Developing Back Story: Putin Controls Deepening Russian-American Conflict In Syria

Developing Back Story: Putin Controls Deepening Russian-American Conflict In Syria


Washington Finally Meets Its Match In Syria: ISIS — “Made In The USA”



Syria: What a mess the USA has created!

TMR Editor’s Note:
Just when you thought the Middle East couldn’t get any crazier and convoluted the U.S. Government commences a fierce propaganda campaign against Russia.  Why?  Because Russian warplanes are systematically taking out terrorist strongholds throughout Syria.  And doing quite a good job!

Why, pray tell, is the USA so opposed to such a righteous mission?  Their stated war plans have been to stop the advancement of ‘various’ terrorists groups in the very same region. Quite conspicuously, the neocon cabal that is pulling Obama’s strings have him speaking out of both sides of his mouth — simultaneously.  He simply can’t get his (or their) story straight. By the way that ‘official’ story, regarding the undeclared and unlawful war of aggression against the legitimate government of Syria, literally changes by the moment.

Now that it is common knowledge that ISIS is a Zio-Anglo-American creation, perhaps the truth is a little too biting for Washington, London and Tel Aviv.  Particularly because Obama & Company have permitted the Islamic State to set up Sharia Law in previously Christian territories is the whole charade becoming quite ridiculous and out of control. After all, when Christians are being routinely beheaded and shot by firing squads, and the U.S. stands idly by, something is very wrong.  Then there is also the rejection of Syrian Christian war refugees by the U.S. Immigration Office.

With every advance of ISIL the Western allies always seems to respond in a manner that allows the terrorists to consolidate their gains and fortify their new positions.  Their (NATO military powers) only intent has been to overthrow the only legitimate leader of Syria — President Bashar al-Assad.  Meanwhile the USA reflexively supports all the tyrannical regimes in the Mideast such as Saudi Arabia.

One wonders why the Western powers are so determined to take out Assad.  He is a very popular leader among his people and an unusually unifying force.  Oh, that’s right, the USA wants to export it own unique brand of democracy … at the barrel of a gun, or bigger weapon yet. This whole project of regime change throughout the Mideast is getting quite distressing and mass exodus-causing.  The Germans and the French also think so as they are always the first to absorb the war zone-fleeing migrants that are forever overwhelming Europe.


Shock Claim: ‘US had only “pretended” to bomb IS’


*Russian Parliament leader Alexei Pushkov asserted that the US-Led Coalition only pretended to bomb ISIS

“Alexei Pushkov, the head of the foreign affairs committee in Russia’s parliament, added that the US had only “pretended” to bomb IS and promised that Russia’s campaign would be much more effective.”
(Source: BBC)


Bottom Line
Current U.S. foreign policy is totally bankrupt.  President Obama has been used by a neocon cabal to restart the Cold War with Russia and destroy the entire Middle East, one country at a time.  If the Zio-Anglo-American Axis stays on the current course of incessant warmongering, it can only lead to World War III.

Quite unfortunately for the world community of nations, WW3 is exactly what the warmongers and war profiteers want, and need, desperately. Their brand of corrupt predatory capitalism demands perpetual war.  Likewise, their trademark disaster capitalism is required to generate the necessary revenue streams to keep the American empire from collapsing outright.  Now that poses a HUGE predicament for the entire Anglo-American Axis (AAA).  The American people, in particular, are now faced with an historic challenge.  And there is only one way out, which very few have the courage to even consider.

That a Noble Peace Prize winner from Chicago is also known the world over as the “Drone Ranger” did not happen by accident.  Nor did the two recent overtures from the Nobel Committee expressing deep regret about their selection of Obama for the peace prize. These highly unusual and unprecedented developments can only be understood by reading the following essay. Only with this critical background information will the current global geopolitical chessboard make any sense at all.

STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

At the end of the day, the illegal wars of unprovoked aggression started by the USA in both Ukraine and Syria will go down in history as the egregious crimes against humanity which ended American world domination.  The Obama Administration has proven to be so morally bankrupt and politically corrupt, so fiscally irresponsible and criminally insane that the whole enterprise can only end in one way. Unless there is some major unexpected event of deus ex machina in the offing, the USA is winning the race to the bottom such that it is only a matter of short time before it crashes and burns.

