The New World Order Exposed – Part I

The New World Order Exposed – Part I


Kali Yuga — The Age of Conflict

As we scan the landscape across the entire planet, we see the scars and ravages of CONFLICT. Kali Yuga (aka the Iron Age) is the current age of humankind. Kali Yuga is known as the Age of Conflict. An age when strife and discord and dissension predominate across the land. Kali Yuga is also known as the Age of Quarrel.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the past five to six millennia of world history are defined by war. Naked wars of aggression, unending battles for scarce natural resources, civil wars, skirmishes around land disputes, inner city drug battlegrounds, etc. etc, etc.

Who among us has not been touched by war?

Who among us has not known someone who has been deeply scarred (physically, mentally or emotionally) by the ravages of war?

Is there even a single square inch on this planet that has not been raped, plundered and pillaged?  

A relief carving of Lord Kalki – the 10th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu whose appearance marks the end of the Kali Yuga — Click photo on to enlarge.

Welcome to the Kali Yuga: the Age of Conflict!

Since the very nature of the Kali Yuga[1] is conflict, does it not make sense that war is the primary event taking place somewhere at any given moment?

When you understand this reality of the descending yugas and their purpose in the evolution of humankind, as well as the universe, the whole historical narrative starts to reveal itself more fully.

ORDO AB CHAO (Order Out Of Chaos)

Perhaps the proverbial statement “Order out of Chaos” describes better that any other what the prevailing experience is on Planet Earth during these interesting times. What better way to sow the seeds of chaos than to first sow the seeds of conflict. In this way the conflict is both controlled and easily managed so that true anarchy does not reign around the globe. It is controlled chaos which the Global Control Matrix cultivates and exploits at every turn of the planet.

Whether one considers the often abrupt endings of the pharaonic dynasties of Egypt, the fall of the Roman Empire, the disintegration of the Qing and Ming Dynasties, the slow motion collapse of the British Empire, or the current ongoing implosion of the USA, it is quite clear that the same modus operandi (MO) is operative in every instance. Those who operate at the peak of worldly power have utilized with great effect the ultimate MO for creating conflict in the form of war. Truly, war instigated as armed combat accomplishes many goals simultaneously as the following excerpt explains:

“War has consistently served its masters in three ways which have no relevance in an enlightened civilization: (i) population control (ii) artificial creation of wealth for the plutocracy (iii) imposition of a tyrannical order in the wake of the chaos that always results from war.
Population control in this context has different meanings. The number of people who are systematically genocided, wantonly annihilated and deliberately infected with disease agents serve the purpose of population reduction. Then there is the sheer terror of war and its effects on whole populations (see how easily controlled both the Germans and Japanese were after WWII). “Order out of chaos” is made easy when all concerned parties have been faced with the extraordinary distraction, mayhem and pandemonium that war always brings.

There are, of course, many other declared wars whose battlegrounds are far from the traditional battlefields of armed conflict. The WAR on Drugs. The WAR on Poverty. The WAR on Crime. The WAR on AIDS. Just like the WAR on TERROR , all of these so called wars are entirely bogus and fabricated, as they all have consistently produced outcomes that are completely contrary to their stated purposes.
How so?
Because each of them has been designed, and engineered, to perpetuate and expand the status quo. The War on Drugs, for instance, was designed in part to ensure that the opium (and all of its profitable derivatives) flows freely and efficiently from the poppy fields of Afghanistan to the targeted markets in America and elsewhere. In this way, all clandestine US and foreign intelligence agencies/secrets services are able to fund their innumerable black operations without any congressional oversight or public scrutiny from the massive revenues generated that this perfectly controlled black market provides. Oh, yes, did we forget to mention that most of these black ops are actually wars as well. What a Racket?! As Major General Smedley Butler once proclaimed to the world in his book: WAR IS A RACKET.”

SOURCE: R. Buckminster Fuller

DIVIDE and CONQUER (aka as Divide and Rule)

There can be perfect peace in a region of the world and then out of nowhere someone perpetrates a false flag operation. The event known as 9/11 is the perfect example of such a divisive and conflict-causing false flag operation[3]. This glaring example of state-sponsored terrorism committed by the US Government against its own citizens is as audacious and flagrant as it gets.

