The PRE-PLANNED Financial and Economic 9/11 of 2008

The PRE-PLANNED Financial and Economic 9/11 of 2008



WHAT:  A pre-planned collapse of the U.S. (and global) financial and economic systems.

WHO:  The same characters who perpetrated the original 9/11 ‘production’.

WHERE:  New York City & D.C., of course.  Plus a sideshow in Washington state.

WHEN:  The days surrounding September 11, naturally.  This time it was September 15th.

HOW:  Instead of painted drones, missiles with wings, and fake airplanes, they used the much more stealthy “naked short seller”.

WHY:  To remake the economic/financial order of the world into a “PPP”.

WHY Really:  Think about it.  And then ask yourself, “Cui bono?”  Asked another way, “Who stands to lose the most if the system isn’t collapsed?”

The 9/11 blueprint worked so magically for the cabal of world controllers that they were compelled to use virtually the same playbook.  As they say, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

So, what’s the real deal here?

By analogy, let’s take a quick look at the 9/11 timeline of 2001 and stack it up against the new  2008 Financial “9/11”, as it began to unfold earlier this year.  

  1. The Bear Stearns collapse that began in March 2008 is analogous to the 1st World Trade Center bombing in 1993.  Just a warm up.  This was preceded by a little failure back in January featuring Countrywide – the largest US mortgage lender.
  1. The nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac marks the beginning of the new 9/11.  Both in the DC area, they were the first to come down this time.  Just as they struck at the heart of the military complex, this time they went for the jugular of the national real estate market.  Remember – this is a financial 9/11.
  1. Next came this year’s version of the twin towers, building 7 and other assorted NYC landmarks in the form of Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, as well as a rehab for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in their “new & improved” form (soon-to-built Freedom Tower).  Basically, they took out the whole of American investment brokerage, heh?!
  1. And, of course, we still have Washington Mutual out there in the boonies just like the one that “crashed” in a PA farm field.

Update: WashMu is now history!  As is another “little” bank by the name of Wachovia.  Real bad month for “W’s”.  Citibank is also close to being history.

  1. Their MO! What else, but controlled demolition?  Throughout 2008, and especially the months of September and October, we have seen some of the world’s largest banks, brokerage houses, mortgage lenders, insurance companies and investment brokers go bust, as each of them fell perfectly into their own footprint faster than you can say:

C  O  N  T  R  O  L  L  E  D        D  E  M  O  L  I  T  I  O  N  !  !  !

  1. The 700 billion dollar Bailout Plan is just like the Patriot Act, isn’t it?  Only this time it’s maybe a 2 or 3 page document (in its original form) that conferred absolute authority on the Executive Branch to do just about anything they want with the taxpayer’s money.  And they want it rubber stamped now. Not tomorrow. NOW!!!  Without discussion, or unnecessary congressional debate.  Talk about Shock & Awe being used against the American people, and their elected representatives!?!  “The Greatest Depression” never sounded more like “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, eh?

Update: The Bail-Out Bill was passed, and considered by those in the know to be the largest corporate-governmental theft in US history.  That’s right, folks, the entire country has been ENRONned (Goodbye, 401K, IRA and Messrs. Roth & Keough!).  As well as ARTHUR “Big Bad Accountant” ANDERSENned (So long Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and so on and so forth!).

  1. Now we know we can expect further gyrations, panics and precipitous declines in the market and elsewhere, just as we had anthrax attacks in the Capital, beltway snipers in Maryland in October of  ’02, Bali bombings of 2002 &2005, the 3/11/04 train bombings in Madrid, and the 7/7/05 bombings in London.  Not to mention the 50+ other synthetic terror events staged throughout the world to enforce compliance and create distraction, as well as to plant numerous false flags with which to further divide & conquer, and maintain the state of perpetual war.  The current spate of financial terrorism will continue to take down (& over) many of the key global and national institutions around the planet, with the explicit goal of consolidation and centralization of worldwide economic power and control.

