting Houses, it had first to be approved by the Bank of England. And, like the Warburg family (side note: with a family name like War Burg makes sense that family business is war), the von Schroders began their banking operations in Hamburg, Germany. At the turn of the century, in 1900, Baron Bruno von Schroder established the London branch of the firm. He was soon joined by Frank Cyril Tiarks, in 1902. Tiarks married Emma Franziska of Hamburg, and was a director of the Bank of England from 1912 to 1945.

In his book, Aggression, Otto Lehmann-Russbeldt tells us that:

“Hitler was invited to a meeting at the Schroder Bank in Berlin on January 4, 1933. The leading industrialists and bankers of Germany tided Hitler over his financial difficulties and enabled him to meet the enormous debt he had incurred in connection with the maintenance of his private army. In return, he promised to break the power of the trade unions. On May 2, 1933, he fulfilled his promise.” 

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia states:

“The banking house Schroder Bros. (Hitler’s banker) was established in 1846; its partners today are the Barons von Schroeder, related to branches in the United States and England.” 

Kurt von Schroeder, born in 1889, was partner in the Cologne Bankhaus, J.H. Stein & Co., which had been founded in 1788. After the Nazis gained power in 1933, Schroeder was appointed the German representative at the Bank for International Settlements. The Kilgore Committee in 1940 stated that Schroeder’s influence with the Hitler Administration was so great that he had Pierre Laval appointed head of the French Government during the Nazi Occupation. The Kilgore Committee listed more than a dozen important titles held by Kurt von Schroeder in the 1940’s, including President of Deutsche Reichsbahn, Reich Board of Economic Affairs, SS Senior Group Leader, Council of Reich Post Office, Deutsche Reichsbank and other leading banks and industrial groups. Schroeder served on the board of all International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) subsidiaries in Germany.

In 1938, the London Schroder Bank became the German financial agent in Great Britain. The New York branch of Schroder had been merged in 1936 with the Rockefellers, as Schroder, Rockefeller Inc. at 48 Wall Street. Carlton P. Fuller of Schroder was president of this firm, and Avery Rockefeller was vice-president. He had been a behind the scenes partner of J. Henry Schroder for years, and had set up the construction firm of Bechtel Corporation, whose previous employees played a leading role in the Reagan Administration, as Secretary of Defense [Weinberger] and Secretary of State [Shultz].

Victor Perlo writes, in The Empire of High Finance:

“The Hitler government made the London Schroder Bank their financial agent in Britain and America. Hitler’s personal banking account was with J.M. Stein Bankhaus, the German subsidiary of the Schroder Bank. F.C. Tiarks of the British J. Henry Schroder Company was a member of the Anglo-German Fellowship with two other partners as members, and a corporate membership.” 

As a result, Simpson and J. Henry Schroder Company had Secretary of Defense, former Bechtel employee Caspar Weinberger. As Secretary of State they had George Pratt Schultz, also a Bechtel employee, who happens to be a Standard Oil heir, reaffirming the Schroder-Rockefeller company ties. Thus the “conservative” Reagan Administration had a Secretary of Defense from Schroder Company, a Secretary of State from Schroder-Rockefeller, and a vice president [George H.W. Bush] whose father, Prescott Bush, was senior partner of Brown Brothers Harriman.

The Heritage Foundation has also been an important factor in the policy-making of the Reagan Administration. Now we find that the Heritage Foundation (side note: see Mark Levin’s connections to Heritage Foundation) is part of the Tavistock Institute network, directed by British Intelligence. The financial decisions are still made at the Bank of England. Sir Gordon Richardson was chairman of J. Henry Schroder Co. of London and New York from 1962 to 1972, when he became Governor of the Bank of England. Gordon Richardson was former chairman of Schroders with a New York subsidiary holding Federal Reserve Bank of New York stock.

The list of the present directors of J. Henry Schroder Bank and Trust shows the continuing international influence since the First World War. The Schroder control of sugar goes back to the U.S. Food Administration under Herbert Hoover and Lewis L. Strauss of Kuhn, Loeb and Company during World War I. Schroder’s attorneys are the firm of Sullivan and Cromwell. John Foster Dulles of this firm was present during the historic agreement to finance Hitler, and was later Secretary of State in the Eisenhower administration.

Another director of J. Henry Schroder is Norris Darrell, Jr., born in Berlin, Germany, partner of Sullivan and Cromwell, and a director of Schroder Trust Company. Bayless Manning (now deceased), was partner of the Wall Street law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind and Wharton, and a director of J. Henry Schroder. He was the first president of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1971-1977.

