Super Shemitah Begins on September 23rd: Timing Explained

Super Shemitah Begins on September 23rd: Timing Explained


The Convergence of the Twilight of the Kali Yuga and the End of the Mayan Calendar with the Super Shemitah


Because the Super Shemitah Begins on September 23rd,
Everything Changes


*The Super Shemitah is not a day, or a week, or a month; it’s an entire Year of Jubilee. Therefore, the outworking of all Shemitah related ‘karma’ will occur whenever and wherever necessary in order to balance the universal scales of justice. However, it is the remaining the milestones of the MOEDIM that will dictate the timing of the major apocalyptic events over the next 12 months.


Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Elul 29 fell on September 13th this year.  Just because that was the last day of the Shemitah does not necessarily mean that everything crashes on or around that day.  The whole summer season has been replete with economic disasters and financial catastrophes, regional wars and social cataclysms.

The bankruptcies of Greece and Puerto Rico are obvious examples.  The stock market crash in China was as bad as the crash of 1929.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average also saw a mini crash during August.  The U.S. national debt steadily approaches $19 trillion while the European Union is on the brink of fiscal collapse.  All of these events are manifestations of the Shemitah.

There can be no doubt that such a seven year cycle has been in effect for centuries, if not millennia.  Thus far the summer of 2015 has confirmed that and yet there are still other major happenings in store for this September and October.  In other words, the manifestation of the Shemitah has really only just begun.  In years past Shemitah events occurred in August, September and October, as well as before and after this specific time frame.

The 2015/2016 Time Frame is Unique and Different from Previous Shemitah Years

First of all, this past Shemitah year, which ended on September 13th, is followed by a Year of Jubilee, also known as the Super Shemitah. That in and of itself is a VERY big deal.  For the Jubilee overshadows the normal Shemitah events and creates a whole new calendrical and prophetic dynamic.

Secondly, this Biblical Shemitah Jubilee, which begins on September 23rd, the Day of Atonement (aka Yom Kippur) has been identified as both the 70th and the 120th Jubilee, depending on the source.  In both instances, a very serious case can be made for an even more highly charged Jubilee year which begins on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015.

The following article presents a strong legalistic argument as to why Elul 29 did not manifest the expected Shemitah effects in the financial and economic realms.  While it offers a good explanation for this past Elul 29 non-event, it stays strictly within the narrow context of the Judaic scriptures and Hebrew calendar.  In that particular vein the authors of this essay are commended for providing an authoritative analysis.

Biblical Shemitah Jubilee Begins On 9/23/15, Anything Goes During The Super Shemitah

However, and it is a very big HOWEVER ….

The upcoming Super Shemitah is converging with other major calendrical predictions and scriptural prophecies from other religious and cultural traditions.  For instance, because the current race of humanity is experiencing the twilight of the Kali Yuga, these extremely powerful energies are also operative right now around the globe.  Conversely, the Mayan Long Count Calendar is also ending (or ended or will end shortly?) so those influences are operating at full tilt, especially if you correctly understand the nature of the Universal Creation Cycle of Mayan Cosmogony.

The Christian faith has a particularly well-defined End Time narrative as delineated by the Book of Revelation.  Likewise, the Buddhist and the Islamic religions have their own take on what might occur on Earth just prior to the coming of Maitreya and the Mahdi, respectively.

There are other spiritual traditions such as those of the Indigenous Peoples that are fraught with prophecy about “the end of days”.  The Native Americans, in particular, have issued warning after warning about the proverbial wall that modern society is about to hit.  Their prophecy regarding the “Prophecy The Eagle and The Condor” is especially cogent and compelling during these final days.


The critical point here is that such a convergence of so many diverse sources of prophecy has only served to intensify the collective outcomes across the entire planet.  In other words, it is NOT just the Judeo-Christian world with large Christian and Jewish populations that will be effected by the Super Shemitah.  Given the aforementioned confluence of so many calendrical predictions and scriptural prophecies, the entire civilization will be profoundly affected.

What’s the real point here?

The whole world has been hardwired according to a number of different modern-era paradigms since the advent of the Industrial Revolution.  Virtually all of them are fatally flawed.  These represent the most basic foundational blueprints for both the infrastructure and superstructure of the current planetary civilization.  Whether one considers the hydrocarbon fuel paradigm (BP Gulf oil spill) or the nuclear power generation paradigm (Fukushima nuclear disaster), it is easy to see how defective and dangerous they both are.