Clearly, 911 has been used as much as any other false flag event to divide the entire world community into two distinct camps. “You’re either with us, or against us” is the jingoistic slogan undergirding USA-style synthetic terrorism. Such fake justifications to go to war are routinely co-fabricated by the numerous alphabet soup secret agencies, as they are co-manufactured by their colluding secret societies. In the outworking of this fraudulent War on Terrorism can be seen all the signature points of the divide and conquer strategy. Unfortunately, it has worked like a charm for those at the peak of worldly power who employ these tactics to keep everyone, everywhere, off balance, all the time.

In order to fully comprehend the Divide and Conquer strategy[4], we can further dissect this highly consequential event known as 9/11, as well as those events which have been engineered in its aftermath. If you can come to understand 9/11, you can begin to apprehend the significance of just about anything that appears in the headlines of any of the mainstream media (MSM). Truly, the 9/11 false flag operation has served as a model of exactly how the Global Control Matrix works. It possesses all the hallmarks of what can go purposefully ‘wrong’ with a self-inflicted terrorist attack that was designed to go deliberatley ‘wrong’.

Hegelian Dialectic: Problem – Reaction – Solution

The Hegelian Dialectic (HG) is another critical part of the overall strategy of the GCM which must be understood if one is to be immune from its workings and effects. And again, 9/11 provides an exquisite illustration of how it is used with awesome results and far-reaching ramifications. Let’s take a closer look at this frequently used tactic of the New World Order. It’s being implemented daily with great consequences to our future, so it behooves us to recognize it and avoid its influences.

Using the 9/11 false flag operation as an example, let’s break the HG down as follows:

(1) Problem — First a problem is fabricated known as the government-sponsored 9/11 terrorist attacks on the USA homeland. The financial heart (WTC complex) and military brain (Pentagon) of the USA are strategically selected for destruction to elicit maximum visceral reaction.

(2) Reaction — Osama bin Laden is identified as the patsy; militant Islam is recognized as the enemy; an initial war is declared on innocent Afghanistan; a second war is declared against Iraq; an Axis of Evil is proclaimed; the War on Terror is inaugurated; the Homeland is fiercely protected and Patriotism is ramped up everywhere an American flag can be flown; the Clash of Civilizations has begun (You’re either with us or against us!)

(3) Solution — The Patriot Act (which comes out of nowhere) is then very conveniently presented to a shocked Congress and approved without being properly debated or read; the Department of Homeland Security is established swallowing up all other law enforcement and similar agencies; TSA implements the use of total body scanners; travel and visa restrictions are tightened up worldwide; a new security regime is established throughout federal, state, county and city jurisdictions; the taser becomes the new and preferred method of civilian intimidation; Free Speech and Civil Protest are diminished in favor of the emerging Police State.

As you can see, the effectiveness of the Hegelian Dialectic can be quite dramatic and rapidly executed. When planned over decades, engineered, coordinated and executed with such precision, it can transform a nation, culture or civilization virtually overnight. And so it has.

This essay serves as introduction to a 5-part series, which will delve deeply into the workings of the Global Control Matrix (GCM). Each part will concern itself with different facets of the Divide & Conquer MO and ORDO AB CHAO strategy that we see unfolding throughout current world events.

Each of these facets manifests in a very definite pattern of three (3); therefore, we will often refer to them as one of the “3s”. Let’s see if you can intuit the underlying connections of these 3s before we delineate them in ways that will really rock your boat. This, of course, will only occur so that you will learn how to float your boat more proficiently during the coming storms — economic, political and social — which are just around the corner.

• The Axis of Evil: USA, UK, Israel

• The Three City States: Vatican, London, Washington DC

• The Medea (Media): Print, Audio, Video

• The Political Religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam

• The Rogue Nations: Israel, Columbia, Pakistan

Each one of these groups of three performs an integral function toward the maintenance and continuation of the GCM. Without their proper understanding, it is quite difficult to wrap your mind around much of what transpires in the world today. When you perceive the profound connections within each group, and then appreciate the relationships between the major groups, everything starts to crystallize, although still on a fairly superficial level.

Although the titles of some of these groupings may appear to be of a pejorative nature, they are merely descriptions of fabricated and illusory entities. We intend only to lay bare that which the GCM has constructed, so that we can be free from their influence(s). We mean no disrespect to any nation, religion, sect, practitioner, or person in the future discussions. Just pretend we’re all Sherlock Holmes and we’re about to figure out and reveal the mysteries which confound us. As well as distract us from the much more important business of life — real life in the present moment.