Paul H. Nitze, the prominent “disarmament negotiator” for the United States government, was a director of Schroder’s Inc. He married Phyllis Pratt, of the Standard Oil fortune, whose father gave the Pratt family mansion, the Harold Pratt House, as the building which houses the Council on Foreign Relations.

The J. Henry Schroder Banking Company encompasses the entire history of the twentieth century, embracing as it does the program (Belgium Relief Commission) which provisioned Germany from 1915-1918 and dissuaded Germany from seeking peace in 1916; financing Hitler in 1933 so as to make a Second World War possible; backing the Presidential campaign of Herbert Hoover; and having two of its major executives of its subsidiary firm, Bechtel Corporation serving as Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration.

The head of the Bank of England from 1973- 1983, Sir Gordon Richardson, Governor of the Bank of England (controlled by the House of Rothschild) was chairman of J. Henry Schroder Wagg and Company of London from 1963-72, and director of J. Henry Schroder, New York and Schroder Banking Corporation, New York, as well as Lloyd’s Bank of London, and Rolls Royce.

As head of “The London Connection,” it was said that he was the single most influential banker in the world.

From the City of London to the New York Federal Reserve

As we can see from the descriptions of J Henry Schroder, London bankers seem to be the most ruthless warlords of all.  They play both sides of the war and profit double – or more.  Using the first major corporation in England as their model, the British East India Company, warlord bankers even start wars for profit. (List of wars involving the British East India Company.) Slavery and the looting of mines, gold, diamonds, minerals, and land is all in a day’s work.  England’s imperialism has worked into the economic and banking practices worldwide.

There is a linear connection (see chart here) between the Rothschilds, the Bank of England, and the London banking houses which ultimately links the stockholders of the Federal Reserve Banks to their subsidiary firms in New York and the City of London. The two principal Rothschild representatives in New York, J. P. Morgan Co., and Kuhn, Loeb & Co. were the firms which set up the Jekyll Island Conference at which the Federal Reserve Act was created and directed the subsequent successful campaign to have the plan enacted into law by Congress, and who purchased the controlling amounts of stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914. These firms had their principal officers appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Advisory Council in 1914. In 1914, a few families (blood or business related) owning controlling stock in existing banks caused those banks to purchase controlling shares in the Federal Reserve regional banks. Examination of the charts and text in the House Banking Committee Staff Report of August, 1976 and the current stockholders list of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks show this same family control.

Lets’ take a look at some of the original shareholders of the Federal Reserve’s regional banks for any collusion, nepotism, or connection to the City of London and the Queen’s Central Banking system. (To see their connections, just do a CIA-Google search on each name and the truth is self-evident.)

Hanover National Bank N. Y.

James Stillman

William Rockefeller

First National Bank of N. Y.

J. P. Morgan

George F. Baker

George F. Baker Jr.

Edith Brevoort Baker

US Congress – 1946-64

National City Bank of N. Y.

James Stillman

Elsie M. William Rockefeller

Isabel M. Percy Rockefeller

William Rockefeller

J. P. Morgan

M. T. Pyne

Percy Pyne

J. W. Sterling

NY Trust/NY Edison

Shearman & Sterling

National Bank of Commerce N. Y.

J. P. Morgan – Equitable Life

J. P. Morgan – Mutual Life

J. P. Morgan – H. P. Davison

Mary W. Harriman

A.D. Jiullard – North British Merchants Insurance

Jacob Schiff

Thomas F. Ryan

Paul Warburg

Levi P. Morton – Guaranty Trust – J. P. Morgan

The levels of collusion, nepotism and graft are quite obvious.  Insider trading and corporate espionage fills all aspects of American economics and banking. Often the same person sits on the boards of competing corporations or are married to members on boards that compromise the integrity of the board.  All of the largest corporations have insiders running them who know the dirty secrets of the interwoven global corporate Warlords and their families.   

Dark Knights of Malta

“The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the high principles of the papacy.”                                                       Franz von Papen

According to some sources, almost half of the Knights of Malta are in the Black Nobility (no longer ruling) families and still have great corporate power. Knight of Malta Juan Carlos of Spain today is a significant force in Middle East negotiations.