Of course, on the financial and economic fronts the aforementioned link lays bare how dollar-denominated debt has positioned the planet on the cusp of the 2nd Great Depression.  Not only is the Almighty Dollar not so invincible, the USA is heavily burdened with a national debt fast approaching $19 trillion.  Because the Global Economic & Financial System has utilized the petrodollar as its reserve currency, the whole monetary order is now in very serious jeopardy.

CAVEAT About Debt:
The critical point made in the “Biblical Shemitah Jubilee” article linked above is that debt has been used as a weapon by the Judeo-Christian countries of the world.  Nations big and small, societies rich and poor have been systematically indebted by those who run the worldwide fractional reserve banking system.  These Judeo-Christian moneychangers have stealthily replaced all asset-backed currencies with worthless fiat money.  Often known as banksters for their unscrupulous practices, they have created a sovereign and corporate and personal debt crisis of truly epic proportions.  Because the two previous Shemitah cycles saw a substantial deepening of this global debt crisis, the present cycle must deal with it in a decisive way.  Rather than fixing this debt problem, the controllers made it considerably worse since the turn of the millennium.  Kicking the can down the road is no longer an option; hence, the day of reckoning is fast upon us … for the nation, for Western society, for the planetary civilization.  Because the Obama Administration and the FED, Germany and the ECB, the IMF and the World Bank, and other involved parties refuse to deal with this demanding and festering problem, it will be dealt with by way of divine intervention … also known as the Super Shemitah.

This particular predicament is at the very crux of the outworking of the Super Shemitah.  Because the U.S. Dollar still remains the world’s reserve currency, its destiny will affect every nation that is dependent upon it.  Likewise, all the banks and brokerage houses, hedge funds and pension funds that have placed their faith in dollar-denominated assets and liabilities will go the way of the greenback.  This basically means all of Western Civilization.

The real problem with this international state of affairs is that the whole GE&FS has proven itself to be unsustainable.  Completely unrealistic revenue targets and income goals based on the expectations of continuous year-over-year growth are inherently flawed.  The capitalistic economic model that demands perpetual growth is likewise deficient and unsound.  Hence, the current corporate approach toward maximizing short-term earnings at the expense of more important long-term objectives is coming to an end.  So is the present form of predatory capitalism which is absolutely necessary for ever-increasing growth rates.  This is precisely why the USA requires a perpetual war economy to maintain the status quo.

Given this background, it is now easy to see that the global financial architecture is operating under great stress, just as the worldwide economic foundation is revealing cracks which only grow in depth and breadth.  These two realities point directly to an unavoidable breakdown.  The BRICS-allied nations are well aware of this eventuality and have been taking various precautionary measures.  The more quickly that BRICS moves away from the U.S. Dollar, the more this process will hasten the collapse of the current incarnation of the Global Economic & Financial System, which began with the Bretton Woods Agreement.


Putin says dump the dollar

No matter where you look in any sphere of life, there is an alarming degree of breakdown and degradation.  As a matter of fact, the entire planet is experiencing a phenomenon known as “technospheric breakdown”.  Every sector of society that utilizes antiquated or worn out technology is experiencing slow-motion disintegration. This pervasive and persistent deterioration will inevitably manifest as a whole host of industrial accidents and transportation mishaps, system failures and infrastructure breakdown.  Sometimes an outright collapse can occur much like the Twin Towers fell into their own footprint on 9/11 (an omen, yes?), although that was a perfectly controlled demolition executed by the U.S. Government.

That’s exactly where humanity sits right now.  The Super Shemitah is merely the temporal doorway through which the civilization is now passing.  Kind of like trying to pass through the eye of a needle. Whatever doesn’t work — and there is a LOT that doesn’t — will be discarded.  Only in this way will there be sufficient space made for the new and necessary replacement paradigms of the New Era.

If this is, in fact, the 70th Shemitah then one can only imagine how profound and fundamental the house cleaning will be.  In light of the current twilight period of the Kali Yuga, one then begins to grasp the enormity of future events, especially when viewed through the prism of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.  Who, after all, has not heard by now of Zero Point or the Event Horizon?  What both of these notions convey is the extraordinary acceleration of time and real-time metamorphosis of the space-time continuum.  The 3rd Density morphogenetic field (aka 3D) is now morphing into a 4th Density matrix before reaching 5th at seemingly warp speed.  See how quickly technology now evolves at such a pace that all IT devices are obsolete the day they hit the market.

There is one driving force, more than any other, that will precipitate the full effects of the Super Shemitah

Humankind is now approaching certain prohibitive thresholds of scientific knowledge and applied technology.  For instance, as AI (artificial intelligence) developments and genetic engineering breakthroughs get precariously close to levels of advancement that are not responsibly handled, the fate of the whole planet is determined by but a few individuals.  This emerging reality has now reached a point whereby the proverbial “domain of the gods” has been unduly encroached upon.

