Why Is Planet Earth On Life Support?

Why Is Planet Earth On Life Support?


When the biosphere itself is on life support, we have some very serious problems down here, don’t we?

Perhaps the following excerpt ought to be seriously considered when probing the true causes of Earth’s predicament.

“Every civilization is built on a foundation of core spiritual beliefs, predominant religious traditions and accepted philosophical principles. The very blueprint of the society will reflect the integrity and soundness of those belief systems and religious faiths. The extent to which they are defective and lacking will always be manifested by the societal architecture which is constructed upon this philosophical foundation. The more profound and fundamental the flaws in the foundational understanding, the more unstable the architecture will be.

In the case of Western Civilization we see that all governmental institutions and political systems, social structures and religious organizations are inherently flawed. The entire economic and financial order exists as if it were built on quicksand. Likewise, the scientific paradigms are severely deficient and the academic body of knowledge is not based on truth. When such is the case, what kind of a world will the children inherit? Particularly in light of how technology is worshipped from such a young age throughout society, when the Divine or Highest Power (also known as GOD) ought to be revered and relied upon.

Given this state of affairs, peace and cooperation will elude the current race of humanity during this New Millennium. As general discontent continues, “the insatiable appetite for more” will further strip the earth bare of its limited natural resources. Especially when the primordial relationship with Mother Earth has been broken for so long, as it has in the West, humanity will suffer great trials and tribulations until a genuine reconciliation occurs. After all, just how much neglect and abuse can the global environment sustain before the entire civilization experiences the inevitable karmic blowback?

The planetary environment is a relatively finite system and does require a certain level of responsible stewardship to adequately support over seven billion residents. Although they do possess extraordinary powers to renew and rejuvenate, the myriad ecosystems which exist across the planet must be maintained in a proper balance. Only when humankind acknowledges and respects the basic laws of Mother Nature will such a balance prevail.

As the global population continues to spiral upward, the stresses and pressures on the biosphere have begun to reach tipping points and exceed critical thresholds which signal tremendous urgency. Every sphere of life has been suffused with signs and omens which indicate that points of no return of great consequence are surely upon us. The Armageddon which many fear is not a WWIII, rather it is the ongoing environmental apocalypse that has been taking place for many decades mostly under the radar. Such pervasive and profound global destruction can only end one day with some sort of Planetary Armageddon, the likes of which has never been experienced by the current race of humanity.

The fateful day on which the Industrial Revolution began marks the beginning of the end of our current age. Therefore, we are compelled to look deeply at the many forces which conspired to create this revolution which would go onto inflict so much damage across the planet during the 20th century, and up to the present day.”
Cosmic Convergence Research Group

What were those philosophical ideals and religious beliefs that set the stage for so much destruction to the biosphere? How did so many obvious and profound institutional defects, which have substantially contributed to the inexorable degradation of the worldwide habitat, become the accepted status quo over such a short period of time? Why, pray tell, were so many duped into soiling our own nest?

Where do we find the philosophical roots of this ‘revolution’ … in what countries … in which cultures … dominated by which religious traditions?

What is the primary culture of those who would be “king of the realm”, and why was their language chosen to be lexicon of imperialism, of domination, of global control?

We ask these questions so that each reader can contemplate them deeply. In this way we can all be freed from that which binds us, especially from the very subtle (read subliminal), lifelong conditioning which still occurs 24/7 without our knowledge and awareness and consent.

English: The Language of Conflict and Commerce, Command and Control

When we state this fact of life on Planet Earth, we assume that it is undeniably self-evident. Truly, the English language was selected by those who determined that it was the best language with which to conduct business around the globe, advance trade and commerce throughout the world, and exploit the natural resources of the entire planet.

If you’re wondering why English was chosen, you might tune into an open session of the British Parliament on your local PBS channel. Listen closely to the word merchants work their magic of mind control and manipulation. Tony Blair’s performances of deceit and deception in the run-up to the Iraq War are particularly representative of English word merchandising. Likewise, see how relentless prevarication and fabrication have saturated the British version of the fake War on Terror. Just as betrayal and breaching of contracts occur wherever British corporations do business around the world when they want to exert financial pressure or conduct economic warfare. Ditto all of these examples for US brinkmanship as the Yankees practice gunboat diplomacy wherever there’s a foreign port and natural resources up for grabs.

You will quickly glean from the mind-numbing experience of sitting through a session of Parliament why the sun still does not set on the British Empire, as it does not set on the worldwide American Military-Industrial Complex. English is, after all, a language which is quite effective at starting and prosecuting wars via the City of London-financed, Washington, D.C.-directed, New York City-driven propaganda machine.

Who would disagree in the wake of the staged 9/11 false flag operation and 2003 war of aggression against Iraq that engineering world events in order to divide and rule comes quite naturally to the Anglo-American Juggernaut?