King Juan Carlos, King of Jerusalem

The Knights of Malta today are ruled by Matthew Festing, who is the worldwide Grandmaster.  The Knights of Malta has been called “the most exclusive club on earth.”  George H. W. Bush was awarded the Knight of Malta award of Savoy after calling for the creation of a New World Order based upon the principles of the United Nations during his State of the Union Address.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.42.44 PM

The three most powerful men in the world are Jesuit priests.  The order of their power is as follows:  First, “the Black Pope” and Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas; secondly, former Black Pope and Jesuit Superior General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach; and lastly, “the White Pope” and Vicar of Christ/Vicar of Horus Pope Francis I.  Pope Francis I is the first pope who is openly a member of the military order of the Society of Jesus and Knights of Malta.  

What is rumored is that these three men rule all the governments of the nations through the Black Pope’s perfected international intelligence community directed by the Jesuits from Rome through London and Washington, D.C/New York.  All central banks are ruled by the agents of these men through the Knights of Malta and other Catholic organizations. There is nothing outside of their immediate temporal power, i.e., the power ruling the governments of all nations today.

“I can see Himmler as our Ignatius of Loyola.” 
   — Adolf Hitler

“I learned much from the Order of the Jesuits”, said Hitler  …”Until now, there has never been anything more grandiose, on the earth, than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party.”   
   —  Hermann Rauschning, former national-socialist chief of the government of  Dantzig: Hitler m’a dit, Paris 1939.

“The S.S. organization has been constituted by Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order. Their regulations and the spiritual exercises prescribed by Ignatius of Loyola were the model Himmler tried to copy exactly. Himmler’s title as supreme chief of the S.S. was to be the equivalent to the Jesuit General and the whole structure and direction was a close imitation of the Catholic Church’s hierarchical order.”
   — Walter Schellenberg, former of chief of German counter-espionage

Knight of Malta Franz von Papen from the Center Party helped the Nazis to receive political power in the German Parliament. The Vatican entered into a concordat with Hitler [which was signed in the Vatican by Von Papen and Cardinal Secretary of State: Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII), on July 20, 1933], as with Mussolini, Franco and Salazar. Von Papen was the personal advisor to Pope Pius XII.  

“Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victor.”
   — Francisco Franco, Spanish dictator and Knight of the Order of Christ,  May 3, 1945, Reforme

“Fascism is the regime that corresponds most closely to the concepts of the Church of Rome.”
Quote from Civilta Cattolica (House organ of the Jesuits)  

William Joseph Donovan, considered the founding father of the CIA, was an elite Vatican personage dedicated to the Roman Catholic Church. He was the leader of the OSS, the precursor of the CIA. He was awarded the Lateran cross medal and the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester.  Another directors of the CIA that was a Knight of Malta was William Casey.  The Knight of Malta Franz von Papen was acquitted in Nuremberg. As a high level Knight of Malta he was above prosecution. The Vatican allowed Nazi fascist war criminals to escape justice. They were smuggled into Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Australia, Canada and the U.S. 

Nazi General and war criminal Reinhard Gehlen would work with the CIA. Gehlen also was given the highest honor of the Knights of Malta called the “Grand Cross of Merit” award. Knight of Malta J. Peter Grace would be a key figure in Operation Paperclip where Nazis war criminals were sent into America for technological reasons. Monsignor Cesar Zachi was the Vatican’s ambassador to Cuba who avidly supported the communism of Fidel Castro.


Who Owns the Bank of England?

  “The Knights of the Garter are the inner sanctum, the elite of the elite of Her Majesty’s Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, with whom she shared some secrets of state and from whom she receives advice.”                                   —  John Coleman

To answer the question of who really owns the Bank of England we turn to Unhived Mind for some illuminating selections that address that question. In the article of May 4, 2012, entitled, Jesuit Merchants Rule the Bank of England we are given insight into the Italian connection with the British royalty. (This selection is lengthy, but important, and concludes with another statement citing reference to the Unhived Mind. Bold emphasis added by us.)

“The Cecil family has been controlled by the Pallavicini family* that is of far greater power and who really funded Queen Elizabeth’s war machine. Other families of great power in the region are the Howard, Percy and Powell families. The blood of both families including the Goldschmidts came about such as the line which Kate Middleton is descended from and why she is the wife of Prince William who himself is a Medici, Sforza, Stuart and Guelph.

(*Note: The Pallavicini Family still controls GWM Group Holding SA, GWM Group Investment Management Ltd (Malta) and their affiliates referred to herein as GWM Group:  GWM Asset Management (Malta) Ltd. is an alternative investment fund manager regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, GWM Group Investment Management Ltd (Malta) is a licensed full scope alternative investment fund managers regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, and the GWM Capital Advisors LLP which is regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulatory Authority.)

