Nature’s Biogeometry: An Introduction

Nature’s Biogeometry: An Introduction


by Robert Hutchings

The world of biogeometry is truly limitless in its potential for understanding and applying the laws of nature. This article can by no means provide complete understanding of all the examples and applications of biogeometry. What it can do is give you a foundational understanding of Nature’s nature.  Direct connections and applications of biogeometry to many sciences have already been discovered. Once the mainstream sees the true value of this knowledge, it will expand at an exponential rate.  So I invite you to explore with me the bigger picture that biogeometry paints of our world.

As in any discipline we must first build a foundation. The basic rules and tools of biogeometry are simple, yet their full application and implications are available only to a certain type of person. This person is not particularly smarter or more learned than others, but they posses one trait that sets them apart from the masses. A truly open mind to what is. No dogma, no prejudice, just the curiosity of a child tempered with a sober desire for truth.  I ask you to adopt, for the duration of this introduction, this temperament, as only an open vessel can be filled with wonder.

The simplest definition of biogeometry is the word itself, Bio/Life, Geo/Earth, Metry/ measure, the geometric, mathematical analysis of life forms on earth. This field at present is narrowly defined to mostly cellular level biology modeling RNA and DNA protein growth. There is also Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Egypt, who has a system for energy manipulation using geometric forms, color and their placement in space. He has trademarked and registered the term BioGeometry (big “G”).

Saturn’s Hexagram

Biogeometry acknowledges that the physical world must derive from some degree of order over chaos. The nature of our universe, being mostly space, requires definite limits to define objects. These limits are inherent in the heirarchical or precept upon precept concept of organized space. These limits are rendered from a continuum of implicit geometric relations creating a preferred frame of reference for all matter formation. Order, or harmonic relations are inherent in all material forms at all scales, even to the photonic and sub-atomic energies levels. This order is well defined and understood by the use of basic math and geometry principals. Examples can be found from common geometric shapes to plant growth patterns. Music, art and architecture also find their roots in the order of biogeometry, as do most things useful and aesthetic.

Don’t let the word geometry turn you off this topic. Yes there is math involved but it is not the math you learned in school. Let us make the first major distinction about the nature of biogeometry. There are two kinds of math, Commercial Math and Cosmic Math. Commercial math concerns itself with quantity and has negative and zero amounts. Cosmic math concerns itself with quality and has only fractional amounts. The natural world does not have negative things or no things, yet the commercial ‘fictional’ math does, as I will illustrate:

An orange farmer takes out a loan on his future crop to cover expenses for the year. That year a frost kills almost all his trees and the harvest is a total loss. The farmer can’t pay the loan, the loss of the trees becomes a negative number in the bank’s books and the interest drives this negative even further. Yet, the trees and fruit are still present. They have not gone into another dimension, they have only changed their physical nature. Now they are dead wood or compost. In fact, the wise farmer harvested the orange wood and composted the rest, sold it at a good profit and turned his negative trees into positive lumber at the bank.

Things are always changing. They don’t stop being, they just dissipate into other things. One of the other differences between cosmic and commercial math is respectively dynamic verses linear movement. Dynamic, cosmic math realizes that nature is a whole set and that all things affect all other things to varying degrees. Commercial math’s linear nature is good for accounting and works well in most systems of mathematics, finding parts of itself in dynamic math as well. Yet even Einstein stated he needed a more powerful form of mathematics to truly express what he knew. What he was really saying is that the universe is a coherent, dynamic system and therefore a coherent dynamic math language is necessary to describe it.

The order of ascendants in organizing empty space, point, line, angle, surface, volume, time, centripetal, feedback, heterodyne, centrifugal.

    So let us start our first lesson. We will be using the above graphic as our guide. Imagine, if you can, endless space filled with limitless potential energy. This energy is uniformly distributed in almost perfect polar balance. In other words, it is a scalar wave consisting of two waves of the same power and vibration, perfectly opposed to each other. With sound waves, this results in silence and is known as sound cancellation technology. When this occurs with electromagnetic waves, there is no observable electromagnetic phenomenon. These waves have a vibratory rate outside of our current ability to perceive them. This is one of the limiting factors of the current scientific model, as it does not account for that which it cannot measure. Now we will see how this undifferentiated potential becomes and sustains all that is or ever was or will be.

To go anywhere or do anything, you must know where you stand. The world’s best map plus your exact destination on that map will be useless if you can’t find your present location (The ‘you are here’ dot on the map at the mall). So, in the endless sea of potential points, you must first define a starting point. This is the zero or decimal point, and in creating it, we’ve accomplished a lot. We now have distinction from all other points in existence and the potential for bias, hot/cold, light/dark, Yin/Yang, duality and so on.  Nature is conservative, simple and efficient; she is also a very good recycler. So the next simplest step is to make another point, creating a direction or vector in space. There are an unlimited number of these potential points as well. By connecting these points, we can grasp the concept of a line.

The next step is, of course, to create another point. From this, we have created the angle and the angular relationship of the three points. We are still very much in the conceptual stages of form or the geometrizing of space. In fact, the Greeks did not consider zero, one, two or three real numbers, as they had no geometric equivalent in the physical world. The point becomes a ball or sphere. The line becomes a rod or cylinder. Both are complex, composite geometric forms well ahead of our present beginnings.

The next point is actually a return to the first point, creating the bounded plane or 2-D, as some may say, ‘flat land’. This, again, is a place of conceptual, ‘fictitious’ realities having no physical counterpart. After all, to be infinitely flat is impossible.

