March 20th, 2015: HUGE Astrological Trigger Point

March 20th, 2015: HUGE Astrological Trigger Point


Solar Eclipse, Supermoon & Vernal Equinox
Converge on Gudhi Padva during the Shemitah

The Last of 7 Uranus-Pluto Squares Occurred this Same Week

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

March 20th, 2015 is not only the first day of Spring, it is also the day of an extraordinary combination of celestial and astrological events.  A Full Solar Eclipse, Supermoon and Gudhi Padva will each occur this Friday, 3/20/2015.  Even before these events take place tomorrow, this week has already seen the last of seven powerful Uranus-Pluto Squares which peaked on Monday, March 16th.

This highly unusual convergence of intense luminary energy will continue until the third consecutive Blood Moon in a cycle of four that occurs on Saturday, April 4th.  Also known as a Full Lunar Eclipse, this Blood Moon punctuates an unparalleled period of profound and fundamental transformation.  However, it is critical to understand that this particular day — March 20th — is merely a trigger point for the years of 2015 … and 2016*.  The trigger is being pulled now which will initiate a multi-year process of massive and unprecedented change.  The biggest changes will be political and governmental, economic and financial, social and religious in nature … throughout every nation on Earth.

*Basically the stage is being set during 2015 for “The Greatest Show on Earth” that will actually take place in 2016, which happens to be the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey. Nevertheless, 2015 promises to provide its own series of spectacles which are a part of the necessary setup. The September/October time frame will likely present a captivating ‘trailer’ to the highly anticipated 2016 spectacular. The key dates marking the Shemitah Jubilee, in particular, offer an accurate timing of things to come. Accordingly, the economic and financial realms, headquartered in New York City and the City of London, will be the site of the opening acts of this Greatest Show — EVER — on Earth. ______________________________________________________________

The Supermoon on March 20th, it should be pointed out, is a new moon not a full moon. As such it will exert more influence than usual over our planetary body, just as the Earth will affect the new moon more than normal.  The very first phase of the New Moon is completely invisible since the moon is on the same side of the earth as the sun.  “The face of the Moon that can be seen from the Earth is no longer illuminated by the Sun’s rays — as only the opposing side is facing the Sun. As a result, it is invisible in the Earth’s sky.


A Cycle Of  Seven Uranus-Pluto Squares Has Just Completed

Consider then the following context in which this  “First Day of Spring” will unfold in 2015. This whole week is heavily influenced by the very last Uranus-Pluto Square of a very powerful cycle of 7 squares.  Here’s how describes this ‘calm before the storm‘:

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.30.43 AM

The same article goes on to explain what many just witnessed by watching Lady Gaga sing a Sound Of Music Tribute at this year’s Oscars.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.35.06 AM

Full Solar Eclipse Will Cast A Broad Shadow Across A Deeply Troubled Part Of The World

That was just the backdrop to this rapidly unfolding planetary drama. There is also a Full Solar Eclipse taking place on March 20th as well as a Full Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) on April 4th.  It is the swath of Planet Earth which will see tomorrow’s solar eclipse which is most significant.  What follows is a map of the visible eclipse area highlighted according to the varying degrees of visibility.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.51.47 AM

It is fairly easy to see that Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Northern Africa will all be deeply affected by the daytime shadow cast by this full solar eclipse.  Each of those areas has been the location of civilian uprisings and political protests, religious feuds and racial tensions, and/or outright war and military conflicts for quite some time.   Whenever the light of the sun is occluded by another luminary, it is considered an ill-omen of sorts.  For that very reason eclipses — both full and partial — are NOT viewed by astrologers as auspicious events.  They are to be respected and appropriately propitiated so as to alleviate any negative effects that might manifest.