When the Jesuits were suppressed by the Pope in 1773 they used their covert power over England to have the Rothschild family become guardians over the Jesuit South American reductions wealth. The Jesuits could not store this wealth in any Catholic banking house otherwise it would be stolen since the Jesuit Order was to be destroyed. It was time for the Jesuits to take over the Catholic Church which started in 1814 and was totally complete by 1870 when the Pope was made Infallible.

The Rothschild’s eventually became the Guardians of the Vatican Treasury thanks to the Jesuit Order. The Rothschild’s used Napoleon as an aid in the take-over of the Bank of England which had been created by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. This was to take over of the City of London from the Vatican and the Knights of Malta. The Vatican having controlled the region for a very long time and having handed the control of the region to the Knights Templar in 1215.

The Knights of Malta have never been favorites of the Jesuit Order. This hatred of the Knights of Malta increased even further in 1768 when the Knights removed the Jesuits from the Island of Malta. The Jesuits sought their revenge for this one later on in 1798 using Napoleon. The Jesuits subordinated the Knights of Malta in the same year and that was the true start of the take-over of the City of London which was commanded covertly still by the Knights of Malta.

If you look at St John’s Wood where the Order of Malta are based, you will see it is the old haunt of the Knights Templar in England since the City of London is a sovereign Nation. If you look at one of the four of the most powerful Order of Malta headquarters in Rome you will see that the Aventine Hill is another old Templar haunt which was their original World Headquarters.

This control of the Bank of England through The Worshipful Company of Mercers is what controls the global economy. The U.S. economy is fully controlled by the Mercers and Bank of England and has been since 1868 onwards when America was turned into a corporation by Lincoln to try to pay off the Mercers for the Virginia Company of London debts for the original Settling of the region. The Jesuits using both Privy Councilors Roundell Palmer and Edward Stanley had Lincoln’s death warrant signed and executed through the payment of Catholic, John Wilkes Booth through the Bank of Montreal based in Jesuit controlled Quebec. The City of London controls the U.S. Economy through TheCityUK run by the Royal Institute for International Affairs. 

(Anonymous Patriots note: See this video on Inside the Royal Institute of International Affair which is not a part of the Unhived Mind quote, which continues after this video.) 

TheCityUK controls the Exchange Stabilization Fund commanding the Federal Reserve of New York, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  TheCityUK controls the U.S. Treasury which commands all three of those organizations through the Exchange Stabilization Fund. No different to how TheCityUK commands the economies of the Middle East through the Middle East Association fronted by Charles Hollis. A powerful family connected to the City of London control of the United States is the Spring family who took over in the region from the Payseur family who were the French Royal family continuum after the French Revolution. That line is now divided between three other families less significant in the merchant realm to the Spring’s. These are the tentacles of the New World Order.

Juan Carlos as the Holy Roman Emperor

One person stands in the way of Juan Carlos and his power and that is Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV the current controller of the Canton of Geneva and the Doria family.  He claims to be the head of the House of Savoy. Both these two powers serve the Jesuit Order and its Vatican Temporal Power. No kingship or emperor is of greater power than the temporal power and the office of the Vatican. The world has always been dominated by the Priesthood in conjunction with its kingships it created and grants along with its merchants using its Vatican Canon Law based UCC/Admiralty Law (Roman Civil law).

Remember it is these same bloodlines which claim to be the descendants of King David. King Juan Carlos claims to be the rightful heir to the King of Jerusalem. These are the Venetian bloodlines, the Roman Emperor bloodlines, the Black Nobility. It is correct to call King Juan Carlos the Holy Roman Emperor. The Roman Emperors were always more powerful than the Popes or the Jesuit Order. The crusades were all about these Jewish bloodlines seeking to have one of their bloodline rule the world as the King of Jerusalem. The Knights Templars were created during the reign of the first King of Jerusalem Baldwin I, whose reign began on the 25th December 1100.

The Jesuit Order is merely a front organization for King Juan Carlos who claims the title of King of Jerusalem and is the head of the Aragon Templar bloodline continuum, the same Templar bloodlines which claim descent from the Merovingians.

