Who is promoting New Age Exceptionalism and why are they so successful?

Who is promoting New Age Exceptionalism and why are they so successful?


Purveyors of New Age Exceptionalism
Oblivious to the Realities on the Ground

Who convinced the New Age Movement that the present tract of humanity is somehow exceptional compared to previous races of humanity which have taken up residence on Planet Earth?

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Surely you have heard by now from so many New Age evolutionary leaders and lightworkers that the current human race is so splendid, so special, so wonderful that they will miraculously escape from the jaws of karma. The current planetary civilization, so the story goes, is populated with so many exceptional and extraordinary souls that entire national destinies will be magically shifted from the obvious trajectories that they are now plotting to new and glorious ones filled with bliss and happiness, joy and euphoria.

Exactly what is it that makes this 7 billion plus group of time traveling souls so remarkable, so different?

So different, that is, that they will somehow be the fortunate recipients of great karmic reprieves as no civilization which has come before has ever experienced.

First, let’s objectively compare the current race of humanity with what we know about previous ones.  The esoteric historical record clearly indicates that the inhabitants of Atlantis and Lemuria were both far more evolved than the post-modern homo sapiens of the 21st century.  The intellectual, scientific and technological advancement of Atlantis was literally lightyears ahead of where humankind is today.  Likewise, their state of spiritual development was much more refined and in resonance with ONENESS or supreme Consciousness.

And, yet, with all of this divine largesse operating in their favor, they (Atlantis) fell prey to profound hubris and arrogance.  The story goes that when the priestly class quite negatively influenced the scientific establishment, as well as the elites who controlled the technology, to do their bidding, things very quickly “went to hell in a hand basket”, figuratively and literally!  That is basically what caused Atlantis to sink in a day and a night approximately 12,000 years ago.

Artist rendition of the last days of Atlantis

The gross abuse of powerful technologies for very wrong reasons can create quite the mess. Both Halloween and All Souls Day are byproducts of that earth-shattering cataclysm as are the Bermuda Triangle, the Pharaonic Dynasties of Ancient Egypt, and the United States of America (aka the New Atlantis).  There are many other vestiges of that once great multi-island nation of Atlantis which have found their way into our modern civilization … such as virtually every scientific and technological advancement of the past two hundred years!

What’s the point?

Truly, the current stage of evolution of mankind — both mundane and spiritual — is far from the level of the Atlantean and the Lemurian civilizations.  And, yet, their civilizations met with fates which were quite unfortunate and final, uncompromising and baneful.  It is said that on the day that Atlantis sank perhaps as many as 350 million souls perished worldwide, so destructive was that terrible calamity.

The point here is that modern society has shown itself to be much more “LOST” than those of previous ages and yugas, ancient cultures and civilizations.  Because we lack any realistic frame of reference, we as a people are incapable of seeing this truth.  Our collective perspective has been shaped by millennia of brainwashing and programming, which has profoundly inculcated (and inbred) an extraordinary degree of shared ignorance and communal arrogance.

In other words we — the current planetary civilization — have been somehow convinced that we are the best and the brightest, the latest and the greatest, the most superior human race ever to have inhabited Planet Earth.

Because the internet age has brought us information and data which was heretofore inaccessible, we now somehow feel that we have arrived, or that we are about to arrive. Not only have we not arrived, we seem to be moving fast and furiously in the wrong direction … much as Atlantis did during their end times.  The quite significant difference is that many Atlantean spirits had experienced (i) a very high level of spiritual attainment, (ii) the acquisition of sublime and sacred wisdom and (iii) a high degree of knowledge and proficiency in the occult sciences and mystical arts.

Were a real live Atlantean to walk the Earth today he or she would be likely be horrified at the sight.  For they would become grimly aware of the present earthly predicament as follows:

Overpopulated and crowded, concrete, steel and asphalt urban jungles dotting the globe,
acidified oceans and chemtrailed skies, razed rainforests and removed mountaintops,
polluted lakes and rivers, poisoned ponds and streams, hazy and smog-filled mega-cities,
overwhelmingly contaminated superfund sites that have been neglected for decades,
massive oil spills and catastrophic nuclear mishaps, many of which go unreported,
irreparable environmental destruction and ecological imbalance everywhere,
perpetual war for geopolitical advantage and constant international conflict,
wars over land and water, oil and gas, sacred sites and valuable real estate,
religious and race wars, national and cultural wars, clashes of civilizations and societies,
strife between the genders and animosities among sexual orientations,
long-simmering family feuds, tribal vendettas, and cultural hostilities,
spreading gang violence, drug trafficking and urban ghetto ethos,
lifelong poverty and destitution, homelessness and joblessness,
new diseases and illnesses, recurring influenzas and infections,
childhood Obesity and Diabetes, Autism and Aspergers, ADD and ADHD,
adulthood Heart disease and Stroke, Cancer and Chronic degenerative disease,
never-ending pestilence and plagues, pandemics and epidemics,
destruction of the nuclear family and pervasive lack of community,
sexual abuse and child abuse, spousal abuse and elderly abuse,
widespread drug abuse and misuse — pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and recreational,
explosion of anti-social behaviors due to alcohol, marijuana and other drug addictions,
preponderance of internet pornography addiction — “most viewed websites on the net”, obsessive smart phone usage, compulsive online gaming and rampant TV addiction,
pervasive despair and depression, hopelessness and powerlessness, acts of desperation,
ever-increasing rates of suicide among the youth and elderly, especially assisted suicide,
premeditated acts of genocide and homicide, mass murders and serial murders,
soaring number of cases of police brutality and indiscriminate taser usage,
reckless killings by police officers and use of unnecessary force without consequence,
murders of policeman and increasing acts of disrespect toward law enforcement,
economic instability and financial insecurity, monetary collapse and fiscal breakdown,
unending political paralysis and worsening governmental corruption,
accelerating moral decay and mushrooming of sexual depravity,
shocking examples of cultural decadence and societal degradation now ubiquitous,
spiritual degeneration due to increasing atheism and agnosticism, doubt and disbelief,
prevalence of fear and anxiety, worry and concern, apprehension and uncertainty.