Update:  The first half of September, as well as the month of October ’08, will go down in history as the Crash of the Millennium.  Every single day brought news of either a mini wreck or major breakdown.   International commercial enterprises crashed and burned like meteors hitting the earth’s atmosphere during a meteor shower.  Truly, an unprecedented spectacle that will touch deeply every resident on planet Earth.  Let’s not forget the synthetic terror/false flag event of Mumbai, ’08.

  1. The sudden and dramatic downfall of NY Gov Eliot Spitzer can also now be seen in its proper light.  Having left the reservation one too many times, he simply could not be trusted to go with their flow.  He had their numbers, their signatures (especially their MO’s), their addresses — the whole ball of wax, as well as his own reputation to burnish.  Eliot, to seal his fate, wrote a masterful exposé on the subprime mortgage fiasco/fraud that was published in the WashPo just weeks before his public humiliation.  He had recently testified before Congress in fine revelatory fashion as well.  The elimination of John O’Neil, Head of Security at the WTC complex, is quite similar, except that John O. – a great patriot – died on 9/11, having just been given the job.
  1. To date, the most obvious and glaring example of this manipulated takedown is the case of a US Senator from New York.  His letter to the FDIC contained confidential information that triggered the IndyMac bank collapse back in July.  California AG Jerry Brown was called to review the entire affair after the Office of Thrift Supervision Director explicitly blamed the letter for causing a run on the bank (3rd largest bank failure in US history).  This episode is eerily reminiscent of Larry Silverstein’s order to, “Pull it.” just prior to the expertly controlled demolition of Building # 7 on 9/11.
  1. The blame game in 2001 made sure that all culpability was laid at the feet of  Osama bin Laden and his merry band of 19 Islamic terrorists with box cutters in tow.  BOX CUTTERS ! ! !  And a guy in an Afghan cave hooked up to a dialysis machine did it all?!?  The 9/11 Truth Movement has pretty much demolished this entire narrative.  It has also proved, unequivocally, that the Official US 911 Commission Report represents the most far fetched and implausible, ridiculous and impossible, ludicrous and laughable, absurd and asinine CONSPIRACY THEORY of all time.  This time around the subprime mortgages got the raw deal, and especially the poor souls who were unqualified to pay them, as well as the lenders who dangled the carrots as enticements to a rosy future (tent cities).
  1. We all know about the extremely heavy volume in put options (a bet that the stock will go down) on United & American Airlines just before the 9/11 attacks/demolitions, don’t we?  Seven years later, and still no report on the outcome from any of the investigative agencies involved? ? ?  Well, certainly, don’t hold your breadth awaiting results of the numerous investigations surrounding several of the aforementioned business failures and other suspiciously shady transactions.  In times like this, they’re superb at starting the probes, and never, we mean NEVER, finishing them.
  1. There is another HUGE story here that went unnoticed in 2001, and has conveniently been overlooked this past many weeks.  All the world knows that when the US markets catch a cold, the rest of the world is likely to come down with pneumonia.  Both the European and Asian markets suffered enormously in the wake of 9/11, as they are currently feeling the pain.  However, they ain’t seen nothing yet since the U.S. packaged CDO’s (collateralized debt obligations) that were forced down their throats which are enough to choke a Trojan Horse.  Always, these systemic breakdowns are designed to efficiently transfer wealth from the have nots to the haves.  This was especially the case with the Russian market meltdown of mid-September.  Trading was actually suspended for two days after the two largest stock exchanges each lost between 20 and 25% of their value, respectively.  The authorities have been whispering ever since about a plot to throttle the entire Russian economy.  How do you spell  – – – >  E C O N O M I C    T E R R O R I S M  ?

Update:  As of  Oct. 8, Russia had again been forced to suspend market trading on all of its major exchanges.  Russian stock market value had plunged 68% since May ’08.