At the Congress of Verona there was a quintuple alliance between the five major world power families, the Hapsburgs of Austria-Hungary, the Hohenzollern of Prussia (Germany), the Romanov of Russia, the Saxe-Coberg Gotha of Britain and the Bourbon of France. One hundred years later the Hapsburg, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated and we have World War 1. After WW1 the Hapsburgs, Hohenzollern and Romanov Empires were all destroyed leaving behind the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (who had changed their names to Windsor because of the Anti-German sentiment) and the Bourbon who had relocated to Spain.

Saxe-Coburg and Gotha had been the English Templars ruling Freemasonry and Bourbon had been the Aragon Templars ruling the Jesuits.

The Alliance of the Orders of St. John of Jerusalem in 1961 meant that Freemasonry controlled by Elizabeth Windsor had been subordinated to the Knights of Malta, to the Vatican, to the Jesuit Order to the Bourbon bloodline now headed by King Juan Carlos.

The Bourbons now want the French Monarchy, Roman Empire and Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem restored so there bloodline can once again rule as the Emperor of France, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Jerusalem.

The Jesuit Order has its origins back in the Knights Templar. There were many Knights Templars but the Pope only sparred a small amount of Templars. These Templars were allowed to go to the powerful Kingdom of Aragon and become the Order of the Calatrava since they were not allowed to be called Knights Templar. These then were connected with the later Order of the Montessa. Both of these orders exist today and are now controlled by the Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos of Spain. The same King Juan Carlos who carries the most powerful Templar title called the ‘King of Jerusalem’ known as the ‘Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.’ A title which gives him complete power over the Middle East and North Africa, do a study of his powerful Union for the Mediterranean headed in Barcelona Spain and also based in Malta. King Juan Carlos heads the powerful Bourbon bloodline which is the second oldest monarchy behind only the Japanese Emperor. King Juan Carlos dominates the Commonwealth Crown and second layer of the Papal Tiara.

The Jesuits created the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati when they were suppressed by the Pope in 1773 for being even too evil for the already evil Vatican. Since then they have commanded the Illuminati which has been the front to cover the Jesuit power that hides behind both the Illuminati and the Catholic Church for ultimate deception. The Jesuits have mastered the Vatican for hundreds of years and now we see their open power as a Jesuit Pope has taken the throne and fleeced Cardinal Angelo Scola of his pontiff position just as the Jesuits removed Ratzinger prior to the need of a Conclave.

The Jesuits created the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which is the more open Knights Templar of today and an order that was created by the Jesuits in order to destroy all other forms of Templarism, aka Freemasonry. Many have heard of Albert Pike the Sovereign Commander of the Scottish Rite, but not many know that he was handled by the very powerful Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ, the same handler of Brigham Young of the Mormon cult.

Central Intelligence Agency agent, Everette Howard Hunt said on camera that the Jesuits are the greatest intelligence agency in the World.  This is the most powerful order in the World and they have maintained their power for two-hundred years and to this very day as you can now see with this new Jesuit Pope Francis 1st.”  (This ends the selection from the Unhived Mind)


The Federal Reserve is a Jesuit Banking System

The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington uses its twelve member banks to extend or create credit out of nothing. The credit is defined as treasury notes, Federal Reserve notes, mortgage bonds, etc.  This is how the U.S. finances the Vatican’s crusades led by the Knights of Malta.  The Federal Reserve banking system was modeled after the ten Jesuit Provincial territorial system that controls the United States.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the largest in terms of assets and volume of activity. The NY Fed implements the FOMC’s monetary policy, supervises and regulates financial institutions, and helps maintain the nation’s payment systems. The FOMC using the NY Fed, monetizes debt in order to keep borrowing costs low or zero. The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington controls interest rates by buying 60 -70% of the U.S. treasury bonds it issues, thereby creating or expanding credit out of nothing. The money supply is inflated during this process, creating price inflation, which many consider a hidden tax further destroying the middle class. 


Federal Reserve Bank of New York – Board Members

 Let’s look for a moment at the member of the most powerful US Federal Reserve Bank in New York.  A quick look at the members shows the continuing nepotism, fraud, collusion and insider trading that is typical of central banks and their Warlord Banker shareholders.

William Dudley—Chairman of Fed. Bank of NY & FOMC voting member

Dudley was previously a partner and managing director at Goldman Sachs (1987-2007).

Dudley is a CFR member.

Dudley is a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission.

In 2012 Dudley became Chairman for the committee on the global financial system for the Bank of International Settlements.  

Dudley is a member of the Board of Directors for the Bank of International Settlements. 