The following article graphically portrays the inanity and insanity of the outright war-making in Syria by the Obama-led AAA.  The myriad and flagrant crimes against a powerless nation are so many and so profound in Syria that the USA will surely suffer a HUGE dose of karmic blowback. The following accurate portrayal of faux Pax Americana articulates just how bereft of integrity and ethics the Obama Administration has become.  The whole lot of them have completely crushed their moral compass underfoot.

What follows is an accurate account of the real back story behind the fabricated Syrian ‘Civil War’.



Russia in Syria: When the propaganda is kind of true – Russia bombing ‘U.S.-trained’ nutjobs

Harrison Koehli

© Reuters / YouTube
Amateur video allegedly shows aftermath of a Russian airstrike.

Putin’s strategy in Syria has worked like a charm. First, there were around 2 weeks of murky, rumor-filled reports of a build-up of Russian military activity in Tartus and Latakia, Syria. Some were false, some had a seed of truth, but it got everyone talking — this at the same time that Western media was hyping the refugee crisis and the danger of ISIS ‘infiltrating Europe’. Second, there was talk of a new coalition to fight ISIS. This irked the West: Russian assistance in Latakia makes any no-fly zone in Syria a no-go. And a real coalition risks actually defeating ISIS, which the West doesn’t really want. (They were counting on ISIS as the means or pretext of taking out Assad.) Now, quick on the heels of Putin’s talk at the UN and his meeting with Obama, Russia has begun airstrikes in Syria using the West’s own pretext – the threat of radicalized nationals ‘returning home’ . (Of course, Russia has other reasons for going to Syria, too.)

Already, after just one day of airstrikes, the U.S. has pretty much folded, stating that they are stopping any additional training of radical Syrian jihadis, and ‘adjusting’ their policy regarding Assad, at least temporarily. News is coming fast, so here are a few of the highlights from the past two days. (Check out Joe Quinn’s SOTT Focus for some real gems from yesterday’s news.)

Russian Defense Ministry releases video of first day’s airstrikes (Russian TASS – Sept. 30)

The footage shows what Russia identifies as ISIS command posts, destroying ammunition depots, weapons, fuel, and military equipment storage in the mountainous areas. As noted by Defense Ministry-General Major Igor Konashenkov, “all strikes were done after aerial reconnaissance and better clarify the data obtained from the headquarters of the Syrian army. According to him, Russian aircraft and weapons have not been used in the vicinity of civilian infrastructure.”

Putin meets with government members, declares position on Syria ( – Sept. 30)

This is what he had to say about the offensive. In a nutshell: 1) support the Syrian army, 2) launch airstrikes (no ground troops), 3) with a limited time-frame, 4) under international law.

We will start with an issue that will likely be the subject of much discussion today, namely, my request to the Federation Council on using Russia’s Armed Forces beyond our country’s borders. The Federation Council has examined this request and approved it.

Syria is the issue here. The only real way to fight international terrorism (and international terrorist groups are creating chaos in Syria and the territory of neighbouring countries right now) is to take the initiative and fight and destroy the terrorists in the territory they have already captured rather than waiting for them to arrive on our soil.

We all know that thousands of people from European countries, Russia, and the post-Soviet region have joined the ranks of the so-called Islamic State, a terrorist organisation that – I want to stress again – has nothing to do with genuine Islam. There is no need to be an expert to realise that if they succeed in Syria, they will inevitably return to their own countries, and this includes Russia.

We all know too that the Islamic State long since declared our country its enemy. Today, a number of countries, including the United States, Australia and France, are using their air forces to carry out air strikes against the Islamic State’s positions in Syria.

We have always consistently supported the fight against international terrorism. At the same time, we believe that it must proceed strictly in accordance with international law, in other words, on the basis of UN Security Council resolutions or at the request of the country in need of military assistance. Our partners’ operations in Syria have neither of these things as their basis, but we nonetheless think it possible and necessary to unite the efforts of all concerned countries in the fight against international terrorism and base this common effort on the UN Charter.

At this stage, I propose that all countries concerned, in particular the countries in the region, start taking part in the work of the international information and eventually coordination centre in Bagdad.