The next point brings us into a whole new world: 3-D and the creation of the tetrahedron and circle. The tetrahedron is a pyramid with an equilateral triangle base and three faces composed of the same triangle. It is the simplest 3-D geometric form having only four faces, four vertices or corners, six edges and is the root form for many structures in nature. We also now have the circle by using a combination of the four points as up, down, right and left.

The next point is a new type of point projecting endlessly into the sea of potential points. It is the movement of time. All of the other points referred to thus far are also movements, the only difference being that they have more of a material definition in space.

The fifth point also allows the formation of the sphere by taking the previous circle and spinning it endlessly on an equatorial line. A dinner plate hung by a string from its edge and spun demonstrates this well. We also have the production of the propagating waveforms or frequency vibrations.

Now we take this spinning, pulsing wave and project it inward toward an infinite point. This creates the centripetal, compressing vortex of point number six. This, too, is a root form seen in everything from spiral galaxies to the hair spiral on the top of your head.

The seventh point is one of the most unique and controversial points in the system. It is the point of intention/ direction or feedback, giving uniqueness to the growing form. Seven is never seen in nature as form. It is observed only as process. To name a few examples: There are seven colors in the rainbow, seven crystal systems, cellular mitosis is a seven step process with the eighth step resulting in two new cells, our head has seven orifices and we are ruled by seven endocrine glands. The reason seven is not found in the geometry of natural form is that you can not evenly divide a circle by seven. As a result, it is unstable in terms of form.

Eight is the infinite heterodyne, giving density to form. The wave folds in on itself becoming self-feeding, changing the higher frequency waves into lower, denser waves of matter. The torus or bagel shape is the best geometric form to visualize the infinite eight. The electron’s non-decaying spin around the nucleus of the atom is a good example of this.

Spindle Torus

Nine is the final point of creation; the nine muses, dressed to the nines, cloud nine or perfection. Nine is also the centrifugal vortex emanating and radiating into our world. It is a known fact that all physical forms radiate energy waves. According to Stephen Hawking, the well-known physicist, even the great vacuums of the universe, black holes, radiate information waves. This revelation was a 180-degree turn for Mr. Hawking. In the past he said that nothing leaves a black hole. It’s comforting to know that the people dictating to us the nature of our universe are so stable in their comprehensions.

The truth is that conventional science is amazingly fickle and changes its idea of ”what is” on a regular basis. On the other hand, the nature of biogeometry is simple and unchanging and has been understood for thousands of years by man.

We have walked through the ascending components of the physical world. Each of these basic forms are the building blocks of even more complex forms and systems. Each form, point or movement incorporates and builds upon the ones before it. In biology this is commonly known and referred to as The Law of Ascendants. This is the nature of biogeometry; that a few basic forms and governing laws create all that is – reality, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy and beyond each.

We can use biogeometry to bring a much deeper and visceral understanding of our world…If…we allow nature’s strength, power and simplistic beauty to truly enhance all levels of our experience. This can only be accomplished with play. Yes, play! Remember: you are a kid. When a kid sets forth to explore new horizons, the work of obtaining the necessary means and ways of exploration is not work at all. For the vision of what lies ahead is the only condition. I promise you, if you will let the truths of biogeometry into your life, you will not be disappointed. “Use the light that is in you to recover your natural clearness of sight”  —  Lao-tzu

Here is another view of biogeometry; we have five senses, touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. The ‘ancients’ had five elements; air, water, earth, fire, spirit and we ‘moderns’ have five states of matter; gas, liquid, solid, plasma and the very strange Einstein-Bose condensates. So, it appears that the division of five describes the different states of matter and our ability to sense them. This is in line with the basic model we just discussed. Five is the point at which we have time and wave function or vibration/frequencies and these are the base components of all matter along with light or photons.

Some may feel this is a generalization and it is to some degree. This is the nature of biogeometry, to see the big, general picture. Recognition of repeating patterns and associations are at the root of human survival. When we see a basic pattern on many levels ie. Cosmic, social or biological, we have witnessed the power of the pattern and its basic nature or application. If we accept that the laws of nature are the same at all scales, then so we must accept the general concepts created by the laws applied as well. This is why we study nature, geometry and math, for they are very powerful, relevant and basic to all.

On higher levels of the mathematical and geometric functioning of biogeometry there lay very exacting functions and real life applications. As you master the basics, you will even find some of your own discoveries and uses for this science. The door is opening to a new world. If humanity will work together, we can have a revolution in all of our endeavors. If you like, you may choose to resume your previous mind set… that is, if a childlike, truth-seeking attitude doesn’t work for you.

Diagram created by Robert Hutchings
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“What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite.” ~  Bertrand Russell

Faith…must be enforced by reason when faith becomes blind it dies.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“My advice to those who wish to learn the art of scientific prophecy is not to rely on abstract reason, but to decipher the secret language of Nature from Nature’s documents, the facts of experience.” ~ Max Born

I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious. ~ Albert Einstein

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.  ~ S. Gudder

Mathematics are well and good but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose.  ~ Albert Einstein

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.  ~ John Louis von Neumann

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”  ~ Albert Einstein

“Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems.” ~ Rene Descartes

“Nature’s great book is written in mathematics.”  ~ Galileo

“I never got a pass mark in math …  Just imagine mathematicians now use my prints to illustrate their books.”  ~ M.C. Escher

There is a geometry of art as there is a geometry of life, and, as the Greeks guessed, they happen to be the same. ~ Matila Ghyka

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction. ~ Albert Einstein

“A 780 ft (240 m) crop circle in the form of a double (six-sided) triskelion composed of 409 circles. Milk Hill, England, 2001” (Per Wikipedia)