Somehow this language – English – was designed and refined in such a way that it could be effectively utilized to promote an agenda of imperialism. It seems that those who would seek to dominate and subjugate others have used it to guarantee that their oppressive rule would be accepted with little resistance. So many colonies over so many centuries, and yet relatively little rebellion with the glaring exception of those thirteen little colonies. Thirteen colonies, by the way, that also spoke English! Of course India, too, rebelled … after they mastered their English.

With the inauguration of the world’s first corporation in 1600 known as the British East India Company, English was quickly established as the preferred language of corporate contracts, especially when executed among parties of different languages. It is uniquely well suited to conducting corporate ‘transactions’ of every sort and kind, as the world has come to find out over the last 400 years.

Now, if you’re still wondering how such a language can contain so much inherent power, then ask yourself how the British Crown still possesses so much perceived power around the world, particularly in view of the fact that virtually all the other monarchies have fallen into the dust bin of history. You might also ask yourself how the USA attained its current level of political ascendancy and military superiority in such a short period of time.

There is much about the English language that lends itself to being the language of global commerce, the most obvious being that English is an amalgamation of so many other languages, particularly those like Latin and Greek which came before it. After studying the Greek and Latin etymology of the English language, it becomes clear that much of the language is derived from these two sources. Certainly both Rome and Greece excelled at building empires with the purpose of extending their trade routes and commerce throughout the then known world.

Like Latin and Greek, English is very much the product of left brain, linear thinking that is much more rational and scientific than intuitive and emotive. It also has many roots in the schools of logic formulated by the philosophers of Ancient Greece, as well as in the various systems of Roman law (think fasces). In this way the customs of business developed in a manner which tended to be cold and calculating, lop-sided and exploitative. It also bred an intellect which leaned toward a more detached and dispassionate temperament, one capable of divorcing itself from the consequences of its conduct.

Were you to look deeply into the common phraseology, syntax, sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, spelling, among many other aspects of English, you will find a logic and system which is remarkably efficient and perfunctory, much like a British ‘Lord’ giving orders to his British subject. Do they really still call them ‘Lords’ in the British Parliament and throughout British society?! That right there is some pretty powerful language, which categorically let’s everyone know where everyone stands with each other.

We really wonder who named the original ‘Lords’ and conferred upon them the power of creating future ‘Lords’. Nevertheless, one can quickly see how easy it is to run a castle or a kingdom, a nation or state, a business or an estate when most of the worker bees profess so much allegiance to the “Queen Bee” and all of her “Lords and Ladies of the realm”.

There is no other royal society which perfected the art of ruling the masses as did the British monarchy, which is why the sun still not set on their empire even though it has been in decline for many decades. However, it is through their creation and mastery of the English language — a language which can be utilized quite effectively for the purposes of domination and subjugation — that allowed them to reign supreme all across their earthly realm for so many centuries.

Clearly, there is much more to this discussion which is beyond the scope of this presentation. Additionally, there is a much more signifiant topic to take up which answers the questions posed above.

Churchianity* was created over centuries to colonize the Earth under the rubric of one religion.

All one has to do is take a close look at who ostensibly runs the world to understand the predominant religion that rules the planet.

You can start with the G7 or G20 or British Commonwealth or Trilateral Commission or any other politico-economic construct of the New World Order (NWO), which is actually the Old World Order.

If you list the economic powerhouses of Europe and North America, you might list them as follows:

– Germany
– France
– United Kingdom
– Italy
– Russia
– Canada
– Spain
– Australia
– Netherlands

What we plainly see in this list is that those nations which dominate global commerce are fundamentally Judeo-Christian nations.

We also see a list of nations which are responsible for most of colonization of the world over the past six hundred years.

Finally, we see a list of the world’s military powers which have conducted the greatest number of wars of aggression with the explicit purpose of stealing land and/or natural resources. They are also responsible for waging more wars by proxy as well as instigating more wars between unsuspecting adversaries for the sake of stealing resources and/or land.

So the questions remains, “Why is it almost always Judeo-Christian nations which start and end so much war and conflict?”

The Judeo-Christian, Caucasian race by its very nature is quite restless and full of discontent. This predisposition has impelled many of the white nations down through history to become the discoverers, the pioneers, the adventurers, the explorers of space and the inventors. In so doing the white man has always encroached upon the lands of other cultures and societies. Because they always approached these new lands with military superiority, the indigenous peoples never had a chance to defend themselves. Nor did many have the inclination toward war.

Since the white man was so good at extending trade routes, creating commerce and waging war, they were always instrumental in effectuating the transfer of culture which almost always enriches the recipient societies. However, the white colonists almost always forgot that serving in such a role is meant to be a two way street. They found themselves in foreign lands to both give and take; for the red man, the yellow man, the brown man and the black man has much to offer if the white man would only be open enough to receive.

There is perhaps no better example of the give and take which might have occurred than the meeting which took place between the Judeo-Christian, European explorers and Native American Indians during the founding of the United States of America. Such was the unique opportunity for the unenlightened white man to learn the ways of respect and reverence for the Earth from the Indigenous Peoples they encountered everywhere in North America. Had this transfer of culture and philosophy of respectful living occurred in a balanced way, it is quite possible that the world would be in an entirely different place today.