We have informed all of our partners about Russia’s plans and actions in Syria. Let me repeat: Russia’s involvement in the anti-terrorist operations in Syria is in accordance with international law and based on the official request from the President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

I want to stress the point though that the conflict in Syria has deep roots and is the result of many factors. This includes interstate and domestic political factors, and religious and interethnic differences, which have been exacerbated by unceremonious foreign intervention in the region’s affairs.

Given these circumstances, we naturally have no intention of getting deeply entangled in this conflict. We will act strictly in accordance with our set mission. First, we will support the Syrian army only in its lawful fight against terrorist groups. Second, our support will be limited to airstrikes and will not involve ground operations. Third, our support will have a limited timeframe and will continue only while the Syrian army conducts its anti-terrorist offensive.

Our view is that a final and long-term solution to the situation in Syria is possible only on the basis of political reform and dialogue between all healthy forces in the country. I know that President al-Assad knows this and is ready for this process. We are counting on his active and flexible position and his readiness to make compromises for the sake of his country and people.

Russia has had the courtesy to offer the U.S. a way to save face. If the U.S. professes to want to defeat ISIS, it is free to cooperate with Russia. It’s that simple. To refuse would appear childish, petty, or downright hypocritical. Not only that, Russia gave the U.S. an hour or so to clear out of Syria (presumably to let their assets on the ground know they’d better high-tail it out of there before the bombs started falling). Thus, John Kerry’s joint statement with Sergei Lavrov, with its public language of cooperation:

As Sergey said to you, we agreed on the imperative of a … as soon as possible, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, but as soon as possible – having a military-to-military deconflec .. deconfliction discussion, meeting, conference, whichever, whatever could be done as soon as possible, because we agree on the urgency of that deconfliction. [HK: That’s probably diplomacy-speak for ‘terms of conditional surrender‘, as Fort Russ’s Joaquin Flores put it.]

We did address a number of ways to deal with the conflict itself.

I need to take those back to Washington, to the president and his team, and Sergei needs to do the same in Moscow.

Because we both agreed that we want to avoid seeing this being intensified and getting beyond our control. [HK: I.e., the U.S. doesn’t want to be exposed as the lying, two-faced, terror-supporting psychopath it really is, after the dust settles.] …

We think we have very specific steps that maybe will help lead in the right direction.

That needs to be explored – we both agreed we have a lot of work to do – understanding how serious this is, in terms of refugees, and needing to keep Syria whole, unified, secular and so on.

Kerry and Lavrov both know what’s really going on here: the U.S. has numerous assets among the terrorist groups, it doesn’t really want them defeated, but it must make a show of it in order to keep up the public pretense of wanting to fight terrorism. Perhaps Russia is even giving the U.S. and its allies a chance to remove key assets from within their mercenary groups operating in Syria. There’s not much else they can do, having been cornered by Russia’s quick action. And, what? No mention of Assad resigning? Whodathunkit! Kerry basically admitted defeat, and Lavrov didn’t even gloat.

After being caught with their pants down, the U.S.’s options are rather limited at this point in time in response to Russia. But they’re really trying their best, making two basic claims via the media: 1) Russia isn’t really targeting ISIS, 2) Russia is killing civilians. For example, yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that at least one airstrike targeted U.S.-trained and -supported rebels:

Russian Airstrike in Syria Targeted CIA-Backed Rebels, U.S. Officials Say (Sept. 30) – Russia launched airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday, catching U.S. and Western officials off guard and drawing new condemnation as evidence suggested Moscow wasn’t targeting extremist group Islamic State, but rather other opponents of Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Funny phrasing, isn’t it? “Other opponents.” As if ISIS were the only terrorist group operating in Syria… As Alexei Pushov, chairman of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee, said today:

‘The moderate opposition’ is largely a myth invented by the United States. Its fighters are not fighting against Isil, join Al-Qaeda, and fired at the Russian embassy. Is that ‘moderation’?

How many times must ‘moderate rebels’ join, defect, or cooperate with ISIS for the West to admit this point?

