An OPEN LETTER To President Vladimir Putin

An OPEN LETTER To President Vladimir Putin


Dear President Putin,

Greetings from the USA!

Please know that you have earned the deep respect and admiration of millions of Americans.

Your many quiet peace initiatives are very much appreciated by billions around the world.

Nations large and small are well aware of the extraordinary restraint and patience exercised by Russia in the face of numerous provocations to start a World War III.

Hence, the purpose of this open letter at this most crucial time of human history.

It is now clear to many Americans that the USA-directed coup d’état in Kiev during the Sochi Olympics was executed to draw Russia into a full-scale armed conflict.  The Western powers have further inflamed the civil war in the Ukraine by their military and financial support of the ruling junta, as well as through promises of NATO membership, IMF Loans and Eurozone access.  The ever-expanding sanction regime by the USA and the European Union has only added more fuel to this fire.

Herein lie our deepest concerns.  The potential for an extended war in the Eastern Ukraine will not go away.  As the United States of America and the United Kingdom stoke the flames of national and political tensions, as well as religious and racial animosities throughout the region, the potential for a much larger theater of war looms on the horizon. It’s clear that NATO’s strategy is designed to further cultivate this volatile environment in order to trigger a full-blown World War III.

Given the increasing economic instability (and financial insecurity) of the European Union, Japan and the USA, it has become common knowledge that their respective political leaders have become quite desperate.  Just as the Great Depression of the 1930s was used to set up World War II, is there any question about their intention to use the present Global Depression since 2008 to start a WWIII?

Now we come to the true intention of this letter.

Surely you know by now that you are dealing with a cabal of incorrigible and criminally insane psychopaths who are pushing the community of nations into a world war.  It is our collective observation that they will pursue their agenda of perpetual war because they no longer feel they have a choice.  It really does appear that a full-blown World War 3 is the only scenario which permits them to continue their multi-century plan for world conquest and domination.

The operative phrase here is “incorrigible and criminally insane psychopaths”.  In case you and your inner circle are unaware, we in the USA have an unequivocal understanding about this kind of extremely serious mental disease.  Many of these highly misguided state leaders and government officials simply have no conscience.  Others completely lack a moral compass.  Some even appear to be devoid of human compassion and empathy.  Consequently, their faculty of reason has been substantially impaired. Likewise, they seem to no longer possess the capacity to use simple logic or common sense.

Certainly their barbaric shoot-down of the MH17 commercial airliner and killing of nearly 300 passengers over the Eastern Ukraine, in order to blame such a heinous crime on Russia, demonstrates their insanity, yes?  That they shamelessly implemented a violent coup d’état in Kiev during the 2014 Summer Olympics is further evidence of their madness, right?   Then there were the USA-sponsored false flag attacks on their own citizenry on September 11, 2001!

Forgive us for speaking so candidly, but we have dealt with these characters for many decades now and we have learned a few things … the hard way.  As follows:

There is only ONE way to deal with a criminally insane psychopath, especially a large group of them:
Don’t deal with them — if at all possible — and especially not on their terms!

Secondly, if you must deal with them, as there are occasions which do arise, please know that you cannot negotiate with them.  You will find them to be thoroughly irrational and vexingly unreasonable.  They will violate any and all agreements, without a moment’s hesitation.  The many UN Resolutions related to Iraq, Iran, Libya, Palestine and Syria all serve as a glaring testimony to this stark reality.

Lastly, may we suggest that one must be extremely careful not to give into the temptation of fighting their fire with fire when things heat up as they always do.  Therefore, at the risk of offering counsel which the Russian Government is already aware of, we strongly urge you to consider the following recommendation.

The wisdom of the East, specifically from THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu, would prescribe fighting fire with water.

Of course, Sun Tzu goes on to delineate the precise terms and conditions of such an approach, if it is to be successful.  The water must be applied at the right time, in the right place, in the right measure, in the right way, and with the right intention.

As we survey the global battlefield of 2015, clearly time is getting short … very short!