This Supermoon Occurs With The First New Moon Of Spring

“A Supermoon is a coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach to the Earth on its orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size from view. This phenomenon causes both oceanic and crustal tides which risks increased earthquakes and volcanic activities.”[1]

Most are not aware that when there are Earth movements of this nature (earthquakes and volcanoes), they reflect a tremendous release of energies taking place.  Human populations everywhere can experience varying degrees of release as a result.  Pent-up emotional energy can be spontaneously discharged much as a solar flare reflects a coronal mass ejection, or a volcano blows its top.  Because the Supermoon is so close to the Earth, both the mind and emotions can be supercharged as well.  The Moon has a very powerful influence over both, as it does over the tidal flows of the oceans, among other of Earth’s vital signs.

The crucial point here is that the Supermoon is occurring within the same day as a Full Solar Eclipse.  The effects of the interaction of these 2 powerful astrophysical events is the real unknown since they rarely happen simultaneously.  One thing can be said, however, and that is that there is virtually always an amplification of energies as each event feeds off the other.  Hence, there is likely to be a discernible intensification of effects of both eclipse and supermoon on March 20th and beyond.

Gudhi Padva: Celebrated as one of the Holiest Holidays of the Hindu Calendar

Gudhi Padva (pronounced Gudi Padwa) “is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month to mark the beginning of the New year according to the lunisolar Hindu calendar.“[2]  In the sacred lore of India, this day represents the day that Lord Brahma, the Creator God, created the universe.  It therefore marks the first day of the Satya Yuga, also known as the Golden Age.

Because it indicates the beginning of the Age of Truth, the particularly auspicious first new moon of Spring is a quite fitting day for this year’s Gudhi Padva celebration.  It should be noted that Gudhi Padva also celebrates the return of Lord Rama after he defeated the maha-demon Ravana.  Tethered as it is in March of 2015 to these and other significant astrological and astrophysical events gives one the impression that a great reversal of fortune (and fate) might be in store for the people of Planet Earth (both the 1% and 99% respectively).

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.31.57 AM

In the Sanskrit epic poem known as the Ramayana, Ravana was the all-powerful ten-headed demon who terrorized the Earth realm.  Each head represented a different evil trait which Ravana manifested to the extreme.  When all 10 vices are embodied in a single entity, as they can also be exhibited by a tyrannical ruling cabal or nation, they draw the attention of the Lord.  In this way Lord Rama incarnated as a response to the pleas from those oppressed by the peerless earthly terrorist, Ravana.  Hence, there was great cause for celebration in the wake of Lord Rama’s victory over such a formidable and fearsome foe.

Lord Rama’s avaricious adversary was known for being consumed by the ten negative appetites as shown in the following list[3].  Each of these tendencies individually, when present to a high degree, is enough to ruin a person’s life, reverse the good fortune of a family or adversely affect the destiny of a nation.  Ergo, there is both a micro and macrocosmic understanding which ought to be gleaned from the universally didactic tale of the Ramayana.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.04.43 AM

Lord Rama himself was well known to be the paragon of dharma (righteousness) through his conquering of these 10 inner enemies.  By defeating the demon king Ravana, he was also successful at subduing the decadent kingdom that was known for its worship of the same debilitating weaknesses of human character.  Because of his unswerving commitment to righteous rule, Lord Rama has been honored ever since as the greatest and most noble king of his era.

What does the glorification of an ancient king of India have to do with 2015 and beyond? 

The world community of nations has never been so starved for high integrity leadership. As we move deeper into the twilight period of the Kali Yuga, the prevailing national leadership is anything but noble or virtuous.  Perhaps the oncoming upheaval is divinely ordained to create a whole new order that will accommodate a truly upright and selfless generation of leaders.  Only through the complete expulsion of the current crop of “Ravanas” is there any hope for the planetary civilization.

Toward that end, it has long been prophesied that the Piscean Age would close with quite a bang.  As the Age of Aquarius ensures that more egalitarian and just societies manifest everywhere, there will soon come a time for a complete break with the past.  That can only be accomplished by a series of paradigm-busting events which deeply affect every aspect of the current civilization.