The Kremlin has apparently responded to such accusations, according to the Guardian:

Russia has bombed targets in north-west Syria for a second day, as the Kremlin said it was going after a list of well-known militant organisations and not just Islamic State.

Tarek Balsheh, a spokesman for the Syrian civil defence, said an airstrike hit Jisr al-Shughour. “Russian aircraft have been in the sky since this morning and bombed Jisr al-Shughour with an airstrike approximately two hours ago,” Balsheh said. “We have no reports of casualties.

“They targeted the northern neighbourhood of the town, which only houses civilians, but there are very few people there because of repeated airstrikes.”

Al Mayadeen, a Lebanese pro-Assad channel, separately reported that Russian aircraft had launched 30 fresh airstrikes against Jaysh al-Fateh, a powerful rebel coalition that includes Ahrar al-Sham and the al-Qaida affiliated al-Nusra Front.

As for yesterday’s strikes, this is how the Telegraph put it:

“Russian air force planes have commenced air operations with surgical strikes against identified Isil ground targets,” said General Igor Konshenkov, a Russian defence ministry spokesman, adding that “arms, ammunition and fuel depots” had all been destroyed.

By early afternoon, however, a multitude of reports from the ground suggested otherwise. Instead of hitting Isil, Russian jets were said to have dropped bombs on two locations in Homs province, three in Hama and two in Latakia.

All of the targets were non-Isil rebel groups, including those supported by the Western powers. The SU-24s were in action not in Isil’s stronghold in eastern Syria or against Raqqa – the movement’s de facto capital – but in areas where Assad’s forces have been under severe pressure from the insurgents.

The suspicion immediately arose that saving Assad – not destroying Isil – was Russia’s main objective.

As if the two objectives were somehow contradictory. But the U.S. can’t really go wrong with this line of attack. After all, even if Russia were to attack and kill card-carrying ISIS members, the U.S. could still respond by saying that Russia bombed “U.S.-trained fighters”! That’s probably the point behind Russian intervention in the first place: to fight the U.S.’s proxy mercenary force (which includes fighters in practically all of the ‘rebel’ groups: ISIS, Nusra, FSA, etc.) while using the West’s own narrative: “You say you want to fight ISIS? Well, let us give you a hand!”

The British responded just as ridiculously. From the Telegraph:

Speaking on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, warned of the possible consequences.

“We are clear that if Russia wants to join with the coalition in air strikes against Isil then we would welcome that. If what Russia is doing is carrying out air strikes in defence of the regime then that is a very different issue,” said Mr Hammond. …

“If they have selected a target that is clearly an Isil target they will be sending us a signal that they want this intervention to be seen as a counter-Isil intervention.

“If they are in an area the regime is defending, that will send a much more mixed message.

“And if it’s in an area where there is no Isil engagement, it will send a very clear message that it is designed to support Assad.”

How much clearer can they be, Hammond?! This is precisely what Putin has said: that his government and military are supporting Assad. Contrary to the dream world you seem to live in, where Assad is a dictator ‘killing his own people’, while simultaneously being attacked by ISIS, Assad has been fighting foreign-sponsored terrorists for over 4 years now – terrorists trained, funded, and armed by the West and their allies in the region (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc.). If you were serious about fighting terrorism – and not using terrorists as a proxy force to topple Assad – you’d support Assad too.

Britain also warned that the strikes risk driving the “entire opposition” into the arms of ISIS. Right. Well, that’s actually pretty close to the truth, because there is very little except name in dividing the core mentality of the various terror groups operating in Syria. They already cooperate with each other, after all. FSA Col. Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi even referred to ISIS as FSA’s ‘brothers‘. What’s the big difference if they change the symbol on their flags? Birds of a feather…

Vox put out a terrible piece today telling its readers, “Don’t believe” that Russia’s targeting ISIS! No, it’s targeting groups hostile to ISIS! They quote Genevieve Casagrande, a researcher for the Institute for the Study of War (a neocon think tank), as saying that “Talbiseh [site of one of the airstrikes] is home to Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, hardline Islamist Ahrar al-Sham, and a number of other local rebel groups.” Vox adds their two bits: “These organizations are generally hostile to ISIS.” Yep, Vox is criticizing Russia for targeting Al-Qaeda. Because Al-Qaeda is hostile to ISIS. What planet do these people live on?! The Daily Beast joined in on the propaganda fest.