Russia is fully cognizant of how the fires of war have been fueled by the Anglo-American Axis for at least a century.  Difficult yet uniquely instructive Russian experience also reveals exactly how critical the Petrodollar has been toward greasing their perpetual war machine.  Not only does the NATO juggernaut require exceedingly large amounts of fuel to operate, it also demands massive financing made possible only by the Petrodollar functioning as the world’s reserve currency.

Given those two self-evident facts of any present-day war economy, only Russia in a decisively concerted effort with the BRICS Alliance, can know what to do next.  We trust that all the BRICS-aligned nations will collaborate in those ways that are necessary at this critical juncture.  Otherwise, every nation under the sun will be subjected to the unrelenting tyranny (and endless terrorism) perpetrated by those purveyors of predatory capitalism, particularly during its final death throes.

Which brings us to the last and perhaps most important reason why we write this letter.  You know the people of the world are firmly on the side of Russia, of the BRICS Alliance,  and of any country that is respectful of the rights associated with national sovereignty.  The oppressed citizens of every nation want to help with this righteous and urgent cause.  However, they first need to be enlightened about certain matters.

In this day and age, knowledge is power.  Secret knowledge, like classified information, can confer great power upon the recipient.  Many folks are waking up and really do want to know the hidden truths; they also want to be empowered.  After they take back their power, they can better stand in their own truth.  As they become edified in this way, they then speak TRUTH to power, particularly those powers that exploit and harm them.

Where are we going with this discussion?

Were the American people informed about the CIA-coordinated false flag operation conducted on U.S. soil on 9/11/01, everything would change.  Only a nation-state can effectively disseminate that type of game-changing information.  Not only does Russia possess top tier intelligence agencies and secret services, your country also harbors one Edward Joseph Snowden.  Therefore, the well-known, classified NSA documents, particularly those relating to the actual U.S. Government conspiracy that executed the 9/11 attacks, are also housed within your borders.

Without the support of their respective citizenries, the most powerful nations involved in the 9/11 crimes against humanity would be forced to abandon their warmongering ways. Their governments would collapse overnight, as they should, and the global playing field would immediately be leveled as never before.  Therefore, we highly encourage you to closely collaborate with the Edward Snowdens of the world, and start making some noise … about what really matters to those abused and oppressed nations which, like Russia, have been the target of Anglo-American imperialism practically forever.

May we respectfully submit one last piece of unsolicited advice?

The CIA-coordinated coup in Kiev and subsequent civil war, which have occurred right in Russia’s own back yard, ought to be viewed as yet another 9/11 event.  In fact, the Russian speakers in the Eastern Ukraine have been, quite unfortunately, experiencing their own apocalyptic version of Armageddon, have they not?  While the people of the world are slowly coming to realize the profundity of their unwitting sacrifice, we think — we sincerely hope — that the time has finally come to take the matches away from the psychopathic arsonists.

It is of vital importance to acknowledge that Russia is the only nation in the world that has the necessary military capability and nuclear weapon deterrent, technological advancement and scientific knowledge, international standing and diplomatic integrity, financial wherewithal and economic muscle, to accomplish the mission at hand.  As only very few know, the Kremlin also possesses access to many a secret weapon provided only to those who act with righteousness and for the highest good.

Much more significantly, as the presiding leader of the Motherland, you have a genuinely supportive populace that stands squarely behind your intentions to “Protect Russia.

President Putin, we trust that Russia and your partners — real partners, that is — will do today what must be done today in this regard.  And, that you will do tomorrow what can only be done tomorrow in order to fulfill the most consequential prophecies of our time.

Truly, the fate of the planetary civilization lies in the balance.  As do the viability of the biosphere and the future of humanity.

With great respect,
And much gratitude,

Concerned Citizens Of the USA

P.S.  Many of us take very seriously what the “Sleeping Prophet” predicted regarding Russia’s role during the current stage of the evolution of humankind.

“In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”
~ Edgar Cayce, 1944


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