Jamie Dimon

Dimon is President and CEO JP Morgan Chase.   JP Morgan Inc. is a founding corporate member of the CFR.

Dimon is a CFR member.

Dimon oversaw the transfer of $25 billion in bailout funds from the U.S. Treasury Department to JP Morgan in 2008, via the TARP Progam.

Dimon was Chairman and co-Chief Executive of Citigroup.

Dimon was CEO of BankOne.

Dimon was a board member of the National Securities Dealers.

Dimon was elected Chairman of the Board of the former Chicago Clearing House, for a 2-year term, in December 2007.  The Chicago Clearing House has since changed it’s name to The Clearing House. The Clearing House is owned by the world’s largest commercial banks, including J.P. Morgan.  The Clearing House payments company provides payment, clearing, and settlement services to its member banks and other financial institutions, clearing almost $2 trillion, daily, and representing nearly half of the automated clearing house funds transfer, and check image payments made in the United States.


Richard Carrion

Carrion is the CEO-Chairman of the board of Popular Inc., its parent company, Banco Popular North America, and E-Loan.

Carrion’s Popular Inc. is the largest Hispanic-owned bank in North America and is Puerto Rico’s leading depository institution.

Carrion is a board member at Verizon Communications, a CFR corporate sponsor.

Carrion is a board member at Wyeth Pharmaceutical, a maker of vaccines.

Carrion is a board member at NYNEX.

Alvarez was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. Alvarez is also a member of the board of regents at Georgetown University.


Paul Mello

Mello is President and CEO of Solvay Bank (2002-present).

Mello sits on the board of directors of Jesuit LeMoyne College.

Mello is a board member of St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Mello worked for Coopers-Lybrand accounting firm from 1989-1993.  Coopers-Lybrand merged with Pricewater house in 1998, forming Price Waterhouse Coopers, one of the largest, out of the “big four” accounting firms.

The collusion also goes between federal agencies and corporations/banks. The same people de-regulate the very laws that they then can go and take advantage of. Deregulation causes income opportunities. Finding the weaknesses in the federal system becomes war-tools when the person trades sides. Warlords play both sides of the game against the middle and pick up the pieces afterwards.  

The First Knots are Tied in the Gordian Knot

In ancient times, the temple was used as the treasury where valuables were stored in times of war.  Even grain and fruits were stored there under the watchful and moral eye of the temple priests and priestesses. When there were times of plenty, the temple would “loan” seed from its storehouses. Economy was created in the temples as they began to coin metals that could be used as currency. At first, coins were used as donations to the temples through offerings. The common people gave to the temple because they believed the temple would always help and support them. The temple was solid, trustworthy and honest. Nothing got stolen and no charge, or “interest”, was placed upon the loans of the temple and no charge was placed on storing wealth in the temple treasury.

These are the true principles of banking: banking wealth for the good of the people and to protect people in times of war.  And of course, if the people who deposited wealth in a temple died, the wealth went to the temple. 

The Templars, named after the temple of Solomon, were monks who could own no wealth but handled the wealth of Europe during the crusades from Europe to Jerusalem and all points in between. They were also warriors but not “banking warriors” like we see today. They took an oath of poverty, obedience and chastity. Often, they were royalty who donated large sums of money, land and wealth to the Order of the Temple Knights.

The Templars were committed to keep the roads to Jerusalem open for crusaders and pilgrims. Along the way, they had coin reserves that could cash a “note” that might have been written in any of their priories along the way. A secret code was written into the note which was in the shape of a Maltese Cross that conveyed the place and amount of wealth given to the Templars in another priory.  Thus, fiat currency was invented that was backed by physical wealth, usually precious metals of gold and silver.

The Templars were moral, like the priests and priestesses of the temple. No “rate of exchange”, “interest”, “fees”, or any economic benefit was asked for in the transactions. Banking was a service offered by the moral, spiritual leaders of the community who also fought to keep the roads open. The concept of earning money from money through interest was inconceivable.  The idea of money-making through investments was unknown. Even though the Templars were warriors, they didn’t bring the tools of war into banking.  But again, like the temple, if the depositors died, the Templars kept the money. The Templar’s priories became filled with gold and wealth. 

Along the road to Jerusalem the sister organization of the Hospitallers, or Knights of the Hospital, offered assistance to crusaders and pilgrims. Often the Templars and Hospitallers worked together. The Hospitallers were later called the Knights of Malta. The greed of the French King and the Pope were the demise of the Templars due to the wealth they held. The Knights of Malta carried on and took on the business of healing, banking and eventually war. Without the Templars, the Knights of Malta filled in the gap and became the bankers and soldiers of the Vatican. They continue to do so today with the same royal houses of Europe and the same wealth.