The 2015/2016 Shemitah Jubilee And The End Of The Kali Yuga

All of the events explained thus far are actually occurring in preparation for the upcoming Year of the Shemitah Jubilee which begins in September of 2015.  For it is only through the extraordinary leveling that takes place during this historic jubilee that the global stage can be properly reset.  Because the rich and powerful nations of the West have come to so dominate the world, they share a major responsibility during this phase of unavoidable collapse and catharsis.

The Judeo-Anglo-American power structure, in particular, bears an inordinate amount of burden in this unfolding scenario.  Whereas the Global Economic & Financial Control Matrix has been painstakingly hardwired throughout the world over many decades, it will naturally fall to those Western powers to drop the curtain, once and for all.  Just as 9/11 was but an economic and financial omen for those truly complicit nations, it also served as a ‘trailer’ for the soon to be released Greatest Show On Earth.


There should be no underestimating the far-reaching and extensive impact of the Shemitah, especially the upcoming 70th Shemitah Jubilee.  It not only represents the end of a 3500-year cycle with awesome implications, the 7-year Shemitah cycle has already proven to be an unrivaled tool of prediction.  Particularly within the worldwide financial arena and economic sector has the Shemitah year frequently shown itself to be a time of dramatic happenings and radical changes.

PLUTO careens through CAPRICORN from 2008 until 2024

The following excerpt well describes what this ever-intensifying transit — Pluto in Capricorn — will produce in the affairs of men (and women, but it’s a patriarchal society so those bad boys are really going to feel it!).

Even the stars portend striking parallels between the American Revolution of 1776 and the upcoming USA Revolution of 2016. Every knowledgeable astrologer will agree that the 1770s saw the planet Pluto cruising through Capricorn just as it has been since 2008. This particular transit only occurs once every 245 years and does not bode well for those who populate the establishment. Especially those who occupy the greatest positions of power throughout government, the military, law enforcement, and the like, will be seriously challenged. Ultimately, the entire power structure of American society will find itself under tremendous assault and inordinate stress, as it should be.[4]

“Uranus And Neptune Transits Will Also Exert Heavy Influences During 2016”

Here’s another poignant excerpt from the same essay which addresses two other long term transits that significantly affect these times — Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces.

For the armchair astrologers among us there are a couple of other heavy duty transits occurring throughout this intensely revolutionary period. As the planet Uranus continues to rampage through Aries until 2018, Neptune will be plunging through Pisces through 2025. Both of these planetary passages will serve to greatly amplify the ongoing crescendo of Pluto in Capricorn. In both instances, these heightening astrological influences will significantly contribute to the hallmark of 2016 – CHANGE … profound and fundamental change![4]

“Saturn Enters Sagittarius: The Truth Shall Set You Free”

Lastly, there is one more astrological dynamic which will exert great influence over the affairs of the USA and therefore over the entire world.  As follows:

Speaking about change, perhaps the most consequential of all these evolving heavenly configurations is that the planet Saturn will be in Sagittarius for much of 2015, 2016 and most of 2017. The Sagittarian traits of truth-seeking and truth-speaking will literally overwhelm the political, economic and social arenas throughout the USA. As each person takes back their power, stands in their own truth, and then speaks truth to power, the nation has the potential to really change … overnight!

This particular transit, occurring simultaneously with those previously mentioned, guarantees that 2016 will shape up to be the most tumultuous, tempestuous and turbulent year of the new millennium. This rapidly developing state of affairs ought to be considered the first phase of the inevitable karmic outworking of the dramatic destiny of the USA. It will be very similar to, yet different from, the July 4, 1776 trigger point which saw the signing of the Declaration of Independence and subsequent American Revolutionary War.[4]


In light of the ever-emerging reality delineated in this essay, the next two years will undoubtedly be critical toward the inevitable metamorphosis of the planet and the people. The signs are now everywhere.  Omens abound both in the heavens and on Earth.  Who does not feel the electricity of change and challenge in the air?  March Madness has never been so intense just as Spring fever has never been so palpable and pervasive.  Truly, the long-awaited Shift of the Ages is right around the cosmic corner.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
March 19, 2015


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