Add to this mix a global Mainstream Media that aggressively disseminates so much that is as inherently coarse, crude and crass as it is obscene, offensive and obnoxious.

Yes, this quite abbreviated list goes on and on and on, but hopefully everyone gets the picture.  Perhaps this picture portrays the EXCEPTIONAL degree of ignorance and shortsightedness which has crept into post-modern society throughout every sphere of life.  Such a lengthy and ‘impressive’ list is no doubt exceptional in so many extremely unfortunate ways; however, it certainly does not justify the oft-repeated claim by so many New Age leaders that the current planetary civilization is so special and favored. 

Unless, of course, they’re really referring to the special needs and deficits that humanity is now plagued by.  That there are now vast swaths of the world that suffer from every kind of deprivation and indignity, affliction and adversity is without question.  The dire need for immediate intervention and serious remediation within so many nations and states, cities and communities is evident everywhere.  Where armed conflict or full scale war has broken out, those desperate needs facing millions of refugees is as obvious as it is urgent.

Yes, we certainly have evolved into an exceptional planetary civilization.  Looking at the true global plight as a macrocosm, an extraterrestrial from their unique outsider vantage point might wonder how the heck we ever ended up in such a wild and crazy stewpot.  The worldwide problems facing humanity have never been so daunting, the obstacles never so formidable, and the challenges so numerous and so great.  That nations would spend hundreds of billions on war in the midst of so much poverty and starvation is a human tragedy of truly epic proportions.  Yet such a social calamity goes ‘effectively’ unaddressed year after year, decade after decade.

California is the perfect microcosm representing all that has gone wrong in the world

Surely, the great state of California is a perfect example of how government has completely let down the citizenry in that state.  It took an unending historic drought to finally wake up the governor and his Democratic legislature to do something about it.  Years have gone by with nary a peep about how to substantively address such a serious statewide predicament. Likewise, the practically worthless U.S. Federal Government has done even less even though this unparalleled water supply emergency is occurring in the 8th largest economy in the world.  And, with an agricultural output that is relied upon by people across the planet.

California is the same state which is promoting a totally liberal approach toward immigration and amnesty when they can’t even balance their budget.  Their instate students are protesting about tuition hikes and crushing student loan debt, yet the legislators in Sacramento want to give free tuition and scholarships to illegal aliens who have broken the law. They even want to allow unlawful immigrants to attend law school and practice law?!

The gang violence, gun running and drug trafficking in southern California only gets worse by the year and yet the politicians want to practically blow the border wide open.  As the Feds scream terrorist at any patriot American who calls out Washington for its ultrafascist conduct, the Obama Administration permits a porous border to go virtually unsecured.  ISIS, ISIL and IS militants may be entering the nation every minute of the day, yet Homeland Security only enables and empowers the illegal aliens.  Hundreds of thousands of them have been labeled as criminals; still, the immigration policies are further relaxed so as to favor their release into the U.S. general population!

Again, what was it exactly that makes us — the current human race — so very special?

Once again, why do so many thought New Age leaders insist that the current generations are so special and so deserving of so much cosmic clemency?  Given the previous incomplete list of truly overwhelming societal problems and social ills, environmental disasters and ecological catastrophes, economic depressions and financial calamities  — all of which are manmade — why should the Highest Power mercilessly save us from the fruits of our actions?  What are we doing today — individually or collectively — that would merit such a dramatic suspension of divine law and dispensation?

Forgive us if we offend, but —>

What, pray tell, is so exceptional and special about our 21st century post-modern planetary civilization, except that we seem to be in a race to the bottom … as in crossing the finish line in record time to Hades (aka Hell)?

Why do so many good people, smart people, aware people, spiritual people buy into this notion that we can continue down all of these roads (again, see the abridged list above) without consequence.  And, yet, at the very same time that they claim that we — the present human race — are so remarkable, we will somehow be, collectively and individually, spared our just desserts.

Now do you see?  There is surely something very wrong with this deeply flawed vision and understanding.  And yet very few among us really get it.  VERY FEW!

This brings us to the critical point of this societal commentary.  While very few would ever admit or acknowledge the possibility, or even entertain the notion, the vast majority of the people residing on Planet Earth are suffering from the same ailment.  This worldwide illness reflects a raging epidemic which has seen an alarming uptick over the past 100 years. Particularly with the proliferation of the Mainstream Media (MSM) throughout all nations and societies, has this mass psychological disease become a pervasive and seemingly permanent phenomenon.


Just what is it that so mentally incapacitates and emotionally disables, intellectually debilitates and spiritually stunts so many people?  Simply put, they are hopelessly —>

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.23.10 PM

Part II of this series will fully unpack the meaning and the meme: “Addicted to Deception”.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
April 4, 2015