Usury was seen as immoral by Catholics, so the Vatican had to use Italian banks to support its wars because these banks were more lenient on the issue of charging interest on loaned money.  Venice, Florence, Genoa, and other Italian city states developed central banking and helped the Vatican from time to time to manage empire building.  War and expansionism was profitable, as seen in the vast sums of money the Templars and Italian banks gleaned from the crusades.  The wealth of Europe was willing thrown towards the East where the principles of usury were not outlawed. Venice providing ships and money for the crusaders. The wealth of Venice was unparalleled and often plundered. Italian banks were built on the deaths of the crusaders and these banking families continue to flourish into our own time. Italian banks spread their central banking system to all of Europe and America. We still live in the banking and legal practices of Rome.

What went wrong was the priests who held the wealth started using greedy war practices on the depositors.

Then, it was seen that war often killed the depositors so it was quite profitable to hold the deposits of those involved in war. And since the depositors were “off to war”, the banks could lend out wealth and charge interest. They could start “betting” on wars and who would win.  Plus, they could loan money to the people who made war-tools and increase their wealth exponentially. This process still drives the economies of the western world and are simply immoral practices introduced into the original system of banking trust.

Monarchs and royalty are special due to the idea that they are “divinely inspired” to lead a nation.  The nation counts on the morality of the monarchy. The wealth of a nation is “given” or “held” by the monarchy for the sake of the whole nation. The crown jewels, palaces, estates of England are estimated to be worth 80 billion. The monarch can use that wealth as assets to leverage further wealth management. For instance, the British Monarch has these huge holding but the taxpayers must maintain them. The same is true for the Monarchy’s ownership of land and mineral resources in 53 countries and the profits of the Holding Company of the Bank of England.

English law prohibits questioning the Monarchy on their personal holdings and business.

This is true of most of Europe’s royalty, whether enthroned or not.  The wealth of the Monarchies is held outside of the countries that made the wealth.  Swiss banks and offshore accounts hold the greatest personal wealth in the world.

Monarchies are supposed to be, by definition, moral and connected to the divine.  They are not supposed to be the banking Warlords who create war to turn a profit or destabilize an economy for personal gain.  But they have been for some time and history is a string of immoral wars caused by Monarchies, the Vatican and other religions.  Untold millions have died while Kings and Popes lived on to grab the wealth. As we now see, history has shown that “power corrupts and total power corrupts totally.”  The vile waste of human life and resources is immoral, but the war machines churn on in a perpetual grinding of war.  Terrorism is everywhere and the Warlord Bankers are making a killing—in more ways that most can understand.

One World Government-Religion-Ruler is One Election Away, Folks!

History has demonstrated that the Vatican doesn’t fall and the British Monarchy is solid.  But there is a battle for world dominion that continues. The Warlord Bankers of Europe want to make King Juan (Jesuit puppet) or Prince Charles (Knight of Malta puppet) the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Jerusalem. This would rally the world around a one world king, crowned by the Pope and supported by the United Nations.  There would be “one world government” under “one king” who rules from Jerusalem with the Pope and the President of the United Nations.  One religion, one economy, one government – the New World Order.  Each of these three groups have boldly spoken out and stated these objectives many times. But most people aren’t paying attention.

We are and so are you.  Here are our immediate recommendations to start untying the Gordian Knot and regain control of the United States of America.

1)  Conduct an IMMEDIATE complete, independent, and thorough audit of the US Federal Reserve. Once the debt is verified, the private corporation of the U.S. Federal Reserve is to be closed. Its sister organization, the Council on Foreign Affairs is to be sut down as an enemy to the U.S. People.

2)  Printed and issue all U. S. currency by the U.S Treasury which will serve the interests of the American citizens. Give a limited time whereby citizens (not foreigners, foreign interests, or any of the banks, monarchs, accepting houses, etc.) can exchange their federal reserve notes or digital representations of these notes into actual U.S. currency. 

3)  All association with the United Nations be terminated and the UN be physically banished from holding any U.S. address. This includes all of its agencies, corporations, and groups. These are enemies of the people of the United States and should not be permitted on U.S. soil. We have plenty of internment camps to hold criminals of humanity.

