All Four Wheels Come Off The Anglo-American Juggernaut

All Four Wheels Come Off The Anglo-American Juggernaut


“A juggernaut in colloquial English usage is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable. Originating ca. 1850, the term is a metaphorical reference to the Hindu Ratha Yatra temple car, which apocryphally was reputed to crush devotees under its wheels.”
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The current self destruction of predatory Corporate Capitalism has struck a death blow to the Anglo-American Juggernaut. This in turn will result in the long awaited demise of UK-US Imperialism, and, ultimately, cause the downfall of the British American Empire.  The consequent deterioration of civil society by way of the ongoing financial meltdown and economic depression, political corruption and social degeneration, and moral depravity and religious bankruptcy will lead to the inevitable collapse and dissolution of Western Civilization as we know it.

Never in the history of Western Civilization has there been so much at stake.  We are clearly at the end of an era marked by rampant materialism, mass consumerism, unchecked scientific advancement, war without end and the unbridled aggrandizement of the numerous “collectives”, aka stakeholders, that abound in modern society. 

These collectives include, but are not limited to, economic unions and security alliances, nations and states, provinces and districts, cities and counties, corporations and partnerships, religious institutions and political parties, universities and nonprofit foundations, lobbying law firms and DC think tanks, and, of course, elite powerbrokers.  Lots and lots of elite powerbrokers and their wealthy and powerful families.  All of them wanted, and still do want, a stake, a big stake, of the rich yet finite domain known as Planet Earth.  This is the very root of the problem. GREED!

To tell the actual story is to repeat a tale of utterly insatiable greed that was continually fed by institutionalized thievery and perpetual war which has all but defined much of the history of Western Civilization.  Though it was told, and retold, using many different narratives, most never imbibed the moral of the story whose most recent and primary character was not a person, but an abstract illusion known as the “Almighty DollarThis Almighty Dollar seemed to possess an invincible power, and so it became the object of great worship and deference by the vast majority of people on Earth, as well as by most of the aforementioned collectives. 

This hapless majority chose to give up their power to this illusory King of Commerce by hitching their wagons to this Almighty Dollar’s wagon train.  Now that all the wagons in front have gone over the cliff, those faithfully following are guaranteed the same fateful destiny.  So this essay is not for them, it is for those who want to unhitch their wagon from this juggernaut and forge a new destiny.  A destiny that is about to enter completely uncharted territory as we begin the 2nd decade of this new millennium.  

While we speak of a fundamentally Anglo-American Juggernaut, we recognize that such an ostensibly all-powerful machine works in very close tandem with the original German banking families like the Rothschilds, the Italian Black Nobility and P2 Lodge, the French ‘Jacobins’ et al., the Swiss Banking Cartel, the Luxembourg secret financial societies, the entire Israeli Government (especially the Mossad and Shin Bet), Canadian and Australian freemasonry, among many other key cogs. However, it’s important to understand that the creation and administration of this juggernaut fell to those who had mastered the English language.

Notice the myriad red islands strategically located around the world and throughout the British empire in 1914.

English was designed to be the language of global commerce, as we see all around the world today. Everything about the language lends itself to being very effective and efficient in this regard. It was through the unique power of their language that the British were able to build an empire upon which the sun never set. Yes, such is the power of language that it can compel a geo-political creation into being where guns and bullets would have otherwise failed.

Should you doubt this thesis, turn on the TV and tune in to the current haggling in the British Parliament. It doesn’t get any better than these masters of the English language where it regards obfuscation and manipulation, sophistry and casuistry, deception and deceit, duplicity and double-dealing, and so on. We’re talking about the consummate Word Merchants of recorded world history. The truth be told, the American Congress can’t hold a candle to those who possess Oxfordian accents, but, then, the USA is all about taking orders as the military arm of the New World Order.

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

Pax Americana as it was enforced at the beginning of the New Millennium

For this reason, we refer to it as an Anglo-American Juggernaut. On a very superficial level of the World Shadow Government, the British have been assigned the task of pulling the financial strings out of the City of London, and then the NYC-Wash DC duo snaps into action … … … anywhere the true controllers at the top want to aim their guns (both military and financial) across the planetary landscape.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: July 7, 2012

Author’s Note:
It is completely understood that “Anglo-American Juggernaut” is but one cog in the NWO global machinery that is overseen by the World Shadow Government. Actually, very few are aware that the NWO is actually the Old World Order wearing a different costume. In fact the modern version of the NWO has been firmly in place for the past 100 years, and yet most are still waiting for it to fully come out into the open.

Do you see how clever they have been directing everyones’ attention to a future unfoldment when the people of the world are already held captive by so many different elements of the Global Control Matrix? After all, it really is all about CONTROL in the end, isn’t it?

If ever there was a time to decide who it is that will control our destiny as a civilization, as a human race, as a planet, we think that time must be now!
In light of such events as the Fukushima meltdown(s), BP Gulf oil spill(s), Middle East conflagration(s), Global Geo-engineering/Chemtrails, as well as many other ongoing catastrophes, we trust that the reader agrees. And, will set about the deliberate process of asserting his or her sovereignty … especially vis-a-vis the oppressive governments around the world that have unlawfully arrogated power unto themselves to poison the human populations, destroy the global environment, and effectively render the planetary habitat uninhabitable.

Juggernaut is derived from the sanskrit Jagganath, which etymologically means “Master or Lord” (nātha) of the “World or Universe” (Jagata).
Hence, we see the quite apt description of those who aspire to be the Masters of the Universe. Don’t they refer to themselves as “Lords” in the British Parliament House of Lords?!

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