On A Personal Note:
The Divide and Conquer (D&C) strategy has been utilized since time immemorial. As the D&C chart above clearly illustrates, there are many issues and vulnerabilities which lend themselves to being exploited. The majority will always fall for these inasmuch as they are conditioned and practically hardwired to. Therefore, it becomes incumbent on the few, who have retained their ability to pierce through the illusion, to discern when they are being played by the matrix. One’s quality of life during these challenging times will often depend on our success in this regard.

These days, all of us are experiencing an unprecedented level of stress in our lives. The number and degree of pressures operating at one time has never been so great. Because we are at the end of an age, not only does time compression start to really kick in, but so do a myriad of karmas coming back home to roost. During the present Age of Quarrel, those karmas most often manifest in the form of relationships, both harmonious and disharmonious. The Kali Yuga does present innumerable contexts for us to work out these relationship karmas very quickly and with finality.

Kali Yuga or the “Age of Quarrel” provides the perfect place and time in which we can come to terms with whomever we have a quarrel. It’s time to go after the root of it, resolve it, let go of it and move on to the next unresolved conflict that will most assuredly come knocking on our door. Remember, it is only destiny which has brought us and our many relationships to this precise moment in time. Therefore, the timing is perfect to confront all that piques us – on the inside – so that we can appropriately address it on the outside.

We certainly don’t want to come back to another Kali Yuga if we don’t have to, do we?!

To better understand this little war going on inside of all of us, we will peer much more deeply into the BIG wars going on all around us for the past century.

“As within, so without.” This statement will guide us on our journey inward, so that we can better tailor our responses to the journey through the Kali Yuga in the outside world.

By the way, we do think it’s time to assume the warrior pose.

Warrior Pose

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: May 5, 2012

Author’s Note:
One of the authors of this piece was born into a “power” family. He observed from a very young age the constant chaos, manipulation and conflict which was present every minute of every day of every year growing up in the household and afterwards. He was so puzzled by the incessant irrationality and unreasonableness of all the main characters involved, that he vowed to find out why.
Thus began his search for worldly truth in the very midst of his search for spiritual truth. After sleuthing his way through it all, he arrived at many stunning yet perfectly sound conclusions. He knew from the very beginning that if he could understand what was driving the world mad on a macro level, he would understand what was making his little world so crazy on the micro level. And so he did.
But not after many years of turmoil and tumult, trials and tribulations. Alas, it was worth it in the end. For he realized that this is one of the ways that God corrals his own onto the true spiritual path. He literally drives you crazy so that you simply wake up one day with a deep desire in your heart. This newfound desire, which outweighs every other little desire, is what compels one to do everything possible to break free from the asylum once and for all. To finally leave the reservation (read Global Control Matrix) in such a way as to never look back.

[1] Description of the Age of Kali

[2] “New World Order as Global Financial Matrix Self Destructs” by T. Anthony Michael (The Market Oracle: Nov 23, 2008)

[3] That 9/11 was an inside job is now understood by anyone from whom the human faculty of reason has not fled. Upon evaluating any of the major crime scenes associated with 9/11, it becomes clear to one who applies critical thinking and common sense that the official government report known as THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT: FINAL REPORT OF THE NATIONAL COMMISSION ON TERRORIST ATTACKS UPON THE UNITED STATES (9/11 REPORT) is the most implausible, unsupported and ridiculous CONSPIRACY THEORY ever foisted on the American people. Here is a Citizens’ Indictment, which merely states the obvious about this crime against humanity by the governments of specific Western powers.

World Trade Center 1 & 2 after both explosions on 911

[4] When you understand the basic Divide and Conquer blueprint, you can apply it to just about any unfolding geo-political plot, economic/financial scheme or black operation (both black ops and psyops of every stripe and color, especially the numerous color-coded revolutions) that appear on the radar screen. Just by throwing up a few radar blips on the screen (provided by the MSM), one is able to quickly connect the dots of an emerging yet fabricated reality in real time. This process can be accomplished more quickly than new events and unexpected happenings are deconstructed by the Alternative News Media. And they’re getting very good, the genuine truthseekers, that is.

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