4)  Audit the Department of Defense audited and prosecute all guilty parties.

5)  Immediately cease operations of DARPA, In-Q-Tel, SAIC, Highlands Forums and all military research; all use of war tools, devices, and implements on Americans to be immediately ceased along with the revocation of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016.

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex

6)  Audit all military contractors and PROSECUTE the guilty. Pass strict laws prohibiting any military development to be shared with any corporation with foreign associations—no matter if the company is Starbucks or Raytheon.

7)  All investors in any U.S. military development must be American. All taxes must be paid and no profits may leave America.  Americans will no longer die for foreign profits on war. 

8)  Foreign investments in America economic institutions must be examined and made transparent so that transnational investors cannot use our money, government, and citizenry to support their business of war.

9)  Related to auditing the Fed is the auditing of international banking.  Although the U.S. should not be controlling this activity in other countries, we should encourage citizens around the world to have their banks audited as well.

10)  An international court, not directed by the warlord insiders, needs to be set up and preside over transparent and globally televised so the warlords that have profited from crimes against humanity.  A great start would be for the United States to assign a special commission and prosecutor for the crime of 9-11. This would serve as a courageous act that Americans are ready to know the truth and prosecute the politicians and bankers who benefitted from mass murder against fellow Americans.  It is important that these be televised as the entire world needs to go through the catharsis of healing from the grave wounds that these sub-human rulers and politicians have inflicted on the world. 

11)  Currency or commodity manipulators must be tried and jailed. Laws need to be changed to ensure that these activities are clearly illegal going forward.

12)  Wall Street trading must end and a new system that prevents “gambling” on stocks created.

13)  Instead of using all of taxpayer money to support the warlords’ false flags and wars, we advocate that for a time, our tax money go towards investigating and prosecuting all major players, whether they be corporate or political, for “insider” economic intelligence.

14)  Transnational organizations like the Knights of Malta or the Highlands Forum must be prosecuted for insider trading and economic espionage. This would be done through an international court as mentioned in #10. 

15)  All charitable donations to transnational charities, like the Catholic Church, must be audited and completely vetted for fraud and corruption.

16)  American political warlords must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity for illegal wars (start with the most current wars and go back through history until every living person involved in these crimes are held accountable). We the people of the United States need to shout out to our global brothers and sisters that WE did not authorize these actions and WE will prosecute those that acted outside of our authority. Only congressional approval can justify a military action; any that have been taken outside of a declaration of war must be investigated and prosecuted.

17)  All military action of the Department of Defense must be approved by the Department of Peace.

18)  Reaffirm the original Constitution, that would immediately end the roll up of federal authority over the fifty states of the United States. WE MUST PRESERVE OUR REPUBLIC of fifty unique and sovereign states and never permit the sovereignty of our states to ever be turned over to a central government again. This would mean the abolishment of any administrative, legislative, judicial, or executive department, branch, or activity that controls activities reserved by the Constitution for states.  This would also include revisiting the Titles of Nobility Amendment and not permitting persons with dual citizenship to be members of Congress, Supreme Court, and the Office of Presidency

These are just a few actions that we all need to demand our elected officials to take.  We must foster awareness of these war crimes and influence political action using every platform we have to spread the word.  Consciousness alone is a strong beginning. And just as our opening quote from Jeff Sessions indicates, we don’t have any more time, folks.

You can research the ideas presented here and carry the concepts forward.  We can bring awareness by sending out articles like this one to friends to show that we are imprisoned, but we know who our captors are. 

Resist at every point of encounter.  Fight with lawsuits or where you put your money or who you vote for or what you teach your children.  Just as one Rothchild tells the Queen (the richest person on Earth) what to do – perhaps one anti-Rothchild can author a bill to close the U.S. Federal Reserve.  One person with consciousness is the most powerful tool on Earth.

Money is a sacred tool – not a war-tool. Be conscious with your money and keep it local. Take your money out of the “big banks” and invest in local community or state banks. Invest and buy in America every chance you get, even though you may not have the high returns you want.  LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS and stop being a necessary “feeder” for their system. 

If you live in a monarchy, demand that the monarch return its wealth to the people.

If you live in America, demand that the Federal Reserve be terminated and its multi-trillion dollar debt left with its bankrupted shareholders.

If you are Catholic, demand that the Vatican open its vast coffers and distribute to the poor and needy around the world. They claim to be a charity and at this point in history need to demonstrate to the world that their pope is truly the Vicar of Christ.

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