“When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a critical level of advancement, without being informed by spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the planetary civilization will relinquish its destiny to continue as it is.”[1]

This excerpt from a previous essay expresses the plight of humanity at this very moment. There are many who have foretold of a time when mankind would go too fast, too far, without being equipped to understand the consequences of their actions.  The endless pursuit of scientific advancement, just for the sake of acquiring and applying the scientific knowledge, is a very slippery slope indeed.  Were the people of the world to be informed about some of the unacceptable scientific experimentation, which occurs day and night all over the planet, they would be shocked and mortified.  Most would even refuse to believe it.

The HUGE problem today — which ought to be of great concern to every human being — is that science and technology have been put into the hands of virtually anyone who is digitally connected.  Therefore, there are now many unevolved souls who simply tear the place up in the name of technological doership … some, only because they want to test their abilities to do so.

Who has not witnessed this unfortunate situation on the internet?  You know, the software developers who love to hack and attack can now shut down the stock market if they so choose.  These same characters can paralyze a corporation, a nation or any entity that is digitally connected.  They can also fake a nuclear attack on the computer screens at the DOD.  They can manipulate the regional electrical grid or interfere with the local nuclear power plant operations.  They can land a dirty bomb-carrying drone on the White House.  They can do things you simply wouldn’t believe.

It was Alain Danielou who predicted this inevitable development within the current post-modern society.  He presciently wrote in his book WHILE THE GODS PLAY about the inevitable outcomes that occur with “the pernicious development of knowledge which falls into irresponsible hands”.  And now it has come to pass.  Hence, there can be only one result for all of humanity because of the misguided desire of a few to control and dominate the world with highly advanced technology.



The timing of the Super Shemitah is not coincidental; it was divinely ordained for this moment in time.  The innate power of the Super Shemitah guarantees that what must come to pass will do so … right on schedule.  Hence, all the Shemitah naysayers are speaking far too soon, for the grand finale has yet to begin as of this date.

As a matter of fact, because both the letter and spirit of the Shemitah “law” have been violated, the upcoming year will unfold in a manner that will make straight what is now quite crooked.  The Super Shemitah will likely come like a thief in the night, both literally and figuratively.  Therefore, it behooves the wise and the righteous to sleep with one eye open for the next year.

There are other things which can be done on a spiritual level which can significantly mitigate the personal effects of this highly consequential period.  Those spiritual practices which have always borne fruit ought to be engaged on a regular basis.  Prayer and meditation, fasting and repentance, self inquiry and contemplating scripture, selfless service and giving of alms*, are just a few of the daily practices which can serve to protect one’s mind and body, as well as safeguard one’s home and property.

*The Day of Atonement (Evening of September 22nd thru the 23rd) was especially reserved for these spiritual practices. 

At the end of the day, it is how we face our trials and tribulations which matters the most. What happens in our life is mostly determined by destiny, and therefore cannot be changed.  However, we can always alter our attitude in such a way so that we meet our challenges with yogic detachment and dispassion.  Truly, it is equanimity and equipoise that will best serve us in the days ahead.

As Ernest Hemingway once wrote:

“Courage is grace under pressure.”

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
September 20, 2015


[1] Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Planetary Transformation

Author’s Note

Because no nation will be spared the unprecedented effects and various consequences brought about from the upcoming Super Shemitah, there is no place that is preferable to another.  In fact wherever you are is the best place to be.  Each person on Earth will have found their perfect place on the planet by the time that Super Shemitah has commenced.  Though it may not yet appear to be the ideal circumstances, know that they are.  Everyone’s life has been ordered in such a way so that they are exactly where they are meant to be during these momentous and transformative times.

Editor’s Note

Jonathan Cahn has done an excellent job waking the world up to the Hebrew biblical tradition known as the 7-year Shemitah cycle.  Whether this multi-millenial Shemitah plan is of human origin or divine ordination is essentially inconsequential. Nothing can happen except by the Will of God. Therefore, the whole Shemitah phenomenon ought to be considered as any other series of prophetic events which ultimately leaves its mark on society-at-large.

Because of the undeniable confluence of prophecies manifesting during this particular window of time, the full impact of the Super Shemitah is likely to be much greater than what has been anticipated.  In light of this reality those who are initiated into the knowledge of the Super Shemitah are encouraged to share their awareness and understanding with family and friends alike. Doing so will make the immediate future much easier to navigate for all parties concerned.