The Back Story Behind John Boehner’s Forced Resignation

The Back Story Behind John Boehner’s Forced Resignation


This Is Why Speaker John Boehner Resigned

State of the Nation
It is now well known that John Boehner is a dedicated lifelong Roman Catholic.  It is also known that he has pushed for having the Pope come to America and address the U.S. Congress over many years.  Meeting the Pope has always been a dream of Boehner’s which has just come true.  What he failed to realize was that such a moment would trigger a realization of his profound betrayal of Roman Catholic teachings and universal morality.

One relatively short papal visit after the historic Congressional address put John Boehner face to face with himself.  Clearly, the Pope reflected back to him the woeful lack of commitment to the most basic principles of civilization and pillars of Western society. Whether the Pope told him directly or by papal courier, Boehner had violated Catholic law and morality IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAYS.

In so doing John Boehner, through his continual crimes of commission and acts of omission in his capacity as Speaker of the House, was directly responsible for the whole nation’s transgression of natural law and divine order.  His meeting with the Pope surely brought this reality into stark relief.  Hence, his uncontrollable crying and emotional outburst in having to confront his grave offenses against the Almighty.  In yesterday’s case, not against the Pope, against the Lord Almighty.


These Assertions Are Made Without A Hint Of  Hyperbole

Because of the pervasiveness and profundity of moral depravity throughout all of American society, most don’t even know what is being categorically asserted here.  John Boehner, more than anyone else in the U.S. Federal Government, was in the position to challenge President Obama’s morally bankrupt agenda.  Instead of using his power to stop or slow down Obama’s nefarious plans, he enabled the Obama Administration.

It’s true that the Democratic Party has devolved into a completely immoral and unethical coterie of criminals.  The DNC leadership, from the top on down, operates without conscience.  The Democratic addiction to prevarication and deception is now the stuff of legend; and it becomes more shameless and relentless by the day.  Boehner knows this. Actually, he know this and much, much more.

What’s the key point?  What are the critical repercussions of Boehner’s conduct?

Because of John Beohner’s serial negligence and shocking resistance to legislating righteously, he is now responsible for pushing the American Republic into an unprecedented emergency, if not outright collapse.  Why and how so?

Because he has received hard and indisputable evidence that Planned Parenthood has been committing the most serious felonies — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — for many years. And what is his response.  He rebuffed his Republican peers in the House and instead enables the hardcore criminals on the other side.  That’s not to say the the Republican side does not have its many hardened criminals as well.  The W. Bush Administration had a whole penitentiary of incorrigible criminals in its midst.  Back to the odious crime syndicate known as Planned Parenthood.

Yes, when you sell the body parts of aborted fetuses, you are a HARDCORE criminal … of the worst order.  And yet Boehner continued to protect this thoroughly corrupt organization and their co-comspirators every single day, in spite of being provided categorical evidence of their criminality.

Remember, it is rarely the criminal who perpetrates most of the crime against society; rather, it is those who create the safe environment for all the criminals to commit their crimes without any fear of retribution.  Therefore, the legislative branch is far more complicit in the killing factories known as the ongoing U.S. abortion industry than anyone or any other entity under the sun.

What else did John Boehner do or not do?

Instead of gearing up the whole Republican side of the House of Representatives to decisively overturn the unconstitutional SCOTUS ruling that made gay marriage the law of the land, he sat back and let Obama et al. have their way.  His response has been nothing short of tragic, and it has proven to have catastrophic consequences for American society. At the end of the day, that sole perverted decision will not only destroy the nuclear family, it will also destroy this nation.  Not only has it has reversed millennia of religious tradition across all religions, it flies in the face of natural and divine law.  Furthermore, it represents an assault on the moral order of the universe.

Again, it was what John Boehner chose not to do in the wake of the disastrous SCOTUS ruling.  He took the most political position possible when the most apolitical approach was desperately needed.  Supreme Court judges do not make law.  They adjudicate.  Boehner knows this well and let the obviously wrong side of the dysfunctional Supreme Court get away with winning the day.  The results are nothing less than calamitous for civil society. Boehner’s stewardship has permitted the tearing of the social fabric of America as no other Speaker in history.


Now everyone knows why John Boehner is always crying.

Where it concerns the national debt, John Boehner again allowed Obama & Company to get his entirely self-serving ways.  Doesn’t every unaccountable despot just want to spend all day long and never be held accountable.  In this particular regard, Boehner has done this nation a terrible disservice.  For it is the financial house of the USA that is truly in such a state of disarray; perhaps more than any other.  This is where the United States is in deep trouble because John Boehner refused to let the fiscally conservative caucus be heard.  In fact, he has quite ignorantly suppressed their every initiative to fix the country’s finances.  His responses to their vital legislation only thwarted what was desperately needed at the time.  The USA may now be well past the point of no return in this regard.

This failure to carry out the single most important responsibility of the House of Representatives will have extremely serious repercussions.  The turmoil in the stock markets worldwide reflects this foolhardy level of indebtedness (upwards of $18.5 trillion). So does the inability of the Federal Reserve to function with any degree of efficacy.  The FED cannot even set effective monetary policy anymore.  Servicing the debt load is now overwhelming and drains the nation’s treasury daily.  Truly, the House has failed woefully under Boehner’s leadership in this particular regard.

