Alternative 3 – Too Dangerous to Air!

Alternative 3 – Too Dangerous to Air!


by Glenn Canady

“Alternative 3 is probably the most dangerous show ever made…” – Olav Phillips – (Secret Space Program  2015)


Alternative 3

The final episode, “Alternative three”, was part of a long running East Angelia (an area in the east of England) television show, which was a hard-core science program called, “Science Report.” It was due to be broadcasted on April 1, 1977, but because of scheduling conflicts, which arose due to confusion because of a strike, it ended up getting aired on June 20, 1977.


It was simulcasted in three countries, which ended up causing wide spread panic, which lead to legislation to prevent it from ever being aired again. Australia aired it once and the show was subsequently banned.


The head of NBC was in London at the time of the airing, who then bought the rights and brought it back to the US. However, NBC Standards & Practices said it was too dangerous to air.


The only country where it is allowed to air is Japan, where it is aired about once a year.


Christopher Miles directed Alternative; it was written by David Ambrose, and Brian Eno did the soundtrack.


“It has been claimed to be a mockumentry, but in reality it is the blueprint for the end of the world and the reason why the Break Away Civilization exits…” – Olav Phillips (Secret Space Program 2015)


“The episode began by detailing the so-called “Brain Drain:” a number of mysterious disappearances and deaths of physicists, engineers, astronomers, and others in related fields.” –Wikipedia


In the episode Alternative 3, it was hypothesized due to the evidence presented that the missing scientists were involved in a secret space program and “they” needed to leave the planet.  The scientists claimed that the Earth’s surface would not be able to sustain life and that there was a plan for “them” to leave the planet.


Winter is coming: Earth awaits ‘mini ice age’ in 15 years, solar cycle study suggests:


(September 1958)

The Coming Ice Age: A True Scientific Detective Story by Betty Friedan


According to the article from 1958, the question was asked, “When is it coming?” Their answer was in 100 years, which would mean the year 2058.


Part 1 of 3 The Coming Mini Ice Age & Collapse of the World System


(Screen shot)



The three alternatives:

  • Alternative 1: Set of a high altitude nuclear device to blow a hole in the atmosphere and vent the CO2 into space.

Operation Argus – Project Argus 1958


  • Alternative 1.5: Geo-Engineering
  • Alternative 2: Building massive underground bases
  • Alternative 3: Leave the planet and go by the way of the moon to Mars to recognize until the Earth becomes stable again

Bio Station Alpha on Mars


Shadow Operations: A pilot show that never aired, but interviews several individuals with evidence that we already have a base on Mars and shows the possible location of a secret space port in the US.

Shadow Operations