The curious relationship between all of the world colonists and their state-sponsored religions is that their expeditions were always blessed. They were always encouraged by the religious figureheads and institutions of the day to colonize in the name of God and King. In virtually every case, it was the Christian Churches which gave their imprimatur to the conquests of the colonists, as we see right up to this very day.

In the words of an unknown author, “Why are white, Judeo-Christian men always dropping bombs on dark-skinned people who hold different religious beliefs?”

From the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible we read:

“Let us make man in our image after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

Of course, the operative word here is “dominion”, which has been seized upon for centuries to justify all manner of environmental destruction as a consequence of raping and pillaging and plundering Mother Earth.[2]

“And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

The New Normal Requires a New Way of Thinking … and Responding

We think the time has now come for the community of nations to reconsider the status quo of perpetual war which has come to define the twilight of the Kali Yuga.

We also think that the many and diverse weapons of wars, which have been fastidiously fashioned throughout this Iron Age, ought to be “turned into plowshares and pruning hooks.”

Whether the Mayan Calendar ends or not on December 21st, 2012, it will be ending soon enough. Perhaps it is time to re-look at all the profoundly flawed energy and industrial paradigms that gained so much momentum during the Industrial Revolution, which have polluted the earth for so many years. Likewise, the planet is also at a critical juncture to reconsider all the other fundamentally defective scientific and academic paradigms which have contributed to the creation of danderously imperfect institutions and self-destructive systems that have run amuck … and wreaked so much havoc across the land and throughout the seven seas.

If the present moment is not seized upon, eventually there will be unparalleled consequences to the integrity of the Earth’s biosphere. As 2012 draws to a close, it has never been so obvious that there are “HUGE Changes Coming To Planet Earth”. Some scientists say that we are experiencing a new normal which is indicative that the vital signs of the planet have been irrevocably altered. Others predict that the current planetary predicament has set up a conducive environment for an ELE to occur in our lifetime. Extinction Level Events (ELE) have occurred throughout history during times just like ours, and the current race of humanity possesses no immunity to these continental, hemispheric and planetwide happenings[2].

All it takes is a critical mass of enlightened collective consciousness to bring our civilization back from the edge of the proverbial precipice. The collective will to provide a safe haven and a nurturing environment for the next seven generations is all that’s required if we are to continue as the fifth (and sixth) human race to inhabit the Earth.

May every human being re-connect with Mother Earth in a manner that demonstrates respect and exudes the reverence that She deserves. After all, each and every one of us ultimately do come from the “Womb of Terra”.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: August 19, 2012

Author’s Note:
*Wherever “Christianity” or “Judeo-Christianity” appear in this essay it should be construed as organized, co-opted Churchianity. This form of institutionalized and often state-sponsored religion is much more a political movement, that is all about numbers, than it is about a true spiritual path.
The many statements about Christianity made herein are categorically not directed toward those spiritual organizations and individuals who seek to practice and live out the original Christian teachings, ideals and values espoused by Jesus the Christ. Rather, these comments are aimed directly at those Christian denominations which have become full-blown religious-political movements.
In fact, there are many denominations and sects, churches and evangelists operating throughout Christendom today which are the product of a multi-millennial mind control program agenda to create an essentially anti-Christian world. Were Jesus alive today, he might even label some of them as tools of the AntiChrist. Every organized religion runs the risk of being taken over during the Kali Yuga because of how powerful and controlling fraudulent forms of institutionalized religion can be.
The much more common Churchianity is to be distinguished from the many authentic forms of truly spiritual traditions, which also exist everywhere there is a sincere yearning to know God. It is Churchianity from which we see and hear that there is only one Son of God for all time — Jesus Christ — and you’d better believe in Him if you are to be saved.
Is there any other major religion which ceaselessly issues the same ultimatum to adherents of other religions and truth seekers everywhere across the planet?
A highly regarded saint from India once said that it is a great sin to foist your religion upon another. In truth, he referred to such conduct as one of the greatest transgressions one could commit against God and their fellow man/woman.

[1] “What is really behind the global cellphonemania?” found at: “We The People” Grassroots – A Global Grassroots Movement for Societal Transformation

[2] It has been conclusively demonstrated that one solar flare followed by a coronal mass ejection is enough to forever and severely alter this earth plane of existence … in a flash. We believe that Mother Earth, acting in concert with Sol, our Sun, would only resort to such extreme measures out of absolute necessity. To understand more about the truly collaborative and intimate relationship between Planet Earth and the Sun, please refer to the following essay:
How is the SUN triggering many earth changes?

So the question remains, just how close are we to an ELE, whether it is earth-driven or sun-catalyzed?
More importantly, are we willing to do what we must in order to avert such an avoidable cataclysm?

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