  1. Just as 9/11 was perpetrated as a cover for: (i) inaugurating the War on Terror, (ii) overtly advancing the NWO regime globally (in contrast to this previously covert operation), (iii) imposing a police state (Homeland Security) in the U.S. (by gutting the US Constitution), UK and elsewhere, (iv) dominating and securing oil/gas reserves in the Middle East and Cacaucus (to include running oil&gas pipelines through Afghanistan and stealing Iraq’s oil wealth via military invasion), (v) jump-starting the Afghan opium trade, etc., etc., etc., the ECO/FIN 911 of  ’08 is a cover for many of these same agenda items.  However, there is one little item that is particularly high on the current agenda.  And that concerns the derivatives market, which in its totality approximates somewhere between 500 trillion and one quadrillion dollars of instruments as of 2008.  In fact, the subprime mortgage defaults are just a tip of the tip of the iceberg when compared to the real megilla – DERIVATIVES.  This is what they’re really worried about, and having to cover for.  Except this is a quadrillion dollar exposure that can’t be covered without unraveling the entire capitalistic system, and its fascist corpocracy and kleptocratic oligarchy.
  1. And then there is the teenie-weenie matter concerning the Federal Reserve, and its collection agency – the IRS.  The man standing behind this curtain has a lot at stake, especially in the form of mountains of evidence that will indict, and convict, the entire system. Lots of evidence was destroyed during and after 9/11, as will happen after many of these Wall Street firms are taken over, nationalized, liquidated, merged and disappeared.  The veil, however, has already been lifted.  One need not look any further for the overt puppet master of this global game of funny-money monopoly than in the form of the Federal Reserve Chairman from 1987 thru 2006.  Let it be known that ‘Sir’ Alan Greenspan presided over the most irresponsible and reckless monetary policy, as well as unsound and feckless fiscal oversight, in US history.  He actively promoted the dismantling of all the significant and necessary regulatory controls that were put into place after the Great Depression.  He likewise served as the country’s loudest cheerleader for a self-policing and laissez-faire approach to capital market management.  Clearly, this “letting the fox guard the henhouse” approach led to the current catastrophe, and any meaningful and serious investigation ought to start right there.  Did we mention that he was also at the helm during the Crash of ’87, as well as the Bubble Burst at the turn of the century?  By the way, isn’t a Federal Reserve NOTE a debt owed, by the one who possesses it, to the issuer (FED) of the note?  That would mean each of us is carrying around a wallet full of debt! (That does include our credit cards, of course.)

Does anyone see a pattern here?

The real lesson to be gleaned from this analysis is that events of such enormity and consequence are rarely spontaneous and unchoreographed.  Especially when they happen just weeks before an era-defining presidential election.  They have obviously been planning this one for a long time, and it has been fastidiously coordinated and executed to have a very definite effect and desired outcome – a permanent planetary plantation (PPP).

Their execution, thus far, has been remarkably flawless.  Even for those of us who stood there on the 1st 9/11, and knew it was a fraud (read False Flag Operation) while the buildings were coming down, this FIN/ECO plot of 2008 is exceedingly more difficult to penetrate.  However, penetrate we will, until every last conspirator is sitting before the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION spillin’ the beans.  The ultimate and lasting effect of these inquiries will be a New World Order of our making, not theirs.  The only remaining, $64,000 question will undoubtedly be, “What do we do with them after we head them off at the pass?”   Keeping in mind, of course, that it was We The People who put the crazies in charge of runnin’ the asylum in the first place.

For the uninitiated, it may take quite a lot to wrap your mind around this extremely complex and convoluted plot, but, please, just be patient.  As this drama plays out, the true intentions of the primary perpetrators will become manifest as they unwittingly reveal themselves by their handiwork.  As Eliot Spitzer, no – Eliot Ness, nee – Sherlock Holmes once alluded to – a fingerprint inadvertently left as evidence is impossible to erase.

You see, the naked short sellers, unlike the “airplanes”, are still with us.  Each one had a target to take down which they did with amazing speed and dexterity.  And the myriad transactions that converged to topple their prey are all preserved somewhere, in some huge database, with multiple backups to serve as confirmation of trades of staggering amounts.  AHHH!  Nothing like computers, especially when they’re not confiscated like the WTC steel beams were and shipped off to China for permanent disposal.

Remember – we now know the script.  We know the major players involved.  We know their MO: Controlled Demolition.  We are able to watch the crimes being committed in real time.  Each of us has now been duly notified, and empowered, to serve as a vector of dissemination of this critical information.  So  —–>  LET’S GET BUSY!


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