Boehner’s Political Status Had Reached A Point Of ‘No Return’

There is also a very practical reason why John Boehner was deposed as Speaker.  He betrayed more members of the Republican Party than any Speaker in U.S. history. It was the conservative base that was the recipient of his constant betrayal.  Many of the prominent members of the Tea Party leadership, in particular, were victims of his unseemly and unacceptable behavior.  There is a short list of articles below which catalogue only a few of these serious political indiscretions.

The issue here of paramount importance is that John Boehner really pissed off a lot of powerful conservatives.  He violated their trust in ways never seen in the conduct of the Speakership.  Not only did he outright deceive the members of his caucus, he outright lied to them in the process of advancing some of the most dubious aspects of Obama’s agenda. Quite frankly, no one has ever seen anything like it.  Anyone who follows House politics closely has been floored by the fact that Boehner has lasted so long.


Because the USA has experienced the most tumultuous and turbulent years of its existence since 9/11, much has fallen on the shoulders of Boehner and his political peers. Nevertheless, during such demanding times, leadership is challenged to rise to the occasion.  Rather than meet those challenges head on, John Boehner reflexively did the opposite.  Hence, the Pope had to fire him from his job.  The consequences of Boehner’s Speakership were simply too cataclysmic to further ignore.  The whole world is suffering terribly from his deficiencies and failings.

The times we live in are simply too demanding to take the path of least resistance as Boehner almost always did.  On the most crucial matters he particularly failed the American people.  Therefore, he had to go.  The Conservative caucus was getting ready to make his life very difficult indeed, so it was better that the Pope kicked him out the door.

We make no judgment of John Boehner as a person, only as a public servant.  In that regard his professional performance has caused an unmitigated disaster.  His crying episodes clearly demonstrated that he was never up to the task.  They also indicate a couple of other very important issues.

First, that he is probably on medication which makes him hyper-sensitive.  Anyone in his position should not be on such emotion-altering pharmaceutical drugs.  Such mind-altering prescriptions also make one highly vulnerable to mind-control programming. People in such influential positions are also susceptible to being bribed and blackmailed, as well as compromised in a whole number of ways.


Secondly, John Boehner seems to have a conscience that he was continually at war with. He knew when he was doing wrong, but he was ordered to do so.  He also knew when he was not doing the right thing, but knew he could not buck his masters.  Hence, the $64,000 question in this saga is just who are John Boehner’s real masters.  Certainly the American people are not.

This state of affairs would indicate that treason is being routinely committed at the highest levels of the U.S Government, which is entirely true.  John Boehner is only one of many elected officials who answer to some all-powerful and unseen force.  His hasty exit from government and political life ought to compel every American citizen to ask why.  Who did John Boehner really work for, if not the U.S. citizenry?

State of the Nation
September 25, 2015

Author’s Note

It is never a pleasant task to write such an account of a man’s work.  John Boehner probably has no conscious clue about how far he strayed from the core principles of public service.  Nonetheless, because he works for the American people, this exposé had to be written.  All public servants are necessarily held to a much higher standard.  Not only do we the taxpayers compensate them for their services, they are obligated to carry out the collective will of the people.  And always that which is for the highest good.

Mr. Boehner got caught up in a very dangerous game during very precarious times.  He completely lost his way, as any man can lose his way.  This assessment of his failings is so very harsh because those failings have had such a profound impact on America.  The Republican side of the House is expected to, at the very least, stand on the right side of the most critical social issues of our day.  Because of his negligence, the whole House is now literally falling down.

John Boehner is not solely to blame; the many other Republicans who have abandoned their core principles are equally responsible for this national tragedy.  They all should have been beating a path to the podium to speak in utter denunciation of those aforementioned transgressions against God and man.  As the leader, it fell upon him to hold the torch high so that all would follow.  Instead, he made sure that no one would carry the torch of righteousness.

Truly, he would be well served by prayer and forgiveness.   Such a plight, both personal and collective, can only be alleviated by prayer and forgiveness.  Of course, first we must hold their feet to the fire.  Otherwise we will become a nation that has no commitment to the rule of law; rather, we will have degenerated into a jungle of savagery.  Isn’t that what Planned Parenthood had become?!

Editor’s Note

The Speaker of the House is third in the line of succession to the U.S. Presidency.  The House of Representatives is the largest and most representative organ of the U.S. Federal Government.  It possesses the greatest amount of legislative authority and has the power over the public purse.  As such, a strong case can be made that the Speaker is, in some ways, even more powerful than the President and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

In light of this political reality, it can be said that the House Speaker is one of the most powerful positions in the world.  As a consequence, it is necessary for the World Shadow Government to completely control it.  Hence, all Speakers have found themselves controlled and manipulated to an inordinate degree.  John Boehner was no exception and was chosen because of the ease of controlling his every move.

One need look no further than the recent very public and highly unusual prosecution of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.  This blatantly political prosecution was undertaken with the explicit purpose of sending a clear and loud message to John Boehner.  Don’t deviate from your orders or there will be similar consequences in the near future.

Obama Administration Continues Pattern Of Political Prosecutions

Criminal attorneys and former prosecutors all agree that the charges against Hastert are both transparently political and quite absurd.  In fact, the charges against Hastert are so baseless and without precedent that it has since become obvious to many that Boehner was the real target.  The very real threat of a lurid criminal prosecution hangs over every public servant like the “sword of Damocles”.

John Boehner lived in the constant fear of that sword and paid the price that any man would who occupies one of the most important positions in the land.  After all, whoever controls the purse strings ultimately controls government.  Likewise, whoever writes the law controls much of what occurs in the private sector.  Had he used his fiscal and legislative powers wisely, he could have shut down Planned Parenthood in a day and a night.


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