John McCain was typically hilarious and incoherent:

Meanwhile in the US, John McCain, head of the senate armed services committee, told CNN thatCIA-trained Free Syrian Army recruits were hit by strikes.

“I can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against our Free Syrian Army recruits that have been armed and trained by the CIA because we have communications with people there.”

Suck it up, you little jihadi-loving freak!

Across the pond, France called it “curious” that Russia seemingly had not targeted known ISIS sites:

“Russian forces struck Syria and curiously didn’t hit Islamic State,” Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told lawmakers in Paris.

A French diplomatic source said the strikes, which seemed to have been carried out near Homs, an area crucial to Assad’s control of western Syria.

“It is not Daesh (Islamic State) that they are targeting, but probably opposition groups, which confirms that they are more in support of Bashar’s regime than in fighting Daesh,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

We wonder, who exactly was targeted for these important, symbolic first strikes? “Other rebel groups”? Or something with a little more intrigue, perhaps? If it were CIA/MI6/Mossad hideouts, there’s no way the U.S., UK or Israel would admit it… Might that explain Kerry’s capitulation?

Then there was this from U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter:

The Russian approach here is doomed to fail. I hope that they come over to a point of view where they try to pursue their objectives in a different way that makes more sense.

We’ll just have to wait and see how prophetic Carter really is.

As for claims of dead civilians, there’s this:

Moscow: Western media lied about the victims of Russian air strikes in Syria ( – Sept. 30)

The George Soros-linked “White Helmets” NGO in Syria has already been caught faking images of civilians killed or maimed in the Russian airstrikes. Reuters, citing unnamed sources, and others, citing the Times of Israel, are reporting the deaths of 6-12 children in Homs. The head of the opposition group National Coalation, Khaled Khoja, said one strike killed 36 civilians, but he has yet to provide any evidence. Russian Foreign Ministry rep. Maria Zakharova has called these ‘fabrications’: “Biased and false reports have flooded Western and regional media claiming the Russian military operation is causing civilian deaths or even is aimed against pro-democratic forces and the peaceful population. That is an information attack, the information warfare that we all have heard so much about. Apparently someone came well-prepared for it.” Let’s take a guess as to their ‘sources’: Free Syrian Army? Nusra? ISIS themselves? In other words, American allies and proxies. And no proof to back up their claims, as of yet.

Putin chimed in on the issue today, saying: “As for any information in the media on civilians suffering [from Russian airstrikes], we were ready for such information attacks. I draw your attention to the fact that the first reports on civilian casualties emerged before our planes even left the ground.”

As for the latest updates:

Russian Air Force in Syria deploying over 50 planes & choppers – Defense Ministry (RT, Oct. 1) – Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov told media: “The air group was deployed on very short notice. It was possible because we had most of the materiel and ammunition ready at our depot in Tartus. We only had to move our aircraft and deliver some extra equipment.”

ISIS HQ, command point, ammo depot destroyed in Russian military Syria night op (RT, Oct. 1) – Last night’s airstrikes targeted four ISIS facilities near Idlib and al-Latamna. Drone footage shows an ammunition depot exploding, and a 3-story building in ruins after being hit by FAB-500 bombs from an SU-25. “A terrorist HQ and an ammunition depot were destroyed near Idlib, as were a fortified three-level command center near Hama,” Konashenkov said. “A direct bomb hit also completely destroyed a workshop north of Homs that produced explosives and ammunition,” he added, saying that at this workshop terrorists were stuffing vehicles with explosives.

Russia taking measures against potential terror attacks after Syria bombing raids – Peskov (RT, Oct. 1)

Russian special services are working tirelessly to prevent potential terrorist attacks by extremists in retaliation to Moscow’s operation in Syria, Dmitry Peskov, presidential press secretary, has said.

Peskov noted the situation was similar to other places in the world – in all nations special services are constantly taking steps to counter terrorism in all of its manifestations. In Russia, this task is being fulfilled by the Federal Security Service and the National Anti-Terror Committee, he said.

And who trains, arms, and directs those terrorists in the first place? You guessed it.